The 49 Best Honeymoon Destinations In The USA: A Honeymoon Planning Guide

The wedding day is one of the most perfect days in your life. And your honeymoon will extend this special feeling.

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It gives you plenty of time together in a location that you both enjoy. But what’s the best honeymoon destination in the US?

The Best Honeymoon Destinations In The USA

From the warm, sandy beaches of Maui to the hustle and bustle of New York City, there are so many enchanting places you can explore with your new wife or husband.

In this ultimate honeymoon guide, we take a closer look at the 49 best honeymoon destinations in the United States.

We also explain what you need to know when planning your honeymoon and all the things you need to look out for to enjoy the most wonderful time of your life.

1. Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world.

With the amazing beaches, glorious sunsets and fun adventures, it’s no surprise that so many couples choose this location as a getaway.

Kauai is a little piece of paradise where you can spend plenty of alone time with your partner.

While the beaches are fantastic for relaxing, there is so much more to see and explore in Hawaii.

This romantic honeymoon destination offers a great variety of excursions. You can take surfing lessons, go on snorkeling expeditions or take a ride in a helicopter.

Known as “Garden Island”, Kauai also has a lot of other attractions, including music festivals, local markets and stunning, island art.

For all thrill seekers, there is always kayaking and ziplining across the island.

Whatever you choose to do as a couple on Kauai, you can enjoy an exciting, relaxing and romantic honeymoon.

2. Dallas, Texas

Dallas might not be the first destination you had considered for your honeymoon but the city offers Texas high life.

Dallas has a great choice of five-star hotels and resorts where you can relax after a well-deserved wedding.

From the Omni Dallas Hotel to the Ritz-Carlton, the right accommodation creates a romantic stay with a lot of luxury.

A honeymoon city break is ideal to explore a variety of art, culture and different foods. It gives you plenty of different things to do every day.

After a fun-filled day packed with adventure, you can return to your luxurious room or dip your toes in the jacuzzi.

You can also opt for one of the many couple’s massages offered as in-house service at some hotels in Dallas (Also check out Best Beaches In Dallas).

3. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is known for its nightlife and party scene. It’s the perfect honeymoon destination for couples who are looking for fun and nights out.

Wander through the spectacular Country Music Hall of Fame or take a special backstage tour to discover what’s going on behind the scenes of music and entertainment.

It’s not just a great place to get up to speed with Country music history but you can get close to some of your favorite Country stars.

But the real highlight in Nashville is the nightlife scene. Take a tour of the brightest bars of downtown Nashville (Also check out Amazing Nashville Restaurants) and enjoy Country music artists live.

This being said, you don’t just have to sit and listen but take your partner out dancing. The vibrant energy of this wonderfully colorful city is intoxicating.

It’s one of the best US honeymoon destinations for couples who love music.

4. Maui, Hawaii

Maui is a classic honeymoon destination for many American couples. This stunning Hawaiian island is surrounded by turquoise water and white, sandy beaches.

This makes it the perfect spot for surfing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and many other water sports.

You can also explore the varied countryside of the island on one of the many inland hiking tours.

But Maui isn’t all about adventure vacations. This beautiful part of the world has five-star resorts that pamper you and your loved one with luxurious accommodation and private access to secluded beaches.

Two of the best resorts are the Four Seasons Resort Maui and the Grand Wailea. Both are close to the white-sand beaches, including the famous Makena Beach, and the deep, blue waters surrounding Hawaii.

If you are looking for more affordable accommodation, then take a look at hotels around Kapalua Bay Beach.

5. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah in Georgia is packed with charm and chic. It’s the perfect romantic getaway location for you and your sweetheart.

Just hop on a trolley tour to explore the city without stress but plenty to see. This allows you to relax in your seat and take lots of pictures.

For a little stroll, head down to the Savannah waterfront where you can sit in one of the many cafés and simply enough your time together as newlyweds.

The warm Georgia weather means that you can plan your honeymoon here for any time of the year.

6. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe has an incredible history that is like no other city in the country. Over 400 years old, Santa Fe has one of the most stunning settings for a honeymoon.

With the mountains in the background, you will always catch a glimpse of the wild, rocky edges wherever you are in the city.

But Santa Fe is most famous for its art scene. There is a large number of galleries, especially on Canyon Road.

Simply wander along and take in the many pictures, paintings and sculptures on your walk.

In addition, you can also find a vibrant food scene in Santa Fe. The many restaurants in town offer luxurious dining with traditional Mexican fare and a creative flavor.

One of the best places for a romantic dinner is the old plaza right at the heart of the city.

The small, narrow streets feature boutiques, restaurants and galleries to explore at your own pace.

7. Aspen, Colorado

Whether you had a winter wedding or you prefer a winter honeymoon, Aspen is the ideal destination for a honeymoon cuddled up by the fire.

