The 20 Most Romantic Restaurants In Dallas

Seeking ambiance, reputation, and, of course, good food? Dallas is the perfect city to plan your next dinner date.

In fact, Dallas offers a wealth of must-visit romantic restaurants, so it can be hard to choose just one.

The 20 Most Romantic Dallas Restaurants 

After all, you want your date to go perfectly – especially if you’re looking to impress on your first date.

But that’s why we’ve rounded up the 20 most romantic restaurants in Dallas.

Atmosphere, decor and design, service, reputation, location, menu – we took all these into consideration.

So no matter what you (and your special someone) are looking for, these are the most romantic Dallas restaurants that you need to know about.

1. Ser

Ser Steak+Spirits simply has it all, so it’s a great restaurant to start this list.

With moody ambient lighting, stunning city views, and a menu to die for, Ser is an upmarket steakhouse that sets the scene for romance the moment you step inside.

Ser is situated on the 27th floor of the Hilton Anatole resort, and the views you get span right across Downtown Dallas.

So if you like the idea of twinkling city lights while you dine, this is an option you can’t go wrong with.

What we especially like about Ser is that it boasts live music twice a week at the next-door lounge bar.

All in all, you get top-notch food, city views, and the option to dance the night away – really, what’s not to like?

2. Harper’s

Harper’s restaurant offers up world-class cuisine and service in a vibrant, rustic setting that’s perfect for enjoying a dinner date for two.

The menu has everything from fresh seafood to eye-catching cocktails, so it’s a great choice if you consider yourself a gastronome.

You can find Harper’s opposite the Kimpton Pittman Hotel on Elm Street, which also makes it a restaurant worth visiting if you’re situated in and around Downtown Dallas. 

The atmosphere here is relaxing and laid-back, but thankfully that’s not the case for this restaurant’s service, as the waiters are knowledgeable and happy to recommend food and drink options if you’re not sure what to order.

We wouldn’t blame you, as everything on the menu looks incredible.

3. The French Room

Love French cuisine? Or perhaps eager to try it? Then The French Room on Commerce Street is another romantic Downtown Dallas restaurant that’s worth checking out at least once. 

We’re not going to mince words; The French Room is arguably one of Dallas’ best restaurants for fine, authentic French food coupled with five-star service and a restaurant ambiance that’s nothing short of luxurious.

So if you’re really looking to impress (and we mean really), The French Room is a romantic Dallas restaurant that’s not going to disappoint – especially since it offers a five-course menu that delivers a mouth-watering taste of France right in the heart of Dallas.

4. Uchi

It doesn’t get better than Uchi if you enjoy Japanese cuisine.

And it’s not your typical restaurant; it’s a stylish, contemporary dining spot that boasts a sophisticated decor with a menu that covers everything from modern Japanese fusion to traditional sushi.

And the fact that it has award-winning chef Tyson Cole at the helm is just another reason to visit Uchi for a memorable dinner that’s sure to get the sparks flying.

So no matter whether you love sushi, fresh seafood plates, or wagyu beef, Uchi is well worth visiting, even more so for the world-class service and the sleek interior design that simply sets this Japanese restaurant apart from the rest.

5. Dragonfly

Find Dragonfly at Hotel Zaza just north of the City Center District – a New American restaurant with a classy vibe that’s sure to impress your dinner date – it’s got ambient lighting, mouth-watering food, and a large outdoor space for a more casual vibe,

So, for couples, Dragonfly is a Dallas restaurant that checks all the boxes.

And since it also doubles as a lounge bar, Dragonfly is also a superb choice if all you want to do is chat over a few cocktails, at the bar or by the pool.

We recommend trying the lamb, above all, but there are so many great options on the menu that there’s enough here to satisfy all palates.

In other words: yet another romantic Dallas restaurant that needs checking out.

6. Javier’s

Javier’s calls itself a gourmet Mexicano restaurant – and for good reason.

The Mexican cuisine here is second to none (so it’s an easy choice if you can never get enough Mexican food) and the low-lit, antiquated interior design just makes it that much better for couples seeking a dining experience to remember.

Javier’s Gourmet Mexicano has been on the scene for over four decades, so it doesn’t just offer a menu that’s been curated to perfection, but the kind of popularity that makes it one of Dallas’ must-visit restaurants.

Everything on the menu has been enhanced with authentic Mexican flavors, so you’re in for a treat no matter what you order.

Javier’s even has a private cigar bar for the perfect way to finish off the evening.

7. The Mansion Restaurant

If The Mansion Restaurant doesn’t sound opulent, we don’t know what does.

This sophisticated Dallas restaurant offers a high-end dining experience like no other, making it one of the best choices for dinner dates in Uptown Dallas.

