Princess Cruises MedallionNet WiFi (Speed Test And Review)

Cruise ships are the perfect place for relaxation. Here, you’re free from your daily struggles, free from any nagging children, and free from any phone signal, too. 

Princess Cruises MedallionNet WiFi

While this may sound like bliss to some people – especially if you’re looking to become completely disconnected from society – for others it can be their version of a nightmare. 

Most of the time, cruise ships are very far from land and any potential cellular service. However, don’t worry, you can still check your social media thanks to a satellite connection. 

This is true, in order to stay connected, cruises rely on satellites in geostationary orbit which is approximately 22,000 miles away (or 36,000 kilometers). 

You may be wondering how cruise ships achieve this. Well, this is where Princess Cruises MedallionNet comes in. More specifically, SES Systems. 

With this in mind, this article will explore everything you need to know about MedallionNet WiFi, including a speed test and review. 

Let’s get started. 

What Is MedallionNet WiFi?

Established in 2012, the satellite company itself is from Luxembourg and has been flying television satellites for many years. 

The company manufactured a new system that provides data from remote regions of the world. 

For instance, their O3B satellites – which is short for “the Other 3 Billion people” – are projected in Medium Earth Orbit – approximately 5,000 to 8,000 kilometers above us. 

This enables the system to have enhanced latency. Plus, thanks to modern satellite technology, it provides the equipment with a higher bandwidth – Down and Up. 

Cruise ships around the world are looking to sign up for their services and have them onboard for internet access. 

However, the Princess Cruise is the first line to do so by outfitting its entire fleet with the service. 

Why Do Cruise Ships Need Internet Access?

There are many reasons why someone may need a reliable and strong internet connection – yes, even on vacation! Below, we have outlined some of the most common ones:

  • They guilted a family member to look after their children while they’re away on a cruise but have to check up on their children once in a while. 
  • They may have “forgotten” to tell their boss that they are on vacation and need an internet connection to do so. 
  • So they can hit the gym and start using an exercise bike to feel less guilty about eating 10,000 calories a day while streaming Netflix at the same time. 
  • For important nightly video chats with their fur babies. 

While there are hundreds and thousands of reasons why you may need internet access aboard your cruise ship, these are just a few examples. 

Whether you want to stay on top of what’s happening around the world, scroll through your social media page, or even upload images to Instagram to make all your friends and family jealous – having access to the internet can be extremely beneficial. 

Princess Cruises WiFi Prices and Plans

If you’re looking to get an internet connection before you set sail, you should keep in mind that MedallionNet WiFi starts at $9.99 per device per day. 

However, if you’re a Platinum and Elite Captain’s Circle member, then you can benefit from 50% off all internet packages. 

Moreover, it is important to remember that if you’re looking to purchase internet while on the ship, this is a higher price. 

When it comes to cruising, you’ll be surprised to learn that Princess Cruises offers one of the lowest plans. 

However, you can still get it cheaper! 

For instance, if you purchase the slightly pricier Princess Plus fare, you receive free gratuities, drinks, and, most importantly, WiFi. 

If you’re looking to purchase drinks and WiFi on board, then you can benefit from purchasing the Princess Plus fare and saving hundreds of dollars. 

Is The Internet Strong Enough To Work Aboard The Cruise?

If you’re looking to update your blog article or attend a quick meeting aboard the Princess Cruise, then you’ll want a strong internet connection to do so. 

While there are a few spots aboard the ship where the internet signal has been seen to be weaker, it usually performs great in the cabins. 

Here, you can answer emails, write, update your social media platforms, and attend meetings in the comfort of your own space. 

However, despite this, you should keep in mind that MedallionNet WiFi may not always allow you to accomplish the tasks you’re looking to perform. 

This is especially true when it comes to attending live meetings or answering emails straight away. 

However, when comparing the Princess internet connection with non-Princess ships, it outperforms greatly in this respect. 

How Does MedallionNet Work?

Before we look at the specific speed of the WiFi on the Princess Cruise, it is important to completely understand how the MedallionNet works. 

Oftentimes, cruise ships can be seen traveling to remote destinations all around the world. More times than not, these are extremely far away from land-based cell phone towers. 

Therefore, to stay connected with the world, cruise ships utilize satellite connections to make sure their passengers can stay connected – even when out at sea. 

Before the MedallionNet, cruise ships would have to connect to satellites in geostationary orbit – these are approximately 22,000 miles (36, 000 kilometers) away from Earth. 

Despite radio waves being able to travel at the speed of light, the distance between these two places is up to 240 milliseconds of travel time. 

While this may not sound like a lot, you should keep in mind that your internet speed at home is likely to be under 30ms. 

What Makes The Princess Cruises WiFi So Fast?

Princess Cruises MedallionNet WiFi

Like some other cruise lines, Princess Cruises has switched to a faster medium-Earth orbit satellite. 

