Cruise Review & Photos: Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Review

If you are interested in booking a cruise on Virgin Voyager’s Scarlet Lady then make sure you check out this review. We enjoyed our trip and have summarized the best and worst parts along with everything the ship has to offer.  

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Review

Virgin Voyages 

Virgin Voyages are different to other cruise lines in many ways. Here are some of the things that make Virgin Voyages unique: 

  • Adult Only – All Virgin Voyages cruises are adult only, and some of the themes on board the ship are also quite adult. 
  • Sea Bands – Instead of cruise cards you have sea bands – wristbands that act as door keys as well as a payment method. 
  • Balcony Cabins – Balcony cabins have hammocks. Depending on the size of your cabin you may also have some regular outdoor seating. Balcony cabins are called sea terrace cabins. 
  • Agents – The travel agents are called first mates. 
  • Passengers – Passengers are called sailors rather than guests. 

Virgin Voyages certainly has a very different feel to other cruise holidays. It is more modern with a big focus on fun and being young at heart. You can party and get out of your comfort zone with the different activities on offer. They also encourage their guests to mingle and socialize, creating lots of opportunities to meet new people. 

The Scarlet Lady 

Scarlet Lady was built in 2020 so it is still a very new cruise ship.  The ship is 912 feet long which is comparable to Royal Caribbean’s Vision Of The Seas or the MSC Opera.

With over 1400 cabins, Scarlet lady can accommodate over 2770 passengers along with 1160 crew. It is an adult only cruise ship, which means that any guests need to be at least 18 years of age or over to board. 

On the Scarlet Lady you can cruise around Miami and the Dominican Republic, the Mediterranean, and incredible cities like Ibiza, Rome and Barcelona. There are a range of cruises available from 3 nights up to 7 nights, depending on your budget and how long you want your holiday to be. 

The Scarlet Lady is a well designed ship with lots of social spaces. It’s the perfect floating hotel for anyone who wants a fun-packed cruise with a unique style.

Rather than having fewer, larger spaces there are more smaller spaces. This makes it feel less crowded and gives you lots of choice in terms of where and how you want to spend your time on board.

The layout is well thought out so it is easy to get to where you want to go, and the spaces flow nicely into each other. 

Keep reading to find out more about what facilities the ship has to offer. 

The Cruise Package

Our Cruise Itinerary was the 5 night ‘Dominican Daze’. The schedule was as followers: 

  • Day One – Boarding completed by 4pm. Set Sail from Miami at 6pm. 
  • Day Two – At Sea
  • Day Three – Puerto Plata 9am – 6pm. 
  • Day Four – At Sea
  • Day Five  – Beach Club at Bimini – 8am – 7pm 
  • Day 6 – Arrive at 6:30am

Virgin Voyages offer ‘late stays’ which means they set sail later in the day than many other cruise companies.

However, you still have limited opportunities to experience the night life in the areas you visit. That being said, there are plenty of options for fun night life on board the ship. 

The cabin was a mid-ship sea terrace which can be for 2 to 4 people depending on how the room is set up. The price of the cabin included wifi, a soft drinks package and a $100 dollar gift card to spend on board.

The room was very modern and clean with a lovely bathroom, but there were very limited storage options for your clothes.

There was a balcony with a hammock with a lovely view of the sea. Overall it was a great room, but it felt smaller than other balcony rooms we have stayed in before. 

In the cabins with no balcony you have a window with a comfortable bench seat so you can sit and read with a view. There are also inside cabins with no windows which are the cheapest option. 

Some of the most unique features of the room included black soap, the option to purchase adult toys, and a ‘get it on’ lighting mode to create a sensual mood. Virgin really makes the most of the ‘adult-only’ aspect of their cruises. 

You have the option to upgrade your package or pre-pay for a bar tab which can be used across multiple venues.

There is usually an incentive offered to pre-pay so it can end up saving you money if you plan to have a lot of alcoholic drinks during your cruise.

There are over 20 places to eat that are all included in the price of your cruise so you have a lot of choice when it comes to food. 