The Mansion Restaurant knows this too, as it offers enough two-seater dining tables for couples to dine in style while enjoying world-class waiting service and a restaurant atmosphere that’s about as classy as it gets.

Something that’s also worth mentioning about The Mansion Restaurant is its seven-course tasting menu.

So, need we say it? It’s the perfect dining experience for couples who either can’t decide what to order or simply want to taste it all.

8. Oak

Oak is frequently rated as one of the best restaurants in Dallas – period. So it goes without saying that it’s a restaurant that won’t disappoint couples, first date or not.

What especially stands out about Oak is its dark yet vibrant decor, which really delivers the ambiance at night.

Coupled with a mouth-watering New American menu that boasts fresh seafood, steak, sushi, and more, Oak is a must-try Dallas restaurant that has a lot to bring to the table – literally.

All in all, Oak Dallas has it all if you’re looking to impress a special someone and leave with a full stomach. The drinks menu is expansive too, offering everything from snazzy cocktails to imported fine wines.

9. Tulum

Tulum is an experience from the moment you step inside.

The white tablecloths, marble bar, and peachy white decor are part of it, along with the Mexican seafood and craft cocktails that offer a modern Mexican dining experience that shouldn’t be left ignored.

You can’t go wrong visiting during Happy Hour either—4pm to 6pm, Monday to Friday—when Tulum offers tacos, enchiladas, cocktails, and wine for half price. The perfect date, if you ask us.

And since Tulum’s menu is fully inspired by the exotic flavors of, you guessed it, Tulum, it’s a slice of Tulum near Uptown Dallas that’s well worth checking out (whether you’ve been to Tulum or not!).

10. Felix Culpa

Felix Culpa is another restaurant in central Dallas that checks all the boxes for a romantic dinner date.

Blending a luxurious decor with modern pop art, Felix Culpa is a snazzy dining hotspot with top-notch food to boot.

What you’ll enjoy here is New American cuisine with influences from European cuisine, and the fact that the food looks as good as this restaurant’s interior is the icing on the cake.

The waiters are highly attentive too, which only adds to this restaurant’s experience.

The lamb chops are a favorite here, as well as the decadent cake desserts, so you’re in for a full stomach if you’re not one to count calories.

But why would you? Felix Culpa Dallas has a menu that’s worth every calorie.

11. Bullion

Bullion on South Record Street has picked up no end of awards – so you already know that it’s a place that’s going to impress you and any special someone you bring along.

This is all the more true if you love French cuisine, as it’s what Bullion serves best.

With its colorful contemporary interior, laid-back vibe, and world-class waiting service, Bullion is a hotspot for dining couples, especially since it offers just as many tables for two as it does for groups.  

The best thing is that its cocktail menu is unmatched, making it a must-visit restaurant if you’re all about trying any new cocktail you can get your hands on.

What to pair with them? The duck, ravioli, and escargot are just a few options. 

12. Cafe Pacific

Don’t be fooled by the name; Cafe Pacific is an all-out American restaurant with a flash fine dining setting that couples will love.

It’s top of the list if you like traditional surf and turf cuisine, with white cloth-covered tables and service that’s impeccable.

So there are a lot of timeless food options here, with some favorites that include risotto, pecan ball dessert, and crab cake.

That’s not all this restaurant offers, though, so you’re sure to find something to treat your tastebuds to no matter what food you usually opt for.

You’ll find Cafe Pacific in Highland Park Village, so it’s also nicely accessible, situated just north of Downtown.

If anything, it’s this restaurant’s gorgeous interior design that makes it a must-visit place for couples who love to eat out.

13. Bowen House

Bowen House on Boll Street, not far from Downtown Dallas, is a sleek, upscale restaurant and cocktail lounge with lots to offer on the menu.

We’re talking craft cocktails, tapas plates, and decadent desserts that go down a treat for both lunch and dinner.

And this place is suave – it has to be said.

The bold, stylish decor truly sets the scene for first dates and date nights, no matter whether it’s an exquisite multi-course dinner or a few fancy cocktails that you’re after.

Overall, Bowen House is a cozy yet ultra-modern restaurant with an ambiance that’s both sophisticated and laid-back. The cocktails themselves are definitely a good enough reason to give this place a visit.

14. Gorji

If Gorji sounds upscale, that’s because it is.

This Dallas restaurant keeps things simple with its ambient-lit, minimalist dining setting, with a Mediterranean-inspired menu that spoils with mouth-watering options including gorgonzola, venison, gnocchi, and fine wines.

Gorji is a romantic hotspot for couples and it’s not hard to see why.