The cruise ship’s main connectivity partner – SES Systems – operates satellites that are only 5,000 miles (8,000 kilometers) away from Earth. 

These satellites have been called O3B, which is short for “Other Three Billion People.”

These new and improved satellites have enhanced bandwidth, faster internet speed, and reduced latency. 

Despite the various benefits these satellites bring to cruise ships, they also have one main disadvantage: due to the lower orbit, these satellites are constantly moving around. 

Even though they don’t reach speeds like Starlin’s Low Earth Orbit systems, they have to be constantly tracked. 

In order to overcome any disturbances that could happen as a result of switching between satellite connections regularly, Medallion Net only keeps a link between two or three satellites at one time. 

Additionally, there aren’t any satellites that provide coverage around the Earth’s pole. Therefore, cruise ships traveling around Antarctica, Northern Europe, and Alaska won’t be able to benefit from an internet connection. 

However, instead of having no WiFi, the Princess cruise will connect to the older geosynchronous satellite instead. 

After all, having a slower internet connection is much better than having no internet at all! 

How Fast Is MedallionNet WiFi On The Princess Cruise?

To accurately measure MedallionNet’s internet connection speed, we conducted several speed tests while aboard the cruise. 

In fact, this data was gathered throughout the day to gather the most accurate information possible. 

Here, we found that download speeds accounted for 5.3 Mbps and upload speeds were seen to be 1.2 Mbps. 

From these statistics, it can be seen that MedallionNet WiFi has similar internet speeds to some other mainstream cruise lines. 

It is also important to note that – regardless of what cruise line you’re taking – the internet speed won’t be as fast as the one you have become accustomed to at home. 

The WiFi you can connect to onboard is great for emails, basic web browsing, and messaging, however, you’ll notice some pages may take longer to load than others. 

Additionally, when you stream movies, music, and television, as well as video chat, don’t expect to achieve 4k video. 

However, considering that the cruise ship is floating around in the middle of the ocean, the internet connection on Princess Cruise is impressive. 

Plus, the enhanced bandwidth connection from O3B means you achieve a better connection, too. 

Unlike some other internet plans, Princess Cruises is priced per day as opposed to per minute. 

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about saying goodbye quickly, rushing to get your tasks done, or logging off to save money.

Thanks to the on-cruise WiFi, you can keep all your devices connected and never have to miss an email or update ever again. 

Can You Stream Videos on Princess Cruises?

Yes! You can stream various video-watching platforms, including Netflix, from the comfort of your room – or even at the onboard gym if you’re looking to work up a sweat! 

Can You Video Chat on The Princess Cruise?

Again, yes, you can video chat while on the Princess Cruise. 

If you’re on a romantic getaway from your children, then you can tuck them into bed each day thanks to a FaceTime call – and then get back to your bottomless drinks! 

Can You Use Zoom on The Princess Cruise?

Yes! You can use Zoom while on the Princess Cruise. 

You no longer have to worry about missing potentially important meetings that can impact your career. Instead, you can connect to your meeting with your feet up on a deck chair and gazing out towards the sea. 

Alternatively, if you have a favorite yoga Zoom class you like to take part in, then you can do so too! There is nothing more zen than practicing yoga moves on your personal outdoor deck. 

How Do You Access The Internet On The Ship?

If you’re looking to connect to the MedallionNet internet, then don’t worry, this is a straightforward task and can be completed in a few minutes following the below steps:

  1. Open the WiFi settings on your device and select the MedallionNet WiFi connection. 
  2.  Once you have connected, you will be automatically redirected to the cruise’s login page. 
  3. Here, you can log into your account using your birthdate and cabin number. 

If you’re having trouble connecting to the ship’s WiFi, then you can visit the guest services for some help. 

MedallionClass Wearable And App

It should come as no surprise by now that Princess Cruises offer some of the fastest internet speeds available. 

Each Princess Cruise is equipped with OceanMedallion – this is the cruise line’s award-winning wearable device program. 

This replaces traditional room cards with a convenient and wearable device that enables guests to access their rooms, boarding passes, locate their family members, make purchases, and order food and drinks all from one platform. 

Thanks to the accompanying app, it enables a more personalized experience for guests on the cruise. 

Since so many passengers are using the technology at the same time, Princess Cruise requires an impressive internet connection. 

What Is The Princess Cruise Medallion Class And The Wearable Medallion?

The cruise is outfitted with MedallionClass technology which enables a more personalized level of service while on the ship. 

All you need are two elements: a smartphone and a Medallion. 

Final Thoughts

Society is more connected than ever, therefore, the thought of being disconnected is terrifying for some people. 

Luckily for you, even when you’re in the middle of the ocean on a cruise, you can still stay connected to the world thanks to MedallionNet. 

Hopefully, this guide has informed you on everything you need to know about Princess Cruise’s internet connection, MedallionNet. 

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