42 Of The Very Best Attractions And Things To Do In Miami

Chances are that if you’re someone who has the travel bug, Miami is one of the places on your bucket list.

If you want breathtaking views, incredible nightlife, and sandy beaches, then this is truly the place to be.

42 Of The Very Best Attractions And Things To Do In Miami

The thing is though, there’s so much to do when you visit this gorgeous city, that it’s probably a good idea to create an itinerary before you visit.

This is where we come in. We’ve compiled a handy guide, which shows you all of the best places to visit in this stunning part of the world.

You don’t need to tackle them all, of course, but simply take a look at what the city has to offer, and choose some items that appeal to you.

To find out more about this spectacular place, simply keep reading below, as we take a closer look.

1. Rent A Jet Ski


Now, why don’t we start out with something that might appeal to our adventure lovers out there.

One of the most exciting things you can do in Miami is to rent your own jet ski. This is sure to make you feel like James Bond.

You’ll adore the wind whipping through your hair as you skate along the waters, taking in all of the beautiful scenery on the way.

You can admire the Miami skyline, and chances are that you’ll probably see some dolphins skipping around too!

If you’re a bit concerned about controlling the jet ski, they have employees there who teach you exactly how to drive one.

In addition, you have complete control over the speed too, so if you don’t feel like going too fast right away, that’s okay! Just take things at your own pace and enjoy the ride.

2. Visit The Beach

This brings us onto our next activity of the day, which is to visit Miami beach.

If this isn’t already on your mind of things you’d like to do whilst visiting there, then we’re truly surprised.

There aren’t many beaches in the world that are as famous as Miami beach, and it’s not hard to see why.

We’ve never seen such rich, yellow sand, that already warms up our toes with the mere thought of it. The blue seas are also truly spectacular, and have an almost turquoise appearance surrounding them.

Bear in mind however, that this is a very expensive area, so you’ll need to be frugal about your budgeting.

There are lots of surrounding attractions, including dining restaurants, malls, and spas for when you feel like chilling out.

So, be prepared to have the time of your life, and really soak up your surroundings during your visit.

3. Take A Bike Ride

So, if you already know about Miami beach, you’re probably also aware of the city’s famous South Beach.

This is one of the most beautiful beaches you’ll come across, and is equally beautiful to its neighbor.

If you want to do something a little different, why not take a bike ride through South Beach.

Because it’s so expansive, you’ll be eager to give your weary legs a break after all the walking you’ve been doing.

On South Beach, you can hire a bike to get around, and this means that you can soak up more of your surroundings, including all the cafes and bars, without getting tuckered out.

If you want to know a little more about the history of the place, then you can actually attend a bike tour.

This one tells you all about the surrounding area, and takes you to all the fancy, art deco areas, which boast some of the most hip and happening places around.

Along the way, you’ll also visit a Spanish Monastery that dates back centuries.

This is a fascinating place, and allows you to soak up some of the rich cultural history of the place, which often gets sidelined by the vast beaches.

4. Zoo Miami

Now, another incredibly popular destination that we simply have to mention is the famous zoo found in Miami.

It’s renowned for housing a whole host of different animals that will be of great interest to both kids and parents alike.

In fact, it houses 3,000 animals in total, and a whopping 300 different species, all of which will allow you to learn as you walk through the place.

As you can imagine, the zoo is incredibly vast, so we’d recommend taking along a few snacks or a packed lunch on the way with you.

One of the best things about this zoo is the quality of life that the animals have too.

Unlike many other zoos, which allow visitors to get too close, and thereby distress the animals, the ones found in Miami have more personal space.

There is a wider barrier and area separating you and the zoo animals, so you can also enjoy observing them behaving in a way that is more similar to their natural habitat.

There are even interactive events that take place, which allow you to pet and ride some animals which have been permitted. So, you can really immerse yourself in this spectacular environment.

