Plus Size Cruise Wear For Women – 45 Stunning Outfit Ideas

Cruises can be surprisingly hot. It might be constantly breezy as the ship sails through the water, but you’ll be out in the sun as you move from country to country.

Ideally, you should pick out a flowing outfit to keep yourself cool.

Plus Size Cruise Wear For Women – 45 Stunning Outfit Ideas

And to keep the fun energy flowing, our number one advice on plus size cruise wear for women is keeping everything bright.

Bright colors and flowing outfits will help you feel confident and vibrant (for more cruise outfits, read here)!

Check out these outfit ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Funky Skirt And Plain Top

If you’re not used to wearing bright colors, take this model as your inspiration. She has a beautiful skirt filled with tropical colors. It isn’t super bright, allowing a muted tone to come forward.

Paired with a simple black top, sparkling necklace, and glasses that match her dress, our model is having fun without taking center stage.

This is the perfect outfit for someone who wants to try loud colors but isn’t truly confident yet.

2. Patterned Skirt

This gorgeous model is showing off her African-style patterned skirt.

Instead of using bright colors, she used loud print. It has the same effect of drawing an audience and feeling confident, but the colors feel more natural.

If you prefer natural tones but want a loud and proud aesthetic, this dress is for you!

3. Black Jumpsuit With A Pop Of Color

We are getting closer to the color territory now, as our model showcases this stunning jumpsuit.

The all-in-one is mostly black but those bright pops of turquoise make the outfit seem elegant. If green or blue isn’t your color you can do the same thing with pinks, reds, or yellows.

Use these outfits to start feeling confident in color!

Notice how our model has used wide-legged pants for her jumpsuit too. She will be feeling cool and airy – perfect for the cruise!

4. Black Dress Pink Shoes

The pop of color doesn’t need to come from the dress or skirt. Instead, it could come from the shoes.

If you have a favorite part of your body and want to make that the focus of your look, make the color come from there. In this case, our model is fond of her legs.

She’s used a black dress to highlight her wonderful curves, but the dress cuts short of the knee so we can see her shapely calves.

Paired with pink shoes, we are automatically looking down, admiring her outfit as she intended!

5. Bohemian Jumpsuit

The boho look is perfect for a cruise. All those fun patterns, flowing outfits, and a sense of chill like no other. This outfit perfectly sums up a fantastic boho ensemble.

Pairing the complex patterns is a simple red headscarf and a toe ring! These help balance the crazy center of the outfit and creates a cohesive look!

6. Turquoise Blossom Pants

If you like the idea of a flowing patterned pant leg, but cannot get on board with open cuffs, try a tight cuff instead. These Indian-style pants still have the airiness of a flowing trouser leg but they won’t wrap around your feet or trip you up.

Like the model, you can pair these funky pants with a plain top, so all the attention stays with those mesmerizing circles.

7. High Waist Yellow Trousers

It might not seem like much, but bright pants can truly create your outfit.

What ties it all together is the combination of black and yellow. Our model is wearing a black top with black sunglasses and a yellow straw hat.

The hat ties to the trousers making the whole look seem well throughout. Remove the hat and we wouldn’t have the same casual fashion. Make a note of these choices, because a great look comes from the details!

8. Sand Trousers And Sand Hat

Same as our last outfit, this look is made by combining bright and beautiful pants with a similar colored hat. Without the hat, this look wouldn’t work.

The top doesn’t need to do anything other than look clean and sleek. If you don’t like having lots of layers or think too much about your fashion choices, make sure to keep solid pants and a matching hat in your cruise wardrobe.

9. Californian Skirt

Here our model is wearing a bikini top and a long skirt that almost matches her skin tone. The pale pink background coupled with delicate flowers creates a casual beach aesthetic.

10. All The Colors

This tie-dye style is perfect to bring color without trying to define a pattern. The off-the-shoulder pleated top also creates a wonderful breeze which is perfect for cruise living, while the skirt is airy and thin.