The App

A big part of a Virgin Voyages cruise is the Sailor App. It allows you to upload your travel documents and check in online, to book excursions and on-board experiences, book tables at restaurants, and even order room service.

Every guest gets a wrist band which acts as their room key and payment method, either charing to your room or using any pre-paid tab that you may have.

The app is a good idea to help you have a stress-free vacation. However, there are quite a few glitches and it doesn’t always work properly. 


Make sure you download the app in advance and upload your travel documents. This makes it much easier to check in and the whole embarking process runs a lot smoother.

The Virgin terminal in Miami, Terminal V, is a fresh space that is designed specifically to make the start of your holiday less stressful.

You will receive your seaband which you activate by logging into the app. All of the passengers are on board at least 2 hours before departure so you have time to settle into your cabin and look around. 

The Service

The service was a bit of a mixed bag. The staff were very friendly and helpful and always available to speak to. There is a dedicated customer service area where you can go if you need assistance.

The staff are well looked after by the company and they enjoy jobs, which really comes across in their attitude and the quality of the service. 

However, a lot of the areas of the ship were understaffed, especially in the restaurants. When the ship is at full capacity you can tell that the staff are overwhelmed.

Whilst the app can be useful, when it goes wrong it puts a lot of pressure on the staff and the issues are not always easy to resolve.

If the app worked more consistently then it would make the whole experience run more smoothly. Virgin are most likely putting ongoing work into their app for this reason. 

Dining Options 

Scarlet Lady has an impressive number of eateries to choose from during your cruise – you probably won’t have time to visit them all! Some of them book up very quickly, especially on Sea days when all of the guests are dining on the ship.

It is a good idea to plan your cruise and make reservations as soon as you board to make sure that you get a spot at the places you really want to try. There will always be somewhere to eat even if you don’t make a booking, but you may not get your first choice. 

Lick Me Till … Ice Cream

This ice cream stand offers complimentary scoops of hand made ice cream in 6 delicious flavors. The ice cream is much nicer than the standard, soft scoop ice cream that you usually get for free on cruise ships. The decor is fun with a bright neon sign. 

The Galley

The design of The Galley is based on a classic food hall where you can try lots of different things all in one place.

There are 8 food truck style ‘vendors’ offering different things – burgers, tacos, sushi, noodles, soup, salad, paninis, baked goods and classic American diner meals.

The service is fast and there are plenty of places to sit and enjoy your meal. This is an ideal option for large groups as there will be something for everyone to enjoy but you can all sit together. It is also great for grabbing a snack or a quick bite on a busy day. 

Grounds Club

At the grounds club you can enjoy sustainable, ethically sourced coffee with a sea view. You can als choose from a selection of pastries to enjoy with your coffee.

It’s the perfect place to start your day or recover from a hangover after a night in the onboard nightclub (more on this later). 

The Dock House

The Dock House is a casual and relaxed restaurant with a great atmosphere. The decor is chic, the food is fresh and simple, and the live acoustic music provides the perfect entertainment.

Tuck into a Meze meal and sip on some cocktails as you relax and enjoy your evening. 

You can also visit The Dock, which features the same menu as the Dock House but in an outdoor setting. This is great for people who enjoy al fresco dining and want to take every opportunity to soak up the sea air. 


Gunbae is a lively Korean BBQ restaurant where you can grill your own meat and enjoy a sociable meal. Book a table for a large group or book a slot at a table of strangers and get to know your fellow sailors over some soju.

If you have never been to a Korean BBQ restaurant before then you can try something new! If you are used to eating in authentic Korean BBQ restaurants then you might find that the meat lacks some flavor as it is not marinated for as long. 

The Pizza Place 

This 24 hour diner makes pizza fresh to order – no leftover slices that have been hanging around under a heat lamp.

You can choose your own toppings and watch your pizza being cooked, then sit and enjoy it in the comfortable dining space with relaxed seating. There is plenty of space to sit in a big group and share some pizza – the perfect way to end a late night of socializing. 

The Wake 

This classy restaurant specializes in steak and seafood, all with a stunning ocean view. The decor is sophisticated and food is presented beautifully. This is an experience that you don’t want to miss out so make sure you book your table ahead of time. 

