Hi, I'm Alex Kallen

Alex Kallen

Vacations are great. They’re relaxing and rejuvenating, and there’s plenty to see and do. But why do we always feel the need to travel so far when we have countless amazing destinations right on our doorstep?

Hi, my name is Alex Kallen and I love to travel. Ever since I could afford the ticket, I hopped on a plane and never looked back. I’ve made a living writing travel guides and blogging my experience all over the world.

I traveled throughout different continents for a decade before realizing that I’d never even made the most of my home country. 

Travelling is amazing, don’t get me wrong. But along with the positives, there are always negatives. Jet lag, long layovers and delays, different currencies, and more.

But how do you get the best of both worlds? Travel around the US! There are 50 states to explore, each boasting new cultures, experiences, and climates. The flights are short and cheaper, too!

After I made the revelation that I didn’t have to fly for 12 hours to go on vacation, my life changed. I’ve now made it a personal goal to reach all 50 states before I retire. I’m at 28, and there’s no slowing down now.

I want to encourage and inspire others to travel around the US like I am. There’s no need to go on vacation overseas when there is an amazing land of opportunity right on your doorstep. Enjoy my website, I hope to see you out here one day.


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