The 8 Best Dog Friendly Hotels In Weymouth For Your Coastal Trip

Weymouth, a charming seaside town in Dorset, England, is not just a haven for beach lovers and history buffs; it’s also a welcoming destination for travelers with pets.

The town offers an array of accommodations that go the extra mile to make sure your four-legged friends are just as comfortable as you are.

Dog Friendly Hotels In Weymouth

From hotels that provide a cozy dog bed to those that serve up a special ‘doggy menu,’ Weymouth’s hospitality sector understands that a family holiday is not complete unless all family members are invited.

In this overview, we’ll explore some of the most dog-friendly hotels in Weymouth, focusing on their specific pet policies and amenities.

Pack your bags and don’t forget the tennis ball.

1. The Leam Hotel

The Leam Hotel is known for its welcoming atmosphere, not just for humans but also for their four-legged friends.

For a small surcharge of £10 per dog per night, they offer designated dog-friendly rooms equipped with a doggy mat and towel, bowls, and treats upon arrival. There’s also a nearby park for walks, making it convenient for pet owners.

Your dog can join you in the bar after a day of exploring Weymouth and its beaches, where you can both unwind.

2. Sailor’s Return

Situated close to the harbor, Sailor’s Return is perfect for dog owners who love scenic walks.

The hotel has a limited number of pet-friendly rooms, so it’s advised to book in advance.

Reach out to the hotel for details on their dog amenities and information on any surcharges..

3. The Spice Ship

This quirky hotel also functions as a pub and is welcoming to dogs in specific areas.

Dogs are not allowed in all areas of the hotel, but they can join you in the garden and certain parts of the lounge.

If you’re looking for the best spots nearby to visit, then the hotel also provides information on nearby walking trails ideal for dog walks.

Get in touch with them to find out the latest information on their dog amenities and surcharges.

4. The Ilchester Arms Hotel

Located in the countryside, The Ilchester Arms Hotel is an idyllic setting for dog owners.

They offer special dog-friendly rooms and allow dogs in the bar area.

There are plenty of walking trails nearby, and the hotel even provides a map of recommended routes.

Reach out for information on surcharges.

5. The Tides Inn

The Tides Inn is another beachside property where dogs are allowed in certain rooms.

The hotel is an economical option for pet owners traveling with their four-legged friends.

Reach out to the inn to discuss bringing your dog along and for information on any doggy surcharges.

6. The Old Castle Hotel

The Old Castle Hotel has a more traditional setting, and they offer several dog-friendly rooms.

The vicinity of the hotel offers a multitude of trails perfect for walking your dog.

Get in touch with the hotel to find out what’s available for your pooch and whether there are any additional costs.

7. Moonfleet Manor

Situated along the picturesque Dorset coastline, Moonfleet Manor Hotel is a destination that caters to both families and their canine companions.

The hotel truly lives up to its dog-friendly reputation by making most of its areas accessible to dogs.

A stay here allows you to bring along up to two dogs at a cost of £15 per dog.

Upon arrival, your pet will be greeted with a comfortable bed, a variety of treats, and a water bowl.

Moreover, the hotel offers a specialized “La Bark” menu for dogs to enjoy, as well as a “Waggy Tails Tea” featuring homemade dog cakes and biscuits.

While dogs are not allowed in the dining area, the lounge is an alternative where you and your pet can enjoy meals together.

Boasting pet-friendly accommodations, an expansive garden, and an array of nearby activities, Moonfleet Manor serves as a sanctuary for both dogs and their human counterparts.

8. The Smuggler’s Inn

Located near the coast, The Smuggler’s Inn is a traditional British hotel that welcomes dogs in certain rooms.

And, after a long day exploring the coastline together, you can kick back and relax with a cold drink.

Get in touch with the hotel for full information on their pet policy.

Dog Friendly Attractions In Weymouth

Now you’ve got an idea of where to stay, you may like to think about some of the things you can do in Weymouth with your pooch.

Weymouth Beach

Although there are some seasonal restrictions on the main beach between May and September, there are designated areas where dogs are allowed all year round. It’s a fantastic place for dogs to run freely and even enjoy a swim.

Lodmoor Country Park

This expansive green space is ideal for dog walking and offers a variety of terrains to explore, from woodlands to wetlands. There’s also a designated off-leash area for dogs to run around and socialize with other pets.

Rodwell Trail

The Rodwell Trail is a popular walking route that is dog-friendly. Following the path of an old railway line, this trail is not only scenic but also relatively flat, making it accessible for walkers of all abilities and their dogs.

Sandsfoot Castle and Gardens

Not far from the Rodwell Trail, Sandsfoot Castle and its surrounding gardens offer another excellent outing for you and your dog. While dogs must be kept on a leash within the garden area, the scenic views and historic surroundings make it a worthwhile visit.

Nothe Fort and Gardens

This historical site allows dogs as long as they are kept on a leash. It’s a great place to combine a little history and culture with a dog walk, as the gardens offer beautiful views over the sea.

Dog-Friendly Pubs and Cafes

Many pubs and cafes in Weymouth welcome dogs. Some even offer “doggy menus” to ensure that your pet can dine along with you.

Scouting for pet friendly pubs is a must after a busy day exploring. There’s nothing better than enjoying the last of the sunshine with a cold drink in hand.

In Summary

Weymouth has an array of dog-friendly hotels, each with its unique features and amenities aimed at making your stay as comfortable as possible for you and your four-legged family member.

Always remember to check the most current pet policies and availability of dog-friendly rooms before booking your stay.

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