12 Best Matching Cruise Shirts That Families, Couples, And Groups Can Enjoy

So many families, couples, and groups are choosing to spend their vacations on the open water.

12 Best Matching Cruise Shirts That Families, Couples, And Groups Can Enjoy

Cruises are big business and have become increasingly popular in recent years as they offer everything a vacation needs aboard a luxurious cruise ship. You can enjoy delicious food and fun activities without needing to leave the ship!

A fun way to mark any vacation is by wearing matching shirts. Matching shirts are also a cruise tradition that many groups like to adhere to during shore excursions and embarkation days.

There is no better way to show that you’re a happy and loving group than by wearing matching shirts!

In this article, we have the 12 best matching cruise shirts that families, couples, and groups can enjoy. No matter who is in your group or what kind of cruise you have booked, there’s sure to be a shirt here for you.

1. Family Cruise Disney-Inspired Shirts

For our first choice, we’ve picked these cute family shirts. They’re ideal for any family that will be taking a cruise on a Disney cruise liner as the shirts feature many different Disney motifs.

They’re one of the most customizable shirts on the list as well, as you can choose from five different colors and a larger number of sizes that range from 6 months up to an Adult 4XL.

You also have the option of adding your family name to the front of the shirts and additional text on the back as well.

2. “Birthday Cruise 2023” Group Shirts

There are many reasons why people book a cruise, but if you’ve booked yours to celebrate a birthday, then this is the ideal shirt for you! The logo on the shirt says “Birthday Cruise 2023” and is rendered in several different colors.

These shirts are intended for women and are available in two different colors, dark gray and pink. There are five different sizes to choose from and they’re made from light and breathable cotton.

3. “Let’s Get Matching Family Vacation Shirts Said No Man Ever” Shirts

Matching vacation shirts can be a cliche and we realize that they’re not for everyone. However, if you’re looking for a vacation shirt that sums up exactly how cliche they are and is firmly in on the joke, then this is a great option!

You can choose from three different fits (men, women, and youth) so all of the family can register their tongue-in-cheek dislike of matching shirts. There are several basic colors to choose from as well.

4. “Warning Girls Trip In Progress” Shirts

Whether it’s a birthday trip, bachelorette party, or just a girls-only vacation, you can mark the occasion with these matching shirts for women.

The shirt loudly proclaims “Warning, Girl’s Trip in Progress” so your fellow passengers can know whether they want to avoid or join you!

The design is available in both tees and sleeveless shirts. There are also a variety of colors, so every member of the group can choose the design and color that suits them the best.

5. “Oh Ship! It’s a Family Trip” Shirts

This pun-tastic shirt is great for families. The “Oh Ship!” of the design is rendered in rope and kids are sure to love the cute anchor, even if they don’t understand the pun.

You can get this shirt for all of the family as it is available in men, women, and youth sizes. There are a wide variety of colors available as well, ranging from darker tones such as black and gray to bright colors that will look great on kids.

6. “Husband And Wife Cruising Partners For Life” Shirts

Cruises can be very romantic and are popular vacations for honeymoons and anniversaries. However, you don’t need to be celebrating a special day with your partner to wear this shirt.

The logo states “Husband and Wife, Cruising Partners for Life” and the shirt is available in fits for both men and women. You can choose from a variety of colors as well.

Whether you choose the same color or different ones, you and your spouse will look great in these shirts.

7. “Girls Trip” Shirts

If your cruise is a girls-only vacation, you can commemorate the trip with these shirts. The large text in the center of the shirt says “Girl’s Trip” and has a couple of cute hearts. 

Around the center logo is some text stating “Great Memories, Great Times, Great Friends, Great Laughs.” To us, that sounds like all the ingredients you need for a perfect vacation!

8. “Whatever Floats Your Boat” Shirts

Many of the shirts on this list are for specific groups, such as families, couples, or single-gender friend groups. This shirt, however, is suitable for anyone and everyone! 

The design of the shirt features the slogan “Whatever floats your boat” and has a cute picture of a cruise ship using a duck floatie. The shirt is only available in one color, however, so hopefully, everyone in your group likes mint green.

9. “On Cruise Mode” Sleeveless Women’s Shirts

Let everyone know that you and your girls are on vacation and relaxing with these “On Cruise Mode” sleeveless tees. 

Our favorite feature of these shirts is that the ‘O’ of the word “On” is represented by an old-fashioned ship’s wheel. You can also choose from a range of pretty colors and as these shirts are sleeveless, they’re sure to help you keep cool during embarkation days.

10. “Besties” Best Friends Shirts

Going on a cruise with your best friend? Let everyone know how much you care about your cruise partner with these adorable “besties” tees.

The logo on the shirts is very simple, but that’s why we love it. The shirts are made from good quality material and you can mix and match them with your besties in a variety of different colors.

11. “Couples That Cruise Together Stay Together” Shirts

We love this couple’s t-shirt because it can be worn by any couple. It doesn’t specify the relationship between the couple so whether you’re dating, engaged, or married, this t-shirt will work for you.

The cute slogan on the front states that “Couples That Cruise Together Stay Together” and you can purchase this shirt in both fits for both men and women (for more cruise wear for men, read here).

You can pick from a wide range of colors as well, although, in our opinion, the blue text works better on some colors than on others! 

12. “This Is My Cruising, Drinking, Relaxing Shirt” Shirts

For our final shirt, we’ve picked a humorous design that is ideal for friend groups. We think this shirt would work great for male, female, and mixed groups, which makes it a rare find!

The shirt proclaims that it is your “Cruising, Drinking, Relaxing” shirt and we think that those three activities sum up cruise vacations very well. Choose from fits for both men and women and a variety of colors.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed the 12 best matching cruise shirts that families, couples, and groups can enjoy.

If you’re looking for the perfect matching shirts for your group to wear during your cruise or embarkation days, there is sure to be something here for you.

We picked a wide range of designs so there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a family, couple, or a friend group celebrating a birthday, you will be able to find that perfect matching cruise shirt.

Many of these shirts have customization options so you can either change the text or choose the color that suits each individual the best.

We hope that you enjoy these shirts and enjoy your cruise!

Alex Kallen

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