10 Haunted Places In Oregon For The Scare Of Your Life

There’s nothing quite like a good old ghost story to get the hairs on your neck standing up. Wherever you are in Oregon, you’re probably closer to tales of hauntings and murders than you even realize. Are you ready to face them head-on?

10 Haunted Places In Oregon For The Scare Of Your Life

Today, we’re going to introduce you to ten of Oregon’s most haunted places – from hotels and campsites to cemeteries and old forts, you’re never too far from the apparitions that haunt their favorite spots, and the terrifying stories that tell of their demise… 

1. Bush House Museum

First up, we have the Bush House Museum. 

The house is part of a larger estate complete with a barn, house, outbuildings, and gardens, and it’s now open as a public park. This Victorian mansion dates back to 1878, so you’ll have plenty more to see here than just rose gardens and beautiful furnishings… 

The Bush House Museum is said to be haunted by none other than the ghost of Asahel’s youngest daughter, Eugenia, whose apparition is said to have appeared on numerous occasions.

There are also a few other shadows and female voices that roam the halls, and with any luck, you’ll catch a few yourself on your next visit.

2. Battery Russel

Battery Russel is one of nine batteries found at Fort Stevens, Oregon. Battery Russel was active for forty years (between 1904 and 1944), and it’s a collection of complex defenses near the Columbia River that can be toured by members of the public. 

Battery Russel played a significant role in the area during WW2, and it was one of the only installations to be attacked by enemy forces.

There are two levels to Battery Russel – on the lower level, you’ll find offices, rooms and guard rooms, and on the upper level, you’ll get to see plenty of old gun pits. 

Battery Russel, and the rest of Fort Stevens, is said to be haunted by the ghosts of some of America’s most brutal wars.

Although no casualties were recorded at the fort, many tourists have reported seeing some strange, unexplainable events in the area, with many believing that the souls of those who battled have been left tethered to the area. 

Hauntings include visions of figures, hearing voices, and sudden feelings of terror. Enter if you dare… 

3. Geiser Grand Hotel

Geiser Grand Hotel is a 4-star, historic hotel that can be found in the heart of Baker City, Oregon. Geiser Grand Hotel originally opened in 1889, and it’s known for its luxurious accommodation, bar, beautiful amenities… and a few rather eerie visitors. 

Many believe that the Geiser Grand Hotel is haunted by the spirits of its past guests, with the Lady in Blue being one of the most infamous apparitions to roam its halls.

The Lady in Blue has been seen lurking around the hotel bar and in her old Room 302. The hotel staff even call her by her name – Annabelle! 

There’s also plenty of talk of other spirits making themselves comfortable at the hotel, including a young girl whose laugh can be heard in the hallways, and spirits who enjoy partying in their favorite suites until the early hours. 

In fact, the hotel is so awash with claims of paranormal activity, that it draws plenty of visits from psychics, film crews, and paranormal investigators every year! 

This is one of Oregon’s most haunted spots – and you definitely won’t want to miss it. 

4. The Heathman Hotel

The Heathman Hotel is one of Portland’s most distinctive landmarks. It originally opened in 1927, and it’s now one of Portland’s last remaining historical hotels. 

The Heathman Hotel is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in America, and all rooms ending with ‘03’ are said to have the most paranormal activity. One guest famously took their own life by jumping from the window of 1003, and so the stories began. 

There’s also been some unexplainable tales of paranormal activity throughout the hotel, including cold spots, towels being used when no one is around, drinks emptying themselves, and faces spotted in the dark…

Some have even reported feeling a presence in their beds. Are you brave enough to visit? 

5. The Egyptian Theater

This historic movie theater can be found in Coos Bay, Oregon. If you’re lucky, you may bear witness to some strange paranormal events that certainly feel like something out of a movie… 

The Egyptian Theatre was officially opened in 1925, and it’s said to be haunted by the spirit of an elderly lady who loves to make an appearance on the lower stage. Some have even spotted her sitting in the balcony seats of the auditorium!

Staff, volunteers, and guests have reported strange sightings of dark figures, seen objects move on their own, and heard footsteps across the empty stage when no one else is around. 