5. Jungle Island

This brings us onto our next attraction, which is famously called Jungle Island. This is a fantastic place for animal lovers and enthusiasts alike.

It’s essentially made up of a very large park that houses a whole host of different tropical animals that you’d never otherwise get to see.

In addition to the animals, the flora and fauna which surround them are also of a tropical nature.

This means that you feel as though you’re encased in a tropical environment, and gives a highly immersive experience.

One of the best things about Jungle Island is the quality of life that the animals are provided. They’re allowed to live in conditions that mimic those found in the tropical isles.

The establishment is highly concerned with educating the public about the different kinds of endangered species that they’re trying to save.

6. Go On A Boat Party

We know, we know, you thought that boat parties were reserved for millionaire movie stars. But, in Miami, you too can be a celebrity, and embark on your very first boat party.

A company called South Beach Party Boats specializes in catering for a whole host of different events, be that New Years, or even at Christmas time.

If you want to see if there’s a boating event taking place during your stay, be sure to do your research and check it out before you go, as these sell out pretty quickly.

You can enjoy a drink (or two, or three!), whilst you sail around taking in all of the breathtaking views. If you’re going alone, don’t be afraid to mingle with others.

Chances are there will be lots of people there who haven’t arrived with somebody else, so it’s a good chance to make some travel buddies, or even begin a holiday romance.

7. Everglades National Park

Have you ever wanted to see a real live crocodile in the flesh? Well this is your chance to come upfront and close (but not too close) with these gorgeous animals.

The Everglades National Park is truly breathtaking, and consists of a 1.5 million acre park, which gives you more than enough to explore.

There are also a whole host of different events which take place here, and you can go on a variety of guided tours, and watch a host of live events.

The thing is, you probably won’t be able to tackle everything that you’d like to in the park if you’re planning on visiting other attractions elsewhere.

So, if you really want to get the most out of the experience, research some key things you’d like to see here beforehand.

If you want a more immersive experience, however, you could stay in the park for an entire week, bringing along a campervan.

8. Phillip And Patricia Frost Museum Of Science

If you’re a big old nerd at heart, then you’ll probably adore visiting the museum of science that the city has to offer.

This is also a great educational trip for the kids too, as well as yourself.

We think you’ll probably be surprised as to how much there is to do here.

We think that one of the most amazing rooms housed by the place is the planetarium, which is incredibly vast.

You can gaze at the stars, just as though you were there in the sky yourself.

If you’re a lover of the prehistoric era, then you’re really going to enjoy it here too.

They have an insane amount of displays which show some of the different species of dinosaur, and have a wealth of information about these creatures to learn about too.

Another fantastic room in the museum is the aquarium, which houses all kinds of different species of sea creatures.

Your kids will love feeling as though they are underneath the ocean themselves!

9. Adrienne Arsht Center For Performing Arts

Perhaps you’re looking for a bit of culture to add to your experience of visiting this beautiful city?

If this is the case, then we’d definitely recommend that you make a visit to the Adrienne Arsht Center For Performing Arts.

Besides being an incredibly spectacular building of great beauty, which hosts supremely modern architecture, you’ll adore witnessing the wealth of different shows performed here.

They perform a whole host of different musicals, including some Disney ones, so these might be a good idea if you feel like some easy watching.

On the other hand, if you want to witness something truly grand, you have to book a show to watch the Florida Grand Orchestra, who are truly incredible musical performers.

10. Wynwood Walls

Even those who barely know anything about Miami will have heard of the ever famous Wynwood walls. These walls are covered in colorful, eye-catching, and spectacular artwork.

There are some fixtures there that you’ll always be able to see, whereas others are chopped and changed on a regular basis by the local graffiti artists.

It essentially looks just like you’re visiting a gallery, except all of the work is housed outdoors.

If you want to take a few photos of your trip for your social media post, then we’d recommend getting a few snaps here, because they look great in pictures.

