Cruise Ship Comparison: Quantum Of The Seas Vs Ovation Of The Seas

Are you torn between Quantum of the Seas and Ovation of the Seas for your next cruise? Maybe you have heard conflicting views about them and want to know which is better? Or are you curious and want to know more?

No matter the reason that brought you here, we have the answer for you! 

Cruise Ship Comparison: Quantum Of The Seas Vs Ovation Of The Seas

It can be tricky to find out information about cruise ships and make the right choice for your next trip, especially if you have never stepped foot on either of them.

And with so many conflicting views online, you can be left scrolling and scrolling, but never finding the answers you want. 

Well that all ends today! Keep reading to see a detailed comparison of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships – Quantum of the Seas and Ovation of the Seas.

We are covering everything you need to know about these ships to help you decide which is better for your next holiday.

Let’s not delay any longer and get into the article now!

Which Ship Is Bigger? 

The Royal Caribbean organizes their fleet of ships into classes based on their size. Both Quantum Of The Seas and Ovation Of The Seas are sister ships in the Quantum Class, so their sizes are comparable.

The Quantum class is the second largest class of ships behind the Oasis class, so these cruise ships are considered to be large as opposed to extra large. 

Quantum Of The Seas is 1141 feet long and 136 feet wide. It has a gross tonnage of 168,666 and can hold 4180 passengers along with 1500 crew members.

Ovation Of The Seas is 1138 feet long, but it has the same gross tonnage as Quantum Of The Seas. It also holds the same number of passengers. 

Each ship has approximately 2.8 passengers to every crew member and 40 tons of ship per passenger when sailing at full capacity.

It is important to consider these factors when comparing cruise ships as it gives you an idea of how efficient the service will be and how crowded or spacious the ship will be at full capacity. 

Which Ship Is Newer? 

When you book a cruise holiday, you want to make sure that the ship you travel on is finished to a good standard, is up to date, and features the latest technologies.

This is why you should always look at the age of the ship when choosing between two options. 

Quantum Of The Seas was built in 2014. It is due some refurbishment but this has not yet been scheduled. However, Ovation Of The Seas was built in 2016 and was refurbished in 2021.

This means it may feel slightly more modern on board than Quantum Of The Seas. 

How Many Cabins Does Each Ship Have? 

When you choose a cruise ship you should look at how many cabins it has to consider how far in advance you will need to book to secure the type of cabin that you want. 

Quantum Of The Seas has 2090 cabins, 1570 of which have balconies. This means 75% of the cabins have balconies.

There are 373 interior cabins which have virtual balconies – floor to ceiling screens that offer real-time view of what you would see from a balcony cabin along with optional wave sounds.

Ovation Of The Seas has 2091 state rooms, 1565 of which have balconies. There are 378 inside cabins with virtual balconies and 148 ocean view cabins. 

The cabins on both ships will have very similar layouts and decor, so you won’t notice much difference when it comes to the rooms. Make sure you leave plenty of time to book your first choice of cabin to avoid disappointment. 

What Are The Dining Options?

Any Royal Caribbean cruise ship will have an excellent range of food options on board, but it is good to know the specifics of each ship to help you decide which to book and prepare for your upcoming holiday. 

Quantum Of The Seas and Ovation Of The Seas have the same number of dining establishments.

They each have 20 restaurants, but on Quantum Of The Seas 12 of them are included in the price of your cruise fare and on Ovation Of The Seas only 11 of them are included in the price of your cruise fare.

This isn’t a huge difference, and either way you will still be able to find something for everyone to enjoy. 

Both ships feature a Cafe Promenade, Chef’s Table, Chops Grille, Coastal Kitchen, Dog House, Izumi, Jamie’s Italian, La Patisserie, Solarium Bistro, Sorrento’s Pizza, Two70 Cafe, Vintages Wine Bar, Windjammer, Wonderland, and a Main Dining Room.