Take a snowmobile ride or explore the area on your skis, this popular ski resort has everything you would want from a special time together.

But you don’t need to enjoy Aspen just in the winter. Summer transforms this beautiful place into a paradise for hikers and walkers.

Whatever season you choose, you can be sure that Aspen has a luxury retreat that provides plenty of space for relaxation.

Chill out by the pool or treat yourself and your loved one to one of the professional massages at a spa.

You can combine a day full of activities with a spa experience to get the best of both worlds.

The feeling of luxury is what has made Aspen famous, and it is still one of the best honeymoon destinations in the US.

8. Sanibel Island, Florida

If you don’t want to go all the way to Hawaii for a beach honeymoon, then Sanibel Island just off the coast of Florida, is a fantastic alternative.

Besides the many sandy beaches, this place is ideal for active couples who want to escape the palm-tree-dotted sand.

From sea kayaking and hiking to shelling and leisurely walks, there are plenty of ways for newlyweds to explore the island.

Sanibel Island is relatively small compared to some other island retreats on our list, so it’s a good idea to book your hotel early.

9. Big Sur, California

California has so many romantic spots that it’s hard to pick one but Big Sur is definitely one of the best honeymoon destinations in the state.

Big Sur is well known for its incredible waves and long, sandy beaches. You can usually find surfing competitions and other thrill seekers along the coast line.

There are also a few different tours that allow you to explore the area, depending on the time of year you are planning to visit.

Enjoy a kayaking trip or a boat tour to discover Big Sur’s sea life and coastal habitats. Alternatively, you can also go on one of the many hiking trails along the forest or cliffside.

But one of the most romantic ways to enjoy your honeymoon in California is by having dinner for two right on the shore.

You can then wander along the promenade and settle down in one of the many bars that give you a great view out over the Pacific Ocean.

Big Sur is a stunning place to celebrate your marriage and many, happy years to come.

10. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston in South Carolina is a city filled with romance. You can enjoy plenty of couple activities, from a day at Charleston Place Hotel or a sailing trip.

For everyone interested in botany and green spaces, wander around Cypress Gardens to explore the green heart of the city.

The best way to see Charleston from a different side is on one of the many horse carriage ride tours.

Don’t miss out on the Joe Riley Waterfront Park or the Boone Plantation and Garden, where you can spread out a blanket and have a picnic in the sunshine.

Charleston is packed with so much history and charm that you can easily stay here for a couple of weeks.

The many well-preserved sites and museums give you plenty of opportunities to spend quality time together with your partner.

11. Kennebunkport, Maine

Get away from the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia, Boston and New York. Maine is close enough for easy transport links but you can dive straight into its natural beauty.

Honeymooners who are after a nature adventure will find Kennebunkport the perfect location for a calm and peaceful time together.

As a small port town, Kennebunkport allows you to peruse the rocky shores of this part of the country.

With the seaside right on your doorstep, you can explore the beaches as well as the delicious fresh seafood on offer daily.

Main is the ideal destination for a honeymoon weekend but you can also stay for longer to soak up the fresh sea air.

12. Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson is an old Wyoming town that’s just a few miles away from Grand Teton National Park. You can also access Yellowstone National Park from here.

Go on your honeymoon adventure following the many hiking trails through these large parks.

This being said, a hiking honeymoon doesn’t mean that you need to live without luxury. Jackson offers 5-star resorts or boutique guesthouses for every budget.

For a winter wedding honeymoon, you can simply rent some skis or take ski lessons at Jackson Hole Resort. They also offer snowboarding.

Another great, romantic activity to do for couples on their honeymoon in Wyoming is to go on a dog sled ride. Wrap up warm and cuddle close to your sweetheart for a fun trip through the snow.

In the summer, you can enjoy a horse carriage ride through the rugged countryside. Alternatively, there is also water rafting for thrill seekers.

13. Key West, Florida

You couldn’t find a better US honeymoon destination than Key West.

Sandy, white beaches with plenty of sunshine combined with luxurious 5-star hotels make Key West the perfect place to spend couple-time together.

As the best beach honeymoon destination in the United States, you can expect to find a lot of water activities, from snorkeling and diving to jet skiing and boating.

When you need some downtime, then have a couple massage together right by the waterfront. You two can sip a cool cocktail and enjoy the view.

When you are fully relaxed, you can throw yourself into the nightlife of Key West. Check out the amazing shops and restaurants in and around Duval Street.

From fun days in the sun to chilled drinks in the evening, this Florida city has something to offer for every honeymooning couple.

14. Palm Springs, California

If you are looking for guaranteed sunshine, then Palm Springs is the warm weather destination for a relaxing honeymoon.

Go on a romantic getaway that is packed with adventures and plenty of love.

One of the best places to go to in Palm Springs is the Indian Canyons. Join one of the many tours for the best sightseeing spots or explore the area on your own.