You’ll be awed at how vast the area actually is, and you can spend your time observing all of the different creations.

It’s not surprising that so many pieces of art adorn the walls, as over 40 artists have contributed to beauty and wonder that surrounds Wynwood walls.

11. Crandon Park

If you want to visit an area that houses a lesser known, but equally beautiful beach, then we’d recommend that you make a visit to Crandon Park whilst you’re there.

You’ll enjoy taking a walk along the coast, and soaking up the sunny views without a single care in the world.

If you want to participate in some activities, then we’d suggest that you take a visit to the amazing tennis courts that they have here, where you and your friends can do some light exercise.

If you’re a golf lover, then you’re in luck too. Crandon Park has a highly expansive golf court, so you and a few buddies can hit the green.

The best way to relax and unwind after a long morning filled with exploring.

12. Miami Children’s Museum

Although Miami is known for its wild beach parties, and seductive nightlife, it’s also a great place for families too.

So, if you’ve been wondering whether or not this might be a good spot to take the kids, we’d definitely recommend that you do.

There are even lots of places that cater specifically for children, with the Miami Children’s Museum making a good example.

This place isn’t just for kids, but for you too. Grownups and children alike will enjoy participating in the highly interactive experiences the museum has to offer.

In addition, it’s a great place to teach your kids new skills, and this museum has a scientific focus that might really pique their interest.

13. Little Havana

If you’re looking for the very best places to eat whilst you’re in Miami, then we’d definitely recommend that you visit Little Havana.

If you want to immerse yourself in the classic Cuban cuisine that the city is famous for, then this is the place to go.

It has all the traditional food menu items native to the area, so you can sample a slice of life.

If you’re particularly interested in the cuisine of the area, then we’d recommend that you go on a food tour.

Some people might not be aware that these exist, but they’re guided tours that allow you to visit some of the very best Cuban restaurants around.

Foodies will absolutely adore a trip to Miami, as we genuinely believe that they have some of the best food in the world.

14. Venetian Pool

If you want to experience one of the coolest pools that you’ve ever been in in your entire life, then we’d recommend that you take a visit to this stunning venetian style pool.

Don’t worry, it’s completely family friendly too, so you can take the kids along.

We’d just like to recommend that you get there early in the morning if you’re looking to visit, because it gets quite busy.

In addition, the attendants also only allow a limited number of people in the pool at a time, to make sure that everyone has the best experience possible and aren’t stifled by overcrowding.

It’s actually known as the biggest freshwater swimming pool in the entirety of America.

So, if you think you’re in for a chlorine filled, stuffy experience, you’re wrong. This pool is truly like nothing you’ve seen before.

It’s actually also near a real Venetian style building that dates back to 1924, so you can enjoy taking up a little bit of history on your trip too.

The building actually used to be a casino, and we can say a highly luxurious one at that!

If you’re feeling peckish after your long dip in the pool, don’t worry, as there is a tasty cafe on site that sells all manner of different foods and snacks.

15. Go To A Magic Mike Concert

If you’ve always wanted to go to see a real life Magic Mike performance, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Although this might feel like a guilty pleasure for some, you’ll be blown away by how quickly these shows get sold out.

If you want an incredibly immersive experience that’s just like the movie itself, then you’re in for a treat, as this one offers everything you need and more.

There are sexy dance performances, plenty of sugary cocktails, and a wealth of different acrobatic feats that will have you gasping.

Things are sure to get hot under the collar during these performances, that we can guarantee!

16. Lincoln Road Holiday Market

If you’re a big fan of locally sourced, artisan products, then you simply have to visit the Lincoln Road holiday market.

This market houses a large number of local sellers of various goods, and provides a fantastic chance to pick up some items to remember your trip.

You can find lots of deliciously curated wines and beers, the likes of which you won’t taste anywhere else.

As well as this, the holiday market also boasts a wide array of different foods that you can sample before buying.

