14 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas You Need To Try

If you’re heading down to Dallas, you’ll probably notice that there are lots of fantastic rooftop restaurants dotted around the city.

These restaurants allow you to gain fantastic views of the city, all while enjoying a delicious meal. 

14 Fantastic Rooftop Restaurants In Dallas You Must Visit

It is always a good idea to look for restaurants with a view when you are exploring a city. It is a great way to enjoy some Texan food, as well as to take in the beautiful scenery. 

Dallas is beautiful to see from above. In 2014 it was voted the Best International Skyline by a USA Today Readers’ Choice. 

This article will explore some of the best rooftop restaurants in Dallas. It includes lots of different budgets and cuisines so there will definitely be something for everyone on this list! 

1. Mirador

This restaurant is located in Downtown Dallas. It is best known for the amazing windows that look out over Dallas. These windows are floor to ceiling, and they allow for fantastic views of downtown Dallas. 

You will also have the opportunity to eat out on a patio that overlooks the streets below. Inside, the cuisine is American, but it boosts an upscale version of the traditional American dishes.

You can enjoy some delicious shrimp and fantastic tater tots. 

In this restaurant, you will find lots of classic dishes, including beef tartare. These dishes are very well made, and the restaurant is very fancy.

While it is slightly more pricey than some other restaurants you will see on this list, it does have the wonderful views and fantastic food to support these prices.

2. Happiest Hour

This rooftop restaurant is the biggest rooftop restaurant in Dallas, and it is a great place to grab a drink and enjoy the view. You don’t have to eat here, you can just treat it as a bar, as there are plenty of seats outdoors. 

Despite the fact that this restaurant is 12,000 square feet in size, it can still be very difficult to find seats on the weekends because of its popularity. 

This restaurant is so popular because it is located centrally. It also has immersive views of the skyline and a huge range of different drinks to enjoy.

There are 50 different beers on tap at Happiest Hour, so there will definitely be something for everyone! 

The atmosphere of this restaurant is very unique, making it an experience in itself. You can find lots of different board games scattered around for you to play during your experience.

This restaurant is really good at providing excellent customer service to its guests

This restaurant is very affordable in comparison to other rooftop restaurants of this kind. It is accessible to everyone, and it will not disappoint! 

3. Terilli’s

Terilli’s is an Italian Restaurant. It is a great place to go for date night, as it is a very romantic restaurant. It is perfect for any celebration, too, and it will certainly impress your loved one. 

This restaurant is Italian, with a Texan twist. You can purchase the italcho dish which consists of a plate of Italian nachos which are very unique and will have lots of punters coming back for more!

This restaurant is not only well known for its delicious food, but also for its frozen cocktails.

The ice-cold martinis that they have on offer here are to die for, and there are 17 different variations available for you to choose from. Make sure you leave plenty of time so that you can try out a few of these martinis. 

The atmosphere at this restaurant is great. It boasts panoramic viers and an immersive dining experience.

You will even have the chance to enjoy fire pits outside in the winter months when it is cooler in Dallas.

4. Tei-An

This Japanese restaurant is located in downtown Dallas. It is a very exclusive restaurant that is actually limited to members-only. 

This restaurant has won many different awards and it is very well known in Dallas for its success and exclusivity.

This restaurant is for anyone who is anyone.

The food, service and interior of the restaurant are all very impressive, and the skyline views that you get from the restaurant only encourage you to stay longer to admire the views.

Tei-An is not only a wonderful restaurant, it also has great entertainment. It is home to some wonderful jazz evenings. These are intimate affairs where you can enjoy some wonderful cocktails and listen to the music. 

While it is mostly an exclusive, members only restaurant, Tei-An occasionally opens up to the public. It is a good idea to keep an eye out for when this happens so that you can give the restaurant a try.

5. Vetted Well

Vetted Well is another fantastic rooftop restaurant. It is slightly more affordable than some of the other restaurants on this list and it is a favorite of locals in the area. 

This restaurant is large enough to offer lots of space for larger groups, especially in their outdoor space.

