Virgin Voyages Bar Menus And Drink Prices

Are you heading on a Virgin Voyages cruise and want to know what the drinks menu looks like?

Virgin Voyages Bar Menus And Drink Prices

Maybe you want to know how much to budget spending on alcohol while you are on board? Or are you curious and want to know more? No matter the questions that brought you here today, we have the answers for you! 

Finding out what drinks are on offer on the Virgin Voyages cruises and how much they cost can be tricky, especially if you have never been on one before.

You head online for more information but are met with page after page of confusing and contradicting information. Frustrated and disappointed, you are left unsure where to turn or who to trust. How will you find out what you can drink on board now?

Well, you can turn to us as we have the answers for you! Keep reading to find out what drinks are offered at the bars on the Virgin Voyages and how much they cost.

Plus, we have the answers to your frequently asked questions too, this is an article you don’t want to miss! 

So let’s dive in and get some answers now!

Bar Menus 

Below, we have the bar menus for all bars and restaurants on the Virgin Voyages cruises! We have broken them down into every bar and included photographs of the menus, so you don’t need to guess what you will have on board, you can make your plans now! 

Athletic Club Bar Menu 

Located on the Scarlet Lady, we have the Athletic Club bar. They serve a mixture of smoothies, cocktails, wine, beers, and seltzers.

We recommend trying their smoothies to reinvigorate your body and get some extra nutrients in! Their cocktails, especially Digest This, are strong and tasty! 

Check out the menu below now. 

Drink TypeDrink DescriptionPrice 
SmoothieLoad Up (almond milk, dark cacao, maca powder, dates, MCT oil, cinnamon, and cookie)$11
SmoothieRe-Fresh (coconut water, cucumber, celery, lime, mint, dehydrated beet)$10
SmoothieGet-It (coconut water, grapefruit, green apple, mint)$10
SmoothieRe-Cover (raspberry, blueberry, banana, hemp powder, hemp seeds)$10
SmoothieYou Deserve it (banana, pineapple, chocolate, almond milk, protein powder, banana chips)$11
Energy Red Bull (sugar-free or regular)$5 
ElixirYaya Kombucha )ginger or original)$9
Elixir Unrooted fresh energy (turmeric, baobab, chili)$7
ElixirUnrooted Good Gut (spirulina, ginger, baobab)$7
ElixirHouse Celery Shot (celery)$4
Elixir House Ginger Shot (ginger, honey, serrano)$4
CocktailWhiskey Coco (Johnny Walker Black Label scotch, coconut water)$11
CocktailThe Baller (Ketel One vodka, white grape juice, celery bitters)$11
Cocktail Rum Running (Papa’s Pilar Blonde Rum, aloe vera juice, citrus, dash serrano)$11
CocktailFresh One (don julio reposado tequila, watermelon juice, sea salt, basil)£13
CocktailDigest This (Montenegro Amaro, pineapple juice)$9
Frozen Skinny Pina (Bacardi Superior rum, coconut milk, pineapple, lime)$13
Frozen Frose All Day (rose wine, Grey Goose vodka, strawberry, peach, citrus)$13
Wine (Sparkling)Villa Sandi (brut prosecco)$8/$36 
Wine (Sparkling)Moet & Chandon (champagne, bruit, imperial) $21/$95
Wine (Sparkling)Moet & Chandon (champagne, bruit rose, imperiaL)$118
Wine (Sparkling)Veuve Clicquot (champagne, yellow label)$106
Wine (Sparkling)Cremant Rose Heritage (brut rose)$35 
White Wine Fontanafredda (moscato d’asti)$8/$35
White Wine Cembra (sauvignon blanc)$9/$40
White Wine Carmel Road (chardonnay, unoaked)$10/$42
White WineWillakenzie (pinot gris)$46
Rose Gerard Bertrand (gris blanc)$8/$30
Rose Domaine Ott (by ott, provence)$59
RedMontes (pinot noir)$9/$38
RedBraai (cabernet sauvignon)$7/$29
RedGerard Bertrand (gsm, kosmos)$52
LagerAmstel Light$6
Lager Corona Extra$6
Non-AlcoholicHeineken 0.0$5
Seltzer Quirk Cherry Blossom And Lime$6
SeltzerQuirk Pear Yuzu$6
SeltzerQuirk Blackberry Sage$6
SeltzerQuirk Strawberry lemon And Basil$6
Wine On The Go Shimmer (sparkling rose)$9
Wine On The GoPinot Project (rose)$11
Wine On The GoPinot Project (pinot grigio)$11
Wine On The GoPinot Project (pinot noir)$11 
Cocktails On The GoMoscow Mule$13
Cocktails On The GoPaloma $13
Cocktails On The GoSouthside$13
Cocktails On The GoGold Rush$13
Cocktails On The GoPineapple Daiquiri$13
Cocktails On The GoRum Old Fashioned$13
Cocktails On The GoSmoky Margarita$13 

Casino Bar Menu 

Again on the Scarlet Lady, we have the Casino Bar, home to a variety of great vodkas and classic cocktails. They also serve a good range of alcohol-free drinks, allowing everyone to relax and unwind with their chosen beverage. 

Their menu can be found below. 

Drink TypeDrink DescriptionPrice
MartiniVodka with a choice of: AbsolutTito’s Belvedere Chopin Grey Goose Ketel OneStoli Elit Prices
Lowest: $9
MartiniGin with a choice of: BeefeaterAviationBombay Sapphire Fords Hendrick’sTanquerayMonkey47 Prices
Lowest: $9
Highest: $18
CocktailCosmopolitan (Ketel One vodka, Triple sec, lime, cranberry)$12
Cocktail New Fashioned (Buffalo Trace Bourbon, bitters, cherry, orange, soda)$13
CocktailRusty Nail (Dewar’s Scotch, drambuie, lemon oils)$13 
Cocktail Ol’ Blue Eyes (Jack Daniels whiskey, water, ice)$10
Sparklin Moet And Chandon (imperial brut, nv)$21
Sparkling Moet And Chandon (imperial brut rose, nv)$26
Sparkling Saint Louis (sparkling brut, nv)$7
WineVilla Sandi (pinot grigio)$7
Wine Sea Sun (chardonnay)$11
Wine Matanzas Greek (sauvignon blanc)$13 
Wine Chalk Hill (pinot noir)$13
Wine Felino (malbec)$10
Wine Intrinsic (cabernet sauvignon)$11
LagerAmstel Light $6
LagerCorona Extra $6
AleWynwood Brewing Co$7
AIPAFunky Buddha Brewery$8
Alcohol-FreeRed Bull (regular or sugar-free)$5
Alcohol-FreeHeineken 0.0$5
Alcohol-FreeVirgin Mary (filthy bloody mary mix, green chili, lemon)$7

Draught Haus Bar Menu 

On the Scarlet Lady, Draught Haus Bar is the place to be if you love beer! They offer a range of beers, ales, spirits, short tails, and delicious seltzers you will enjoy. This place is more for beer lovers, but there are alternatives if you fancy something different. 

Check out the menu below.

