Looking For A Cruise Outfit? 20+ Affordable Yet Fashionable Cruise Outfits for Ladies

Going on a cruise is always an exciting prospect, I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of sailing around some of the best holiday destinations in the world?

But before you can get swept up in a whirlwind of excitement, there is (at least) one stressful task that you’ll need to deal with: outfits.

Even if you’ve been on a cruise plenty of times before, you’ll know that trying to get the right combination of outfits together for your time on the boat is never easy. 

However, it’s even more daunting if you’ve not got the experience of being on a cruise before. 

The most important thing to consider when planning your outfits and packing, is to always dress for the weather of wherever your destination is. 

You can always save room in your suitcase by wearing an outfit more than once during your time away too. 

When it comes to picking the right outfits to take with you on your cruise, it’s all about having plenty of versatile options that are going to keep you comfortable at all times, all while looking good. 

This list will combine both casual and more formal outfits, and we’ll even fill you in on the must-have accessories to bring with you as well. 

So, let’s get started! 

Embarkment Day

While trying to figure out what to wear on the cruise can be stressful enough, you’ll be surprised just how many people have a freak out over what they should be wearing to the cruise in the first place. 

For embarkment day, your entire outfit should be focused on keeping you as comfortable, and while that’s generally the ethos for the rest of the trip, embarkment day can be particularly stressful all things considered. 

Here are some of our suggestions: 


Rompers are going to be your best friend during the cruise, but we also think they make excellent embarkment day outfits too, especially if you’re looking for something cute and casual on a budget. 

If you’re really looking to stand out from the crowd, then try to find a romper with a cute and distinctive pattern or design. 

Rompers are always great for excursions onto the shores and on tours as well, so it’s always a great idea to have at least one packed for your cruise journey. 

Romper Tee And Shorts

As an alternative to the usual romper, you could always opt for a romper tee and shorts if you prefer this style over the others. They’re another holiday staple, and are available on all budgets out there, so you won’t have to break the bank to get one either. 

Whether you opt for a pattern, design, or simply a plain romper is all dependent on your personal style, but don’t be afraid to go for something bold, you are on vacation after all! 


If rompers aren’t really your style at all, then don’t be afraid to opt for a cute and casual sundress instead.

If you’re heading somewhere warm, then you’ll want to feel as cool and comfortable as possible, especially since the stress of traveling and embankment can have you running hot. 

If you can, try to find a sundress with pockets, which will make it even more convenient for when you’re traveling. 

Ladies’ Daytime Cruise Wear 

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best outfit ideas for your daytime on the cruise.

It can be super confusing trying to figure out what you should be wearing during the days on a cruise, but there’s no need to worry if you’re unsure, as we’ve got plenty of suggestions right here. 

These ideas are designed to be cool, convenient, and comfortable, while still being stylish, and of course, budget-friendly too. 

Whether you’re sipping drinks by the pool, or watching the world go by as you travel to your next destination, these outfits should all serve you well. 

Swimsuit Cover-Up Dress

For those who plan on spending much of their time by the pool during their time on the cruise, then a swimsuit cover-up dress is going to be an absolute must. It’s also great for those ventures on to the beaches too. 

It’ll allow you to easily slip it off to go for a swim in the pool or the sea, and then you can just easily put it back on once you come back out again! 

It’s best to opt for a cover-up dress in a neutral color if your swimsuits have particularly bold patterns on them, or if your swimsuits are neutrally colored, then you can go wild with whatever pattern you would like on your cover dress. 

These dresses can usually be found easily, even on a budget, so you should have no issues finding one before your trip. 


Remember that dress you wore on embarkment day? Who says you can’t wear it again during the daytime! 

It’s always worth having a couple of sundresses packed for your cruise adventure (accidents happen, right?)It’s also a good idea to find sundresses with pockets, especially if you want somewhere to keep your phone or purse without having to carry a tote or bag around with you all day. 

T-Shirt Style Tank Dress

Nothing says versatile like a t-shirt-style tank dress. You can wear it as a swimsuit cover-up during the daytime, or accessorize and wear it as a formal option during the evenings (we’ll look at those later!). 

No matter how you decide to style it during your time onboard, having a dress like this is a great way to make the most of the space in your luggage, and can be worn multiple times throughout your vacation (for more luggage restrictions and baggage rules, read here). 

Off The Shoulder Top 

If you’re looking for something cute and perhaps a little more dressy, then opt for an off-the-shoulder top partnered with a pair of denim shorts, or even white pants, depending on the time of day. 

The key to dressing for cruises is having a number of items that you can either dress up, or dress down, and an off-the-shoulder-top is one of the perfect items to do exactly that. 

Go for bold patterns, such as floral designs, for that real vacation feeling. 

Lace Detail Tops 

If you’re going to be going somewhere warm, then you’re going to need to ensure that whatever you wear is going to keep you cool. Something like a v-neck spaghetti strap lace detailed top is going to be exactly what you’re looking for. 

White is a great color to go with if you’re looking to stay cool during the days, but black is typically considered to be a much more flattering color, and will be excellent when partnered with dark-colored jeans for the evenings. 


We’ve mentioned sundresses a couple of times already in this guide, but if you want to know more about some of the best styles to take with you during your cruise vacation, then these styles should keep you looking good and feeling even better. 

Long Halter Top Sundress 

Everyone loves the classic sundress style, and they’ll definitely be a dime a dozen on the cruise if you’re heading somewhere warm, but why not switch it up a little and opt for a long sundress with a halter top? 

