10 Haunted Places In Louisiana For The Scare Of Your Life

Do you get your thrills from the creek of doors slowly moving on their own accord? From whispering voices telling tales of long ago? From catching glimpses of those who passed years ago?

10 Haunted Places In Louisiana For The Scare Of Your Life

Do you love enthralling yourself with spirits, ghosts, and other sinister beings? Then Louisiana is the place for you.

The state’s history is vast and often cruel, and with that comes many restless spirits, unable to find peace, roaming the hallowed haunted halls of a variety of spooky buildings.

And if you’re looking for the fright of your life, you can be sure to find it in any of these terrifying locations below. That is if you’re brave enough.

1. The Myrtles, St. Francisville

Not only the most haunted place in Louisiana, but one of the most renowned haunted houses across the entire country, is none other than The Myrtles.

In 1796 this building was a plantation, nowadays it’s a not-so-typical bed and breakfast, popular for its great service and…extra guests. There are said to be an additional 12 guests staying at the B&B.

Of course, they don’t need beds or a continental breakfast. They much prefer to spend their time causing havoc for the guests who actually do pay a fee to stay. Once a servant in the household, Chloe is said to often roam the corridors.

This once-faithful servant met a grizzly end, being hanged for poisoning the children in her care. Many guests have also reported that the two young children still roam freely in the house. If you dare, why not try an overnight stay in this haunted house?

Those not faint of heart may also fancy taking to the staircase where you’ll often hear the footsteps of William Winter, the lawyer who was murdered on those very stairs.

2. The Hotel Bentley, Alexandria

A stay in The Hotel Bentley is sure to have you feeling shivers down your spine. The grand hotel was first built in 1907 by proud owner Joseph Bentley, who resided in his second-floor apartment of the hotel until his sad passing in 1938.

Joseph Bentley never married. Never had a relationship at all, in fact. He even said that the hotel was the only wife he’d ever have. But in Bentley’s case, ‘till death do us part clearly wasn’t part of his vows.

Though the hotel has had several renovations and owners throughout the years, it appears Bentley still claims his rightful place at the grand hotel.

Many visitors report interactions and sightings of Bently frequently, often spotting him wandering around the halls during the day.

If that wasn’t enough, it would appear the elevator doors open and close on their own accord, or as if they are being used by some individual that is not visible to the eye.

Which is much scarier once you learn that a seven-year-old girl once fell to her death in that very elevator shaft. Stay aware when riding the elevator too – many guests report the feeling of a young child pulling at their pants legs while riding.

3. St. Louis Cemetery No.1, New Orleans

Cemeteries are pretty spooky places by nature, after all, with that many resting souls how hard is it to imagine that even just a few of them never found their peace?

Well, this cemetery takes things to a whole new level when you consider it is known as the ‘City of the Dead.’ The name derives from the above-ground vaults littered beside one another, resembling old neighborhoods.

And in fact, it is the oldest cemetery in the entire city. While visiting the City of the Dead, there are two main inhabitants to keep an eye out for.

An old man named Alphonse is known for taking the hands of the living and requesting they deliver him back home. While Henry Vignes, an old sailor, wanders the cemetery asking for directions back to his tomb and observing other burials.

4. The Old State Capitol, Baton Rouge

The now Old State Capitol is often referred to as the Castle on the River. But many moons ago, it was once a prison during the Civil War. It also caught fire on two separate occasions, trapping haunted souls within its walls for eternity.

While the building is now a Museum of Political History, it also is home to several paranormal guests too.

Some of the spirits said to haunt the building include Sarah Morgan, a family member of the family that donated the land, and Pierre Couvillion, a 19th-century senator, who suffered a heart attack in the building while making a speech.

The sightings are relatively rare, but some individuals have stated that his spirit still wanders the halls, causing havoc as he sets off the motion detectors and leaves footprints behind him.

5. Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Site, Gibsland

A venture to the very spot where the famous pair Bonnie and Clyde met their end is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Especially during a full moon.

Legend has it that if you visit the site when the moon hangs high and full in the sky, you will hear their agonizing screams on a continuous loop along with the several gunshots that took their lives.

Think you could handle listening to the neverending shootout and screaming that took their lives? Then head up to this incredibly spooky spot in the dead of night.

6. Oak Alley Plantation, Vacherie

While on the surface the Oak Alley Plantation may seem like a picturesque and serene place to visit, there are sinister secrets lurking beneath its surface. But it appears those secrets don’t wish to stay totally undiscovered.

Many visitors and staff alike tell tales of spooky and unusual things happening during their time there.

From ghostly shadows lurking by windows to the sounds of horse and carriage pulling up the alley when nothing can be seen, there is no end to the unexplainable circumstances that take place at the plantation.

And the most surprising and frightening of all would definitely be when 35 guests all saw a candlestick hurtle across the room in front of them with no thrower to be found.

7. Calcasieu Courthouse, Lake Charles

Toni Jo Henry became quite the town celebrity following the three trials for the cold-blooded murder of Joseph Callaway in Calcasieu Parish.

Eventually, she was found guilty and became the very first, and only, woman to ever be executed via electric chair in the state. Now many years later, many still say that her spirit roams the Calcasieu courthouse where her cell was.

There is often the scent of charred hair in the air which is swiftly followed by a subtle hint of cheap perfume. And that’s not all that goes on.

There are often several unexplained electrical malfunctions that happen in the building, said to be none other than Toni trying to wreak havoc on her once captors. Apparently, Toni’s tortured screams can also be heard echoing from the stairwell.

8. Magnolia Plantation, Natchitoches

Considering even the professionals of Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures found this plantation terrifying, you can definitely expect to get your fill of thrills while visiting.

While filming voodoo rituals, chanting, and other unexplainable noises could be heard from a former slave cabin. Not only this but unexplained lights were also caught on tape.

And it is no secret that the overseer of the building was murdered, meaning it makes sense that there would be an unresting spirit haunting the plantation. Nowadays, this is private property, but tours are still available for those who dare.

9. French Quarter, New Orleans

The French Quarter is one of the most haunted areas in Louisiana, with several different haunted tours available to take you to a selection of spooky places. Fair warning, some of these are seriously scary and are not appropriate for younger individuals.

From the power of voodoo to ravenous vampires, from ghastly ghosts to spooky spirits, there’s no end to the paranormal activity you can investigate throughout the French Quarter in New Orleans.

These tours can test even the bravest of souls…so, just be prepared, you never know who you might encounter while trailing these streets after hours.

10. Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, Shreveport

Said to haunt the halls of Shreveport Municipal is a mischievous ghost that goes by the name of Sarge. Women be warned, for he has a fondness for playing and caressing female hair.

Those with shorter styles can expect him to ruffle and ruin a slick look, while those with long hair report it being stroked, caressed, and tugged upon. But Sarge is not the only ghost to enjoy the auditorium.

You may also notice Mary who enjoys hogging the limelight on stage, along with a variety of other ghostly guests who appear in photographs from time to time.

It is believed that the guests wander into the auditorium from the adjacent cemetery, or remain from days long ago when the auditorium was once a building that hosted Country music shows.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a fright, there are many places in Louisiana that can accommodate you as we have learned in this article. So, will you dare to enter the homes of the undead and restless spirits?

Could you survive a walking tour down the dark streets of New Orleans? Or stay a night in the spooky B&Bs?

Alex Kallen

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