Drink TypeDrink DescriptionPrice 
Lager (can)Heineken $5
Lager (can)Kalik$6
Berry Noir (can)Boulevard Brewing Co.$7
Sports Ale (can)Boulevard Brewing Co.$7
Ale (can)Wynwood Brewing Co.$7
IPA (can)Lagunitas$8
IPA (can)Saint Archer (mozy 7)$8
IPA (can)Saint Archer (hazy)$8
Porter (can)Wynwood Brewing Co.$8
Stout (can)Guiness $8
Cider (can)Rekorderlig (passionfruit or pear)$9
Laer (tap)Heineken $5 (12oz), $19 (54 oz)
Ale (tap)Affligem Blond (blonde)$8 (12oz), $29 (54oz)
Ale (tap)Newcastle (brown)$7 (12oz), $25 (54 oz)
Ale (tap)Ommegang Brewery Witte (wheat)$7 (12oz), $27 (54oz)
EPA (tap)Wynwood Brewing Co. $7 (12oz), $27 (54oz)
Pop’s Porter (tap)Wynwood Brewing Co.$8 (12oz), $29 (54oz)
Cider (tap)Strongbow (apple)$6 (12oz), $20 (54oz)
Lager (tap)Narragansett $6 (12oz), $20 (54oz)
Lager (bottle)Amstel Light $6
Lager (bottle)Corona Extra $6
Lager (bottle)Dos Equis $6
Lager (bottle)Miller High Life$6
Lager (bottle)Narragansett $7
Lager (bottle)Birra Moretti$7
Lager (bottle)Negra Modelo $7
Ale (bottle)Affligem Dubbel$8
Ale (bottle)Duvel$11
Ale (500ml bottle)Green’s Gluten Free$15
Ale (bottle)Ommegang Brewery$15
Ale (bottle)Wynwood Brewing Co.$7
IPA (bottle)Funky Buddha$8
IPA (bottle)Goose Island$8
IPA (bottle)Lagunitas$9
IPA (bottle)Lagunitas$11
Bourbon barrel (bottle)Boulevard Brewing Co.$15
Whiskey barrel (bottle)Boulevard Brewing Co. $13
Tank 7 Farmhouse (bottle)Boulevard Brewing Co.$11
Ale (bottle)Newcastle (brown)$7
IPA (bottle)Wynwood Brewing Co.$8
Shot-TailThe jellyfish (Absolut vodka, sambuca, blue curacao, cream)$7
Shot-TailOld & Fashionable (Buffalo Trace Bourbon, orange bitters, sweet)$7
Shot-TailSnake Bite (yukon jack, rose’s lime)$8
Shot-TailNot For The Faint (olmeca altos blanco tequila, rumple minze)$8
Shot-TailAll Day Breakfast (jameson whiskey, butterscotch, orange juice, bacon slt rim)$8
BoilermakerOnce Bitten (50/50 heineken lager and strongbow cider, shot of apple jack whiskey)$11
BoilermakerPort of Call (guinness stout, shot of port)$15
BoilermakerSouth of the Border (negro modelo, shot of del maguey mezcal)$11
BoilermakerEPA xIPA (stray the course EPA with shot of jameson caskmates IPA whiskey)$11
BoilermakerHighs & Lows (miller and shot of jagermeister)$9
Straight Shooters Absolut$5
Straight ShootersStillhouse$6
Straight ShootersMaker’s Mark$7
Straight ShootersBuffalo Trace $5
Straight ShootersJim Beam$6
Straight ShootersBulleit (bourbon or rye)$7
Straight ShootersJack Daniels $6
Straight ShootersJameson (original or caskmates IPA)$7 or $8 respectively
Straight ShootersJohnnie Walker Black Label$7
Straight ShootersJohnnie walker Blue Label$25
Straight ShootersCrown Royal (original or apple)$6
Straight ShootersOlmeca Altos Blanco $5
Straight ShootersDon Julio 1942$19
Straight ShootersDel Maguey Vida $7
Straight Shooters Yukon Jack$6
Straight ShootersSouthern Comfort $6
Straight ShootersFireball$6
Straight ShootersJagermeister$6
Straight ShootersRumple Minze $6
Straight Shooters Laird’s Applejack$6
Straight ShootersCroft Tawny Port$6
Seltzer Quirk Cherry Blossom & Lime$6
Seltzer Quirk Pear Yuzu$6
Seltzer Quirk Blackberry Sage$6
SeltzerQuirk Strawberry Lemon & Basil $6
Wine In A CanShimmer (sparkling rose)$9
Wine In A Can Merf (chardonnay)$11
Wine In A Can Merf (cabernet sauvignon)$11
Alcohol-FreeRed Bull (regular or sugar-free)$5
Alcohol-FreeHeineken 0.0$5

Grounds Club Coffee Menu

Grounds Club Coffee offers a fantastic tasting coffee, with a twist! You can add your favorite shots for a boozy coffee! Whether you want a tipsy espresso after dinner or a lunchtime treat, they have the option for you! 

Check out their menu below. 

Virgin Voyages Bar Menus And Drink Prices
Drink TypeDrink DescriptionPrice
Coffee Black Cat Espresso (milk optional)$3 single, $5 double 
Coffee Macchiato (espresso with milk)$3
CoffeeFlat White (double espresso, light cream, microfoam)$4
CoffeeCappuccino (espresso with milk foam)$4
CoffeeLatte (espresso, steamed milk, chocolate syrup)$5
CoffeePour Over $4
ColdCold Brew $3 6oz, $6 120z
ColdNitrogen Cold Brew$5 6oz, $6 12oz
ColdBlack Cat Fizz (espresso, tonic and orange over ice)$5 6oz, $12 12oz
ColdAngeleno (espresso, vanilla, ice, shaken)$5
JoJo TeaMorning After Breakfast Blend$5
JoJo TeaJasmine Cloud Green$5
JoJo TeaPanna Chiya Green$5
JoJo TeaDarjeeling Black$5
JoJo TeaEverspring Oolong$5
JoJo TeaMint Blend$5
JoJo TeaHibiscus Rose$5
Hot DrinkHot Chocolate$4
Hot DrinkMatcha Latte$5
Hot DrinkChai Latte$6
ShotsChoice of:AmarettoBaileysFangelicoJamesonKahlua Maker’s MarkMontenegroPatron Xo CafeTia maria $6 each

Gym And Tonic Bar Menu 

The Scarlet Lady is home to a wonderful smoothie and juice bar, Gym, and Tonic! Not only do they serve tasty pressed juices, but some lovely cocktails! Our favorite is the frozen Frose all dat, which mixes vodka with rose wine beautifully. 

You can view the full menu below. 