The ambient interior and beautifully presented food plates make Gorji a must-visit restaurant for special occasions, no matter whether it’s an important first date or a couple’s anniversary celebration.

It’s not far from Downtown either, so it’s great if you reside somewhere in central Dallas.

We also need to give a special mention to the steaks, which ooze rich flavors pulled straight from the Mediterranean.

15. Barcelona Wine Bar

Barcelona Wine Bar is a piece of Spain located just north of Downtown Dallas.

And if the name of this restaurant doesn’t sound romantic enough, the food here is sure to get sparks flying with flavorsome tapas that goes down a treat with a few glasses of wine.

But it’s not just the food and wine that’ll have you feeling you’re vacationing in Barcelona; it’s the bold, dark decor and relaxed atmosphere that also makes Barcelona Wine Bar a must-visit destination for foodie couples who love authentic tapas. 

So whether you have paella on your mind or a few glasses of fine red wine over good conversation, Barcelona Wine Bar is yet another romantic Dallas restaurant that we can’t help but recommend.

16. St. Martin’s Wine Bistro

St. Martin’s Wine Bistro on Greenville Avenue sets the scene for romance with its intimate fine-dining atmosphere, ambient lighting, and live piano music.

It checks all the boxes for a romantic dinner for two, and the food won’t disappoint.

St Martin’s Dallas serves up everything from fresh seafood starters and well-presented entrees to decadent desserts – a few of which include creme brulee, chocolate mousse, chocolate terrine, and godiva cheesecake.  

So for an authentic European fine-dining experience, there’s no place better. We haven’t even mentioned the wine list yet, which offers a full selection to perfectly complement any entree on the menu.

17. Fachini

Fachini is well-known for its cocktail menu, which won’t disappoint even the most die-hard cocktail enthusiast.

Its Italian cuisine and dining experience are top-tier too, so it should be top of your list if you’re someone with a penchant for Italian food.

Don’t expect run-of-the-mill pizza and pasta here; Fachini serves up world-class Italian cuisine with popular favorites that include lobster ravioli, lasagna, and veal.

The decor is stunning as well, setting the scene for romance no matter whether you visit in the daytime or evening.

Like Cafe Pacific, you’ll find Fachini in Highland Park Village, close to Downtown.

Don’t forget to pair your order with something off the wine menu, before finishing it off with Fachini’s must-try desserts: carrot cake and tiramisu.

18. Rise

Rise is situated on Lover’s Lane. Coincidence?

We don’t think so, as this French restaurant offers romance in abundance with its authentic French menu and semi-outdoor setting that comes aglow with ambient fairy lights each evening.

And it’s not just a must-visit romantic Dallas restaurant for couples, as Rise frequently makes lists as one of the best restaurants Dallas has to offer.

It’s super popular, as a result, and not to be ignored if marshmallow soup, chocolate souffle, and raspberry champagne sound like things you need to try.

So get ready to indulge at Rise, as the menu truly is sublime. For couples craving a taste of France, Rise Dallas just isn’t to be missed.

19. Town Hearth

Town Hearth is a Dallas steakhouse that simply sets itself apart from the rest.

How? Leather sofas, flash chandeliers, and a submarine (yes, you read that right) decorate this restaurant’s dining space, offering a quirky yet classy dining experience that you’re surely going to remember.

And you don’t need to love steaks to go here, as the menu also offers freshly prepared seafood options, wagyu cheeseburgers, and salads dressed to the brim.

The wine list is also top-notch, not excluding the colorful cocktails this resto-bar whips up.

All in all, a perfect dinner date for couples hunting for a unique steakhouse that won’t disappoint. 

20. Âme

Last but not least: Âme on North Bishop Avenue.

Brunch, lunch, dinner, or even a few casual drinks – Âme sets the scene for romance with modern Indian cuisine and a chic interior, ultimately perfect for younger couples who love spicy flavors and good vibes.

This restaurant is a popular choice in Dallas for brunch, so there’s nothing better if you and your date are after something light yet big in flavor.

The shrimp curry, fish curry, aloo gobi, and chicken tikka are all worthy orders, and there’s a lot more Âme has to choose from.

For real Indian food in a modern, intimate setting, Âme has to be top of your list. It even has candles atop white tablecloths, so what more could you ask for when it comes to romantic dinner dates?

Final Thoughts

And there you have it: the most romantic restaurants Dallas has to offer!

There are so many great options here, so there’s sure to be one restaurant that grabbed your attention. 

Still, why stop at one? Save this page for future reference when you need another romantic Dallas restaurant for a second date or special night out with your partner that you’re sure not to forget (see also “Romantic Restaurants In Houston“)!

Alex Kallen
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