If you want to purchase some cool clothing items, you’ll find lots of unusual pieces here being showcased by their makers.

A great opportunity to pick up a few gifts or souvenirs for friends and family.

It has a super fun environment, and usually houses live performances too, so you can watch with a drink in hand, or simply enjoy the good vibes as you traverse the place.

17. Coral Castle

If you want to visit one of the most mysterious places you’ve ever seen in your life, then you’re definitely going to need to venture out to coral castle.

It’s essentially a museum that houses a host of different quirky items that are sure to interest viewers.

Although we don’t intend to give any secrets away (because duh, spoilers), it has some of the oddest and most thought provoking items you’ll see in your life.

It all began when its creator began his passion for collecting coral, and as a result, you’ll also witness all manner of different amazing coral pieces here too.

18. Miami Observation Wheel

We hope that you’re not afraid of heights, because if so, you’ll want to steer clear of Miami’s spectacular observation wheel. And, when we say spectacular, we really mean it.

You’ll get a vast view of the entire city, and feel like a small ant on its surface. It really gives you a major sense of how big the place really is.

You’ll be in your own little capsule, so if you are a little weary, this feels much safer than a ferris wheel, trust us.

19. Liv Miami

If you’ve been doing some research into the nightlife provided by this great city, then you’ve most definitely come across Liv Miami, which is known to be the very best club in the area.

If it’s excitement you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place, because this club offers the very best boogie experience, and some of the tastiest cocktails you’ll ever try.

Don’t get your hopes up too much with this one, as it’s famously difficult to get admitted, but when you are, you really feel like an exclusive VIP.

There are lots of famous celebrities that like to visit this club too, so who knows, you might just witness a star in your midst.

This one also feels very similar to Las Vegas, so if you want to have a full throttle party experience, this is the place to be.

20. Take A Bus Tour

We get it, really we do, all that walking you’ve been doing can get incredibly tiring.

This is especially true if you took our advice and spent all night enjoying the nightlife the city has to offer! If this is the case, not to fear, you can rest your weary bones on a relaxing bus tour.

These open top bus tours are really fantastic for taking in tidbits of information about the city.

You’ll find yourself visiting a whole host of different areas too, from South beach, all the way to the National Park if that’s what you feel like doing.

If you want to go at night, there are actually buses running then too, so that you can easily visit all of your favorite party locations without spoiling your heels.

You can also jump on and jump straight off whenever you like, so that you can easily reach all of your favorite destinations.

21. Perez Art Museum

If you want to visit a truly cool art museum that has something different to offer, then we’d suggest you visit the gorgeous Perez Art Museum.

This place has some of the most interesting pieces of art we’ve ever seen, and will have you in awe as you take in the contemporary pieces.

You’ll find arts of Cuban origin here, as well as a whole host of other countries, including Latin America and Africa. They provide an interesting take on social and cultural issues that will be of interest for many visiting the area.

22. Monkey Jungle

If you’ve heard us say that Miami is a truly wild place to visit, we promise that we’re not just referring to the nightlife! As you know from reading our list, there are a wide variety of different zoos, tropical parks, and aquariums.

But, if monkeys are your thing, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’ll find an incredible variety of different monkey species, which was established way back in 1933, in order to preserve these amazing creatures and save them from extinction.

You move through tunnels in order to observe them in their natural habitat.

That’s right, you won’t find any cages here, as the monkeys are allowed to roam freely and without any restrictions of their movement.

23. Take A Helicopter Ride

If the observation wheel isn’t enough for you, and what you’re really looking for is a spectacular panoramic view of the entire city, then we’ve got the perfect idea.

Why not take a breathtaking view of the city via a helicopter ride.

As well as seeing the beautiful expanse of beaches and the ocean beyond, you’ll also be able to see some of the most famous houses!

That’s right, it’s no surprise that a lot of celebrities reside in Miami, and their houses are truly something to behold. You’ll get a full view of these, along with all the other spectacular parts of the city.