Drink TypeDrink DescriptionPrice
SmoothieSummer Heat (mango, pineapple, kale, green chili, coconut, lime, spirulina)$11
SmoothieAcai Me (acai, blueberry, strawberry, dates)$11
SmoothieIn The Tropics (pitaya, pineapple, mango, banana, coconut water)$11
SmoothieFill Me Up (banana, peanut butter, cacao nibs, almond milk, maca, hemp)$13
BoostersAny of the following can be added to the smoothies: AnandamideReishi mushroomSpirulinaBee pollen Hemp protein concentrateMct oilMaca$2 each
Cold Pressed JuiceTangerine$7
Cold Pressed JuiceGrapefruit$7
Cold Pressed JuiceGot The Beet (beet, apple, lime)$8
Cold Pressed JuiceFresh Green (kale, cucumber, lime, ginger)$8
Cold Pressed JuiceI Can See Clearly Now (orange, carrot, ginger)$8
Fresh JuiceLight Green (spinach, celery, lemon, cucumber, apple, ginger, parsley)$10
Fresh JuiceDeep Green (kale, cucumber, cilantro, lime, celery, apple)$10
Fresh JuiceRed (beet, carrot, apple, lemon, ginger)$10
Fresh JuiceOrange (sweet potato, carrot, lime, orange)$10
CocktailBlank Slate (Tanqueray gin, Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, Dolin Dry Vermouth, aloe vera juice)$11
Cocktail Hydration Nation (Don Julio Blanco tequila, lime, coconut water, agave, ginger rim)$11
CocktailCleanse Away (Ketel One vodka, activated charcoal, mint, grapefruit)$11
FrozenSkinny Pina (Bacardi Superior Rum, coconut milk, pineapple, lime)$13
FrozenFrose All Day (rose wine, Ketel One vodka, strawberry, peach, citrus) $13
Alcohol-FreeRed Bull (original or sugar-free)$5
Alcohol-FreeHeineken 0.0$5
Alcohol-FreeYaya Kombucha (original or ginger)$9
Botanicals Ketel One botanical (grapefruit, rose)$11
BotanicalsKetel One botanical (cucumber, mint)$11
Botanicals Ketel One botanical (peach, orange blossom)$11
Gin & TonicChoice of: TanquerayTanqueray SevillaTanqueray Malacca 
Choice of tonics: Classic IndianGrapefruit and rosemaryBitter orange and elderflower
ChampagneHoney Bubbles (moscato)$9/$40
ChampagneMoet & Chandon (brut imperial)$21/$95
Champagne Moet & Chandon (brut rose imperial)$118
White WineTorres Vina Esmeralda (moscatel)$7/$28
White Wine Terre Brulee (chenin blanc)$9/$39
White Wine Kruger-Rumpf (riesling)$11/$43
White Wine Willakenzie (pinot gris)$46 
Red Wine Gerard Bertrand (cabernet sauvignon)$7/$32
Red WineYangarra (shiraz preservative-free)$13/$55
Red Wine Emmolo (merlot)$79
Lager (draft)Heineken $5
Cider (draft)Strongbow$6
Lager (canned)Amstel$6
Ale (canned)Wynwood Brewing Co.$7
IPA (canned)Lagunitas$8
IPA (canned)Saint Archer Brewing Co (hazy)$8
CiderRekorderlig (passionfruit)$9


Mezcal Bar Menu 

The Scarlet Lady is also home to Mezcal which is a wonderful bar. They have a huge menu, so there is something here for everyone. Check it out below to see what we mean! 

Drink TypeDrink DescriptionPrice
CocktailFresc Spiked. Choice of:

Coconut Pineapple Passionfruit 
Choice of spirit: 
Absolut vodka Olmeca altos plata tequilaDel maguey vida mezcal Beefeater ginTorontel piscoBacardi superior rum 
$9 solo $43 to share 
CocktailLoca Flaca (del maguey vida mezcal, cointreau, agave, scorpion salt)$13
CocktailNo Mames! (beefeater gin, pineapple, cardamon butters, cinnamon sugar)$11
CocktailIt’s Like Crickets In Here (montelobos mezcal, ancho reyes, citrus, crickets)$15
CocktailFresco (A) (absolut vodka, green chile, cucumber, lemon)$15
CocktailOaxaca In Fashion (zignum reposado mezcal, olmeca altos reposado tequila, chocolate bitters)$16
CocktailWhat’s Up Doctora? (patron silver tequila, st-germain, carrot, orange ginger)$13 
SparklingMoet & Chandon (brut, nv)$21/$95
SparklingMoet & Chandon (brut rose, nv)$118
Sparkling Saint Louis (brut, nv)$7/$32
Sparkling Gauchezco (extra brut, nv)$55
RoseLos Vascos $7/$28
RoseL.Z. Cetto$36
White WineLos Vascos (chardonnay)$7/$28
White WineMonte Xanic (calixa, chardonnay)$54
White WineDurigutti (white blend)$15/$68
White WineL.A. Cetto (chenin blanc)$8/$36
White WineSanto Tomas (colombard)$46
Red WineOdfjell (cabernet sauvignon)$8/$36
Red WineL.A. Cetto (cabernet sauvignon)$36
Red Wine Montes (pinot noir)$9/$38
Red WineFelino (malbec)$10/$45
Red WineSanto Tomas (misión 16)$46
Red WineMonte Xanic (calixa, cab & syrah blend)$54
LagerHeineken $5
LagerCorona Extra $6
LagerDos Equis$6
LagerModelo Negra$7
Brown AleNewcastle$7
Alcohol FreeRed Bull (original or sugar-free)$5
Alcohol FreeHeineken 0.0$5
Tequila (Blanco)Choice of: 
Arette ArtesanalAvionCalle 23Casa AmigosCasa Dragones Don JulioEl Destilador El LuchadorEspolonHerraduraKahLos ArangoMilagroMilagro Barrel SelectOlmeca AltosPartidaPatron Gran Patron PlatinumPatronRoca patronRooster rojoSiembra Azul TapatioTequila CorralejoTequila Ocho Plata, Single EstateTermanaTres Agaves Tromba 
Prices per glass/bottle:
Lowest: $17
Highest: $300
Tequila (Joven)Casa Dragones$83/$990
Tequila (Reposado)Choice of: 
Arette Artesanal AvionCalle 23 Casa AmigosCasa NobleClase AzulDon JulioHerraduraKahLos Arrango
Prices by the glass/bottle
Lowest: $19
Highest: $425
TequilaChoice of: 
MilagroMilagro select PartidaPatronRoca patronRooster rojoSiembra vallesTapatioTequila corralejoTequila ocho, single estateTeremanaTromba
Prices by the glass/bottle:
Lowest: $13
Highest: $200
Tequila (Anejo)Choice of: 
Avion Calle 23 Casa AmigosComisarioDon Julio Herencia MexicanaHerradura KahLos ArrangoMilagroMilagro Select PartidaPatron Roca PatronRooster RojoTapatioTequila CorralejoTequila Ocho, Single Estate Tromba
Prices by the glass/bottle: 
Lowest: $17
Highest: $250
Tequila (Extra Anejo)Choice of:
Avion 44 Don Julio 1942Jose Cuervo Reserva De la Familia Herradura Suprema Patron Gran Patrón PiedraTears Of LloronaTequila Ocho, Single EstateTromba
Prices by the glass/bottle:
Lowest: $19
Highest: $800
MezcalCreyente Joven (tlacolula, yautepec)$11/$105
MezcalDel Maguey Vida (san luis del rio)$11/$120
MezcalDel Maguey Iberico (santa catarina minas)$17/$220
Mezcal Del Maguey Tobala (santa maria albarradas)$34/$350
MezcalDerrumbes Michoacán (tzitzio)$23/$300
MezcalDerrumbes Oaxaca (santiago matalan)$19/$220
mezcalDerrumbes Zacatecas (huitzila)$19/$220
MezcalDon Mateo Alto (san miguel)$27/$350
Mezcal Don Mateo Pechuga (san miguel)$19/$375
MezcalDona Vega Espadin (santiago matalan)$10/$130
MezcalDona Vega Tovala (santiago matalan) $21/$320
MezcalDos Hombres Espadin (san luis del rio)$11/$185
MezcalEl Recuerdo Abocado Con Gusano (tlacolula)$12/$170
MezcalEl Recuerdo Joven (tlacolula)$11/$105
MezcalEl Silencio Espadin Black Label (san baltazar guelavila)$17/$240
MezcalFidencio Clásico Mezcal (santiago matalan)$13/$130
MezcalGracias A Dios Cuishe (santiago matatlán)$16/$250
MezcalGracias A Dios Espadin (santiago matatlán)$11/$120
MezcalGracias A Dios Pechuga (santiago matatlán)$20/$300
MezcalGracias A Dios Reposado$11/$140
MezcalIlegal Joven (tlacolula)$11/$110
MezcalIlegal Reposado (tlacolula)413/$125
MezcalIlegal Anejo (tlacolula)$18/$225
MezcalMezcalero #23$30/$370
MezcalMezcal Ósfera Bicuixe, Verde$39/$525
MezcalMezcal Ósfera Madrecuixe by Margarito Cortés $31/$400
MezcalMontelobos Espadin $15/$140
MezcalPierde Almas + 9 Botanicals$20/$260
MezcalPierde Almas Puritita Verde$13/$150
MezcalReal Minero Barril$35/$475
MezcalReal Minero Blend Of 4$43/$575
MezcalReal Minero Pechuga$47/$650
MezcalRey Campero Tobala$29/$400
MezcalSe Busca ‘Madre Cuishe’$35/$475
MezcalSe Busca Joven$14/$200
MezcalSe Busca Reposado$15/$225
MezcalSe Busca Anejo$16/$240
MezcalSombra Joven$11/$120
MezcalVago Espadin$13/$400
MezcalVago Tobala En Barro$32/$400
MezcalXicaru Joven Silver$11/$120
MezcalYuu Baal Joven Espadin$13/$150
MezcalYuu Baal Reposado Espadin$15/$185
MezcalYuu Baal Anejo Espadin$17/$225
MezcalZignum Silver$9/$100

