32 Of The Very Best Tourist Attractions & Things To Do In Seattle

Those who have had the pleasure of visiting Seattle will already know that it’s a hubbub of entertainment and culture.

31 Of The Very Best Tourist Attractions & Things To Do In Seattle

Known for their famous coffee, you’ll have a lot of items to tick off the bucket list when you arrive here, including visiting Pike Place Market, and taking a ride on the space needle. 

But, there are a whole host of other fascinating points in this city that are less well known, and you might not have heard of before.

If you’re planning on taking a trip to Seattle anytime soon, then we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best places you should visit. 

Our list contains some of the most significant tourist attractions, as well as some that are a bit more niche. To plan your perfect trip to Seattle, simply keep reading below, as we take a closer look. 

1. Pike Place Market

Why not start off our list with one of the most significant tourist attractions in the whole of Seattle, Pike Place Market. It’s probably safe to say that this will be the most diverse market you’ll ever have the pleasure of visiting. 

You’ll find everything from local produce, works of art, flower displays, and handmade items. There’s truly something for everyone in this market. Be sure to take it all in, and purchase a few items to take home with you. 

Another tip we’d give if you plan on visiting Pike Place Market is to check out the underground shops too.

You’ll notice these as you’re making your way through the market, and they’re super interesting and unusual. One of these shops in particular is worth taking a look at, as it’s an alternative magic store. 

When you go through Pike Place Market, you’ll also come across one of its most famous, albeit gross, landmarks. This landmark is known as the gum wall.

The gum wall is essentially exactly what it sounds like. It’s a red brick wall that’s been covered in gum over the years. That’s right, you can witness an old piece of Big Red’s from the early 2000’s. 

If you’re particularly interested in the food aspect of the market, bear in mind that you can book a food tour through the place. These run regularly and you’ll be guided through all of the different products. 

After you emerge from Pike Place Market, you’ll come across Post Alley, which has some of the finest food stores in the whole of the city. Be sure to pick yourself up a treat while you’re here. 

2. Seattle Art Museum

Are you really on a trip away unless you visit at least one art museum? If you’re making your way to Seattle, then we’d most definitely recommend visiting their art museum, which has a whole host of interesting pieces that are bound to appeal. 

When you arrive, you’ll be blown away by the diverse collection of art that they house here. You’ll find everything from older historical pieces, to the present day. Whatever tickles your fancy, you’ll find something memorable on your visit here. 

You’ll also find art that comes from a whole host of different backgrounds too. They have African, European, and Native American art here, and it’s truly wonderful to witness all of the diversity housed here. 

We’d recommend however, that if you do want to visit here, that you book your ticket well in advance. This place can get pretty crowded as you imagine, so be prepared to wait in a line for a while too. We promise it’s worth it though! 

3. The Showbox

If you want to enjoy some live entertainment, then we’d recommend that you head over to The Showbox. Seattle is well known for its music scene, and this has been the case for decades. 

The Showbox has hosted a wide variety of different musical genres over the years, and continues to keep up with the newest trends.

Some of the most popular musicians of today have performed at this venue, including Lady Gaga, Coldplay, and Kanye West. 

Before you visit here, why not take a look online to see who’s playing? Then you can go ahead and secure your tickets. We think that this would be the perfect evening out after a long day of exploring. Let your hair down and feel fancy free!

4. Waterfront Park

The park in Seattle is truly like no other you’ve witnessed before. The Waterfront Park, as you might have already guessed, sits right in front of the Seattle shores.

This makes it the perfect space for lounging and reclining, and taking in all of the gorgeous views in front of you. 

Whether you’ve had a long day of shopping, or adventuring, you can come to the Waterfront Park to rest your weary bones.

There are plenty of things to see while you’re here too, including the historic statue of Christopher Columbus. It’s gilded in bronze, and has a very alluring appearance. 

Bring along a picnic with you and spend a few hours here with the family. 

If you want a better view, there are a whole bunch of viewing platforms and telescopes which are located near the shore. You can simply take a look and take in the beautiful surroundings.

Make sure that you take a couple of pictures of yourself against this gorgeous backdrop. 

5. Grab A Cup Of Coffee

One of the main things that you need to do whilst you’re in Seattle, is to grab a cup of coffee of course! Seattle coffee is known worldwide for being one of the very best around, so be sure to try some. 

There are lots of different coffee shops here that you can choose from, and honestly, we haven’t had a bad experience here yet. There are, however, a few really good ones that you should check out, including Hello Em and Uptown Espresso. 