The Test Kitchen 

This unique restaurant is a mix between a cooking class and a tasting experience. It has a clinical feel and is set up a bit like a science lab.

This fits in well with the experimental menu which is always changing and evolving to incorporate the newest gastronomic ideas. Dining at the Test Kitchen is a fun night that you certainly won’t forget. 

Extra Virgin

Extra Virgin is a traditional Italian restaurant with a modern feel. Enjoy antipasti, freshly made pasta, hearty main dishes and sumptuous desserts. It is a sociable and lively restaurant with excellent food. 

Razzle Dazzle 

The Razzle Dazzle restaurant is a funky eatery with something for everyone. There is plenty of variety on the menu, each dish with its own special flare which reflects the edgy style of the restaurant.

From edible flowers to stripy pasta, there will be something to surprise you. 

Pink Agave 

This Mexican themed restaurant has an impressive interior design which is comfortable yet luxurious at the same time.

You will have an intimate and educational dining experience as the master of ceremonies guides you through the menu, giving you details about the taste pairings as well as some history about the cuisine.

The drinks are carefully selected to complement the meal, and everything is carefully curated to provide the perfect flavors. 


The social spaces and night life on the Scarlet Lady were really impressive. There is a bar to suit everyone, and you can choose the theme of your night.

There are plenty of places to go so you won’t get bored of the same setting and the same drinks menu, and all of the bars are great for meeting people and mixing with the other guests. 

Draught Haus

The Draught Haus is the perfect spot for beer enthusiasts. There is an excellent range of beers on tap as well as artisanal bottled beer. It is a blend between a craft beer house and beach bar, a lovely place to spend a relaxed evening tasting the different beers on offer. 

Sun Club Bar 

This outdoor bar is situated on the sun deck, close to the pool with a hot tub on either side.

It specializes in frozen drinks and cocktails, perfect for an afternoon of drinking by the pool or for creating the classic holiday feeling on a warm evening. This is also the location of the pool parties that Virgin Voyages are known for. 

Richard’s Rooftop 

Richard’s Rooftop is an exclusive sun deck for guests staying in luxury Rockstar suites. It has plenty of seating and a bar which is perfect for pre-dinner cocktails. 

Gym & Tonic 

This juice bar is the perfect place to unwind after a session at the gym. It serves fresh pressed juice, made to order milkshakes, and fun cocktails with a healthy twist.

There is also a full bar so you can choose whatever drink you fancy. It is located directly above the Sun Club Bar with a great view over the pool area. 

The Dock House Bar 

The Dock House Bar ties in with the theme of the Dock House restaurant – casual Mediterranean with a chic style. It is the best place to drink if you love rose, but there are a lot of other drinks on offer too. 

The Loose Canon 

The Loose Canon is a seaside themed bar inspired by the beachfront establishments in Brighton, England. It is a lively bar with a nautical theme and upbeat entertainment.

If you want to feel like a true sailor and sing along to some sea shanties, this is the place to be. This is a social club, not just a bar, so if you are traveling alone and you want to meet people then you should definitely spend an evening here. 

Sip Lounge

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the Sip Lounge – a classy champagne lounge which also offers afternoon tea. It is a sophisticated space with elegant decor and luxurious feel.

They even serve caviar! If you are looking for somewhere to go for an intimate, romantic drink then this could be the perfect spot. 

On The Rocks 

If you love cocktails then you need to go to On The Rocks, the bar that specializes in mixology.

You can choose from one of the classic cocktails on the menu, or tell the bartenders what flavors you like and get them to whip you up a bespoke cocktail designed especially for you. With velvet seating and gilded seating, it feels like a first class establishment. 

Pools & Deck Space

The main downside of the Scarlet Lady is the pool area. There are only two pools and they are very small considering the number of guests on the ship.

This cruise is not designed for lounging by the pool – there is definitely more of a focus on the bars and restaurants and the social scene. 

Aquatic Club 

The Aquatic Club is the main outdoor pool area on the ship. It features an oval pool surrounded by sun loungers, with poolside showers and two hot tubs.