On The Rocks Bar Menu

On the Rocks is a lovely bar on the Scarlet Lady, serving a good range of wine, cocktails, and a few beers. Their whisky menu is very impressive and sets it apart from other bars on board. Check out the menu below now.

Drink TypeDrink DescriptionPrice
Sparkling WineHoney Bubbles$9/$40
ChampagneMoet & Chandon (imperial brut, nv)$21/$95
ChampagneMoet & Chandon (brut rose, nv)$118
ChampagneDom Perignon 2008$299
RoseAcrobat $11/$49
RoseBrundlmayer $88
White WineFontanafredda (moscato)$8/$35
White Wine Decibel (sauvignon blanc)$9/$38
White WineChalk Hill (chardonnay)$11/$46
White WineDuckhorn (chardonnay)$57
White Wine Willakenzie (pinot gris)$46
Red Wine Montes (pinot noir)$9/$38
Red WineChâteau St. Julien (bordeaux supérieur)$13/$55
Red WineDecoy (zinfandel)$15/$65
Red WineSiduri (pinot noir)$83
Red Wine Odfjell (cabernet sauvignon)$36
PortToro De Piedra$7/$32
Cocktail One More Thyme? (Tanqueray 10 gin, Carpano Antica vermouth, Aperol, grapefruit soda)$13
CocktailYellow-Bellied (Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Talisker 10 year scotch, Yellow Chartreuse, light lager)$15
CocktailRon Meets Don (Ron Zacapa 23 rum, Don Julio Reposado Tequila, Punt e Mes, sparkling wine)$13
CocktailAre We At Sea (Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, Calle 23 Blanco tequila, Cocchi Americano Vermouth, Absinthe)$15
CocktailSpice Trader’s Mule (Ketel One vodka, London Essence ginger beer, saline, peach bitters)$14
CocktailSmooth-Sailing (Hennessy VS cognac, Montenegro Amaro, lemon, rosemary, blackberry)$17
CocktailThe Entertainer (Stoli Vanilla, Chinola passion fruit, lime, sparkling wine, fruit)$16
LagerAmstel Light$6
LagerNegra Modelo$7
AleLagunitas $11
StoutBoulevard Brewing Co$14
Alcohol FreeHeinken 0.0$5
Alcohol FreeRed Bull (regular or sugar-free)$5
WhiskeyBourbon, choice of: Angel’s envyBaker’sBasil Hayden’s Blanton’s single barrelBooker’s Buffalo trace BulleitElijah Craig Small Batch Gentleman JackJefferson’s Ocean Reserve Jim BeamKnob CreekMaker’s MarkWild Turkey Rare BreedWoodford ReservePrices include: 
Lowest: $17
Highest: $29
WhiskeyRye, choice of: Angel’s Envy RyeBulleit Rye High West BouryeHigh West Double RyeHigh West RendezvousHigh West Yippee-Ki-YayJim Beam RyeOld OverholtRussel’s Reserve 6 Year SagamoreTempletonWhistlepig 10 YearWhistlepig Boss HogPrices include: 
Lowest: $13
Highest: $125
Whiskey Irish, choice of: JamesonJameson Caskmates Jameson Black BarrelJameson 18 YearTullamore dewRedbreast 12 YearRedbreast 21 YearPrices include: 
Lowest: $9
Highest: $55
WhiskeyCalifornia, choice of: Crown RoyalCrown Royal ApplePrices include: $9$9
WhiskeyJapanese, Suntory Toki$13 
Whiskeny Blended Scotch, choice of:Buchanan’s Chivas Regal 12 YearChivas 18 YearCompass Box HedonismCompass Box The Peat Monster Dewar’s White LabelDewar’s 18 Year Johnnie Walker Black LabelJohnnie Walker Blue LabelJohnnie Walker Double BlackJohnnie Walker Triple CaskPrices include: 
Lowest: $11
Highest: $55
Single Grain ScotchHaig Club$17
ScotchSingle Malt, choice of:Aberlour 12 YearAberlour 16 YearAberfeldy 21 YearArdbeg 10 YearAuchentoshan 12 Year Auchentoshan 21 Year Balvenie 16 YearBalvenie 25 Year Bowmore 15 Year Bowmore 18 Year Dalwhinnie 15 YearGlenfiddich 12 YearGlenfiddich 21 YearGlenlivet 12 YearGlenlivet 18 YearGlenlivet 25 YearGlenmorangie The Quinta Ruban 12 YearHighland Park 18 Year Highland Park 25 YearLagavulin 16 YearMacallan 12 Year Triple CaskMacallan EnigmaMacallan Lumina Macallan Quest Macallan Terra Oban 14 YearSingletonTalisker 10 Year Prices include:
Lowest: $15
Highest: $3772

Red Bar Menu 

Short and sweet, the Red Bar menu has everything you need for a few drinks. Their cocktails are tasty, wines aged beautifully, and their beers are refreshing! Check out the menu below. 

Drink TypeDrink DescriptionPrice
CocktailGoldfish (johnnie walker double black scotch, passion fruit, coconut cream, coffee liqueur)$17
CocktailGrasshopper (creme de mint, creme de cacao, fernet-branca, cream)$13
CocktailFreshly Picked (papa’s pilar rum, lime juice, simple syrup, fresh mint, basil, cilantro)$13
CocktailAgave Colada (don julio tequila reposado, mezcal, coconut, grapefruit, pineapple juice_$13
CocktailGym Bunny (sauvignon blanc, passionfruit, sparkling brut)$11
CocktailElectric Fizz (aviation gin, lemon, egg white, soda)$13
Cocktail Donut Tell Me (beefeater gin, white vermouth, lemon, raspberry, whipped cream)$15
CocktailPopcorn Old-Fashioned (buffalo trace bourbon, fig, angostura bitters, popcorn)$15
LagerKalik $6
Lager Corona Extra $6
AleWynwood Brewing Co$8
IPASaint Archer Brewing Co (hazy)$8
CiderRekorderlig (passionfruit)$5
Alcohol FreeHeinken 0.0$5
SparklingSaint Louis (sparkling brut)$7/$32
SparklingVilla Sandi (sparkling rose)$8/$36
SparklingMoet & Chandon (imperial brut, champagne) $21/$95
SparklingMoet & Chandon (brut rose, champagne)$36/$118
Sparkling Krug (brut rose, champagne)$445
Pink WineGerard Bertrand (gio)$7/$33
Pink WineChâteau Minuty (côtes de provence)$14/$62
Pink WineDecoy $45
White WineTorres, Moscatel (vina esmeralda)$7/$28
White WineChard Project (chardonnay)$8/$435
White WineCarmel Road (unoaked chardonnay)$10/$42
White WineCembra (sauvignon blanc)$9/$40
White WineJacques Dumont (sancerre)$63
Red WineMontes (pinot noir)$9/$38
Red WineYangarra (shiraz)$13/$55
Red WineDecoy (zinfandel)$15/$65
Red WineIntrinsic (cabernet sauvignon)$11/$52
Red WineCrossbarn (cabernet sauvignon)$105 
Amber WineToro de Piedra$7/$32
Amber WineCroft tawny $5/$36
Alcohol FreeRed Bull (original or sugar-free)$5

