5 Best Casinos In Oregon Where You Can Try Your Luck

The history of Native American tribal land and casinos is one that has dominated modern civil history in the US, and one place this relation is evident is in Oregon.

Casinos In Oregon

Oregon is one of those areas that is heavily influenced by its Native American past, with many of the biggest Indian tribes originating in this area.

The ancestral tribes use casinos historically to ensure that tourism and cash flow is being directed back into their communities, as well as serving the wider communities of Americans.

In the current day, the gambling community and properties in Oregon are thriving and often people take trips down from Washington and other neighboring states purely to visit the casinos and gambling culture that exists in Oregon.

Yet, there are plenty of casinos in Oregon that will claim to be the best, but we have done the research to find out which really are the best.

To find out the best casinos in Oregon, keep reading our article.

1. Three Rivers Casino Resort – Florence

Nestled in Oregon’s Coast Range, the sand dunes and rolling hills of Oregon Dunes State Park make a pretty stunning setting for the Three Rivers Casino Hotel that will ironically make you feel like you are in Las Vegas.

Opened in 2004 it not only provides resources, work, and opportunities for tribal members but is also a huge community area for everyone in Florence, as well as a gambling haven, being one of the largest employers in the area.

In terms of hospitality the property itself is used for a number of community based shows, as well as gambling.

Expect to see regular country music shows, stunning light shows with the properties unique features, comedy shows, special holiday events, gold tournaments, and more.

There’s also stuff to do like renting an ATV and embarking on the local dines, checking out the nearby Sea Lion Caves, as well as enjoying the local old town in Florence itself.

The hotel generally gets stellar reviews and has many different tiers of rooms for different kinds of guests that total 93.

In terms of gambling they should have everything you might want, we’re talking over 700 slot machines, plenty of tables for table games such as craps, roulette, blackjack, and state of the art poker rooms to play the hand you’re dealt.

If you want something a little more than just a casino, with plenty to do beyond simply gambling, this is a really unique location worth checking out.

2. Three Rivers Casino Resort – Coos Bay

If you weren’t keen on the Three Rivers in Florence an hour’s trip down Highway 101 takes you to its sister location in Coos Bay where you can find a slightly smaller but newer casino from Three Rivers as well.

This is a bit more classic in its architecture and settings but offers something slightly different to its brother location.

A 15,000 square foot gaming floor has 250 new games to play plus all the classics. They’re constantly paying attention and trying to improve the new location, but one thing they do well is customer service.

People often enjoy these slightly smaller casinos as the service can be a bit more personal and things are a bit more slow. The shining lights of Las Vegas can be distracting even from gambling.

What is particularly cool about this location, and worth exploring too, is the new restaurant Café 1297, referring to address here, which has recently been ranked among the top ten locations to eat in the local area.Unfortunately this isn’t really an overnight stay casino, there aren’t any rooms to stay in nor can you park RVs here overnight.

This doesn’t detract from what’s on offer at the casino and should you want to stay in Coos Bay overnight there are plenty of great hotels the staff at the casino will gladly point you to.

3. Spirit Mountain Casino – Grande Ronde

This casino in Grande Ronde can boast an award they received in 2021 for being the best casino in Willamette Valley and once you glimpse the huge area they have you can really see why they won this prestigious award.

Only an hour away from Lincoln City, loads of people go here for way more than gambling. The casino is governed by the Confederated Tribes of Grande Ronde and is a vital part of their process of achieving self-sustainability.

One man hit a $1.6 million jackpot here in one of their really popular Buffalo Slot games.

The Buffalo Slot game is a meager slice of their nearly over 2000 slot machines on-site, as well as table games where you can play Black Jack, Pai Gow, Craps, and Ultimate Texas Hold Em.

What’s super cool about this casino too is that there are loads of non-gambling games to play.

In other words, there is a big arcade on the premises too perfect for kids and adults who don’t want to necessarily risk their money, but are happy to spend it in return for some wholesome fun.

There are also plenty of rooms here if you want to stay overnight or spend a few days here on a trip, they come in a variety of styles from lodges, to standard rooms, premium rooms, and premium suites.

4. Chinook Winds Casino Resort – Lincoln City

The Chinook Winds Resort is the perfect example of the native tribes and local communities working together through gambling establishments to make the whole community better and help out all who choose to live in Lincoln City.

It is run by the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon, and they, with the state of Oregon and Lincoln County, have contributed greatly to the community through employment, monetary donations, and cooperative measures. 

The extent and beauty of this casino resort is the perfect physical demonstration of this as the whole property is truly spellbinding but also a great place for gambling communities.

Chinook Winds sits right on the beach of Lincoln City which provides a stellar view as you frequent the 700 vegas style machines and table games where you can play the likes of Craps, Blackjack, Pai Gow, and more.

They even have a bingo night that many locals love.

If you are looking for a hospitality experience more than anything else, then this is a good casino to choose. The top floor boasts 180 degree views of the Pacific Ocean from their unique Rogue River steakhouse.

They also have an arcade for children and other adults who don;t want to  risk their money. Plus there is the nearby Chinook Winds Golf Course. Rooms are great here but they are also pet friendly for the most part.

5. The Mill Casino – North Bend

If you are looking for somewhere to park up your RV and hit the slots, there’s no better place than The Mill Casino and RV park in North Bend.

Here they have over 100 RV sites, bay-view dining as well as over 700 slot machines and tables to play. They boast no less than 5 impressive restaurants and bars to stock up and also to catch the really stunning bay views.

They also have some rooms here too which boast some impressive views of the bay.

Due to the bay being so close there are endless things to do here beyond gambling, such as hiking, fishing, beachcombing, antique shopping, and with Shoe Acres State Park super close by as well. Even in bad weather it’s worth seeing the waves lap onto the shores in a chaotic way that is really enchanting.

There’s no wonder this casino has been voted TripAdvisor’s ‘Best of the Best’ as voted for by the people, in 2021.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there is much to see in Oregon and it is very much a historic gambling area.

We have the Native Indian tribes of Oregon to thank for their hard work and dedication that has made these hotels so hospitable as well as being well established gambling locations.

It’s great to see these two communities working  together and supporting each other to make Oregon a better place for everyone.

Many use casinos for more than just gambling, but they are community hubs to meet and gather and share in the property’s infrastructure and unique vibe.

Many of these casinos simply provide great hubs for those who want to take trips to Oregon, from neighboring states or further afield, so people can see the many sites and sights that Oregon has on offer, especially on its coastal regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Was Gambling Made Legal In Oregon?

In 1971 gambling nights for non-profits, as a form of raising charity funds, were legalized, these were mainly poker games. Meanwhile social gaming was introduced in 1972 and by 1995 44 localities in Oregon had legalized a number of gambling activities like blackjack.

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