You can also see Palm Springs from the top. Just take the Tramway up to get this unique view. This is also a fantastic photo opportunity.

But Palm Springs isn’t just known for the beaches and hiking trails. Check out the bars along the shoreline to grab one of the special cocktails.

This is a fun-packed and romantic destination for summer weddings and celebrations.

15. Denver, Colorado

Denver may be a surprising choice for our best honeymoon destinations in the United States but it is a great place for couples and newlyweds.

The lively city of Denver has so much to offer when it comes to activities and relaxation. Explore the Rocky Mountains nearby or spend a whole day at the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

This special place is worth spending some time over the day and then dance the night away with your favorite band.

What’s great about the Red Rocks is that you can combine hiking as a day-time activity and then spend your evening enjoying the music.

But Denver has enough to see to keep you there for at least a week.

Wander around the Denver Botanic Gardens and discover the blooming flowers and breathtaking landscape designs.

As the sun sets, you can head out into the heart of the city and get a taste of Denver’s nightlife.

Denver is well known as the brewery city of the US which means there are hundreds of different beers and brews on tap.

Some of the breweries also offer tours if you are interested in how your favorite beer is made locally.

16. Finger Lakes, New York

If you want to get away from the crowds and spend time with your spouse alone, then Finger Lakes is the place to be.

The many beautiful lakes are a romantic getaway from couples who got hitched in the summer.

This being said, you can also have a fun time with snowboarding and skiing around Finger Lakes in the winter months.

The lakes are located among Watkins Glen State Park which is a perfect place to get your hiking boots on and walk out into the wild.

The large trees, fascinating bird diversity and beautiful waterfall views compensate for a long trek.

As one of the best honeymoons in the USA, Fingers Lake also has a variety of affordable resorts that offer luxury on a budget.

17. Molokai, Hawaii

Hawaii is a must-see destination but there are so many beautiful parts of this state that it’s tricky to choose which one feels right for you.

Molokai is a more unusual honeymoon destination that provides a unique experience away from the usual honeymoon celebrations and tourists.

If you want to explore the wild beauty of Hawaii with deserted beaches, then Molokai is a greater alternative to the most popular Hawaii honeymoon destination, Maui.

The rainforests and waterfalls dotted around the island are the perfect photo op to pose as husband and wife.

You can go horseback riding on the beach or just wander barefoot through the sand. The romantic sunset rides, combined with a dinner, make this a unique honeymoon location.

18. Las Vegas, Nevada

Flashy live shows, neon lights and all-day entertainment are what make Las Vegas the destination for thousands of couples every year.

While you can get married in Las Vegas and then spend your honeymoon there, you can also go to the city for an entertaining honeymoon on its own.

Vegas isn’t for every couple but there is plenty of romance among casinos, colorful displays and the different districts.

After all, where else would you find New York, Paris and Venice just a few blocks away from each other.

For all romantic couples, just take a gondola ride at the Venetian Resort and enjoy the Italian flair.

Besides all the dazzling shows and the extravagant backdrop, there is one big advantage when it comes to spending your honeymoon in Las Vegas.

The city has so many different resorts and places to stay that you simply need to pick the one that suits your taste and your budget.

In addition to the luxurious resorts, you will also find a thriving foodie scene where celebrity chefs create a spectacular dinner experience.

Vegas is also a fantastic shopping destination, so if you still need something special for your new home together, then get yourself a unique reminder of your honeymoon.

19. Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe isn’t just the type of destination you find in many vacation guides but it’s also one of the best US honeymoon destinations.

You can explore the area and spend couple-time together no matter season you visit. In the winter, there are impressive slopes for snowboarding and skiing.

The mountainside destination of Lake Tahoe means that you can enjoy different skill levels, from skiing beginners to advanced slopes.

In the summer, the lake is one of the most popular locations in California for swimming and relaxing in the sun.

But there is also plenty to do for thrill seekers, including kayaking on the lake, ziplining and rope courses.

Depending on what time of year you spend your honeymoon here, you can also visit a variety of local festivals and events.

If you prefer a slower pace of life, then there are plenty of romantic restaurants dotted around the city. The different high-end resorts also offer excellent dining options.

20. Telluride, Colorado

Remote and wild is what describes Telluride in Colorado best. The nearby mountains are visible from almost everywhere in this part of the state.

You can spend an active honeymoon in summer and winter here. The Telluride Ski Resort has some of the best powdered snow skiing slopes that you can find in the country.

This means that you have terrain for all skier levels and ages. Plus, you also get the stunning views of San Juan Mountain.

This makes Telluride the best winter honeymoon destination in the United States.

In the summer, Telluride is the location of the famous Telluride Bluegrass Festival that has been going for over half a century.

If you want to get away from the crowds, then head out into the mountains on your mountain bike or go hiking along the many mountain trails.

Telluride has some fantastic luxury resort options, but the Madeline Hotel & Residences is one of the best honeymoon resorts in the area.

21. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

While Cape Cod is a popular tourist destination, don’t underestimate this beautiful nestled on the coast.

The area offers over 20 miles of paved trail which give you plenty of space for biking, walking and jogging. You can even take your spouse horseback riding.

Cape Cod is famous for its outdoorsy lifestyle all year round. This makes it the ideal adventure honeymoon destination.

But the city also has a great variety of options for relaxation and leaving the stress of wedding planning behind.

Spend a day on the beach and watch the sunset with your sweetheart. You can then go bar hopping or settle in one of the restaurants that serve traditional five-star cuisine.

22. Hilton Head, South Carolina

You don’t have to go all the way to Florida or California to spend a wonderful honeymoon as newlyweds.

Hilton Head in South Carolina is a barrier island with sandy beaches, luxurious spas and a golf course with spectacular sea views.

The resorts on Hilton Head Island know how to spoil their guests, so you can lean back and enjoy a luxury suite or one of the many swanky rooms.

Hilton Head is one of the most relaxing honeymoon destinations in North America, thanks to its calm atmosphere and luxurious feel.

23. Laguna Beach, California

Located in Orange County, Laguna Beach is another famous vacation destination that’s popular with visitors all year round.

Just two hours drive from Los Angeles, the area boasts over 30 coves and beaches. Some of them are deserted most of the year, so couples can get plenty of romantic time together.

But there is also a lot more to see in Laguna Beach itself. From boutiques and art galleries to al fresco dining on the beach, you can choose what suit your taste.

The town offers a fabulous choice of different honeymoon resorts, such as the Montage Laguna Beach.

Overlooking the seafront, the romantic bungalows have everything you need to have a romantic getaway with your spouse.

24. Scottsdale, Arizona

You may have not considered Arizona as a honeymoon destination but Scottsdale has a few surprises in store for couples who are looking to get away after their wedding.

From championship golf courses to luxury spa days, the town caters for a great variety of preferences.

You can go on a bike ride or a horseback ride through the desert, and then pamper yourself with one of the many massage treatments.

Scottsdale is a high desert town which means it is relatively warm in the winter. This makes it the perfect destination for your winter honeymoon.

This being said, just because Scottsdale is in the desert doesn’t mean that it has nothing to offer. You might find yourself surprised by the many spa resorts dotted around the area.

The desert scenery all around Scottsdale creates a beautifully calm honeymoon vibe that couples can enjoy for a romantic getaway.

25. Lanai, Hawaii

Hawaii is the best US honeymoon destination but there are differences depending on what Hawaiian island you want to visit.

Islands, such as Oahu and Maui, always attract tourists from all over the world. This being said, Lanai is a small island just under an hour boat ride away from Maui.

Just like other Hawaiian islands, Lanai has a wide variety of beaches and small honeymoon resorts away from the crowds.

One of the best beaches on Lanai is Hulopoe Bay which has a protected marine preserve. This makes snorkeling and diving offshore a spectacular experience.

You can also find a small golf course and an adult-only swimming pool on Lanai which makes it a wonderful place for couples to enjoy an intimate honeymoon.

26. Sunset Key, Florida

If you want to have a whole island for yourself, then the closest you can get to this is Sunset Key.

Just a short boat ride from Key West lies the tiny isle of Sunset Key with one single resort known as Sunset Key Cottages.

With only 40 small cottages, the island offers an individual service for couples staying right on the beachfront.

Each cozy cottage comes with a porch and chairs to stretch your legs. It’s the perfect spot for enjoying the sunset with your partner and a glass of wine.

While Sunset Key is small, there is enough to do for an extended honeymoon, from parasailing and jet-skiing to deep sea fishing.

You can also enjoy fine dining in their award-winning restaurant.

27. Chicago, Illinois

There are so many reasons why Chicago is the best honeymoon location in the US, from fun attractions to historic sights.

Chicago is most famous for its nightlife and the fantastic drinks and cocktails served in luxurious bars.

The best time of year to visit Chicago is the spring, summer or fall when it’s warmer. This being said, the city also has a cozy feel in the snowy winter landscape.

However, most sights are outdoor attractions that depend on the beautiful Illinois weather.

If you are looking for the best honeymoon photo destination in Chicago, then go all the way to the top of Willis Tower Skydeck.

The dizzying heights give you a fantastic view of the city. Depending on the weather, you’ll be able to see all the things you can explore in Chicago.

Step onto the Ferris wheel for a slow ride or wander down the Navy Pier to get a romantic vibe along the waterfront of Lake Michigan.

28. New Orleans, Louisiana

If you love your Jazz and Blues, New Orleans is a must-see on your honeymoon destination list.

The city is loud and vibrant with plenty of charm and personality.

Enjoy your post-nuptials wandering New Orleans’ famous French Quarter where you can find small boutiques and plenty of events going on all year round.