If you’re nervous about taking your first helicopter ride, there’s really no need to be! The pilots taking you on your journey are truly a marvel, and will have you feeling cool and in control in no time.

24. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

If plants are your thing, then you’re going to love visiting this spectacular botanical garden, which houses lots of unique plant varieties that you’re not likely to see again in your lifetime.

It’s 83 acres in total, and will provide you with an expansive view of a tropical rainforest.

It’s also highly relaxing, and one of the calmest places to visit in Miami, so if you’re in need of some respite, we’d recommend that you make a visit.

25. Traverse Through Millionaires Row

If you want to visit the famous ‘millionaire’s row’, which consists of the most expensive mansions in the city, but don’t feel like taking a helicopter ride, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

You can actually take a boat ride that has the explicit purpose of visiting these different houses in mind.

You’ll have a guide who will tell you which house belongs to who, with P. Diddy being amongst one of the stars who resides here.

26. American Airlines Arena

Some of you might be confused as to what this attraction is, which, don’t worry, we were too at first.

It’s actually a massive sporting arena, where some of the most famous matches in the area take place.

It’s actually home of the ever famous Miami Heat team, who are known for their incredible basketball skills.

So, if you’re a big sports fan, it’s a good idea to check which games are preceding your visit.

Don’t worry if sport isn’t your jam though, as you still have the opportunity to visit this expansive arena in other capacities.

For Example, it’s well known for hosting a variety of different big name celebrities.

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, or Lady Gaga, then you’ll be interested to find that they’ve both played here in the past.

It’s therefore worth taking a look at which concerts are planned during the time of your visit, as you could actually see one of your favorite celebs in the flesh.

27. Ancient Spanish Monastery

One of the oldest, and most interesting buildings that you’ll find in the entirety of Miami, is the ancient Spanish monastery that isn’t located too far away from South Beach.

We mentioned this place briefly before, and you can actually take a bike here if you don’t want to make the walk.

You won’t believe how old this place actually is, as it was built way back in 1133. It’s amazing to see how it’s been preserved over time, so that we’re still able to witness its unique charm and beauty.

It was actually taken down during the Carlin war, and each brick was taken apart and loaded to move it to America. It was carefully rebuilt so that it looks just like it did back then.

You’ll feel just like a hero or heroine in a gothic novel whilst visiting this place, and it’s great for photo opportunities.

In addition, it also boasts a wealth of lush greens that surround the area, so is particularly gorgeous to visit during the earlier portion of the day.

28. Drive A Racecar

Have you ever wanted to drive a racecar yourself? Well, you can make this boyhood dream come true by visiting Miami.

If you want to gather up some speed, and really feel the blood pumping through your veins, then you can actually hire a car to personally experience this.

You’ll have an instructor who will tell you everything about the car in question, and give you detailed information about how to drive it safely.

29. Visit ‘Robert Is Here’ Fruit Stand

If you want to visit one of the most famous fruit stands in Miami, then you’re going to have to witness the ‘Robert is Here’ stand, which sells exotic fruit and veg.

This is great for when you really want to immerse yourself in the culture of the area, and try some of the most interesting foods of your life.

You’ll marvel at all of the different fresh things on offer, and can even enjoy a nice cooling milkshake whilst you’re there too.

We absolutely adore the quaint, farm setting that surrounds this place, and provides a very different atmosphere to other places in Miami.

30. Visit Sky Is Sugar

If you want to try some of the very best cocktails in town, then we’d recommend visiting the rooftop bar called ‘Sky Is Sugar’.

It’s a bit of a tough walk up there, but you’re going to appreciate it when you’re sipping on the most delicious negroni you’ve had in your life.

It’s surrounded in a completely natural environment, and we can say that it’s one of the most relaxing places you’ll visit during your stay.

It’s surrounded by low hanging trees and plants that are sure to make you feel zen at the end of a long day.