There is a bar by the pool which serves alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and frozen drinks. It is a lovely space that gets lots of sun, but if the cruise is at full capacity you might struggle to get a space – especially on a sea day when all the guests are on board.

However, Virgin cruises are not designed to be the type of holiday where you spend lots of time lounging by the pool – there are other things to see and do. 

Well-being Pool 

The well-being pool is a circular pool with jet bubbles. It is located close to the gym areas so you can relax and unwind after your workout.

There are poolside showers and sun loungers either side of the pool, so you have another area to sunbathe that is a little quieter than the main pool area. 

The Cabanas

The Cabanas are private spots in sunny spaces that you can rent out per day. This is ideal for a day at sea if you want to guarantee a space to sun bathe without having to get up early and get on a sun lounger.

If you have an inside cabin then this could be a good idea, but if you have a balcony then there isn’t really any point and it’s an unnecessary cost. 

Entertainment & Activities 

Squid Ink

Squid Ink is the first ever tattoo parlor on the open seas! You can commemorate your cruise holiday with a new tattoo done with vegan ink, and they also offer piercings and permanent makeup.

You cannot book in advance of your cruise so make sure you pop into the studio on the day you embark to check availability. This is especially important if you want a custom tattoo. 

The Manor 

The Manor is a two story nightclub with three bars that is the height of the night life on the Lady Scarlet. It is named after Richard Branson’s first ever recording studio and it has a sexy, 70’s style with some fun punk elements.

It’s open into the early hours of the morning so you can dance the night away. Earlier in the evening you can watch live shows and they also host dance parties in The Manor. 

The Arcade

The arcade is located in the Social Club, which is also home to the Loose Canon bar and the Social Club diner. Grab a drink from the soda fountain and choose from a range of card games, board games, or arcade games.

You can challenge your friends to air hockey, foosball, pacman, race car games or even shuffleboard.

This is a great place to spend the afternoon on a day at sea if you are looking for a fun activity with something for everyone. This might be an adults only cruise ship but the arcade is designed for your inner child. 

The Groupie

You can book private karaoke sessions for you and your travel buddies at The Groupie. Choose from a wide selection of songs and have some fun singing your favorite songs without the pressure of strangers watching you.

This is so much fun after a few drinks and is a great ice breaker activity if you’ve made some new friends on the cruise. 

Voyage Vinyl 

Virgin has a longstanding connection with the music industry so it’s only fitting that the Lady Scarlet features an on board record shop complete with record players and headphones.

Look through the record collection for music old and new and listen to whatever you fancy while you flick through endless piles of music magazines. With comfy seating and a funky decor, this is a fun place to hang out and take some time to yourself. 

High Street

The High Street is where you will find Voyage Vinyl and Squid Ink, along with the gift shops.

These include designer shops, a bottle shop with premium alcohol, a specialist make up shop, a barber shop, a beauty shop, clothing stores, perfume stores and the Virgin gift shop with lots of branded goodies. You could easily spend a morning browsing and shopping. 

The Red Room

The Red Room is a live performance space where you can watch all sorts of entertainment – cheeky game shows, nostalgic variety performances, festival acts, contemporary theater, dance shows and acrobatics.

Prepare to be blown away by entertainment that is over and above your average cruise shows. The quality of the performances are excellent, with very impressive singers and dancers. 

The Casino 

If you want a rush of adrenaline then you can spend the night gambling in the on board casino. It has 115 slot machines, roulette, poker, blackjack, and more.

There are dealers on hand to teach you how to play so don’t be afraid to try something new. This is a great way to spend an evening socializing if dancing isn’t really your thing. 


There are lots of different facilities on board the Lady Scarlet from spas to gyms to hair salons. You will be well looked after and every need will be met. 

Redemption Spa

The Redemption Spa is the perfect place to pamper yourself and unwind. It features hot and cold plunge pools, heated benches, a sauna, a steam room, a mud room, and a salt room.

Choose from one of the wonderful treatments including a full body massage and enjoy a sea view out of the porthole windows. You can also visit the shop to purchase the products you need to continue looking after your body and skin after your visit to the spa. 