The Loose Cannon Bar Menu

The Loose Cannon Bar has tasty cocktails, wines, and beers. You can purchase beers by the pitcher too, great for when you want to let loose! Check out the menu below. 

Drink TypeDrink DescriptionPrice
CocktailNo Barlow For Me (ford’s gin, lime, simple syrup, lavender)$11
CocktailRum Around (pusser’s rum, pineapple, orange, coconut, buzz button)$13
CocktailPuckered Lips (tito’s vodka, grapefruit, cinzano dry vermouth, orange bitters)$9
CocktailEl Capitano’s Gun Powder (Olmeca Altos Plata Tequila, Triple Sec, lemon, watermelon, mint, activated charcoal)$13
CocktailShiver Me Timbers (Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch, ginger ale, soda water, lemon bitters)$11
Sharing CocktailShell Game (4) (Beefeater Gin, Campari, orgeat, pineapple, lemon, lime)$35
Sharing CocktailSh-Oct-A-Pus (5) (Bacardi Silver rum, Coconut Cartel aged rum, Malibu rum, lime, pineapple, grenadine, ginger, angostura bitters)$45
Lager Heineken $5/$19
Brown AleNewcastle$7/$25
LagerAmstel Light$6
EPAWynwood Brewing Co.$7
IPASaint Archer Brewing Co. (mozy 7)$8
IPASaint Archer Brewing Co. (hazy)$8
Belgian AleWynwood Brewing Co.$8
CiderRekorderlig (pear)$9
ChampagneSaint Louis (sparkling brut)$7/$32
ChampagneMoet & Chandon (imperial brut)$21/$95
White Wine Fontanafredda (moscato d’asti)$8/$35
White WineChard Project (chardonnay)$8/$35
RoseGerard Bertrand (rose gio)$7/$33
Red WineSilver Gate (cabernet sauvignon)$11/$45
Red WineMontes (pinot noir)$9/$38
Alcohol-FreeRed Bull (original and sugar-free)$5
Alcohol-FreeHeineken 0.0$5

The Social Club Floats And Shakes Menu 

The Social Club offers delicious floats and shakes with a boozy twist! Their menu is so mouth-watering you will want to work your way through every item. Check them out below. 

Drink TypeDrink Description
Floats/ShakesBoozy Sailor (Irish cream, chocolate 3 ways, butterscotch)
Floats/Shakes Skinny Pie (vodka, key lime pie, limoncello, wafer)
Floats/ShakesFrom The Bridge (rum, butter pecan, vanilla, caramel, nuts)
Floats/ShakesBerry Me At Sea (bubbles, berry sorbet, vanilla, red bull)
Floats/ShakesWhiskey Dreams (bourbon, whiskey crema, coke, marshmallow
Floats/ShakesPassions Apply (cider, berry sorbet, orange cream, pearls)
Floats/ShakesThe Leviathan (porter, butterscotch, whiskey cream, chocolate 3 ways, pearls)

Sip Bar Menu 

Sip has a great range of cocktails, wine, and even caviar! When you are feeling fancier, head over to Sip and enjoy a taste of decadence. See the menu below.

Drink TypeDrink DescriptionPrice
CocktailsCommonwealth Spritz (Bulleit Bourbon, Giffard Pamplemousse liqueur, sparkling wine, citrus)$13
CocktailThe Protagonist (Don Julio Blanco Tequila, papaya nectar, grapefruit juice, orange flower water, lime)$13
CocktailOf The Earth (Belvedere Vodka, Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, ancho reyes chile, carrot, orange ginger)$14
CocktailDouble Agent (Aviation Gin, Benedictine, yuzu liqueur, chamomile, thyme)$13
CocktailNo Mistake Here (Campari, Cocchi di Trino Americano Rosa, Montenegro, sparkling wine)$13
CaviarSiberian Osetra Caviar In A Deviled Egg Shell$15
CaviarSiberian Osetra Caviar In A Savory Cone$15
CaviarSiberian Osetra Caviar On A Buckwheat Blini$15
CaviarSiberian Osetra Caviar, 100 Gram$95
White WineCarmel Road (unoaked chardonnay)$42
White WineCakebread (chardonnay)$22/$99
White WineVilla Sandi (pinot grigio)$9/$37
White WineLucien Albrecht (Pinot Blanc)$9/$37
White WineCloudy Bay (sauvignon blanc)$19/$88
White WineJacques Dumont (sancerre)$63
White WineErica (riesling)$39
RoseGris Blanc by Gerard Bertrand$8/$30
Rose Chateau de Minuty $62
Red WineCasa Lapostolle $7/$29
Red WineLyric (pinot noir)$13/$55
Red WineIntrinsic (cabernet sauvignon)$11/$52
Red WineNewton (unfiltered cabernet sauvignon)$28/$128
Red WineKanonkop (Kadette, Pinotage Blend)$43
Red WineNumanthia$122
Red WineMullan Road (Red blend)$99
ChampagneMoet & Chandon (imperial brut)$21/$95
ChampagneMoet & Chandon (imperial brut rose)$26/$118
ChampagneKrug (grand cuvee)$325
Champagne Krug (bruit rose)$445
ChampagneVeuve Clicquot (yellow label)$29/$135
ChampagneVeuve Clicquot (brut rose)$29/$135
ChampagneDom Perignon (2008)$65/$299
Champagne Billecart-Salmon (brut rose)$245
MagnumsDom Perignon (2009)$698
MagnumMoet & Chandon (imperial brut)$190
MagnumBrundlmayer (brut rose)$175
Sparkling Chandon (brut)$11/$48
Sparkling Gauzcheco (extra brut)$55
Sparkling Victorine de Chastenay $45
Sparkling Honey Bubbles (moscato d-asti)$40
Sparkling Villa Sandi (sparkling rose)$8/$36
Sparkling Nino Franco (Faive, brut rose)$72 
CognacsChoice of: Hennesy (VS)Henessy (XO) Courvoisier (VS)Courvoisier (VSOP)Courvoisier (XO)Remy Martin (LOUIS XIII)Remy Martin (VSOP)Remy Martin (XO)Prices include:
Lowest: $13
Highest: $250
After SipsChoice of: Oremus Tokaji Fonseca (port)Prices include: 
Lowest: $19
Highest: $265
Lager Amstel Light $6
Lager Heineken $5
LagerMiller High Life$6
Pale AleDuvel$11
Alcohol-FreeRed Bull (original or sugar-free)$5
Alcohol-FreeNeineken 0.0$5
Alcohol-FreeNaughty Sparkling Wine $6/$25

Sip also has an afternoon tea menu, which you can find below.  The afternoon tea costs $35 per person for a range of food and a glass of champagne. You can also have it without the champagne at $19 a person. 

