10 Of The Safest Cities In Louisiana To Visit Or Live

With 4.6 million residents, Louisiana is the 25th most popular state in the country. In addition to being home to New Orleans, the state also includes other major cities, including Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport.

10 Of The Safest Cities In Louisiana To Visit Or Live

However, none of these cities contribute to the top ten safest cities in the state. In fact, the state holds the highest per-capita murder rate in the United States with 13.7 per 100,000 – this is double the national average of 6.6.

Plus, it has a statewide violent crime rate that is equivalent to 820 crimes per population of 100,000.

Whether you’re moving to the area and are looking for the safest neighborhoods to live in or are simply visiting the area, we have outlined the top 10 safest cities in Louisiana. Let’s get straight into it.

1. Mandeville

You can find the city of Mandeville located in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. It is situated on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain and south of Interstate 12. The city itself has a population of approximately 12,371.

Plus, there are a total of 48 law enforcement officers in the area – this is about 3.88 per 1,000 residents. On average, there are approximately 18.83 crimes per 1,000 residents.

2. Addis

One of the safest areas in Louisiana is Addis. In fact, along the Mississippi River, the alligators pop their heads out of the water to remind residents to go home before dark!

Addis is located along Louisiana Highway One and provides a safe environment with the feeling of a small town. With just over 5,000 residents, the quality of life in the little city situated just outside of Baton Rouge is superb.

The residents here even claim that “Your problems will be smaller, your burdens will be few, for Friends are made for helping, and that’s just what they do.” This is one reason that makes the city so safe – everyone is always looking out for each other!

3. Rayne

With a popularity of approximately 8.088, Rayne sees an average of 247 violent crimes per 100,000. In 2019, of the 20 reported crimes, three were robberies and 17 were aggravated assaults. In that year, no homicides were reported.

Furthermore, the city has a property crime rate of 2,300 per 100,000. Besides this, Rayne is known as the Frog Capital of the World – thanks to its high number of frog inhabitants.

Therefore, when visiting or moving to the area, your main concern should be accidentally treading on a toad!

4. Covington

Located in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, the city of Covington sits on the fork of the Tchefuncte River and Bogue Falaya.

The city itself has a population of approximately 10,658 with a total of 40 law enforcement working within the area – this is about 3.75 per 1,000 residents.

According to the 2018 FBI Uniform Crime Report, there were a total of 253 crimes reported in this area, including property crimes and violent crimes.

During this period, there were 223 property crimes reported and 30 violent crime incidents reported. This makes for around 23.74 crimes per 1,000 residents.

5. Youngsville

If you’re looking for a true Louisiana town that features small-city vibes with big-city pride that is safe at the same time, then Youngsville is the ideal destination for you.

Some gold star qualities of Youngsville include its non-existent number of crimes per 100,000 residents, its A+ economic and social infrastructure, and its large percentage of educated residents making the city what it is.

While it may not be as large as the bigger cities, including Lafayette, this little city, instead, has a mellow vibe with a melting pot of cultures, including American, French, and African.

In addition to this, you’ll find five-star restaurants, endless fun, and an unforgettable summer festival – allowing you to enjoy everything the city has to offer while feeling safe.

For this reason, it is clear that Youngsville is one of the most populous cities located at the southern end of Lafayette Parish. Here, you can cruise the roads on trucks, ATVs, and even lawnmowers with peace of mind that you’re safe.

Likewise, it is also somewhere where you don’t have to worry about your Amazon packages getting stolen from your front porch.

6. Broussard

With a population of 12,985, Broussard is a slightly larger town. It has a violent crime rate of 246 per 100,000 people and a property crime rate of 3,304 per 100,000. In 2019, no murders were committed.

However, of the 32 reported violent crimes, three included rape, six included robbery, and 23 included aggravated assaults. In 1884, the town was founded by a local merchant, Valsin Broussard. In 2002, it officially became a city.

Broussard established a vigilante committee after his store was robbed. While the median household income of the area is over $80,000, 13% of the population lives in poverty.

7. Minden

The small city of Minden is the parish seat of Webster Parish, Louisiana. It can be found 28 miles east of Shreveport. The city itself has a population of approximately 12, 215.

Out of this number, there are a total of 33 law enforcement officers – which amounts to approximately 2,70 per 1,000 residents.

According to the 2018 FBI Uniform Crime Report, there were 269 crimes reported during this period, including property crimes and violent crimes. Out of this number, there were 251 reported property crimes and 18 violent crimes.

8. Harahan

Situated along the Mississippi River, Harahan is located just East of New Orleans. This small, river city is virtually crime-free and is super-family friendly – making it one of the safest places in Louisiana to call your home.

One of the best things about this town is that they are super friendly and welcoming. When it comes to true Louisiana fashion, they are happy to help anyone in a sticky situation.

On the HomeSnacks website, they were awarded a score of 8/10 in terms of safety. This shouldn’t come as a sunrise since the number of educated residents is 8/10. Therefore, the more busy the location is, the less chance of crime taking place.

If this doesn’t make you feel safe, we don’t know what will! Harahan is one of those cities that makes the Bayou State proud – a lot of the other cities could learn from this Jefferson Parish City.

In fact, the total crime rate in the area is approximately 22.02 crimes per 1,000 residents. This means that there is a total of 1.47 violent crimes per 1,000 residents and 20.55 property crimes per 1,000 residents.

9. Westwego

With a population of 8,000, Westwego saw 20 violent crimes reported in 2019 – this is the equivalent of 238 crimes per 100,000 residents. Out of these 20 crimes, three were rape, six were robberies, and 11 were aggravated assaults.

In addition to having a slightly lower violent crime rate than Broussars, Westwego also has a lower property crime rate, too, which consists of 2,127 per 100,000 residents.

This suburban community is a borough located in New Orleans. Despite being disputed, one tale suggests the city got its name from travelers heading west.

When asked where they are going they simply said “West we go”. In 1951, the area was officially incorporated into a city. Initially, the area was popular with trappers and fishermen.

However, today, the median family income is only $30,000 with approximately 28% of the population living in poverty. Despite this, Westwego has a relatively low crime rate – making it a safe place to live.

10. Gretna

Gretna city is also a parish seat of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana – making it the second largest city situated in the parish. You can find Gretna on the west bank of the Mississippi River, just east of New Orleans.

Plus, it has a population of approximately 17, 965. Out of this population, there are a total of 129 law enforcement officers – meaning there are about 7.18 per 1,000 residents.

According to the 2018 FBI Uniform Crime Report, there were 641 crimes reported in this period, this includes property and violent crimes. 

From this number, there were 555 property crimes reported and 86 violent crime incidents reported. This amounts to roughly 35.68 crimes per 1,000 residents.

Final Thoughts

Despite Louisiana having one of the largest statewide crime rates in the entire United States, there are some cities that are considered safe. This includes Harahan, Rayne, and Addis.

However, even though they are considered safe, you should always keep your wits about you whenever you’re visiting a city – no matter how big or small. Hopefully, this guide has informed you on everything you need to know about the 10 safest cities in Louisiana.

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