If you enjoy a good festival, then just wait for the time when Mardi Gras is bringing New Orleans to life.

It’s the perfect way to spend unforgettable moments with your sweetheart and take a few snaps for the photo album.

Thanks to the Mississippi River, there are also a variety of water activities that couples can do, from a dinner course on a steamboat to a romantic canoe ride.

This lively city also offers a rich food scene with gourmet restaurants within walking distance.

29. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is another ideal location for your honeymoon. The bustling city comes with all the big city comforts and a luxurious feel to pamper yourself and your partner

San Francisco gives you a true feeling of freedom. Put the car window down and drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. Just enjoy the wind in your hair and the stunning views.

Catch as much of the California sun as you can with a hotel room that has a water view over the bay.

But the city isn’t just known for its beautiful bridge and pier. You can also find five-star restaurants with high-end dining here.

If you love it a bit more rustic, then go on a brewery tour or a food tour to sample some of the delights that San Francisco’s international cuisine has to offer.

30. Austin, Texas

For a fun and exciting city honeymoon, Austin is just the right place for couples to explore everything this state has to offer.

If you love your nightlife, then check out the many bars and restaurants dotted around Austin’s city center. Sixth Street is one of the best places for a romantic cocktail.

On the other hand, you can just have a night in and cuddle up on the bed in a luxurious suit overlooking the skyline.

The variety and different options in this charming Texas city allow you to choose what you want to see as a couple.

This makes Austin one of the best honeymoon locations in the United States.

31. Orlando, Florida

Whether you are planning to stay in one location for your honeymoon or you are traveling around Florida, Orlando is the ideal place for couples to spend a few happy days together.

With Universal Studios and Walt Disney World right on your doorstep, you can even stay for an entire week. Both offer enough to see that you might be tempted to extend your honeymoon.

But you don’t have to follow the trail of the stars. Instead, make your trip individual to you as a couple and enjoy a more intimate getaway.

The resorts in New Orleans have a great choice of bars and restaurants where you can work your way through a creative menu.

But no trip to Florida is complete without a visit to the beach. Explore Cocoa Beach just a few minutes drive away from Orlando.

This romantic honeymoon destination allows you to soak up the sun and relax on the warm, white sand.

If you love a bit more action, then you can also throw yourself into the waves. Learn surfing, go snorkeling or simply swim in the crisp, blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

32. Olympic National Park, Washington

Nature lovers will love a stroll around Olympic National Park in Washington (Also check out Things To Do In Bellevue). In fact, there are so many trails you can hike that you could spend weeks here.

What makes this honeymoon destination so special is that newlyweds can enjoy the seclusion that the forests have to offer.

Spend the days right at the heart of the Olympic National Park by renting a cabin. This means you don’t need to go far to explore the hot springs and gushing waterfalls.

This is what makes Olympic National Park the most relaxing honeymoon destination in the United States.

33. Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska might not be the first honeymoon location that comes to mind when you are looking for a place to spend with your spouse.

However, Anchorage makes for a truly unique honeymoon experience. It offers plenty of mystery, adventure and cozy moments by the warm fire.

The best way to enjoy your time in Anchorage is by going up into the clouds. Take a flight-seeing tour and marvel at the views over the city.

Once you landed, you can explore all the natural wonders around Anchorage, from Kincaid Park to Chugach State Park.

All the wonderful Alaskan nature makes Anchorage the best destination for an adventure honeymoon.

34. Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is the best place to create unforgettable memories. Plus, you don’t have to plan too far ahead or worry about the weather.

Honolulu is the perfect honeymoon location all year round. Just grab some sunscreen and a towel, and spend your days on the beach.

With the many deserted beaches in this stunning American honeymoon spot, you are guaranteed to find some well-deserved alone time.

But there are also plenty of adventures and activities on the island. Learn something new with surfing lessons or watch one of the many Hawaiian traditional crafts.

35. Chattanooga, Tennessee

If you are looking for an exciting city honeymoon that features a unique and trendy location, then Chattanooga is the right place.

Couples come here to explore Lookout Mountain. True to its name, the view from up the mountains gives you a 360-degree perspective of the wild and rugged Tennessee countryside.

You can also venture into the forests and discover the magic of Raccoon Mountain Caverns that are on the way to the spectacular Rainbow falls.

Both of these locations are ideal for a picture-perfect photo op.

With a variety of different campgrounds and resorts in and around Chattanooga, you have plenty of options for a romantic stay.

The city itself offers a good choice of clubs and bars that allow you to explore the nightlife scene with the music of your choice and a tasty cocktail.

As Tennessee is a Country music state, you can find plenty of live Country music and events all across the city.

36. Hot Springs, Arkansas

While many U.S. honeymoon destinations offer adventure and excitement, some places also have a romantic vibe with plenty of relaxation.