Drink TypeDrink DescriptionPrice
Jojo Loose TeaChoice of: Morning After Breakfast BlendJasmine Cloud Panna Chiya KasturiEverspring OolongIncluded in the tea price 
Caffeine-Free TeaChoice of:Mint Blend Sheva Hibiscus Rose Included in the tea price 
Champagne Moet & Chandon (imperial brut)$21
Champagne Moet & Chandon (imperial brut rose)$26
ChampagneVeuve Clicquot (brut rose)$29
Champagne Dom Perignon (2009)$65
Sparkling Chandon (brut)$11
Sparkling Villa Sandi (sparkling rose)$8
White Wine Villa Sandi (pinot grigio)$7
White Wine Lucien Albrecht (pinot blanc)$9
White Wine Cloudy Bay (sauvignon blanc)$19
White Wine Cakebread (chardonnay)$22
RoseGris Blanc by Gerard Bertrnand$8
Red WineLyric (pinot noir)$13
Red WineCasa Lapostolle (carmenere)$7
Red WineIntrinsic (cabernet sauvignon)$11
Red Wine Newton (unfiltered cabernet sauvignon)$29
Champagne (bottle)Moet & Chandon (imperial brut)$95
Champagne (bottle)Moet & Chandon (imperial brut rose)$118
Champagne (bottle)Krug (Grand Cuvee)$325
Champagne (bottle)Krug (brut rose)$445
Champagne (bottle)Veuve Clicquot (yellow label)$106
Champagne (bottle)Veuve Clicquot (brut rose)$135
Champagne (bottle)Dom Perignon (2008)$299
Champagne (bottle)Billecart-Salmon (brut rose)$245
MagnumDom Perignon (champagne 2009)$698
MagnumMoet & Chandon (imperial brut)$190
MagnumBrundlmayer (brut rose)$175 

Sun Club Bar Menu 

The Sun Club has a stunning selection of cocktails that you need to try! They also do delicious non-alcoholic drinks and draft beers. Their menu can be found below. 

Drink TypeDrink DescriptionPrice
FrozenSkinny Pina (Bacardi Superior rum, coconut milk, pineapple, lime)$13
FrozenFrose All Day (rose wine, Grey Goose vodka, strawberry, peach, citrus)$13
CocktailThe Club Punch (Bacardi Superior rum, Captain Morgan’s spiced rum, Malibu coconut rum, pineapple, orange lime, cardamom, grenadine)$13/$45
CocktailPoolside Sangria (white wine, St Germain elderflower, stone fruit, grapes, apple, citrus)$13/$45
CocktailSuperior Mojito, choice of:StrawberryBlueberryMangopeach$11/$45
Tequila Milagro Silver Select barrel$15
Tequila Gran Patron Platinum$45
Tequila Casa Dragones Joven $83
TequilaRoca Patron Anejo$29
Tequila Jose Cuervo Reserva Familia Extra Añejo$27
Tequila Don Julio 1942 Extra Anejo$35
Tequila Avion Reserva 44 Extra Anejo$37
RumPapa’s Pilar Dark $13
RumAppleton Reserve 21 Year$24
RumBrugal 1888$15
RumRed Starr 7 Year $15
RumGosling’s family Reserve $19
RumRon Zacapa XO $42
RumFacundo Parisiso $57
Lager Amstel light $6
Lager Corona Extra $6
Lager Kalik$6
Blonde AleLa Rubia$7
IPASaint Archer (hazy)$8
CiderRekorderlig (passionfruit)$9
Alcohol-FreeThe Un-Punch (pineapple, orange, cranberry, lime, hibiscus)$6
Alcohol-FreeBooze-Free Daiquiri, choice of: BlueberryPeach MangoStrawberry $6
Alcohol-FreeRed Bull (original or sugar-free)$5
Alcohol-FreeHeineken 0.0$5
Sparkling Saint Louis (sparkling brut)$7/$32
Sparkling Villa Sandi (sparkling rose)$8/$36
Sparkling Moet & Chandon (imperial brut)$21/$95
Sparkling Moet & Chandon (ice)$25/$99
Sparkling Moet & Chandon (brut rose)$118
Sparkling Moet & Chandon (ice rose)$110
Sparkling Billecart Salmon (brut rose)$245
Sparkling Dom Perignon (champagne, 2008)$299
Sparkling Moet & Chandon (imperial brut)$190 (magnum)
White Wine Chard project (chardonnay)$8/$35
White Wine Sea Sun (chardonnay)$47
White Wine Villa Sandi (pinot grigio)$7/$29
White Wine Torres Vina Esmeralda (moscatel)$28
White Wine Decibel (sauvignon blanc)$88
White Wine Cloudy Bay (sauvignon blanc)$88
White Wine Conundrum (white blend)$13/$58
RoseDomaine OTT By OTT$15/$59
RoseGerard Bertrand Gio $66 (magnum)
Red WineSilver Gate (cabernet sauvignon)$11/$45
Red WineCasa Lapostolle $7/$29
Red WineMontes (pinot noir)$9/$38
Red WineChalk Hill (pinot noir)$58

The Dock House Bar 

Located on the Scarlet Lady, The dock House has a range of great tasting cocktails, wine, juices, spirits, and more! Check out its extensive menu below to pick your poison and enjoy a night out on board the Voyages! 

Drink TypeDrink DescriptionPrice
CocktailThe Big Greek (Ketel One vodka, Kalamta olive juice, Dolin Dry Vermouth, lemon)$15
CocktailGrapevine (Ciroc vodka, muddled grapes, Sparkling brut, lemon juice, tarragon)$13
CocktailMed G&T (Tanqueray gin, bitter orange, elderflower tonic, oregano) $11
CocktailBees Please (Tanqueray flor de sevilla gin, pear liqueur, lemon juice, honey)$13
CocktailDaiquiri Ansie (Bacardi superior rum, arak askalon liqueur, grapefruit, lemon juice, mint)$11
CocktailGolden Horizon (Olmeca Altos Plata Tequila, Chinola passion fruit liqueur, goney, fresh basil)$13
CocktailFig Sour (Bulleit bourbon, fig jam, citrus)$13
RoseOrange Blossom & Blackberry Sangria (Moscato, blackberry, citrus)$12/$48
RoseVilla Sandi (brut rose sparkling)$8/$36
RoseBertani (bertarose)$9/$39
RoseChateau Minuty$14/$62
White WineVilla Sandi (pinot grigio)$7/$29
White WineFontanafredda (moscato d’asti)$8/$35
Red WineFelino By Paul Hobbs (malbec)$10/$45
Red Wine Montes (pinot noir)$9/$38
ChampagneMoet & Chandon (imperial brut champagne) $21/$95
Champagne Moet & Chandon (imperial brut rose)$118
ChampagneVeuve Clicquot (yellow label)$106
Cold Pressed Juices Tangerine$7
Cold Pressed Juices Grapefruit$7
Cold Pressed Juices Got The Beet (beet, apple, lime)$8
Cold Pressed Juices Fresh Green (kale, cucumber, lime, ginger)$8
Cold Pressed Juices I Can See Clearly Now (orange, carrot, ginger)$8
Fresh Extracted JuiceLight Green (spinach, celery, cucumber, lemon, apple, ginger, parsley)$10
Fresh Extracted JuiceDeep Green (kale, cucumber, cilantro, lime, celery, apple)$10
Fresh Extracted JuiceRed (beet, carrot, apple, lemon, ginger)$10
Fresh Extracted JuiceOrange (sweet potato, carrot, lime, orange)$10
Healthy ShotsUnrooted Fresh Energy (turmeric, chili, baobab)$7
Healthy ShotsUnrooted Good Gut (spirulina, ginger, baobab)$7
Healthy ShotsHouse Celery Shot$4
Healthy ShotsHouse Ginger Shot$4 
SpritzLively White (thyme, lemon, grapefruit, vermouth)$12
SpritzDaring Dry (white pepper, olive leaf, juniper, vermouth)$12
SpritzBold Red (nutmeg, bitter orange, clove, fig, vermouth)$12
SpritzWild Rose (vermouth, plum, strawberry, rhubarb)$12
LagerHeineken $5
LagerAmstel Light$6
LagerCorona Extra$6
Blonde AleWynwood $7
IPALagunitas $8
IPASaint Archer (hazy)$8
CiderRekorderlig (pear)$9
Alcohol-FreeRed Bull (regular or sugar-free)$5
Alcohol-FreeHeineken 0.0$5
Alcohol-FreeBasil Lemonade $7
Spirit (half bottle)Vodka, choice of: Tito’sStolichnaya ElitPrice includes:$45$90
Spirit (half bottle)Tequila, choice of: Avion Silver Casa Noble ReposadoPrices include: $65$70
Spirit (half bottle)Gin, choice of:Bombay SapphireTanquerayPrices include:$45 $55
Spirit (half bottle)Whiskey, choice of:Jack DanielsJohnnie Walker Black LabelPrices include: $55$65
CoffeeDouble Espresso$5
TeaJoJo Loose Leaf, choice of: Everspring OolongJasmine CloudKatsuri black MintMorning After BreakfastPranna Chiya GreenSheva Hibiscus Rose $5

