Royal Caribbean Cruise Cabins And Suites Guide

Welcome to our ultimate guide to the cabins and suites you’ll be able to enjoy on board your Royal Caribbean cruise.

If you’re planning on embarking on a cruise on one of Royal Caribbean’s incredible cruise ships, then there’s absolutely no doubt that you’re in for the experience of a lifetime. 

Royal Caribbean Cruise Cabins And Suites Guide

Of course, there’s no doubt that each day of your cruise is going to brimming with adventure, so while it’s easy to get swept up in the mystery of each port of call, as well as all of the fabulous entertainment you’ll be able to find on board, just remember that your room is there when you need it the most – when you need to unwind that is! 

Whether you’re a regular cruiser or this is your first time on board, this comprehensive guide will help you to navigate and discover all of the different accommodation options available to you when booking your cruise. 

So, whether it’s a spacious balcony stateroom or the luxury of a Royal Star suite, check out all of the options that Royal Caribbean has to offer right here! 

Inside Cabin

Whether you’re cruising on a tight budget, looking to save some extra money towards some of the other cruise add-ons, or just looking for a little extra flexibility during your time onboard, choosing the inside cabin on a Royal Caribbean cruise is an excellent option. 

These rooms are almost always the cheapest room onboard any Royal Caribbean cruise, which is down to the fact that they feature no windows at all and that they’re also the smallest rooms available.

This doesn’t mean they’re cramped though, as they can range from 180 to 270 square feet of space, and there are plenty of storage units that can be used too. 

Another reason these rooms are so cheap is that they’re typically located in the interior corridors, which can require a little more navigation than some of the other rooms available.

If you’re going to be sailing on a Royal Caribbean ship that features a promenade, then for an additional cost, you’ll be able to upgrade your inside cabin to have a view over the promenade, which is great for those who want the cost efficiency of the inside cabin, but with a view. 

Alternatively, you can choose to go with one of the inside cabins that feature a virtual balcony! These feature a live stream of the view from the ship, so you can get a feel for the view without needing to pay all that additional money. 

While these rooms are budget options, it doesn’t mean that you’re left without any of the luxurious furnishing and amenities you can expect from a cruise ship, and unless something is specifically for suite-class travelers, you’ll be able to access it!   

So, for those looking for a way of cruising on a budget, you should consider an inside cabin, which will help you keep the cost down. 

Ocean View Cabins

Although they’re slightly more expensive than the inside cabins, the ocean-view staterooms are another great yet inexpensive way to enjoy the luxuries of cruising with Royal Caribbean.

While including the ocean view is one of the main reasons for upgrading from the basic inside stateroom, you’ll also revel in the additional space you get. 

Although you won’t quite be able to experience the smell and sound of the salty sea air with one of these ocean-view cabins, you’ll still reap the benefits of the incredible views you get at each port of call, as well as the flood of natural light you’ll get in your room each day. 

Depending on which ship you’re planning on sailing on, some of the cruise ships in Royal Caribbean’s fleet have what is known as the “Ultra Spacious Ocean View” cabin staterooms, which are excellent for families who want a glimpse of the sea, while offering 300 square feet of space inside.

These can of course cost more than the standard ocean-view cabins, so be prepared for the extra cost. 

You’ll usually find these ocean-view cabins located either on the lower decks or on the higher decks in the front and aft (rear) of the ship. 

When it comes to booking ocean-view cabins, it’s worth noting that many of Royal Caribbean’s new ships have fewer of these types of cabins, with an increased focus on balcony staterooms. 

So, if you’re planning on booking one of these cabins for your next cruise adventure, be sure to book it early! 

Balcony Cabins

Some days you might feel like you just don’t want to leave your stateroom, especially if it’s a day at sea. So what better way to experience the incredible sight, sound, and smell of the sea air while on a cruise than to book one of Royal Caribbean’s balcony cabins? 

It’s no surprise why these rooms are so popular, as you’ll be able to watch the sun rise and fall each day from the comfort of your room.

Each of the balconies features a table and chairs, which means that you can even enjoy coffee and a room-service breakfast on the balcony while soaking up the view of your next port of call. 

Since these are some of Royal Caribbean’s most popular room types, you’ll find that their newer ships are primarily made up of balcony rooms.

The more recent ships can have as much as 70% more balcony cabins than some of the older ships in the fleet do, so you should have no issue finding a balcony room suitable for your budget and needs! 

These rooms are also super spacious on the inside, with an average of 180 square feet of space, with an additional 50 square feet of space for the balcony too, meaning you’ll have plenty of room to relax with your family or partner. 

The balcony rooms on the cruises can either be facing inward, towards the central park and the boardwalk neighborhoods, while the outward facing balconies will face out from the exterior of the ship, providing you with an excellent view of wherever you find yourself in the world. 