If you’re a big fan of coffee, then why not take part in one of the coffee tours that the city houses?

These tours take you around some of the very best coffee shops in the city, where you’ll get to sample all of the different grounds. This sounds like a real treat and a fun way to spend a portion of your day. 

6. Alki Beach 

Depending on when you’re planning on visiting Seattle, we would recommend that you take a trip to Alki Beach. Alki Beach is truly beautiful to look at, and has some of the most gorgeous views imaginable. 

Sometimes you can even see some seals lounging about, lazing the day away and enjoying the summer heat. You can partake in a whole bunch of different activities while you’re here too, including kayaking!

So, if this sounds like something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had the opportunity, we’d urge you to give it a go!

If you don’t feel like kayaking, why not play a game of volleyball, or grab some rollerblades or a bicycle and cruise around?

Even if you just feel like reclining and relaxing, this is the perfect beach to do so, and has the most gorgeous blue ocean and white sand. 

7. Woodland Park Zoo

If you’re a big animal lover, or are just looking for somewhere fun to take you and the kids, we’d recommend that you stop by Woodland Park Zoo.

Woodland Park Zoo is one of the most entertaining spots in Seattle, and you can spend hours and hours here exploring. 

In fact, you won’t actually believe how big it is here. The park itself is made up of over 92 acres, and contains thousands of different plant species, for all of our botanist friends out there. 

In addition to housing a whole host of different plants and shrubbery, the park also houses over 300 different species of animals.

One of the most interesting things is that 35 of these species are actually endangered, and five of them are very much under threat. 

This gives you the opportunity to visit these glorious animals up close, and marvel at their natural beauty. Whatever animal you’re most interested in, you’ll likely be able to find it here.

They house everything to foxes, to bears, to snakes, to frogs, to eagles, and even some jaguars. 

One of the best things about this place is the displays that the animals have to roam around in. They’ve attempted to make the conditions emulate those which the animals would be surrounded by in the wild. 

This includes a complete tropical rainforest, which makes it feel as though you’ve been transported to another world. These displays have actually won several awards over the years, and you’ll see why when you visit. 

If you’re bringing the kids along, then be sure to visit the petting zoo too. This place has some hand picked animals that you can get up close and personal with, and enjoy getting to know. 

This is only open at certain times of the day, so be sure to check the zoo’s schedule beforehand. Your kids can enjoy feeding and learning about the animal itself, and it’s a super fun and educational experience. 

In terms of food, there is a canteen on site, although this can be pricey and there will usually be a crowd, especially if you’re visiting during peak times.

We would recommend that if you plan on visiting the zoo one day, that you bring along a packed lunch with you so that you can picnic outside. 

8. Museum Of Flight 

Looking for a museum that’s a little more niche? If so, then we would suggest visiting the Museum of Flight, which is truly the perfect place for plane lovers.

It’s absolutely packed to the brim with different types of exhibits, including different aircrafts and artifacts to accompany them. 

If you love learning about these amazing machines, then we’d definitely suggest that you come here, as it’s a super educational experience.

It’s actually known for being one of the largest aircraft museums in the entire world, and you can really immerse yourself and spend a good portion of time here exploring. 

9. Seattle Aquarium 

Calling all fish lovers! We’ve got the perfect place for you. For real, the aquarium in Seattle is truly amazing, and has a whole host of different species to explore. You’ll find everything here, from sea cucumbers to otters to puffins. 

Get up close and personal with the fish, and enjoy learning about each of the different species. When you’re done, you can grab a cup of warm coffee from the cafe, or visit the gift shop before you leave. 

The staff in the aquarium are top notch, and any questions you have regarding the sea creatures on display, they’ll be able to help. 

10. The Space Needle 

Now, we couldn’t go through our list without mentioning the Space Needle, which is probably the thing that Seattle is most famous for out of all the attractions here.

If you want to witness the most breathtaking view of the city imaginable, then we’d definitely recommend that you hop on here for a ride. 

The space needle is known for being a historical monument, and some of you may be surprised to find that it was actually built way back in 1962 to celebrate the world’s fair. It’s been there ever since, and has subsequently become a staple of the region. 

We’d recommend that if you plan on taking a trip up the space needle, that you consider doing so at night time. It’s incredibly beautiful seeing the whole city illuminated by the lights, and we can guarantee that you won’t witness anything else like it. 

If you’re at all squeamish about heights however, this might not be the best attraction for you!