Ghost hunters have performed several investigations here to determine what’s really going on. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to launch an investigation of your own after visiting! 

6. Lafayette Cemetery

Perhaps it’s not too far-fetched to believe that a cemetery could be haunted. However, the stories that come out of Lafayette Cemetery, Oregon, are rather unique. 

Lafayette Cemetery in Dayton is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who was hanged after being accused of being a witch. Visitors have reported hearing her laugh, and some have allegedly been ‘chased off’ the grounds by her ghost. 

There are also stories that Anne Marple, whose son Richard was hanged in 1887 for murder, still haunts the area. Anne was believed to be a witch, and when her son was hung, many claimed that she cursed the town. 

Shortly after, two significant fires decimated the area, and many have claimed to catch glimpses of her wandering near the headstones. Perhaps you’ll see her for yourself if you visit!

7. Pittock Mansion

Pittock Mansion was built in 1914 and is famous for its impressive architecture and tales of the city’s transformation from a pioneer town to an industrialized hotspot.

However, if you’re just stopping by for a history lesson, you may also be surprised to learn of the hauntings in the area… 

Pittock Mansion is said to be haunted by its once-wealthy owner, publisher Henry Pittock. His wife also passed away around the same time, but the couple died before they could make full use of their home, and are said to haunt it today. 

Some have reported hearing footsteps down the halls, seeing paintings on the walls move on their own, and even seeing and hearing windows shut throughout the mansion.

With around 46 rooms inside, there are plenty of places for ghosts to hide! Many have also reported smelling the scent of roses, the favorite flower of Pittocks wife, Georgiana. 

If you want a historical tour with a little sprinkling of the paranormal, you won’t be disappointed! 

8. The Witch’s Castle

The Witch’s Castle, Oregon, was built in 1830 and is currently maintained by Portland Parks and Recreation. It’s formally called The Stone House, and it’s steeped in unusual legends of murder and paranormal activity. 

The castle ruins are supposedly haunted by two young lovers – one of which was shot dead by the other’s father for eloping.

Even if you weren’t aware of the story before visiting, you’ll notice that area has a distinctively eerie feel to it, and many have reported seeing shadows, feeling chills, and hearing voices after standing in there for a few minutes. 

Who knows, if you take a trip to The Witch’s Castle, you may even catch a glimpse of the apparitions for yourself! 

9. McMenamins Edgefield

Next up, we have McMenamins, Edgefield. McMenamins (or Edgefield Hotel) was constructed in 1911 as a country farm and has since become a unique, popular 3-star hotel for guests in the area. Edgefield also has a pretty haunted history.

When Edgefield was first constructed, many people in the area were suffering from sickness and poverty. Edgefield became an infirmary and a “poor house” to accommodate those who struggled, and many ghosts are said to reside here. 

When Edgefield was bought by the McMenamins, they performed a ‘spirit’ cleansing to ward off evil spirits, but their discoveries of pentagrams and animal bones made them realize they may have stumbled across more than they bargained for. 

Visitors still report hearing crying children, footsteps on the floors, the voices of a woman singing rhymes, and seeing the faces of ghosts in the dark. Are you brave enough to stay the night and come face-to-face with the paranormal? 

10. Scaponia Park

Last up, we have Scaponia Park. Scaponia Park is a seven-acre nature park and a hotspot for tourists, nature lovers, and hunters.

However, this versatile campground is also known for its rather eerie woods, particularly at night, when ghosts and spirits love to make themselves known…

One of the most commonly spotted ghosts appears to be a man with a dog, who walks the wood at night. Some believe he was a thief from the 1800s who was hunted by an angry mob and shot. 

Both the man and his dog are buried near Scaponia Park. Many visitors have claimed to see his shadow wandering through the woods, and some have even heard voices late at night… Will you pitch up a tent at Scaponia Park and see if you can catch a glimpse of the thief? 

Final Thoughts 

With a trip to one of these haunted hotspots, you’ll see Oregon in a whole new light. If you’re not already a believer in the paranormal, be prepared to come away with a whole new outlook… What are you waiting for? Your next unique trip to Oregon awaits! 

Alex Kallen

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