A longer sundress will be great if you’re looking to prevent your legs from getting too burnt, or if you want something with a little bit more coverage during the evenings, and the halter top provides a much more modern take on the classic sundress. 

Two Piece Sundress 

Another spin on the classic sundress is a two piece sundress, these are particularly great to wear in the warmer areas, and can also be mixed and matched with other items too, so you could wear the skirt with your swimming costume for a day at the pool, or wear the top with some shorts instead. 

These are great for those looking to make the most of the space in their luggage, and can be budget-friendly too! 

Boho Dress

When it comes to finding budget-friendly options for your cruise outfits, then you can never go wrong by bringing at least one boho dress option with you. 

Bold colors and floral patterns work well during the day, while neutral colors can be accessorized and worn more formally during the evenings. 

These dresses can usually be found in a range of different colors, designs, and lengths, which means that you should have no issues finding one that suits your style. 

Sleeveless And Striped 

Nothing says classy like a gorgeous striped and sleeveless dress, and if you’re looking to keep cool during both your time on board, and off the cruise, then a dress like this is going to be the one you want. 

These dresses are great throughout the day, or during the evenings with a cropped blue denim jacket on top. 

Two-Piece Outfits And Maxi Dresses

Two-piece outfits have become increasingly popular in recent years, so if you’re looking to stay stylish on your cruise, all while remaining on a budget, then opting for a two-piece outfit is definitely a great idea. 

Maxi dresses have timeless looks, and are always an item worth having not only in your wardrobe, but also in your luggage for your cruise too. 

With these outfits in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best two-piece outfits and maxi dresses you can take with you on your cruise: 

Two-Piece Jumpsuit

If you want to find an outfit that is going to be comfortable yet flattering, then you definitely can’t go wrong with two-piece jumpsuits, you’ll want to find a jumpsuit that features drawstring trousers. 

Some jumpsuits might feature some interesting details, such as ruffle detailing, or frills, so it’s up to you to decide what is going to suit you the best. 

These jumpsuits are a great option for women of any age, so don’t be afraid to show off a little bit of style, no matter how old you are! 

Halter Maxi Dress

As you can tell from our list, we absolutely love a halter neck top, and this maxi dress is absolutely no exception. 

It’s great either as a casual or formal option, and because you can find these maxi dresses in a range of different colors and materials, so you can find one that suits you within your budget, and rock it with confidence during the cruise. 

Loose Racerback Dress

Staying comfortable on a cruise is important, even if you’re trying to look classy. 

For this, nothing is as good as a loose racerback dress, it bridges the gap between formality and comfort, and can be done without having to break the bank. 

If you’re looking to keep it formal, then a royal blue, or a black is the best color to go for. 

Ladies’ Evening Cruise Wear

While you might spend all day in your swimsuit, you’ll definitely want to have something nice to change into by the time the evening rolls around, especially as the temperature is likely to drop slightly. 

In this case, you’ll want to try some of the options listed below! 

Bodycon Dress

If you’re not a fan of the looseness and flowing nature of some of the looser sundresses and maxi dresses we’ve discussed so far, then a well-fitting bodycon dress is definitely the way to go. 

If you’re hitting up a party or just want to feel good, then a bodycon dress is a great option, and because they can be found in a variety of different colors, materials, and styles, you can find one that you like in your budget, and dance the night away! 

Midi Dress

If you want something shorter than a maxi dress but don’t want to go too short, then a cute midi dress is always an excellent idea. 

These are always available in a number of different patterns, which will definitely get you in the vacation spirit! 

Jumpsuit Romper

If you get cold easily during the evenings (or you’ve got a really nasty sunburn), then a jumpsuit romper is going to keep your arms and legs covered without being too uncomfortable. 

They’re flattering, stylish, and definitely classy! 

Mid-Length Strapless Dress

Trying to impose some of that celebrity style onto your own? Then a mid-length strapless dress is definitely worth bringing along with you. 

These will look elegant during your evening on the cruise, especially if you choose a bold pattern or design. 

Floral Dress

Why not try to bring a sense of summer to your cruise? No matter the style or shape of a dress, you can never usually go too far wrong with a nice floral pattern whilst on vacation.

Partnered with a nice purse, it’s the perfect way to be comfortable yet glamorous during the evenings. 

Cocktail Dress

If you’re looking for something especially formal for one evening, then a cocktail dress is the option to go with, available in a variety of styles and for a wide range of different budgets, a well-fitting cocktail dress is an easy way to dress up fancier than you can afford! 


No outfit is complete without accessories, and while there are plenty of options, these are the must-haves for your cruise vacation! 


A self-explanatory option, a sunhat will be sure to keep the sun out of your eyes during your time by the pool! 

Comfortable Sandals

Don’t fall into the trap of bringing flip-flops, as they are sometimes banned in the restaurants and bars past a certain time of day. 

Instead, opt for some slightly dressier sandals that provide similar comfort! 


Protecting your eyes is important, especially if you’re going to be adventuring onto a number of different shores during your time on the cruise, so a good quality pair of sunglasses with UV protection is always worth bringing with you! 

Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best outfits for you to wear during your time on the cruise. 

These outfits are both fashionable and stylish, all while remaining affordable too, meaning that you won’t have to worry about spending too much money ahead of your cruise. 

Hopefully, these tips will keep you comfy and classy, enjoy your trip! 

Alex Kallen

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