The Tune Up

The Tune Up is a secondary spa which offers more treatments such as manicures, pedicures and even botox. It is a relaxing area with plenty of comfortable seating and stunning sea views to enjoy while you get your treatments. 

Dry Dock 

Dry Dock is an on board hairdressing salon which offers every service you could need from a simple cut and blow dry to highlights and conditioning treatments. You can look and feel your best to enjoy your cruise. 

Stubble & Groom 

Stubble & Groom is a barber shop where you can go for a beard trim, a haircut, or even a pedicure. Primp up ready for a night of socializing so you can feel more confident. 

The Runway 

The Runway is an outdoor running track around the edge of the ship which offers you fantastic sea views while you jog.

It is in direct sunlight so make sure you wear sunscreen and maybe a cap. Using the runway is unlike any run you have ever been on – it is a truly unique experience for runners. 

Athletic Club 

The Athletic Club is an outdoor exercise area that is designed to be a fun place to get moving. It also brings out your inner child and encourages you to let go and have fun.

There is a full size basketball court, adult size seesaws, and bouncy nets. There are also plenty of comfy seats so you can sit down and chill out with your friends. 

The Perch 

The Perch is an outdoor wellness space found on the top deck, above the Athletic Club. It is the perfect place to get some fresh air and admire the views.

You can take part in morning yoga or go up there in your own time for some scenic stretching. In the evening it becomes a social space where you can sit and have a drink with some of the best views on the ship. 

Training Camp 

The training camp is found in the group fitness area. You can work out on your own, take some guidance from the Fitness On Demand app, or join in one of the free group classes.

There is plenty of equipment available that is ideal for HIIT workouts and improving your fitness.  

Build & Balance 

This is a gym dedicated to strength training and stretching. It features state of the art equipment and expert-led fitness classes including yoga.

You can do a solo workout or book a personal training session if you want some one on one support with your training. You can find this gym in the B complex. 

Bike And Burn 

Bike and Burn is also in the B complex and it’s the perfect place to smash out a cardio workout.

It has plenty of running machines and rowers as well as a cycling studio with free group classes. You can also book a personal training session to help you get the most out of your work out on the state of the art equipment. 

The Cruise Experience

Here is a breakdown of our cruise experience on board the Lady Scarlet. 

Day One 

The first thing to note is that you won’t be settled onto the ship until the late afternoon. If you want to make the most out of your day, plan something to do in Miami in the morning to see the local area.

The Virgin terminal itself is in an up and coming area of Miami so take some time to look around. 

We had some lunch in a local restaurant before we started the embarking process. Embarking begins at 2pm and all of the guests are on board by 4pm ready to set sail at 6pm.

We used the Virgin Voyager app to check in online and the embarkation process was pretty straightforward. Once we were on the ship we found our room and settled in. After a quick shower and change of clothes we decided to have a look around the ship. 

After a walk around the ship and a little peek at the shops on the High Street, we headed to the arcade to let off some steam after a day of traveling.

We played pacman and challenged each other to a race, then had a pre-dinner drink in the Loose Canon. We chatted to some of the other guests and decided to head to the Galley to get some food. 

The Galley was a really sociable place to eat with a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere. We only needed something light because we had a big lunch, so we had a salad and then tried some of the sushi. The other sailors we were with had the tacos and they looked fantastic. 

After dinner we went to the Sun Club bar for some cocktails with a sea view. It was lovely to chat to some more people and get a feel for the atmosphere, then we turned in for an early night.

Day Two 

On Day two we were at sea, which meant that all of the guests were on the boat. We went to Grounds Club for a coffee and a pastry, then spent the morning on the High Street.

The shops were lovely, with a good range of products to choose from. We didn’t get tattoos, but we spoke to another couple who had just had theirs and they seemed very happy with them. 

When we got hungry we went to the Pizza Place for lunch. We shared a pepperoni pizza with bell peppers on it which was freshly made to order. It was a really nice pizza, and we didn’t have to wait too long. 

In the afternoon we got changed and headed to the spa. We spent a few hours going between the plunge pools, steam room and sauna. It was a luxurious space and we both felt very relaxed afterwards. 