Of course, you should expect to pay more for those outward-facing balconies, as they’re the ones that are most in demand.

While balconies that feature central park views are preferred over those with boardwalk views, due to the small glimpses of the ocean they provide. 

If you’re looking for a balcony stateroom while on a budget, consider going for an obstructed balcony stateroom. This will include an outward-facing balcony but will feature a somewhat obstructed view, usually by something like a lifeboat.

You’ll still get the luxury of a private balcony though, and for a cheaper price too! 


On many of the newer and larger ships, Royal Caribbean has begun to introduce some incredible suite class options, some of which are even multilevel.

These suite cabins aren’t just for those who want the extra space, it’s all about the additional luxury and exclusivity that comes along with it too. 

If you’re looking to take your cruise experience to the next level, then you should certainly think about booking one of the immense suite options the next time you cruise with Royal Caribbean. 

Some of the suites even come with a “Royal Genie” (a butler), who will be willing to help you with your every need and request.

On some cruise ships, there are suite-only sections, which can include specialty restaurants, sun loungers, and more, all exclusively for those who have chosen the suite option. 

Another one of the biggest benefits of booking a suite option is that you’ll receive a dedicated check-in queue, and prioritized boarding too, which makes embarking a much less stressful experience. 

In the following sections, we’ll explore the various suite options made available by Royal Caribbean, so that you can get a better idea of the sheer luxury on offer! 

Royal Suite Class

Royal Caribbean Cruise Cabins And Suites Guide

Found on both the Quantum and Oasis class ships, Royal Caribbean’s Royal Suites are perfect for anyone who wants to be treated like royalty during their time on board.

These suites are extremely spacious and brimming with exclusive amenities, which means that you won’t need to do so much as lift a finger, it’ll be done for you. 

These royal suites are divided into three separate tiers, which are: Sky Class, Star Class, and Sea Class. All three of these tiers are incredible in their own right, with unparalleled living spaces that are sure to bring your cruising experience to new heights. 

As you’ll receive an all-inclusive and ultimately premier experience by opting for one of these suites, you’ll have to be prepared to pay the price for them, as they’re much more expensive than some of the other options on board! 

So, let’s take a look at the tiers, and what each one includes. 

Star Class

If you’re looking for the best experience possible during your time on board a Royal Caribbean cruise, then you simply won’t be able to beat the sheer luxury provided when opting for their top-tier Star Class Royal Suite. 

This suite class provides an all-access pass to the best suite onboard, with enormous amounts of space, and exuding luxury everywhere you look.

This is complemented by the inclusion of the Royal Genie, a concierge service where no request is too big or too small, helping to create an immensely personalized experience for you and your family. 

Those staying in Star Class suites will be able to make the most out of their access to the Concierge Lounge, Coastal Kitchen, and the Suite Sun Deck.

There are also the added benefits of priority disembarkation, unlimited internet, and personal invitations to some of Royal Caribbean’s signature events. 

The suites also include some complimentary gratuities, such as premium alcoholic beverages, and specialty dining. 

There are several Star Class suites on board, which include the Royal Loft suite, Villa suite, Owner’s Loft suite, Grand Loft suite, Star Loft suite, Ultimate Family Suite, both the Owner’s and the Grand 1-Bedroom Panoramic suites, and the 2-Bedroom AquaTheater suites. 

Sky Class

Considered the middle tier of the Royal Suite classes, it doesn’t mean that the Sky class lacks luxury at all, and is still a more than respectable option when it comes to suite choices. 

Guests will be provided with priority departure, unlimited internet, and access to the Royal Class events, as well as access to the services of a concierge, who will be able to help reserve tables and plan other parts of your cruise. 

The suites included in Sky class include the 1 and 2-bedroom Grand suites, the Crown Loft Suite, the Sky Loft suite, the Golden Balcony suite, the Golden Junior suite, the 1-bedroom AquaTheater suite, and the 1-bedroom Owner’s suite. 

Sea Class

Although it’s considered the bottom tier of all the Royal class suites, the Sea class suites available on the Oasis and Quantum class cruise ships are still packed with plenty of extras worth your money. 

Luxury amenities such as a personal espresso machine, priority embarkation, a separate Royal class check-in queue, and access to dinner from Coastal Kitchen. 

The only suites that are considered Sea Class on Royal Caribbean cruises are the Junior Suites. 

Ultimate Family Suite

Found only on the Symphony of the Seas and Wonder of the Seas, the Ultimate Family Suite offered by Royal Caribbean on these cruise ships was considered a revolution upon their initial launch. 

This suite caters to families with young children, with a multilevel design to help provide them with plenty of entertainment during their time onboard. Expect to find features such as an indoor slide, cinema room, and gaming rooms, all for their pleasure. 