31. Do Some Windsurfing

Windsurfing is one of those activities that you don’t realize are so exciting until you’re actually taking part in them.

We promise that if you decide to undertake a windsurfing experience in Virginia Key Beach, you won’t forget it any time soon (You might also be interested in checking out Small Towns In Virginia You Need To Visit).

If you’re new to windsurfing, then don’t worry, because there are instructors in the area who can help you to finesse your skills. You’ll be surfing around with glee in no time.

32. Take A Boat Tour Of The Everglades

We’ve already spoken about how beautiful the Everglades truly are, so why not take things to the next level and engage in a scenic boat tour.

You’ll be able to see a whole host of different animals lurking beneath the depths, including some feisty alligators.

Some of you might not know, but panthers are also native to this area, so you could even see a few of these amazing animals roaming around during your trip.

It’s super exhilarating, and you can witness all of these different creatures from the safety of your boat.

33. Institute Of Contemporary Art

If you want to visit one of the very best contemporary art museums in town, then you absolutely need to go to the Institute of Contemporary Art, which boasts some super interesting pieces.

It’s not quite as well known as some of the others surrounding Miami, which is great if you just want a quiet visit somewhere that allows you to leisurely peruse the artwork.

If contemporary art in particular interests you, then we would recommend that you have a look at their website before your visit, the reason being, because they regularly hold performances and unique exhibitions there.

There’s something that’s sure to interest you.

34. Dolphin Mall

Feel like hitting the shops during your stay and splurging on fancy new items?

Then we’d recommend that you spend a portion of your day at the dolphin mall, which is one of the most famous in the whole of Miami.

You’ll also be pleased to find that it’s super close to the airport, so if you’re arriving early, you might want to grab a bite in one of the restaurants here.

There are lots of different eating establishments in the mall to choose from, as well as retail stores.

In addition, if you feel like seeing a movie, there’s also a great cinema room in the place that regularly screens the most popular titles.

35. Lincoln Road Mall

If you want to take your shopping trip even further, then we’d suggest that you try visiting the Lincoln Road Mall.

This mall is located in one of the most famous areas of the city, and boasts over 150 stores.

That’s right, you could pretty much spend an entire day here if you want to enjoy some retail therapy and some tasty meals.

Despite being busy all the time, it’s actually so expansive that you won’t feel overwhelmed by the place.

36. Play An Escape Game

If you’ve never participated in an escape room before, you’re really missing out on a lot of fun.

Escape rooms are a great activity to do when you’re vacationing with a wider group, as you all work together to solve a multitude of different puzzles.

Miami has lots of escape rooms where you can take part in your own detective journey.

There are also a wide assortment of different themes, and levels of difficulty on offer. Nothing feels like reigning supreme after completing a super tricky room.

37. Faena Theatre

If you want to feel like you’ve been transported back to the opulence of the 1930’s, then you’re going to need to visit the Faena Theatre.

The Faena Theatre is renowned for its plush atmosphere, with red velvet curtains, incredible chandeliers, and gilded stage.

Despite looking really huge in the photographs, it has less than 200 seating capacity.

This means that you can enjoy the atmosphere in an incredibly relaxed atmosphere, where you can focus on the fun of the entertainment.

They host a whole host of different acts in this space, a lot of which are made up of special cabaret shows.

38. Olympia Theatre

If you want to visit one of the oldest theaters in the area, and have a truly immersive experience that takes you right back to the past, you need to visit Olympia Theatre.

This is because the theater was first developed in the 1920s, where it was used to host silent movies.

It hasn’t been affected by the effects of modern reconstruction, and you can still enjoy seeing the theater as it was back in the day.

It might actually be a good plan to visit this place in the evening with a few friends, and make a whole night of it.

That’s because there are lots of restaurants that surround the area, as well as bars where you can grab a few drinks afterwards.

Enjoy being transported into the past with this gorgeous location.