11. Starbucks Reserve Roastery 

Starbucks is renowned for being the most popular and renowned coffee house in the entire world. It makes complete sense that Seattle, which is known for its amazing coffee, would house a Starbucks Roastery in the city. 

You can spend a few hours here, and there’s plenty to see and do. When you arrive, you can’t wait to join a tour throughout the roastery, where they’ll share all of their best tips for brewing the best cup imaginable.

As well as this, they have a full tasting menu where you can sample each of the different blends. 

They even have some coffee based cocktails available, so if this sounds like your thing, then go for it! Enjoy lazing the day away and sample some delicious beverages. 

You can also grab a bite to eat here too, and they have a wide range of different food items. Chow down on a delicious pastry or sandwich while you enjoy your coffee.

They often serve items here that haven’t yet been released to the wider public, including coffee, so you’ll feel extra exclusive on your visit here. 

12. Museum Of Pop Culture 

Whilst you’ve been researching your trip to Seattle, and looking for some different activities to do, you’ll probably have come across the Museum Of Pop Culture.

This museum is well known, not primarily for its amazing displays, but because of the interesting architecture of the building. 

Shaped in an oddly formed purple metallic layer, this building is one of the most unusual that we’ve ever seen, and feels like you’re stepping into a Tim Burton movie.

This place is great for people of all ages, and with the wide variety of different displays, you’re sure to find something that interests you. 

Some of the most interesting displays include the horror movie displays, the fantasy and science fiction displays, and the guitar gallery display.

There’s really a whole heap of different items in this museum, and each time you look you’ll discover something new that you hadn’t noticed before. 

You won’t just find items to do with music here however, and there are a wide range of other things to pique your interest. They actually have book displays here too with some popular titles, and movie displays too. 

13. Woodland Park Zoo 

If you feel like heading to the zoo and witnessing some of the planet’s most amazing creatures, but Seattle Zoo is simply too crowded, then we’d recommend that you take a trip to Woodland Park Zoo instead. 

Woodland Park Zoo is equally glorious, and houses some amazing animals that you can get up close and personal with. You can see everything from wolves, penguins, rhinos, and even komodo dragons, which are truly spectacular. 

You get to see all of the animals in their natural habitats, which makes it feel as though you’re truly observing them in the wild. 

This zoo is also really fun for adults, and has lots of events which might appeal to older audiences. One of the most entertaining things you can do here is partake in one of the whiskey or wine evenings, where you can sample lots of different varieties. 

They also host something called a Wild Lanterns wild show, where the whole place is lit up, and looks absolutely stunning to behold. 

14. Pacific Science Center 

It wouldn’t be a trip to Seattle without making a visit to the Pacific Science Center. This is truly one of the most fascinating places in the whole city, and is sure to turn even the most reluctant science enthusiasts into big fans. 

They have everything here, covering chemistry, biology, and physics, with a wide array of different displays that have been made to grab your attention, and get you interested.

There are several hands on displays too, so that you can enjoy and take part in the different activities on offer. It really helps to make it an immersive experience that you won’t forget anytime soon. 

There are lots of different display rooms here, but we think that one of the most fascinating and interesting is the butterfly room. Packed with tons of different species, you’ll really enjoy seeing these insects up close in all their colorful glory. 

They also have a laser dome, which is just plain fun and you can enjoy playing with your friends and family. 

If you’re bringing younger children with you, that’s no problem at all, because the science center has something to suit all ages. For younger toddlers, they can enjoy playing with a giant life sized chess board, or simply enjoy the water exploration center. 

We’d recommend heading over to the Pacific Science Center after you’ve been to the museum of pop culture, as they’re located very near to one another.

They also have a children’s museum nearby too, which is super fun for kids of all ages, so be sure to stop by if you have young ones with you. 

15. Seattle Japanese Garden 

When you go on a city break, the hustle and bustle can get a bit too much, and you require a few hours to yourself away from the large crowds in the surrounding area.

If you want somewhere you can go to find some peace and quiet, then we’d recommend that you go to the Seattle Japanese Garden, as it’s one of the most beautiful and tranquil we’ve seen. 

It’s close to Washington Park, so you can simply head over from there if it’s particularly crowded at the time and you can’t find a good spot.

They also have lots of little cafes here too, so if you want to call in for some lunch, or just a little snack to keep you going throughout the day, you’ll find some here. 

Some of the best cafe’s include The Harvest Vine, and Cafe Flora, which serve a delicious array of pastries and lunch items. 