There’s also a master suite and private hot tub for the parents to enjoy, with the room spanning across 1,100 square feet of space and a 200 square-foot balcony. 

Accommodating up to 8 guests, this room also includes unlimited internet, complimentary food and drink, and access to the Royal Genie concierge service. 

None of this comes cheap though, with a price tag upward of $20,000, it’s reserved for those with deep pockets! 

Ultimate Family Townhouse

Launching in 2024 is Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas, which is set to become the biggest cruise ship in the world. 

Onboard this new addition to the fleet will be an entirely new suite option known as the Ultimate Family Townhouse.

With three levels, 1772 square feet of space, and features like an in-suite cinema, ping pong table, and slide, as well as all of the other benefits of staying in a Star Class suite, it should come as no surprise that this suite option checks in at a cost of $25,000! 

Villa Suite

If you’re looking to cruise on either a Quantum or Oasis-class ship, then you’ll be able to choose the Villa suite as one of your accommodation options.

Previously known as the Presidential suite, this option contains 4 luxury bedrooms, with room for up to 14 guests. 

It also includes 1,100 square feet of space, as well as a 400 square foot balcony, plus an ensuite in each bedroom, a common area, and a private hot tub, this suite is a must-have for large groups. 

Depending on the season and various promotions, you can sometimes snag this suite for as little as $1,000 per person, which is a steal! 

Loft Suite

Many of Royal Caribbean’s newest ships contain an array of Loft suites, including the Royal, Star, Sky, and Crown Loft suites.

The duplex apartments include separate bedrooms and bathrooms, and while the Star, Sky, and Crown Loft suites can accommodate 4 people, the Royal Loft suite can accommodate 6 people. 

The Royal loft suite has a space of 1,500 square feet, as well as a 500 square foot balcony. Meanwhile, the Star and Sky Loft suites feature a 750-square-foot space, and the Crown Loft has a space of 500 square feet. 

Perfect for large families, the bedrooms consist of a master bedroom and a second bedroom on the second floor, as well as a private balcony on the first level.

If you go for the Royal Loft suite, you’ll even be able to enjoy the private hot tub on the balcony too! 

AquaTheater Suite

The AquaTheater suites are remarkable choices of accommodation available on Royal Caribbean cruises, and feature some immense views over the rear of the ship, including the Aqua Theater. 

With a choice between 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom options, it’s worth noting that the 2-bedroom is in the Star Class, while the 1-bedroom is in the Sky Class.

The 2-Bedroom option will be granted access to the Magic Genie concierge service, which can be extremely helpful throughout the cruise. 

The rooms range in size from 670-820 square feet, and huge balconies that can span between 610 to 770 square feet. Plus you’ll get a great view of the Aqua Theater shows right from your balcony! 

Icon Loft Suite

Royal Caribbean Cruise Cabins And Suites Guide

Similar to the previous Loft suites, the Icon Loft suite will feature excellent panoramic views thanks to being two decks high, as well as 656 square feet of space for guests to enjoy and relax in, with balconies ranging from 151 to 183 square feet in size. 

As the name suggests, they will be exclusively available on the Icon class ship though, so you’ll have to wait patiently before you can try it out! 

Infinite Grand Suite

Another exclusive inclusion on the Icon class ships will be the Infinite Grand suite, which takes inspiration from the Infinite Balcony cabins, but provides guests with a much larger living space to enjoy. 

With the room spanning across 431 square feet, as well as a 102 square feet balcony, it’s going to be an excellent choice for smaller families, especially with the split bathrooms! 

Surfside Family Suite

Another great family option, the Surfside Family suite is great at bringing families together without compromising on the privacy families need. The stateroom will feature a nook suitable for the children to have some alone time, away from their parents. 

With 269 square feet of space, as well as a 53 square foot balcony, this suite is going to be an incredibly popular choice for the ships! 

AquaDome (Panoramic) Suites

The final suite addition that the Icon class ships will see is the inclusion of the AquaDome suites. While they lack any balconies, these suites are granted incredible panoramic views thanks to them being located inside of the AquaDome itself! 

With the room sizes varying from 370 to 440 square feet, there’s no doubt that the spacious sizing and incredible views will make these suits popular. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, when you cruise with Royal Caribbean, it doesn’t matter what your budget is, as there are plenty of options for everyone to enjoy. 

Whether you’re looking for a budget getaway in one of the Inside Cabins, or plan on living the exclusive life in one of the Star Class suites, you’re bound to enjoy all of the incredible adventures you’ll have during your cruise. 

So, it’s worth taking your time to research these rooms carefully, before picking which one of these rooms is going to be right for you and your family. No matter your choice, we hope you enjoy your time onboard!

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