It is situated on the second floor which is above the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, and it offers fantastic views of Dallas. 

This restaurant offers a great space to have a bite and a drink with some friends. You can always tie a visit to Vetter Well with a movie downstairs, and you can purchase a lot of these movie snacks in the bar.

Find yourself snacking on bottomless popcorn, hot dogs and burgers. 

This restaurant doesn’t end there, there are fantastic menus available for beer, wine and cocktails. You can also enjoy some of the wonderful karaoke rooms with your friends for a guaranteed good time! 

This restaurant is more affordable than others on the list, and it is well worth the money. 

6. Harlowe MXM

This is a great Gastropub restaurant located in Deep Ellum. It is situated on a rooftop that looks over into downtown Dallas. 

The menu is delicious, serving fantastic brunches. It has its own style.

It is home to a very laid back atmosphere which means you have the opportunity to relax and settle into the evening before you head off to your next location. 

This restaurant often has live music, so you will find it very difficult to leave. If you want to enjoy happy hour, you should ensure that you arrive at the restaurant early.

You will be able to get some great deals between 11am and 7pm!

7. The Woolworth

Woolworth is a very sophisticated restaurant in downtown Dallas. It is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious drink, catch your favorite sport, or bring a date! 

This restaurant has wooden interiors and boasts low lighting to add enjoyment and sophistication to any meal. 

The food at the Woolworth is very traditionally Texan. You will find a menu of burgers, tacos and steaks and the food is absolutely delicious. 

The rooftop aspect of this restaurant allows you to enjoy views of the city parks and The Eye sculpture. The atmosphere on the terrace is wonderful and full of life, and you will not be disappointed by it!

While the terrace is only on the second floor, you still feel like you can see all of Dallas from this restaurant. 

This restaurant boasts a happy hour where you can enjoy cocktails and craft beers at great prices. This restaurant is not too expensive, instead holding a middle ground in price with the other restaurants on this list.

8. Dodie’s Dallas

This is a cajun restaurant that is located in Lower Greenville.

It is a great place to head to if you like spicy food, delicious cocktails and live music. Lots of the hot sauces that are used at Dodie’s Dallas are made in store, so they suit the city very well.

The area that surrounds the restaurant is very lively, so you will be able to enjoy a wonderful atmosphere as well as some delicious foods. 

At this restaurant, you will enjoy a lot of different Southern classic dishes. This includes some Texas-style beignets, gumbo and crawfish.

This restaurant is very affordable and the food will not disappoint. You will have the chance to spend a wonderful evening at this restaurant. 

9. HG Sply Co

This is an affordable American restaurant that you can find in Lower Greenville, Dallas. Here, you will find a very different type of American restaurant that is very trendy and popular. 

If you want to find somewhere to eat that serves healthy and natural foods, then this is the place for you. You will have the opportunity to indulge in things like salads and protein bowls.

Most of the dishes at this restaurant are customizable so you can make them to your liking. 

At this restaurant, you will also have the chance to try some of the delicious cocktail options on the menu, or opt for some of the beers. 

The rooftop patio is a great place to dine in a cozy environment. It is always very busy, especially at sunset. This is because you can catch a beautiful Dallas sunset from this spot.

The views from this restaurant are much more impressive at night when all of the buildings are lit up. 

This restaurant is great for everyone. They are very good at catering to any dietary needs, and the atmosphere is welcoming.

10. Ser Steak And Spirits

This is a steakhouse that is located in the Design District of Dallas. It is one of the only steakhouses that boasts a rooftop. It is located 27 floors above ground level! 

The restaurant is known for serving delicious seafood and steaks, and you will have the chance to enjoy some wonderful views while you’re there. 

If you’re looking to head over to this restaurant, you should ensure that you are dressed accordingly, as you will be turned away if you are not wearing the enforced business casual dress code. 

11. Vidorra

This is a delicious Mexican restaurant that has a wonderful rooftop. It serves very high quality Tex-Mex foods.

The name Vidorra means ‘a good life’ when it is translated from Spanish, which is exactly how the restaurant makes you feel. The patio is colorful and vibrant.