To up class, the dress simply wear high heels like our model. To make it casual, swap the heels for sandals. Easy!

11. Red Tie Dye Dress

We are here with another tie-dye look, but this time our modal has chosen an orange bag and a matching headband too!

Her skin tone matches these cooling reds perfectly, but watch out for the skirt ends – you might end up tripping!

12. Slit Cut Tropical Dress And Oversized Hat

There are so many amazing elements happening in this outfit. First, the dress itself is stunning.

The thigh cut stops the dress from being too formal for a cruise, while the pattern is colorful without looking out of place.

The low bust line adds to the summer and sun aesthetic, while the hat gives you the shade you need.

Stand out and stay casual with this amazing outfit!

13. Short Ruffle Dress

So far most of our dresses have been long. Although these outfits can create an amazing breeze for the hot cruise, not everyone wants to cover up!

This outfit is very similar to the last, but the main difference is the skirt’s length and the ruffle. This adds a cute and fun personality to your look, while still staying in the summer and party mood!

14. Black And Orange

The short dresses continue, but this time we’re making them elegant.

The post-modern stripes against a black background create an iconic look that says “fashion” without dominating a room.

A woman who wears this piece knows who she is and everyone else knows too.

15. Dalmatian Print Dress

Here we are heading back to casual. The dress itself is an all-in-one creation, but you can recreate this look at home. All you need is a light and loose spotty skirt and a plain top.

This is simple and elegant. Perfect for a lazy day on the ship or walking around one of your destinations.

16. Tank Top And Shorts

So far no shorts have entered our list, but that all changes now. This cute outfit is perfect for walking along the beach, sitting by the pool, or simply enjoying the hot sun.

The ruffles are what make this outfit fashionable.

17. A Summer Button Front Blouse

If you love the idea of wearing a crop top but aren’t feeling confident enough to go without a cover, use a blouse that matches your shorts!

This pairing style allows you to stay fashionable, as you wear your shorts or skirt without worrying about your stomach being uncovered.

You can even use this design to help avoid the sun – which is particularly helpful if you plan on being out and about for most of your vacation.

18. Ruffle Trim, Belted Romper

Rompers are gorgeous outfit choices. They fit with the easy breezy design of a hot cruise and they do it with class.

The ruffle on this design creates a smooth transition from chest to stomach, creating a fashionable look as well as a flattering shape.

19. Surplice Front Ditsy Floral Dress

This beautiful dress has less of a “look at me” vibe, and more of a “the girl next door” aesthetic.

The loose dress might be covered in one pattern, but the surplice knot at the front of her bosom adds a beautiful detail without becoming attention-seeking.

Keep the dress the star by wearing muted shoes and a muted hat.

20. Butterfly Ruffle Skirt

You may not find a skirt with butterflies on them, but that’s not the point. Here we see a sage-colored skirt paired with an off-white top for a simple and cute springtime look.

21. Cold Shoulder Romper

Back to a romper. This design says fun and flirty without feeling out of place on a casual day out.

The ruffle trim creates a flattering shape while the legs are still loose enough to stay comfortable for a full day exploring a new landscape.

Perfect for cruise relaxation or a day of exploring!

22. Lantern Sleeve Dress

Most of our dress ideas so far have included short sleeves or sleeveless designs. Not everyone enjoys this look, which is why we want to offer a flowing alternative.

These long sleeves aren’t tight against the arm. Instead, they follow the loose designs we are after. Wearing these shouldn’t keep you hot as you keep your arms covered.

23. Bodysuit And Kimono

If you’re looking for a swimsuit to lounge in, choose a floral pattern with a matching kimono.

This design will look great as you wander up and down the ship, and you will still look elegant as you cover yourself in the kimono.

You could even wear shorts or a skirt over the bikini bottoms to create a full look.

In fact, some cruises don’t like their passengers walking around the ship in their bikinis, so this ensemble would make an easy transition without having to get changed fully.