Hot Springs in Arkansas is one of the most relaxing honeymoon locations in the USA. High comfort levels and no stress mean that you can spend some peaceful time with your sweetheart.

The Hot Springs National Park is the right place for pampering yourself with all-day spa experiences.

If you want to have a stroll, then you can wander through the sprawling forest and watch the steam rise.

37. Portland, Oregon

Oregon (You might also like Things To Do In Eugene, Oregon) and the Northwest are covered in wide forests and meandering paths where you can roam for days.

Portland is one of the more unusual honeymoon trips for couples. You can go out for adventures in the forested wonderland or explore the city with its art galleries.

In fact, Portland is known for its vibrant creative scene which makes the best destination for expressive couples with an arty vibe.

It’s the perfect place to learn a new craft with your wife or husband. Join a pottery class, painting workshop or learn how to write poetry.

For some time away from the crowds, just hop on a sightseeing tour and take in the city’s attractions.

From world travelers to artistic explorers, Portland is the ideal honeymoon location for couples who want something different.

38. New York City, New York

New York City is a must-have on your honeymoon location list. It is the most vibrant and lively place that’s perfect for a city honeymoon.

New York has everything you want from a romantic getaway right on your doorstep. Stay in one of the many luxury suite hotels with a view over the NYC skyline.

Have a picnic in Central Park during the summer or snuggle up in a warm café dotted around the city during winter.

Take your sweetheart to see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building for a special photo opportunity.

There is no shortage of stunning restaurants and bars in the city. You just pick the food you like and enjoy a romantic dinner with as wife and husband.

39. Las Cruces, New Mexico

New Mexico may not be the first honeymoon destination you had considered but there are a few surprises in this warm, sunny state.

Las Cruces is a big town just outside of Mexico City. With the mountains in the background, you can sit in one of the many coffee shops and enjoy the view with your sweetheart.

It’s worth getting up early on Saturday and Wednesday for the Las Cruces Farmers Market that offers a huge variety of food and crafts.

Wander through Old Messila Village and discover the quaint charm of this Hispanic town.

If you want more adventure, then just spend a honeymoon weekend out of town in the nearby White Sands National Park.

The many hiking routes and trails take you along some of the most stunning scenery in the Southwest.

While Las Cruces doesn’t have large honeymoon resorts, you can always choose one of the luxury hotels or an affordable AirBnB.

40. Miami, Florida

There is so much to see and experience in Florida that it’s no surprise that it pops up unusually often on our best honeymoon destinations list.

Miami may be an eccentric city but it gives you all the wonderful R&R moments that make a honeymoon so special.

From luxury beach resorts to small beachside bungalows, there are plenty of different accommodation options in various price ranges.

The long, sandy beaches are what makes Miami famous. Sun, beach bars and a good drink simply create a feel-good vibe.
While the seaside is busy over the day, you can enjoy the soothing sounds of the waves in the evening.

Alternatively, head out into Miami’s nightlife with stylish bars and funky cocktails. The cit after dark oozes with glamour and style.

It’s the perfect location to celebrate your marriage, either with a romantic, five-star meal or some time on the dance floor in one of the many downtown clubs.

41. Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Boothbay in Main is just one of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations across the entire United States.

Nestled in the quaint harbor, Boothbay is a small fishing village with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities.

Head to Penny Lake Preserve that has oodles of space for walking, hiking, jogging and even a picnic You can while away your time right by the waterfront.

If you fancy a stroll with a view, then the botanical gardens near Boothbay are the best spot to spend your time together as a couple.

Thanks to Maine’s location right on the Atlantic, you can also go on a boat tour exploring the wildlife in this area and simply enjoying the deep, blue sea.

42. Flagstaff, Arizona

When you think of Arizona, then lush forests might not come to mind. However, Flagstaff has wild and beautiful woods that stretch for miles into the distance.

Flagstaff itself is a city with plenty of charm and rustic character which makes it a unique honeymoon destination.

Hear the birds sing in the morning when you wake up with in your log cabin with your sweetheart by your side.

While you may be out in the middle of nowhere, there are still all the usual city comforts you can enjoy in Flagstaff.

It’s simply a relaxing getaway honeymoon with mountains, woods and plenty of romance.

43. Providence, Rhode Island

Easily accessible from Boston and New York City, Providence could be a day trip for your honeymoon.

This being said, the city has enough in store to make you stay for a whole week.

Choose one of the many Airbnbs, hotels and resorts for a cozy overnight stay after your dream wedding.

From a food tour to a boat ride, Providence allows you to explore at your own pace. The many local stores hold unique gifts that make for unusual honeymoon souvenirs.

While Providence is a big city, it still has this small town feel which makes it perfect for couples who love a city honeymoon with more peace and quiet.

44. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Soak up the fresh air and throw yourself into adventure exploring the Smoky Mountains. Gatlinburg in Tennessee is the perfect honeymoon for explorers.