Depending on the time of year that you’re planning to visit Seattle, be sure to check out the Japanese Garden website beforehand.

This is because they sometimes put on festivals and celebrations for visitors, which can be really fun. You might need to buy a ticket to attend, so be sure to take a look. 

16. Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour 

Feel like doing something a little bit different and on the adventurous side while you’re visiting Seattle? If so, then we’d recommend going on Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour.

This underground tour will make you feel just like an explorer, and it’s super fun witnessing all the strange twists and turns. 

It’s primarily a super entertaining history lesson, and your guide will tell you all about the infamous Great Fire of Seattle, which occurred way back in 1889. 

In the underground tour, you’ll get to see all of the different parts which were burned down by the fire, and the destruction which occurred as a result. It’s fascinating stuff, and the tour takes over an hour to complete, so there’s plenty to see. 

If you’re feeling brave, and want to make your experience feel even more like an adventure, then we’d recommend that you take one of their after dark tours.

These tours allow you to explore the tunnels at night time, which helps to give it an even eerier air.

Bear in mind that the night time tours don’t tend to run all year round, but rather, closer to winter. Check the availability beforehand when you’re booking your ticket.

One of the best things is that the tour is also located near a host of great restaurants, so you’ll have plenty of ones to choose from. 

Enjoy chowing down on a delicious meal and chatting about all of the interesting facts you’ve learned about on the tour. 

17. Green Lake 

If you find yourself in North Seattle, then it’s worth taking a walk or jog down Green Lake. It’s an incredibly scenic and beautiful place, and essentially consists of a large loop that you can walk around surrounding a big lake. 

There are places to partake in activities nearby too, such as a large soccer and baseball field. As well as this, the natural surroundings also make it a great place to relax and recline or enjoy a picnic with your friends and family. 

You can even go out on the lake in a kayak if you feel like it, or do some paddle boarding. There are lots of relaxing activities to partake in when you visit Green Lake. 

18. Benaroya Hall 

If you want to see one of the best shows of your entire life, then we’d definitely recommend that you book a ticket to Benaroya Hall.

It’s known for being the house of the Seattle Symphony, an award winning orchestra who perform a whole host of different musical numbers. 

Whether you’re a lover of Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven, there will be a performance that includes some of your favorites. If you’re not a great lover of classical music, we promise that you’ll be converted after you visit one of their classic movie shows. 

In these, they’ll perform numbers from some of the most classic movie themes around, including Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Harry Potter.

Hearing the live orchestra is truly an unforgettable experience, and one that will always stay with you. 

You can either attend during the afternoon for one of their matinees, or you can get all dolled up for an evening performance.

If you enjoy lectures on a wide variety of different topics too, then be sure to check out their schedule before you visit, because they have lots of different ones to choose from.

Sometimes they’ll have lecturers from National Geographic in attendance, which are popular, so be sure to book ahead. 

There are also lots of great restaurants located outside the hall too, so if you want to grab a bite to eat afterward, it’s super easy to do so. 

19. Visit The Cherry Blossoms 

Now, we know that this item on the list won’t be applicable to everyone, because it’s dependent on the time of year you plan on visiting, but, if you’re heading to Seattle in the spring or summer, then you have to check out the amazing cherry blossoms in the University District. 

It’s right outside of the historical university building, which itself is incredibly gothic and old fashioned in appearance. This makes it the perfect setting for these gorgeous pink cherry blossoms that bloom in abundance. 

If you want to capture one of the most beautiful images from your trip, we’d definitely recommend that you take and upload one to Instagram. 

20. Fremont Troll 

If you want somewhere fun, easy, and cheap to visit whilst you’re in Seattle, then we’d definitely recommend heading over to the location of the Fremont Troll.

The Fremont Troll has become somewhat of an icon in Seattle, and consists of a large stone man with a beard, who sits under the Fremont Bridge. 

It was built a fairly long time ago now during the 90s, and was a part of the art contest that the city held at the time. 

It’s a great photo opportunity, and is considered to be one of the most famous attractions in Seattle. It’s also a great spot to unwind and chill out, and there are lots of restaurants you can stop at nearby. 

In addition to this, there are lots of little antique shops in the surrounding area, so if you want to explore some hidden gems, we’d definitely have a look around. 

You’ll also find the chocolate factory nearby, so if you’re a lover of all things chocolate, this would be a great place to go during your stay. 

21. Seattle Ferries 

One of the best things about Seattle is that you can easily take a day trip to one of the gorgeous nearby islands simply by taking a ferry out. These trips run incredibly frequently, and you’ll have the opportunity to explore the wider region of Seattle. 