Stateroom Mini Bar Menu 

The Stateroom Mini Bar menu is small, but still packs a punch! Check it out now. 

Drink TypeDrink DescriptionPrice
Ryder WinePinot gris $15
Ryder WineRose Wine $15
Ryder Wine Red Wine$15
SparklingMoet & Chandon $45
Crafthouse Cocktails (200ml)Choice of:
Moscow MuleSouthsideOld CubanGold RushPalamaNegroni BiancoRum Old Fashioned
IPAWynwood Brewing Co.$7

Wine Bar Menu 

While it’s called the Wine Bar, it serves more than just wine! They do lovely cocktails, beers, and a selection of insane wines! If you find it hard to make your choice, the staff are on hand to help. 

Virgin Voyages Bar Menus And Drink Prices
Drink TypeDrink DescriptionPrice
CocktailAperol Spritz (Aperol, sparkling brut, soda water)$9
CocktailNegroni (Malfy gin, campari, sweet vermouth)$11
CocktailHugo (sparkling brut, st-germain, soda water, citrus, mint)$9
CocktailAmericano (Campari, Sweet vermouth, soda water)$9
CocktailBellini (sparkling brut, peach nectar)$11
CocktailItalian Stallion (Limoncello, lime, soda water, mint)$11
CocktailNo Confessions Needed (Tanqueray gin, grappa, lemon, lavender)£15
CocktailGin And Get It (Aviation gin, Sweet Vermouth, montenegro, cherry)$13
CocktailSoda Della Nonna (Bacardi Superior rum, Ramazzotti, lemon, soda water)$13
CocktailGodfather (Dewar’s Scotch, Amaretto, chocolate bitters, grappa)$15
LagerAmster light $6
LagerBirra Moretti$7
Brown AleNewcastle$7
Blonde AleWynwood Brewing Co.$7
Alcohol-Free Basil Lemonade$7
Alcohol-FreeCitrus Fizz$7
Sparkling Moet & Chandon (imperial brut)$21/$95
SparklingVilla Sandi (sparkling brut)$4/$8/$36
Sparkling Nino Franco (sparkling brut rose)$8/$16/$72
RoseRemole $4/$7/$28
RoseBertani $5/$9/$39
White WineVilla Sandi (pinot grigio)$3/$7/$29
White WinePimino (white blend)$6/$11/$48
White WineAttems (sauvignon blanc)$7/$12/$52
White WineDonnafugata (anthilia) $5/$10/$42
White WineVilla Matilde (falanghina)$5/$10/$42
Red WinePater (sangiovese)$4/$7/$29
Red WinePomino (pinot nero)$8/$17/$70
Red WineFattoria La Pupille (morellino di scansano) $5/$10/$43
Red Wine Terre More (cabernet sauvignon)$6/$12/$49
Red WineVecchie Viti (chianti Rufina Riserva)$8/$16/$72
Red WineLe Volte (red blend)$9/$18/$78
ShotChoice of: AperolArak AskalonAverna AmaroBailey’sBottega limoncelloBraulio Alpino AmaroCampariCarpano AnticaCointreauCynarDisaronnoFernet BrancaFrangelicoGallanoGrand marinerGrappa AlexanderItalicus RosolioJagermeisterKahluaLuxardo MaraschinoMolinari SambucaMontenegroOuzoPunt E Mes RamazzottiVelvet FalernumPrices include: 
Lowest: $7
Highest: $9
Sparkling (bottle)Moet & Chandon (imperial brut)$95
Sparkling (bottle)Moet & Chandon (imperial brut rose)$118
Sparkling (bottle)Villa Sandi (sparkling brut)$36
Sparkling (bottle)Nino Franco Faive (sparkling rose brut)$72
Rose (bottle)Remole$28
Rose (bottleBertani$39
White Wine (bottle)Adriano Somereto (chardonnay)$42
White Wine (bottle)Benefizio Pomino (chardonnay)$78
White Wine (bottle)Cembra (sauvignon blanc)$40
White Wine (bottle) Attems, Cicinis (sauvignon blanc)$99
White Wine (bottle)Poggio Alle Gazze (sauvignon blanc)$155
White Wine (bottle)Fontanafredda (moscato d’asti)$35
White Wine (bottle)Masi (possessioni)$52
White Wine (bottle)Michele Chuarlo (Arneis)$38
White Wine (bottle)Remole (bianco)$29
Red Wine (bottle)Masi (bonacosta, valpolicella)$35
Red Wine (bottle)Bertani (amarone)$219
Red Wine (bottle)Benefizio Pomino (pinot nero)$70
Red Wine (bottle)Michele Charlo (cerequio)$227
Red Wine (bottle)Fontanafredda (silver label)$88
Red Wine (bottle)Peppoli (chianti classico)$49
Red Wine (bottle)Tenuta San Guido (guidalberto)$129
Red Wine (bottle)Luce Della Vite (lucente)$55
Red Wine (bottle)Luce Della Vite (luce)$195
Red Wine (bottle)Castello Di Nipozzano (mormoreto)$138
Red Wine (bottle)Castelgiocondo (rosso di montalcino)$48
Red Wine (bottle)Luce (brunello di montalcino)$245
Red Wine (bottle)Tenuta Dell’Ornellaia (le volte)$78
Red Wine (bottle)Tenuta Dell’Ornellaia (le serre nuove)$137
Red Wine (bottle)Tenuta Dell’Ornellaia (ornellaia)$345
Red Wine (bottle)Tentua San Guido (sassicaia)$375
Dessert WineToro De Piedra $32
Dessert WineCroft $36
Dessert WineTaylor$58

The Manor Bar Menu 

On the Scarlet Lady, we have the Manor Bar, serving bottles of spirit, bubbly, cocktails, and tasty beers. You can check out the menu below. 