Just rent one of the many cabins for a week and then create your own honeymoon itinerary.

Whether you want to stay close to the forests or head into the city, Gatlinburg offers a great mix for couples who want to enjoy the best of both worlds.

45. Carmel-By-The-Sea, California

Carmel is a classic getaway destination for city dwellers and honeymooners. The homely feel and charm of the town by the beach means you can lean back and relax.

But what makes Carmel-By-The-Sea so unusual is the drive there. 17 miles of meandering coastal road means you can marvel at the views and look forward to your stay.

Once in town, explore the Carmel Mission Basilica Museum with artifacts and art from the area.

You can also get married at the Basilica, so Carmel is the ideal place to combine your wedding and honeymoon.

46. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

As the best beach honeymoon destination in the US, Fort Lauderdale has plenty of sand, palm trees and beautiful beaches.

This being said, you also get a great variety of lounging options for different budgets.

The city itself has some of the best restaurants in Florida (Also check out the Best Beach Towns in Florida) and you don’t need to walk far for a little shopping spree.

Fort Lauderdale is ideal for outdoorsy couples who want to experience as much as possible, from fine dining and outdoor sports to lessons and soothing massages.

47. Chincoteague, Virginia

If you want to get away from the touristy, beach-side resorts, then Chincoteague is just the right place.

There is a very different pace of life in this small Virginia town. Ideal for seaside vacation, you can enjoy a romantic honeymoon here.

As Chincoteague is all about the seaside feel, the best time to visit is over the summer. That’s when the water is beautifully warm and you can take a dip at any time of the day.

48. Sedona, Arizona

The drive to Sedona is one of the best starts to a honeymoon that you could possibly imagine. It takes you through the vast Arizona forest with winding roads and turns.

While Sedona is surrounded by plenty of countryside, it also has many adventures and exploring opportunities, such as the giant shopping mall in Downtown.

Saying this, Sedona is a beautiful city without the usual crowds of a big honeymoon destination.

You can leisurely enjoy the time with your spouse wandering through nature and taking in all the amazing views the red rock stones in the region have to offer.

49. Jekyll Island, Georgia

Similar to Maine and South Carolina, Georgia has the advantage of being right by the coast. Jekyll Island is a popular honeymoon destination in the US.

Couples celebrating their wedding can relax and take in all the fresh sea air. This being said, you can also explore the barrier island from the sea.

Take a boat tour or hire a boat for a day to spend some time alone far away from the crowds.

Jekyll Island is a secluded spot for a cozy honeymoon that you’ll never forget.

How To Pick The Perfect Honeymoon Location

The wedding is one of the most important days in your life. That’s why, we spend a lot of time planning our special day.

However, it’s easy to forget to think about what happens after you are married.

A honeymoon also needs some planning, especially when you two have different ideas of what you want to do for your honeymoon.

Here is our ultimate honeymoon destination guide where we explore different types of honeymoon destinations and what to look out for when choosing the right location for your honeymoon.

Types Of Honeymoon Destinations

Before you can decide on a honeymoon destination, it’s a good idea to talk about what you two want to do on your honeymoon and where you would like to go.

Most couples already have some idea where they would like to spend their honeymoon. Here are a few different locations that you should consider.

Honeymoon Destinations Abroad

The majority of newlywed couples choose to go on adventure trips abroad for their honeymoon.

The idea of sun, sandy beaches and different cultures is tempting. However, considering the travel time and budget, a honeymoon abroad is not always affordable for everyone.

If you are set on a honeymoon destination abroad, such as Goa in India, then you need to plan as far as possible in advance.

This can save you a lot of money when it comes to booking plane tickets and a luxury resort.

Some of the most popular honeymoon destinations abroad for US couples are Bali, the Caribbean, Bora Bora and Barbados.

You can also enjoy romantic trip to Europe and visit France, Italy and the Mediterranean.

US Honeymoon Destinations

If you have a look around, then you will quickly realize that you don’t need to go abroad for your honeymoon.

The US has so many special places where you can spend a romantic honeymoon together as a couple.

Domestic honeymoons aren’t just reserved for lovebirds who can’t afford to go abroad. There are so many luxurious honeymoon locations dotted around the USA.

Plus, you may not even have to travel too far to spend some time with your spouse.

From fun hiking honeymoons and skiing honeymoons to relaxing and romantic honeymoons, you can simply choose what type of honeymoon you prefer and then pick your location.

New Destinations

Wedding planners often recommend that you choose a honeymoon destination that allows you and your partner to step out of your comfort zones.

Exploring new places a recently married couple means that you make memories together and create experiences that are unforgettable.

That’s why, it is so important for both parties to be happy with the choice of their honeymoon location. You can only have a good time when both enjoy the getaway.

As a rule of thumb, you should choose a destination that reflects your style as a couple. You could also explore a place that you both are interested in.