The restaurant has drawn inspiration from Mexico City so it is very different to a lot of the other restaurants on this list and in Dallas. 

From the rooftop, you will be able to see some great views of Dallas.

The rooftop bar has a roof that you can either leave on or retract. This allows the restaurant to be very comfortable whatever the weather. 

You will enjoy this restaurant not only for the food but also for the wonderful nightlife. You can purchase lots of different types of tequila in this restaurant as well as delicious cocktails.

12. Nora

Nora is a great restaurant that provides some very different cuisine to the other restaurants on this list.

You will have seen a large amount of Mexican cuisine and American restaurants, but this is the only Afghan food on the list. 

This menu consists of soups, veggies and lamb which will definitely impress! Nora used to feature a wonderful rooftop space, however this has recently closed down. Despite this, it is still definitely worth a visit. 

13. Saint Rocco’s

This is another Italian restaurant located in Trinity Groves. It is a New York Italian serving Italian-American foods. It is a well known restaurant for serving comfort foods. 

This restaurant focuses on perfecting many of the classic dishes. Aside from the food, the views from this restaurant are very impressive.

It is located across the Trinity River from the center of the city, so it allows you to enjoy fantastic views of the city’s skyline. 

This is a great place to refuel after a long day of exploring the city and it is definitely worth a visit! 

14. Stirr

This is a delicious rooftop restaurant. There are branches of this restaurant in Dallas and Addison. The menus that Stirr offer are fantastic, and they especially stand out for special occasions. Their valentine’s day menu is very good. 

This restaurant specializes in brunch, so you won’t be disappointed if you head over to this rooftop restaurant for your morning needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Else Is There To Do In Dallas?

There are lots of different things to do in Dallas while you are there, aside from eating in some of these amazing rooftop restaurants. 

Ride The McKinney Avenue Trolley 
The McKinney Avenue Trolley is a historic monument that is traveling around the streets of Dallas today. It is a very old school mode of transportation, and it is great to have a ride on.

It will take you through Downtown Dallas, allowing you to explore the Arts District.
It is a very charming trolley. It was founded in 1989 from restored vintage trolleys.

Watch The Dallas Cowboys 
While you are in Dallas, it is a good idea to see the Dallas Cowboys home.

This famous football team has their stadium in Dallas, and you can go and watch a game there. If there are no games on, you can opt to take a tour of the stadium. 

If you take a tour of the stadium you will have the chance to see the press boxes, the private suites and the radio box.

This stadium, named the Cowboy Stadium, is one of the most expensive stadiums that has ever been built.

Visit Reunion Tower 
If you’re a big fan of a view from a height, then you may not have gotten your fill from this list of rooftop restaurants in Dallas.

If this is the case, you may want to climb reunion tower in order to get another great view of the city.

This tower is a landmark of the city which you can climb. It is 561 feet tall, and you can step out on the observation deck to get a view of Dallas from this height. 

You can visit the bar at the top of the reunion tower if you wish, and enjoy some cocktails while admiring the view.

Chapel Of Thanksgiving 
The Chapel of Thanksgiving is a great place to visit while you are in Dallas. It is very different from any other church.

Located in Thanks-Giving Square, this church has been set up for people of all faiths to contemplate. It is built in a spiral shape and it sits beneath two very large skyscrapers. This is a very impressive place to visit.

Visit The Videogame Museum
The National Videogame Museum is one of the most interesting things to do in Dallas. It is unique, and very interesting if you are a fan of video games. 

This is the first museum in the world that is dedicated solely to video games, and it will teach you all about the developments of the video game industry, including controllers. 

At this museum, you will find an 80’s living room with a console in it. This is there to display how the console would have fit into everyday life.

Final Thoughts 

There are many amazing rooftop restaurants located in Dallas. There is definitely something for everyone, so no matter what you are looking for, you will find the perfect place to admire the Dallas skyline. 

If you’re a local, or you’re visiting Dallas, you should definitely give some of these rooftop restaurants a try! 

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