39. Take A Beer Tasting Tour

Calling all beer lovers! We’ve got the perfect activity for you. But seriously, the beer tours in Miami are off the chain.

There are so many different interesting drinking establishments in the area that you can actually walk around, sampling some of the different local varieties.

You will actually be taken around on a guided tour by people who are native to the area and have a wide knowledge of its bars.

You’ll go to some of the most famous ones in the entirety of the city, and have fun learning about the origins of the different beers you’re sampling.

40. Fishing Trips

As some of you might have already been aware, Miami is known to be a great area for fishing, so if this is your thing, then you need to get there right away.

There is a particular company, called ‘Shallow Tails’ which actually takes you out on the boat with you, and provides you with the required license you need to engage in some fishing yourself.

They’ll tell you all about the different types of fish that are native to the area, and even teach you some new techniques.

Don’t worry if you’re into fishing but other members of your party aren’t, because it still provides an interesting experience, and allows you to take in the mesmerizing beauty of the scenery.

41. Visit The Railroad Museum

If you’re super into trains, then you’re going to want to visit the railroad museum, which has a host of different vintage items to pique your interest.

In addition to this, the museum actually offers an incredibly unique experience that might delight some reading this article.

If you venture down to the railroad museum, you can actually book a vintage photoshoot that places you in amongst these gorgeous backdrops.

You’ll be made to look like you just stepped out of the 1930’s, complete with hair and makeup. Great for lovers of social media.

42. Go Paddleboarding

If you’ve never tried paddle boarding before, then this is your push to try it. It’s a super fun experience, and is great for doing with a larger group.

It’s known for being difficult to master, especially because you’re expected to stand up on your board, but this is all a part of their enjoyment.

You’ll have plenty of laughs and fun with your friends as you try not to fall off. If we were to recommend a place in Miami to partake in this activity, we would suggest Crandon Park.

The reason being because the waters are incredibly still, so you won’t have to worry about fighting against any unruly waves.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, if you’re thinking about taking the plunge and finally visiting Miami, Florida, we suggest that you go for it!

There are lots of activities to do and places to see, including gorgeous expansive beaches, lots of natural wildlife, plenty of zoos, interesting Cuisine, and an incredible nightlife.

To plan your trip, just read the handy guide provided above and choose some activities that you’d like to partake in during your stay.

This is why it’s so incredible to visit in terms of the Cuban influenced artwork, food, and general culture.

More than half of the population of Miami are made up of people of Latino origin, and a further majority of these people are Cuban.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the very best places to visit in Miami, we can move on to discuss some frequently asked questions you had.

To find out more, simply keep reading below.

What Is Miami Famous For?

Some of you who have plans of visiting the area might be wondering what the city is most famous for. Well, there are a few things that this gorgeous destination is well known for.

One of the most attractive things about the area is the strong Cuban influence that the city exhibits. This is reflected in both the food and the wider culture of the area, including music tastes.

In addition, it’s known for its highly expansive beaches which provide plenty of opportunities for water sports and activities.

You can spend the entire day soaking up the sun, and enjoying the lush sandy beaches the area has to offer.

Finally, the city is also known for having one of the most beautiful natural destinations in the world, which is the Everglades National Park.

This park is home to a whole range of amazing creatures, including alligators, turtles, and even panthers.

Is Miami A Good Place To Live?

We already know that Miami is an excellent place to visit, providing plenty of activities and things to see. But, is this city actually a good place to live?

Of course, it depends on individual circumstances, but generally Miami is considered an incredible place to live.

It’s very culturally diverse, and has a lot to offer its residents.

Is Miami Mostly Cuban?

If you’re wondering whether or not the majority of Miami is made up of Cuban people, the answer is, yes!

This is why it’s so incredible to visit in terms of the Cuban influenced artwork, food, and general culture.

More than half of the population of Miami are made up of people of Latino origin, and a further majority of these people are Cuban.

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