There is also a great variety of honeymoon destinations in the US that offer various activities that you could share with your partner, including lessons, water sports and outdoor pursuits.

Multi-Destination Trip

If you can’t agree on one honeymoon location with your partner, then you may want to consider a multi-stop trip that includes locations for both of you.

It’s a good idea to have a mix of relaxing time and adventure. This means you won’t be up on your feet all the time and you can also cuddle up with your spouse.

Some of the best relaxing honeymoon destinations in the USA are in Virginia, Maine and Georgia.

Away from the crowds, these locations offer not just luxury massages for couples but they also provide hiking trails and boat rides for a change of scenery.

Set A Honeymoon Budget

Another important factor to consider when choosing a honeymoon location is the budget. Some honeymoon destinations are more expensive than others.

For example, many city breaks, such as New York City and San Francisco, come with a higher price tag because accommodation is expensive.

On the other hand, country retreats and resorts in Arizona, Maine and other less known destinations are much more affordable.

There are a variety of different costs to consider when you check for a honeymoon spot, including accommodation, travel costs, food and drink, and any additional extras, such as massages.

If you plan to go abroad, then the flight costs are usually the most expensive item on your list.

Depending on your destination, you may then be able to save money on your accommodation and your local activities.

Choose The Right Timing And Duration

The right timing and the length of your stay can have a big impact on your budget and the destination you want to choose.

If you only have a few days off work, then you will only be able to go for an extended weekend getaway.

However, most honeymoons are at least one week long, although you can extend this to a couple of weeks. It’s a good time to combine a honeymoon with a long, relaxing vacation.

This being said, you also don’t want to be away for too long as this could be costly.

Once you know how long you want your honeymoon to be, you can then start looking around for locations.

The right timing when you book your honeymoon accommodation and travel is crucial. You should consider any activities that you may want to do at the location.

If you are traveling during the summer months, then many beach resorts are busy. This means that you will need to book at least half a year in advance.

On the other hand, skiing and snowboarding destinations are busiest during the winter, which means you should book your honeymoon in the summer before you travel.

Make A Honeymoon List

A honeymoon is different for each couple. That’s why, it’s important that you sit down with your partner and talk about what you want your honeymoon to look like.

Make a list of all the important elements that you and your partner want to include. This could be, for example, relaxation, culture, pampering or adventure.

While some betrothed lovers agree instantly on what they want to do for their honeymoon, others may struggle to find a compromise.

But you want to make sure that you both enjoy your time away, so compromising is important.

Plan But Don’t Plan Too Much

While you may spend a lot of time planning your wedding, you should also make sure that you plan your honeymoon well advance.

Planning wisely could save you a lot of money, especially on travel and accommodation. You may also want to consider what you want to see and do on your honeymoon.

You can then create an itinerary that helps you make the most of your time together.

This being said, don’t overdo it. Your honeymoon should still be a relaxing time celebrating your life and your life together.

Final Thoughts

There are so many spectacular ways to celebrate your wedding and spend some time together on your honeymoon.

Make sure to check out our best honeymoon destinations in the USA and all the fun activities they have to offer for newly married couples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Most Romantic Destination For A Honeymoon In The USA?

The most romantic honeymoon destination in the US is Aspen, where you can enjoy a relaxing spa break or go skiing with your partner.

Who Pays For The Honeymoon In America?

This depends on the couple and the couple’s family. In the past, the groom’s family would pay for the honeymoon.

Today, either the couple themselves or their family contribute or fully pay for the honeymoon trip.

What Are The Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations In The US?

From California and Hawaii to Florida’s West Keys and Maine, you can find some fantastic honeymoon locations dotted along the East and West Coast of the USA.

What Do Married Couples Do On A Honeymoon?

Every couple is different but most want to spend their time together indulging in romantic things, such as adventure activities and romantic dinners.

Couples can also include some more unusual activities on their honeymoon bucket list, including horse carriage rides, snowboarding or snorkeling.

How Long Is The Average American Honeymoon?

The traditional honeymoon in the US is around 7 days long. However, couples can also choose to have a honeymoon weekend or extend their honeymoon to a couple of weeks.

What Is The Number 1 Honeymoon Destination In The US?

The islands of Hawaii are the best honeymoon destinations in the USA. Maui and Kauai are popular locations for couples to celebrate their wedding.

Hawaii has everything you would want from a spectacular honeymoon destination, from stunning beaches to an entire range of fun activities.

Is Florida Good For A Honeymoon?

Yes, Florida is the ideal destination for a honeymoon. With stunning beaches, vibrant cities and warm weather all year round, the sunshine state is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding.

How Long Is Too Long For A Honeymoon?

While the average honeymoon lasts around a week, newlyweds can either extend their honeymoon to a couple of weeks or just go away for a special weekend.

The time for a honeymoon depends on the couple’s budget, destination and vacation time.

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