In the evening we went to Gunbae as we had made a reservation. We sat on a table with some other couples we hadn’t met yet and enjoyed a sociable meal of Korean BBQ.

You could grill your own meat and it was a really fun experience. The flavors weren’t as authentic as we are used to at our local Korean BBQ restaurant, but you couldn’t fault the atmosphere. 

After dinner we went to the Red Room to watch a dance show and we were blown away by the performance. It was much better than anything else we had seen on a cruise ship.

It put us in the mood for some dancing so we decided to check out The Manor, the onboard night club. It certainly felt like an up-market club and the music was brilliant. 

After a few hours of dancing we went for a walk along the deck to cool down and listen to the waves before heading back to our cabin. 

Day Three 

We were quite tired from our night of dancing so we ordered room service and enjoyed our breakfast on the balcony. It was a nice, quiet way to start the day. We got dressed and decided to explore the destination – Puerto Plata, in the Dominican Republic. 

We hadn’t booked an excursion but there was beach access at the port. We took towels and bathing suits and spent a few hours relaxing on the beach and dipping in the sea.

There were lots of shops nearby so we had a walk around and did a bit of shopping. There was also a public swimming pool there which looked really nice. 

We went back onto the ship for lunch and grabbed a panini from The Galley. After a chill out in the room we decided to check out the gym facilities. It was very impressive, and we saw one of the group classes taking place which seemed to be very popular.  

After a shower and a change of clothes we went for an early dinner at The Dock House. There was an acoustic performer which set the tone for a lovely evening, and the food was lovely.

We had pitta bread and hummus and various nibbles which we took our time to graze whilst enjoying some glasses of sparkling rose wine. We weren’t rushed, as we had pre-booked our table. 

We finished the evening off at the casino. One of the dealers taught us how to play blackjack which was very fun, and we also played roulette.

We spoke to some of the other guests who had been on the waterfall excursion in Puerto Plata and they said it was excellent.

You have to be back on the boat by 6pm, so there was no chance to explore the night life of the area. However, there is plenty of night time entertainment on the ship. 

Day Four 

Day Four was another day at sea. We went for a morning workout after booking onto a group cycle session the day before.

It was a really good class and we both worked up a good sweat. We went to Gym & Tonic for a fresh cold-pressed juice and then headed to the pool. 

The main pool area was really busy. We had a quick dip to cool off but you couldn’t swim lengths and we couldn’t find two sun loungers next to each other.

We ended up settling by the wellness pool where there was a bit more space, but it’s not as conveniently located for the bar. 

We didn’t want to spoil our appetite for dinner so we decided to have an ice cream for lunch from Lick Me Till…Ice Cream. It was super creamy and indulgent – definitely the best complimentary ice cream we’ve had on a cruise ship. 

In the afternoon we went to Tune Up for some pampering spa treatments before getting ready for dinner. We had struggled to get a reservation at The Wake, but managed to join with another couple.

It was a great chance to get to know some more people on the ship. The seafood at The Wake was amazing, and so was the steak. It definitely felt like a classy evening. 

We ended the night with some cocktails at On The Rocks, which continued the sophisticated theme. 

Day Five 

On Day Five we got up early and spent the whole day at our destination – The Beach Club, a Virgin Voyages port in the Bahamas.

We started off with a yoga session which was followed by fresh fruit salad for breakfast. We spent some time relaxing by the lagoon pool which overlooks the ocean, and also did some swimming.

Lunch was a conch and mango salad made with freshly sourced, local ingredients. In the afternoon the DJ starts playing music to kick off the pool party. There was a fun atmosphere and everyone was mingling. 

As the sun started setting we ate some more food – some sort of fresh fish wrapped in banana leaves followed by a rum soaked cake. The party music was replaced by acoustic performances as we gathered around a beach bonfire to end the evening. We were back on the ship at 7pm. 

We had a shower and went to the Dock House bar for some drinks with some of the other guests. It was a lovely evening so we sat outside. At about 10 pm we got hungry so we went to the Pizza Place and all ordered our favorite pizzas.

