Cruise Packing Guide: The Ultimate List For Packing Cruise Wear For Men

Attention cruise lovers! Well, male cruise lovers. No longer will you have to enlist the help of your girlfriend or wife to pack everything you need for a long-awaited cruise. We have got just the thing.

When packing for a cruise, it can seem like you need everything but the kitchen sink in your suitcase. But that is not the case. Literally. 

Below is an expert guide to packing your suitcase for a cruise. You can dream of sailing along the open water, margarita in hand with everything at your fingertips, without having to stress about whether you really need to bring every single t-shirt in your closet. 

So, let’s get into it!


The first thing that everyone thinks of when going on a vacation is “What am I going to wear?”. And that is completely understandable. You want to wear your best outfits that really make that summer tan pop (for more cruise outfits, read here). 

We have broken down outfits into Evening and Daytime. You will know exactly what to bring to be comfortable and feel great and every moment of the cruise. 



The type of clothing you bring will depend on the destination. Most cruises venture to tropical lands such as Mexico, the Bahamas, and Bermuda. So, you want to focus on light, casual outfits for the day. 

Bring a selection of light t-shirts and shorts. Many cruisers often bring linen or cotton shirts that have a lot of breath abilities to prevent you from becoming too hot and overheating in the tropical sun. 

Cargo shorts or linen trousers are a great option for lounging around during the day. They also work great for a day of exploring in the city that you dock in. Keep your bottoms loose and breathable to avoid uncomfortable chaffing and sweating on the legs. 

And now, the most important daytime outfit, swimwear! Whether you prefer casual swimming trunks in the form of longer shorts or the freeing feel of a type of speedo, make sure to bring plenty of swimwear.

You are most likely going to be lounging by the pool or diving into the ocean during your cruise so you want to have various options for each day. 

With the trend of health and wellness, many people are refusing to let a cruise get in the way of their goals. If you think that hitting the gym on your cruise is going to be a regular activity, make sure to pack some activewear in your suitcase.

A few pairs of active shorts and t-shirts should do the trick and not take up too much space in your suitcase. 

After all, a cruise is about relaxing! And you can get plenty of exercise when walking back and forth from the all-inclusive bar. 



Evening wear is where most people begin to overpack. So, put the 3-piece suit down and take a breath. 

The best thing to do is contact the cruise line about their evening wear dress code (for more cruise wear advice for plus size cruisers, read here). Some ships call for a more formal dress code while others want a more business casual dress. 

Regardless, men can often get away with a nice button-down shirt and a pair of pressed slacks. If the cruise demands for more formal attire, pack a comfortable yet smart blazer.

You are still going to be cruising in tropical waters so it will be warmer than you think. 

You can even go for a pair of fitted jeans with a button-down or sweater and a pair of clean sneakers or smart shoes. 

Now, if you really are determined to wear a suit, go for it! This is your cruise and you can wear whatever you like. 

When it comes to sleepwear, it is completely up to you. From going to sleep in your birthday suit to matching pajamas, wear what makes you comfortable and will help you get a good night’s sleep (for the best matching cruise shirts, read here).

Just remember that the cruise ship will often practice fire alarm drills for everyone’s safety and you may have to leave your cabin at a moment’s notice. 



Accessories are often forgotten until the last minute or forgotten altogether and you have to purchase a hat or sunglasses on board. 

When on a Caribbean cruise you are going to need extra protection from the sun. So, throw in a few baseball caps, bucket hats, and sunglasses to give you some extra comfort when in the blazing sun. 

Another accessory to consider is a small bag. It is becoming more popular for men to carry bags that are fanny-packs when on vacation or even during the day.

You want something small and compact that can carry your wallet, sunscreen, sunglasses, and your cabin key. This will keep your belongings safe and on your person at all times. 



Of course, a pair or two of flip-flops or sandals are an absolute must when it comes to going on vacation. But what about when you dock?

Often the ship will dock at a harbor for an afternoon or as long as a few days. Here you can explore the city and meet some of the locals. You are going to want comfortable shoes that you can walk around in. 

For the evenings you may want to bring a pair of smark shoes as mentioned above or keep your favorite pair of sneakers on board to remain clean and stylish. 

Bring suitable footwear, such as rain boots, water shoes, or hiking boots, if it’s going to be particularly rainy, the beaches will be rocky, or there are mountains you want to explore.

Hygiene Products

Even if you plan on using the ocean as your daily bath, you are going to need to bring some hygiene products on board. 


Although your stateroom will be equipped with high-quality bathroom supplies, you might want to pack travel-sized packages of your favorite products as well.

A facial cleanser, moisturizer, deodorant, shaving equipment, lip balm, Q-tips, and cotton balls/pads are other essentials for your ship shopping list.

Don’t forget to bring your toothbrush, toothpaste, oral floss, and mouthwash. Contact lens wearers should bring all necessary equipment, including a case and solution, as well as a set of tweezers, a nail file, and/or nail clippers.


While women travelers will often have a makeup bag prepped and ready to go, men still have some packing to do. During the evenings you will want to smell nice, so make sure to pack your favorite fragrance.

From body spray to aftershave, pack a scent that makes you feel confident. 

You may want to pack some beauty cosmetics such as concealer and even a cream highlighter to give you that perfect skin glow. You can even bring a few facemasks and eye masks as the blazing sun, sea water, and pool water can cause your skin to dry out,

Don’t forget your hair styling products. Gel, hairspray, heat protectant, whatever you use at home, bring it with you. Enjoy the wind-swept look during the day and give it some refining at night with your favorite products. 

Most cruise ships provide hair dryers but you will need to bring your own straighteners and curling tools. 

Health & Safety 

Carry any necessary items like medications (including seasickness remedies, as required), painkillers, and vitamins, as well as a simple, individualized first-aid kit to ensure your health and safety.

Sunscreen (and aloe vera for relief, just in case you miss a spot) and insect repellent, if you’re sailing somewhere tropical, are additional items to bring for a cruise.

To help keep the bacteria at bay while you’re on the go, keep hand sanitizer and wipes close at hand.


Even though you are on holiday, you cannot survive solely on the warmth and fizzy drinks. To make sure everything gets off without a hitch, you’ll need some important documentation and a well-stocked wallet.

Bum Bag Essentials 

While traveling, you might want to replace your cash with a bumbag. Whichever path you take, don’t forget to pack credit cards, an ATM card, and cash (including small bills for tips).

Also, store your driver’s license (and an international license if you intend to rent a car overseas) in a safe place. When traveling abroad, it’s also important to have a passport that has all the required visa stamps.

Additionally, you should always keep your medical insurance card and any relevant travel insurance details with you.

Documents & Contact Information

Bring important travel papers with you, such as airline tickets, hotel information, maps, and directions. Additionally, Celebrity Cruises will electronically email you personalized luggage tags that you can print out and attach to your bags before boarding the ship.

Bringing along backups of important documents and information will save you a lot of time, arguments, and stress. Keep your duplicates separate from the originals and even have a digital copy saved to your phone for quick access. 

In case of medical emergencies, it’s also a good idea to retain copies of any prescriptions you take, a list of your current medications, and your medical history.

Final Thoughts 

Going on a cruise is pictured as a relaxing time in your life but it can quickly become frantic and stressful. So, we want you to be organized from the beginning. 

We have everything you NEED to pack in your suitcase to enjoy your cruise without a hitch. As long as you have important documents, you are really set as you can buy clothing and other items on board the ship. 

But this guide is here to help you pack your case to perfection. Now, get to packing and enjoy your time on a glorious cruise! 

Alex Kallen

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