Quantum Of The Seas also has a Splashaway Cafe whereas Ovation Of The Seas has Fish & Ships. 

How Many Pool Areas Are There? 

There is so much to see and do on a cruise holiday that you might find you don’t have much time to spend by the pool.

It is still a good idea to make sure that there are enough pool areas that you will be able to have a swim when you fancy it, especially on a warm day. 

Both Quantum Of The Seas and Ovation Of The Seas have 6 hot tubs. 4 of the hot tubs are general access and 2 of the hot tubs are adults only.

This means that whichever ship you choose you will be able to enjoy some peace and quiet if you are traveling without children. 

Quantum Of The Seas has a total of 4 swimming pools. 2 are general access, 1 is adult only and 1 is exclusive access.

Exclusive access pools are only accessible to people staying in certain types of cabins (such as premium suites) or passengers who have paid the daily rate for access.

Ovation Of The Seas has 3 swimming pools. 2 of the pools are general access and one is adult only. There are no exclusive access pools on Ovation Of The Seas. 

The general access pools on each ship are likely to be equally busy. The adult only pool on Quantum Of The Seas might be slightly quieter than on Ovation Of The Seas because some of the adults will be using the exclusive access pool.

Either way, your general experience of the pool areas are likely to be very similar. 

3 or 4 pools might not seem like enough when you think about how many passengers are on the ship. However, cruise holidays are not intended to be the type of vacation where you spend all day by the pool.

There are so many other things to do between on board entertainment and excursions to the various destinations that you won’t need to spend much time by the pool. 

What Facilities And Entertainment Are Available? 

On board facilities are a very important part of cruising, especially on days at sea when all of the passengers are on the ship and need entertainment.

The entertainment and facilities on Quantum Of The Seas and Ovation Of The Seas are quite similar.

Ovation Of The Seas has a few more activities that are included in the price of your cruise, but both ships have at least 70% of their activities at no extra charge. 

On both ships you can play games in the arcade, attempt the climbing wall, have a go on the FlowRider surf simulator, or even try indoor skydiving. You can watch a poolside movie or a broadway musical show.

The North Star is an attraction exclusive to Royal Caribbean which is featured on both ships – a robotic arm with a glass platform that sends you 300 feet in the air with a 360 degree view of your surroundings (a bit like the London Eye). 

Both ships have a spa and fitness center as well as a casino, an adult only relaxation area, archery, basketball and bumper cars. There is a bionic bar where robots will make your cocktails. 

There are a few differences in the on board facilities. Quantum Of The Seas has laser tag and escape rooms, whereas Ovation Of The Seas has more musical shows and a splash park.

Whichever ship you choose, there will be plenty of exciting activities to try. 

Is There A Difference In Price? 

Quantum Of The Seas and Ovation Of The Seas are both in the Quantum Class. As sister ships, their pricing is going to be very similar. This means that neither cruise ship is particularly cheaper or more expensive than the other. 

The factors that will impact the price of your cruise are the destinations, the length of the voyage, the type of cabin you book, and the food and drinks package you choose.

You can also save some money by booking your cruise during a flash sale and making the most of the Royal Caribbean’s dynamic pricing, but this could leave you with less choice. 

When you budget for your cruise, remember to take into account the onboard spending.

This includes tips and service charges, food and drinks that aren’t included in your package, activities that incur an additional fee, and any items from the gift shops or other on board outlets. 

Which Ship Should You Choose? 

There are very few differences between Quantum Of The Seas and Ovation Of The Seas that would make a big difference to your cruise experience. Ovation Of The Seas is a newer ship with a more recent refurbishment.

Quantum Of The Seas has less free activities but more free restaurants. Quantum Of The Seas has an exclusive access pool but Ovation Of The Seas doesn’t.

If any of these differences is important to you then you might want to choose one ship over the other. 


Quantum Of The Seas and Ovation Of The Seas are both similar in terms of size and the facilities offered, and you would have a great cruise on either of them. 

Alex Kallen

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