The Top 8 Most Dog-Friendly Hotels In Bath For Your Next Visit

Planning a trip to Bath, England, with your beloved canine companion?

You’re in for a treat!

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Bath

Not only does this historic city offer stunning Georgian architecture, Roman Baths, and idyllic countryside, but it also welcomes your four-legged friends.

While finding the perfect dog-friendly hotel may seem challenging, we’ve made the task easier for you.

Here are the top 8 dog-friendly hotels in Bath that ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for both you and your pet.

1. The Abbey Hotel

Located on North Parade, The Abbey Hotel, a boutique four-star hotel, takes the concept of pet-friendly to a new luxurious level.

Each canine guest is welcomed with delicious treats, a comfortable dog bed, and a bowl. You can enjoy a stay here with your dog for a reasonable surcharge of £35 per dog per night.

The rooms are spacious enough to accommodate your dog bed or crate if you’d rather bring your own with you.

With Parade Gardens, the canal, and Pulteney Bridge in close proximity, you’re never far from a scenic walk to enjoy with your pooch.

2. The Bird, Bath

Introducing another boutique hotel that guarantees a memorable stay for you and your pooch.

Located on Pulteney Road, The Bird offers a welcome package that includes a comfortable dog bed, some delicious snacks, and bowls.

You can both enjoy a stay at this beautiful hotel for a small surcharge of £25 per night.

We love that you can have breakfast in the restaurant, accompanied by your four-legged friend.

The hotel garden provides a secure area for your dog to explore, and Bathwick Hill and Sydney Gardens are within walking distance for more adventurous outings.

If you’re looking for more adventures, just ask the staff – they’ll happily give you some ideas for dog-friendly places to visit.

And, if you need pet sitting or dog walking services, the hotel can help, and you can venture out on your own for a little while.

3. Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel

Situated on Sydney Road, the Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel is a traditional luxury five-star hotel that offers select dog-friendly rooms.

These special rooms come with the added bonus of access to private gardens.

For an added £20 per night, your dog will be welcomed with open arms with a cozy bed, mouthwatering treats, and bowls.

You can enjoy a tasty meal with your pooch in the Snug.

Nearby attractions include the Bath Golf Club and Alexandra Park, but you can always ask at reception for further inspiration.

4. Homewood Bath

Homewood Bath, which is located on Freshford Lane, provides an idyllic countryside setting that your dog will love.

You can stay at this hotel, which was actually the winner of ‘The Best In Show’ at the 2021 Pets Pyjamas Travel Awards, for an extra £25 per night.

Upon your arrival, you’ll receive a ‘Woof Box’ equipped with essentials like tasty treats, a ball, and some Lily’s Kitchen food. You’ll also be provided with a doggy bed and bowls, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.

And, if that isn’t enough, you can enjoy a delicious meal with your dog by your side in the bar or lounges. Your furry friend doesn’t have to miss out either – he can sample some tail-wagging tasty dishes from the dog menu.

The hotel is surrounded by open spaces, perfect for a game of fetch or a long, scenic walk.

Plus, The Kennet and Avon Canal is just a short drive away.

5. No.15 Great Pulteney

Nestled on Great Pulteney Street, No.15 Great Pulteney offers a welcome stay for you and your pooch for a surcharge of £25 per night.

There are unlimited doggy treats on offer in the pantry (though it might be best if your dog doesn’t know that), and you’ll be given cuddly dog blankets to help your pooch settle in.

As well as a warm welcome, you can also request their doggy sitting services if you need to pop out without your pooch.

Henrietta Park is just a stone’s throw away, making it a fantastic spot for a leisurely walk with your furbaby.

6. Dukes Bath

Dukes Bath, located on Great Pulteney Street, offers a quintessentially British experience.

Well-behaved doggos are welcomed with open arms and even provided a snug blanket and a bowl.

The hotel’s location near the Holburne Museum and Sydney Gardens offers ample opportunities for morning walks and afternoon strolls.

Contact the hotel for information on their doggy surcharges.

7. The Bath Priory

The Bath Priory, set in the historic heart of Bath, offers a dog-friendly haven.

Situated in a Georgian building amidst four acres of lush gardens, it’s an ideal escape for both you and your canine companion.

Not only do guests get to experience luxury accommodations and gourmet dining, but dogs are welcomed in the ‘Foxglove’ and ‘Moringa’ rooms for an extra £20 per night and can enjoy open spaces perfect for leisurely walks.

With easy access to Bath’s dog-friendly attractions, The Bath Priory ensures a harmonious blend of relaxation and exploration for all its guests, including the four-legged ones.

8. Holiday Inn Express, Bath

The Holiday Inn Express in Bath provides a convenient and dog-friendly base for travelers and their furry friends.

Positioned just a short distance from the city center, this hotel offers comfortable accommodations with modern amenities tailored to suit both human and canine guests.

With nearby walking routes and easy access to Bath’s dog-friendly attractions, the Holiday Inn Express ensures a hassle-free stay.

Its commitment to welcoming dogs means that both you and your pet can enjoy the historic charm of Bath without compromising on comfort or convenience.

In Conclusion

From the lap of luxury to more budget-friendly options, Bath has a dog-friendly hotel for every type of traveler.

Make sure to book in advance, especially during peak seasons, to ensure you and your four-legged friend have the most comfortable stay possible.

Safe travels and wagging tails!

Alex Kallen

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