When you go on the ferry, you’ll be blown away by all the amazing views provided by the skyline. Make sure that if you’re going during the winter, that you wear plenty of warm clothing to cover yourself up, as it can get incredibly chilly. 

22. The Seattle Great Wheel

If you want one of the most gorgeous views that the city has to offer, then make sure that you take a trip on the Seattle Great Wheel, which is an incredibly popular choice for tourists visiting the city.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say that you haven’t really visited Seattle unless you take a trip on the Great Wheel. 

If you decide to go on the wheel, we’d recommend doing so just before sunset, so you can really admire the beautiful view. 

Make sure to check out if there are any fireworks displays happening during the time of your visit. The Seattle Wheel is incredibly popular for those who want a romantic date evening enjoying all of the lights with their loved ones. 

23. T Mobile Park 

Calling all baseball lovers! We’ve got the perfect attraction for you. If you want to catch a Mariner’s game whilst you’re here, you can absolutely do so! You can enjoy watching them play in this large stadium which is incredibly impressive in terms of size. 

Why not take a look on their website beforehand to see if there are any games playing during your stay? 

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on tickets, then why not simply purchase some cheap ones to watch from centerfield in The Pen?

In addition, grab a good old hot dog from one of the vendors outside to chow down on whilst you watch. It couldn’t be cheaper or easier to enjoy a good game. 

24. Seattle Library 

If you’re an avid book lover, then you’ll need to make sure to pop over to the Seattle Library during your stay. The place is absolutely colossal, and you’ll find resources that span across a wide array of different topics. 

The best thing about this place is the amazing architecture. The criss crossed steel panels that appear overhead are really like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

You won’t believe the size of the place, as the library itself is over 11 stories high, so you’ll have a fantastic time exploring here. 

We truly think that it’s one of the most interesting looking libraries in the whole of the US. 

25. Georgetown 

If you want to witness one of the coolest, most urban streets in the whole of Seattle, then we’d recommend that you visit Georgetown.

Georgetown is incredibly interesting to look at, and has a grit to it that makes us feel as though we’re stepping back in time to the 1990s. 

We love the colors of the buildings, and the architecture makes you feel like you’re in a different era. There are lots of cool little shops here that you can explore, including antique stores where you can find all manner of weird and wonderful things. 

There are also lots of cafes and bars here, so if you want to stop off for a drink during your stay, this is a great place to do so. 

There are also lots of great little patisseries here, one of which is named Deep Sea Sugar, which is renowned for its amazing cupcakes. 

Make sure that if you go to this neighborhood, that you do so either on a Saturday or Sunday, as these are the days which they hold their local market, where you’ll find all manner of interesting things. 

26. Ballard Locks

Some people reading this article might not even know what a lock is. It’s essentially a special hydraulics system that takes water from a lower level to a higher one, and in the process, lifts a boat up so that it can pass. 

But why is the locking system in Seattle so famous? The answer is simple, it’s just because it’s used so much. In addition, there are always lots of fish that you can see swimming in the depths beneath.

These are only really visible when the locks are changed, and you can see lots of fresh salmon moving around. 

27. Board Game Cafes 

Perhaps on your visit to Seattle the weather has taken a turn for the worse, and you don’t feel like doing much exploring that day. If that’s the case, then we’ve got the perfect activity for you.

As we mentioned before, Seattle is renowned for its amazing cafes that serve the best coffee around. 

One of the funnest things about many of these cafes is that they stock heaps of board games that you can play too. If you feel like passing away on a rainy day playing checkers, you can absolutely do so. 

We would suggest Meeples Games which is found in West Seattle if you want to have a little fun. 

If you’re a little bit more serious about your gameplay, and enjoy competing against other strangers, there is a place called Mox Boarding House. It’s well known for being a super fun place to play games, and they regularly host quiz evenings and tournaments. 

In addition to this, the food is also well known for being super tasty here, so be sure to check out their menu. 

28. Elliot Bay Bookstore


Those who are great lovers of books will have a one track mind when it comes to visiting a new place, trust us, we know. If you’ve been searching for a great bookstore that you can visit during your trip to Seattle, we’ve got the perfect place for you. 

The very best bookstore in Seattle is known as Elliot Bay bookstore. It has books that span over a wide variety of different topics and genres, including crime, mystery, autobiography, romance, thriller, horror, drama, and comedy. 