24. Batwing Sleeve Dress

Continuing the longer sleeve trend, this is a batwing sleeve dress. Batwings mean the sleeves are connected from midriff to shoulder for flowing and natural arm space.

You’ll have room to move around while still having your shoulders covered from the sun.

25. Flowing Maxi Dress

Long sleeves can also mean long dresses! Don’t think you’ll be limited if you want your legs and arms covered.

You don’t need to feel conservative with this type of dress either. Instead, you can allow your skin to breathe while still feeling comfortable and covered.

These light and flowing dresses don’t need anything to pair with them, so keep your shoes subtle, and let the fabric speak for itself.

26. Pastel Colors

We are going back to trousers now, with this beach-washed flare look. The pants are made out of cotton, and have a worn vibe which adds to the casual aesthetic of the look.

Paired with a loose ruched top, bulky belt, and straw hat, the entire ensemble is light and casual while the pants create a fashionable outfit.

27. Matching Pants And Top

Here our model is showing that an open midriff is the perfect balance for a matching set.

The loose black and spotty pants are broken up with a proudly on-show stomach before being sandwiched back into a matching pattern. Be proud and show off your skin!

28. Striped Romper

If you’re not comfortable showing your midriff, go back to the complete romper look.

The calf-cut pants of this romper bring in the color change that we need, while the middle area is cut off using a thin belt.

Whatever you do, you need to create a little change between fashions to break up the one-note approach.

29. Straight Leg Pants

If you don’t like all of the loose pant options we have shown, you can still have a light and breezy experience without feeling your cuffs flap in the wind.

Our model is wearing light fabric pants and a straight design so the cuts aren’t tight but they aren’t super loose either. Keep an eye out for this cut when you go shopping next!

30. Wide Leg Pants And Solid Crop Top

Back to the wide-leg fashion design, printed pants should be the star attraction. Pair it with a solid crop top that matches one of the colors in the pants and some shows that also match the colors.

Here our model uses the sage colors in the pants to match the top, and the white colors to match the shoes.

Remember this method to make your patterned clothes seem cohesive rather than “thrown together”.

31. Palazzo Trousers

Palazzo trousers have a side cut from the knee to the ankle. They create the illusion of wide-cut and Indian pants but in reality, they are open and breezy.

Like before, you need to pair one color in the pattern with your top. Here our model is using a simple white as it matches the inter-square highlights.

32. Dark Wide Pants

Most of our design suggestions have used lighter colors because cruise vacations normally mean fun in the sun.

However, if you prefer darker tones and shaded locations that doesn’t mean you can’t wear the same outfits.

Instead, you can pair your darker wide pant legs with a dark top too. It’s all about finding recurring colors and using them to create a color palate.

33. Ditsy Floral Front Wrap Dress

A long dress with a sloping side always looks elegant. This dress is no different, but the added textures from the wrap design make the look seem casual.

Matched with a wrap top adds the illusion of layers and delicate folding for a summery aesthetic.

34. Large Stomach Banded Skirt

If you’re planning on being active, you should wear a skirt with a large band around the stomach. This helps the skirt stay in place, even though you’re jumping for a volleyball or running through sand.

Larger women need greater support, to help their clothes stay in place.

Otherwise, they can slip down your beautiful curves and you’ll spend the day pulling your skirt up. Use a large bang to create a greater grip without leaving you with a friction line.

35. Tropical Romper

A tropical romper is a perfect outfit for days laying by the pool.

They are thin and breezy, perfect for a day in the sun, but they can also dry easily so you can come out of the pool and throw on your romper without worrying about an evening in damp clothing.

36. Kimono Matching

We talked before about matching patterned pants by picking out colors and using them in other aspects of your wardrobe. Well, you can take that advice and use it on anything.

This kimono is mostly beige with reds and blues used as flowers. The model is wearing beige shorts and a red bikini to match the kimono without overpowering it.