Drink TypeDrink DescriptionPrice
Sparkling (bottle)Chandon (sparkling brut)$48
Sparkling (bottle)Dom perignon (champagne, 2008)$299
Sparkling (bottle)Dom Perignon (champagne, 2009)$698 (magnum)
Sparkling (bottle)Krug (champagne, grand cuvee)$325
Sparkling (bottle)Krug (champagne, brut rose)$445
Sparkling (bottle)Moet & Chandon (champagne, imperial brut)$95
Sparkling (bottle)Moet & Chandon (champagne, imperial rose)$118
Sparkling (bottle)Moet & Chandon (champagne, imperial brut)$190 (magnum)
Sparkling (bottle)Veuve Clicquot (champagne, yellow label)$106
Sparkling (bottle)Veuve Cliquot (champagne, brut rosé)$136
Spirits (half bottle)Vodka, choice of: 
Prices include: 
Lowest: $45
Highest: $65
Spirits (half bottle)Gin, choice of: TanquerayBombay sapphire hendrick’sPrices include: 
Lowest: $45
Highest: $55
Spirit (half bottle)Bacardi superior $45
Spirit (half bottle)Tequila, choice of: Avion silverCasa noble reposadoPatron silverPrices include:
Lowest: $60
Highest: $70
Spirit (half bottle)Whiskey, choice of: Jack DanielsBuffalo TraceCrown RoyalJohnnie Walker BlackPrices include: 
Lowest: $45
Highest: $65
Sparkling (glass)Moet & Chandon (imperial brut)$21
Sparkling (glass)Moet & Chandon (imperial brut rose)$26
Sparkling (glass)Saint Louis (brut rose)$8
Wine(glass)Chard project (chardonnay)$8
Wine (glass)Montes (pinot noir)$9
Wine (glass)Silver Gate (cabernet sauvignon)$11
CocktailDrop It Like It’s…(Ron Zacapa 23 rum, Zignum Mezcal, banana, hint of spice)$13
CocktailStella’s Groove (Aviation gin, st-germain, Limoncello, tropical fruit)$13
CocktailReach Out (Belvedere vodka, passion fruit, vanilla, lemon)$13
CocktailGinger Tea Mule (Ketel One vodka and ginger, floral, spice)$13
CocktailIsland Time (Bacardi Superior, Olmeca Altos, Beefeater, orange, lime, jasmine, soursop)$15
Cocktail (200ml)Choice of: Moscow mulePalomaPineapple daiquiriSmoky margarita$13 
Lager (draft)Amstel$6
Ale (draft)Affligem$8
Lager (bottle)Heineken $5
Lager (bottle)Amstel Light $6
Lager (bottle)Corona Extra$6
Blonde AleWynwood Brewing Co$7
IPAFunky Buddha brewery $8
Alcohol-FreeHeineken 0.0$5
Alcohol-FreeRed bull (original and sugar -free)$5

Aquatic Club Bar Menu 

Finally, we have the Aquatic Club Bar with a good selection of cocktails, beers, and wines. You can view the menu below. 

Drink TypeDrink DescriptionPrice
Frozen CocktailSkinny Pina (Bacardi Superior rum, pineapple, lime, coconut milk)$13
Frozen CocktailFrose All Day (rose wine, Grey Goose vodka, strawberry, peach, citrus)$13
CocktailThe Club Punch (Bacardi Superior Rum, Captain Morgan’s spiced rum, malibu coconut rum, pineapple, orange, lime, cardamom, grenadine)$13/$45
CocktailPoolside Sangria (white wine, st-germain elderflower, stone fruit, grenadine, grapes, apples)$13/$45
CocktailSuperior Mojito (choice of strawberry, blueberry, mango, or peach)$11/$41
TequilaChoice of: Milagro Silver Select BarrelGran Patron PlatinumCasa Dragones JovenRoca Patron AnejoJose Cuervo Reserva Familia Extra AñejoDon Julio 1942 Extra AnejoAvion Reserva 44 Extra AnejoPrices include: 
Lowest: $15
Highest: $83
RumChoice of: Papa’s Pilar DarkAppleton Reserve 21 YearBrugal 1888Red Star 7 YearGosling’s Family Reserve Ron Zacapa XOFacundo ParasioPrices include:
Lowest: $13
Highest: $57
Lager (can)Amstel Light$6
Lager(can)Corona Extra $6
Lager (can)Kalik$6
Blonde Ale (can)La Rubia $7
IPALagunitas $8
IPASaint Archer (hazy)$8
CiderRekorderlig (passion fruit)$9
Lager (draft)Heineken $5
Cider (draft)Strongbow$6
Non-AlcoholicThe Un-Punch (pineapple, orange, cranberry, hibiscus, lime)$6
Non-AlcoholicBooze-Free Daiquiri (strawberry, peach, blueberry, or mango)$6
Non-AlcoholicRed Bull (original or sugar-free)$5
Non-AlcoholicHeineken 0.0$5
SparklingSaint Louis (sparkling brut)$7/$32
Sparkling Villa Sandi (sparkling rose)$8/$36
Sparkling Moet & Chandon (imperial brut)$21/$95
Sparkling Moet & Chandon (ice)$25/$99
Sparkling Moet & Chandon (brut rose)$118
Sparkling Moet & Chandon (ice rose)$110
Sparkling Billecart-Salmon (brut rose)$245
Sparkling Dom Perignon (champagne 2008)$299
Sparkling Moet & Chandon (imperial brut – magnum)$190
White WineChard Project (chardonnay)$8/$35
White Wine Sea Sun (chardonnay)$47
White Wine Villa Sandi (pinot grigio)$7/$29
White Wine Torres Vina Esmeralda (moscatel)$28
White Wine Decibel (sauvignon blanc)$9/$38
White Wine Cloudy Bay (sauvignon blanc)$88
White WineConundrum (white blend)$13/$58
RoseDOmaine Ott By Ott$15/$59
RoseCerard Bertrand Gio (magnum)$66
Red Wine Silver Gate (cabernet sauvignon)$11/$45
Red Wine Casa Lapostolle (carmenere)$7/$29
Red Wine Montes (pinot noir)$9/$38
Red WineChalk Hill (pinot noir)$58

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, all the menus for the bars on Virgin Voyages! The prices can all be found on the menus so you can price up how much you will spend on drinks during your break on a Voyages cruise. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Before you leave us today, be sure to check out our brief FAQ section to find the answers to your last-minute questions! 

Does Virgin Have A Drinks Package?

Currently, there are no drinks packages on Virgin Voyages. However, they offer a ‘Bar Tab’ where you add funds to your account before boarding the ship.

You can then use it on alcoholic drinks and other premium beverages throughout your time on board. You can also make use of deals and promotions too, be sure to check what offers are running before your cruise. 

Is Soda Free On Virgin Cruises?

Yes! Soda, sparkling and filtered water, carbonated beverages, drip coffee, and a selection of teas are included in your fare. This is a rare treat and sets Virgin apart from other non-luxury cruise lines. 

Can I Bring My Own Water Or Soda On Board?

You can, but you should use boxes or cans rather than single-use plastic containers. 

Does Virgin Have An Alcohol Policy?

Yes! Guests, or sailors, can bring two bottles of wine onboard per cabin in your carry-in luggage. These bottles can be no bigger than 750ml and no other alcohol is allowed to be carried on. 

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