There was plenty of space for a large group of us to sit together. After some food we had a bit more energy so we went to The Manor to end the night with some dancing. 

Day Six 

The ship docks at Miami at 6:45am, and check out is at 10:45am. We packed our things and went to Grounds Club for a quick coffee before checking out.

We didn’t have the energy to explore the area, especially with our luggage on us, so we found a cafe and spent some time there, had some lunch and then headed home. 

Should You Cruise On The Lady Scarlet? 

Here is a summary of the best and worst parts of the cruise to help you decide whether it is the right holiday for you. 

What We Loved: 

  • Socialising & Night Life – There are so many different spaces to enjoy where you can meet new people, eat, drink, and enjoy the atmosphere on the ship. 
  • Entertainment – The entertainment is much better than any other cruise ship we have been on. 
  • Fitness – The fitness equipment and gym areas are fantastic so if you want to workout while you are on the ship you will have everything you need. 
  • Fun – The cruise encourages you to have fun and try new things which makes it a great and memorable experience. 
  • Food – There are lots of options when it comes to food including different types of cuisines and different dining experiences. An impressive amount of the food is included with the price of your cabin 
  • Unique – There are so many elements to the Scarlet Lady and Virgin Voyages that make it a very unique experience compared to other cruise holidays. 

What We Didn’t Love: 

  • App – The app is a good idea and the sea bands give you a ‘hands-free’ cruise experience, but the problems with the app can be very frustrating. Once this is fixed then Virgin will be way ahead of other cruise companies in terms of convenience for passengers. 
  • Reservations – It can be hard to get a reservation in a restaurant. There will always be somewhere that you can eat, but you have to plan your dining on the first day of your trip which doesn’t leave much room for spontaneity. 
  • Pool Areas – There are only two outdoor pool areas with small pools considering how many passengers are on the ship. There are plunge pools within the spa area but they are not ideal for swimming. If you want a pool holiday then the Scarlet Lady isn’t ideal for you, but there are plenty of other things to do on board. 
  • Service – The service is very good and the staff are wonderful, they just need a few more of them. If the ship is at full capacity the service can be a little slow and it puts a lot of pressure on the staff. 
  • Itinerary – The destinations are nice, but the focus is definitely more on the ship. You don’t get much of a chance to soak up the local culture. Both day one and day six are in Miami but it is hard to explore because you have your luggage with you. The beach club is a fun day but it is run by Virgin and is a ‘taster’ of the Bahamas, not an authentic experience. 

Do We Recommend The Lady Scarlet? 

Overall, the Lady Scarlet is an excellent cruise ship. It has lots of amazing features that set it apart from other cruise ships of its size.

It is modern and well designed with lots of different spaces to enjoy and plenty of things to do. We definitely recommend this ship, but keep reading to find out more about how to make sure your holiday is as good as it can be. 

Tips For Enjoying Your Cruise 

Here are some things that you should keep in mind to ensure you get the most out of your cruise. 

  • Download the app – download the app ahead of time and use the check in function for a smoother embarking process. 
  • Packing – Check with your travel agent what themed parties will be taking place on your cruise so you can pack accordingly. We packed a red outfit for the Scarlet party, some nice pajamas for the pajama party, and some 80s themed workout gear for the VHS workout class.
  • Plan – Plan out your cruise ahead of time, thinking about how you want to spend your days at sea and which restaurants you want to visit. When you board the boat, take some time to make reservations and book anything that you need to in advance. This will avoid disappointment. 
  • Pre-pay – If you know you want to make the most of all the alcoholic drinks on offer, you should pre-pay for your tab. There are deals available which give you extra credit if you top up your bar tab in advance, so you should make the most of this. 
  • Have Fun – Make sure you go on your cruise with an open mind and you are ready to have fun. You get out what you put in, so don’t be afraid to meet new people and try new things and really throw yourself into the experience. You will be amazed at how much fun you have. 


And there you have it, everything you need to know about the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady! We hope you have found this helpful and can see what a fantastic cruise it can be.

Don’t forget to make use of our top tips to enjoy your cruise as much as possible and we bet you will have as much fun as we did!

Alex Kallen

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