It’s an incredibly large building, and we think that you’ll be surprised at how big it is when you first step in. Make sure that you’ve got a friend nearby so that you don’t get lost whilst browsing!

29. Central Cinema 

If you feel like having a quiet evening and sitting down to a good movie, then we’ve got a cinema that we can recommend to prospective visitors.

Central Cinema is absolutely fantastic, and we can guarantee you that it’s like no other movie experience you’ve had in your life. 

When you go to a central cinema, you’ll be blown away by the wide variety of movies that they show. It’s not just new titles, in fact, it’s mainly old classics that we know and love.

They show movies such as Titanic and Kill Bill, which are best when viewed on a large screen with a big audience. 

They have themed movie nights too, so you can see if there’s something that appeals to you. One of the most entertaining nights that they have at the cinema is Chucklevision, which allows the audience to talk and make jokes surrounding the movie.

You can have fun enjoying your favorite movie titles with other fans, and share some laughs in the process. 

In addition to having a wide variety of different movie titles, they also have impeccable service. You don’t need to get up for your popcorn, simply order it to your chair.

In addition to this, they have a full bar, so you can order a beer or a glass of wine to relax. 

30. Theo Chocolate 

As we mentioned before, Seattle actually has a fully fledged chocolate factory, and we can tell you, it’s one of the best around. The chocolate factory is immense in size, and you can sign up to take a tour of the place with one of the guides. 

You’ll get all the inside information about how the chocolate is made, including taking a closer look at the specialized equipment.

But we haven’t even told you the best bit yet! You will actually get to try the chocolate yourself, and indulge in some tasty treats while you’re there. 

All the chocolates are organic and fair trade, so you just know that they’re going to be of an amazing quality. 

31. Chihuly Garden And Glass 

Feel like doing something a little bit different on your trip that doesn’t fall into the usual categories of museums and markets? If so, then we’ve got the perfect suggestion for you.

Chihuly Garden And Glass is known as being one of the best, lesser well known places to visit in Seattle.

It’s essentially a museum that’s entirely made up of hand blown glass. You’ll find all manner of unique objects and statues here, and the colors are absolutely stunning. We can guarantee that you’ve never been to a place like this one before. 

If you’re lucky, you might even be able to witness a demonstration of the glass being blown, and witness the amazing process first hand.

The only thing is that this place tends to be a little on the pricier side, so we’d recommend that you set some money aside if you plan on visiting. 

32. Bathtub Gin 

This gin speakeasy will have you feeling like a gangster of yesteryear. It’s one of the coolest places in town, and if you’re lucky enough to get in, you can enjoy a range of delicious cocktails, and recline on the comfortable couches. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, there are a wide range of different places to visit in Seattle, simply choose the ones that appeal to you from the list above. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at some of the very best attractions in Seattle, we can move on to discuss some frequently asked questions regarding the region. 

To find out more about Seattle itself, keep reading below, as we take a closer look. 

What Is Seattle Famous For? 

This is one of the most common questions that people have regarding Seattle, what is it actually famous for. Well, Seattle is famous for a lot of things.

One of the most frequent things that the city is associated with is great coffee, primarily for being the home of Starbucks, the most popular coffee supplier in the world. 

In addition to delicious beverages, Seattle is also known for its grunge music scene. As we mentioned before, Seattle is a great place to see live music, and it hosts some of the most interesting upcoming performers around. 

Finally, Seattle is also well known for its Pike Place Market, which is one of the most diverse and interesting markets around. 

Is Seattle In The USA Or Canada? 

Some people asked whether Seattle was located in the USA or in Canada. Seattle is known for being the largest city in Washington, which is located in the Northern portion of America. 

Is Seattle A Good Place To Live? 

If you’ve ever considered moving to Seattle, the key question you’ll find yourself asking is whether or not it’s a good place to live. Although it’s great for tourism, what’s it really like for those who have a permanent residence in the city? 

It’s known for being the best place to live in the entirety of Washington, and being the largest city in the region, has plenty of things to offer its residents.

It has an incredibly urban feel, and there are lots of coffee shops, bars, parks, and restaurants. You’ll find that the major populous of Seattle is made up of young professionals who are renting there. 

In addition to this, it’s also widely regarded as being one of the safest cities in the whole of Washington, and considering that it’s so big, has a pretty low crime rate. This also contributes toward making it a desirable place to live. 

Bear in mind that it isn’t a cheap place to live, and as you can imagine with a bigger city, the cost of living is 36 percent higher than the state average. 

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