Keep this subtle color-matching method in your mind, and you’ll always look fashionable!

37. Easy Day Fashion

Every day doesn’t have to be a fashion show, but you can still look good. Here our model matches her straw hat with her top, but her trousers are simply wide and breezy.

Sometimes all you need is a clean top and a confident smile to look good.

38. Embrace The Californian Look

The Californian look is about embracing a relaxed style. Pick up a loose button-down, a plain top, and unironed pants.

When you feel happy your fashion looks good. To really embrace the Californian look use soft tones and simple designs like a soft boho style. Natural fabrics also work well.

39. Jeans And Top Combo

All of the outfit choices we have suggested so far assume your cruise will take place during a sunny and hot season. If you’re going during spring or in bad weather, you might not feel comfortable wearing breezy outfits all the time.

The wind can get very chilly on a cruise, but that doesn’t mean you need to abandon the carefree look entirely.

Instead, pick elastic jeans (so you stay comfortable), a plain top, and a bright and fun kimono. Swap between open-toe sandals or totally covered converses depending on the weather.

The kimono will keep the fun cruise atmosphere alive and will keep you looking fashionable, while the jeans and top combination can help you stay warm on chilly days.

40. A Knitted Cover Up

Kimonos aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and some people prefer something thicker to keep them warm as they waltz around in their swimwear. If that sounds like you, try a knitted cover-up instead.

They will help you stay warm as you dry up from your latest dip into the pool, and they’ll do it in style.

The off-the-shoulder design creates an aesthetic of aloofness while the little ripple patterns aid the sense of whimsy.

41. Clashing Designs

Normally if an item follows one pattern then the rest of the outfit needs to highlight or follow it too. Here we see the opposite happen. The shorts contain vertical lines, while the top is horizontal.

It’s a simple clash but because both outfit choices are without frills, it works! Keep this design simple otherwise, there might be too many clashes to contend with.

42. Top To Bottom Pants

For a complete top to toe outfit, use hippie pants like these. The ridges in the top part are designed to keep your pants tight against your chest, but without leaving a mark.

They normally come in dramatic patterns like this lotus one, and they are perfect for a hot summer’s day.

43. Convertible Beach Cover Up Dress

Are you the type of vacationer that loves to go into the pool then head to the buffet, then back to your room only to head to the pool again?

On most cruises you’d have to bring an extra pair of clothes with you as walking around the deck in a bikini isn’t allowed.

This means lugging around a big bag or forgoing your preferred back-and-forth approach.

However, if you use a dress like this, you can get in and out your appropriate clothing without taking off your bikini. Just make sure you’re dry first, then with two movements you’ll be wearing an elegant gown!

44. Casual Collar Soft Dress

Ahoy sailor! This outfit screams nautical. It’s the perfect attire for a chill day on the ship. The long dress is thick enough to keep you warm, but floaty enough to create a breeze once the sun returns.

The mermaid shape also creates a beautiful shape that all body types will enjoy!

45. Jeans And A Wrap Top

We are continuing our wardrobe for a chilly day on the cruise now. Here we have high waisted elastic jeans with a simple black top and a thin tie-able top.

The top draws all our attention and it’s balanced by the brown boots. When you’re on vacation you don’t want to stuff your suitcase with too many shoes, so make sure your outfit plans keep them in mind!

Final Thoughts

If you’re not sure what to wear, make sure you think about colors and breathability. Pick one item which has lots of patterns or screams for attention and pull out a few colors from that item.

Use them to match your outfit from top to pants, shoes to a hat. This will help you make any outfit look amazing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can A Plus-Size Woman Look Elegant?

Plus-sized women need to understand their proportions to create an elegant outfit. They need to know how much fabric their bust needs, where the waist pulls in, and if their calves are the same thickness as their thighs.

Once you can see where these points are, you should wear clothes that elongate your shape. This allows the fabric to show off your shape by pulling it down into a longer frame. Basically, long flowing dresses with a tight waist will look elegant.

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