A Complete Dallas Itinerary For The Perfect 2-Day Weekend Getaway

There are a whole bunch of awesome places to visit in the United States, and while most people associate art and style with San Antonio of all the cities in Texas, Dallas is 100% worth a visit if you want to try out some delicious cuisine, and see some live music, art, and find hidden treasures.

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A Complete Dallas Itinerary For The Perfect 2-Day Weekend Getaway

In all our travels, we would say that Dallas is a bit like the Philadelphia of the Southeastern States. There is so much to see in the southern city.

It is a bit like a 6-course meal, simply because there are so many flavors, tastes, and textures to this city. It is so big, and there are so many districts, it is literally the perfect place for everyone.

We have whipped up an epic itinerary for this epic city for the ideal weekend getaway. Including places, you should stay, the quirks of Downtown and Uptown, as well as Deep Ellum and even the Bishop Arts District.

It is a unique city with so much diversity, something for everyone. It could even be comparable to Edinburgh with a new surprise around every corner, always something new to discover. How exciting!

What Is Fun To Do In Dallas?

If you are thinking about, or have already decided on, taking a weekend away in Dallas, we have got the perfect itinerary, especially for first-time visitors to Dallas.

We are covering all the most iconic spots you just do not want to miss in this city.

Of course, we also intend on giving you the low-down on all the best coffee shops, restaurants, and even boutiques that are the favorites for Dallas locals.

Two days will feel like weeks, you’ll do so much, but still, you will have only just scratched the surface of this epic location, but that is exactly why you should come back!

So, let’s stop all this chit chat and cut straight to the Chase.


… Now, here are all the best things you need to be doing, eating and seeing in this gorgeous city of wonders!

When Is The Best Time To Visit Dallas?

While we are planning you for a weekend, you could spend longer if you wanted. However, no matter what amount of time you want to stay in Dallas, you need to know when to visit!

So, we have grabbed all the facts and put them all together to give you the options of when is best for you to visit.

When you are trying to find a date to plan your visit to Dallas, you need to consider all factors, seasonal and weather conditions alike.

In summer the city can be scorching hot, but never forget about the adverse weather seasons in Texas too!

When To Visit For The Best Weather

For the best weather conditions visit during:

  • April
  • May
  • September
  • October

When To Visit For The Holidays

If you want to visit during the holiday season, or to welcome in the New Year, visit at this time:

  • Early December – Beginning of January.

When To Visit To Avoid Crowds

If you are not a big fan of crowds and want to avoid the majority of tourism, you should visit in this time period:

  • September to April, during the weekdays (weekends will still be busy).

When To Visit If You Want To See The State Fair?

state fair

If you want to visit the Texas State Fair, visit in this approximate time:

  • End of September – October (Exact dates of the Fair vary each year, so always check dates).

If you want to visit the Texas State Fair during your visit to Dallas, you should swap out an evening of our itinerary or add an extra day for this. We would recommend the latter option though.

The Texas State Fair is the largest State Fair in the United States of America, and it is definitely an event that every American should have on their bucket list.

If you are unable to add a day to your itinerary then swap out a day or an evening. The fair is a must-see, it is awesome, and massive. Aka. Texas sized!

Where Is Best To Stay For A Dallas Weekend

Staying in Dallas? Awesome! They have a wide variety of options for accommodations, and each area of the city will offer you something different with your stay.

However, no matter what, there are three specific areas of the city you should think about staying in the most.

If it is your first time staying in Dallas, we do recommend that you stay Uptown or Downtown, as these are located in a more central area.

Thus, they make great areas for you to use as a base to go to when you are venturing out and are close enough to also enjoy some fantastic nightlife too!

Uptown Dallas has a wonderful upscale feel with the top-rated hotels, new infrastructure, and modern facilities.

It is the most expensive part of the city for you to stay in but if you want to be in the center of it all, with a wonderful view, this is the place to stay.

Alternatively, Downtown Dallas is more quintessential. Being here could be more expensive, and it does put you right in the heart of the city, but this does make exploring other locations easier, since you are in the middle.

Downtown is the ideal place to be if you love the ruckus of the city, hidden bars, and that ‘downtown’ city feel.

There is another option, however, Deep Ellum. This is the hipster, artsy cousin of Downtown and Uptown.

If you love obscure coffee shops, local unique chopping, and want to dive into a unique take on the art scene in Dallas this is the best place for you.

Here you will find boutiques, street murals, and you are sure to grab an amazing stay in a classic loft that will situate you in the perfect spot to enjoy this area of the town.

Staying Uptown

If you want to stay Uptown, what are your choices? We have picked the best for you!

Canopy By Hilton Dallas Uptown

This is one of the best places you can stay in Dallas if you are visiting as a family as you will stay in a very large queen room. It is within walking distance from plenty of restaurants and bars too!

Staying Downtown

What if you want to stay downtown? We have found one beautiful option for you.

Hyatt Regency Dallas

This is a hotel for those of us who enjoy comfy and privacy, with sound-proofed rooms for less city noise and peaceful sleep on their comfy beds.

It is ideal as it is located in the center of the city, but you do not get all that noise thanks to the soundproofing. It is ideal for those with a bit of extra cash to enjoy the center of the city.

The Deep Ellum

If you liked the sound of the Deep Ellum area, then check out this option.

Deep Ellum Hostel

While hostels are not for everyone, this is an ideal option for those who are traveling on a budget. You can have a double room with some hip decoration and offer privacy too. It is close to famous murals, and good places to eat and drink.

Hostels are also well known for getting more culture and having a more intimate experience when traveling.

2 Days In Dallas: Getting Around

So, now you have your place to stay, now it is time to plan your trip. One of the most important parts of pre-planning trips is travel.

Most of us easily forget to plan how we will get from A to B. So, let’s get ahead and do that now!

Going By Foot

The cheapest way to travel around any city is by foot, you also get to see more than you would be using other forms of transportation.

You enjoy all the small details of Dallas, and may stumble around little gems that could easily be missed.

However, Dallas is a big city and if you are on foot, then getting from neighborhood to neighborhood could be quite a walk and very tiring.

Some travel by foot is a good idea, but you should probably incorporate some other transport there, perhaps a bus, rental car, or even Uber.

If you plan on walking a lot, make sure to wear appropriate footwear.

Taking The Bus

Buses are ideal ways to location hop, especially around the center of the city. Going from different neighborhoods, especially if you are tired of walking and want something more convenient.

There is a DART bus available which has a day pass option for only $6, and gives you unlimited rides on all buses and trains until 3am the next day!

It is super easy to get these passes too! All you will need is the Go Pass App, set up your day pass from there and once it is on your phone, just show it to the driver when you get on the bus.

Hailing An Uber

You might consider a taxi, but… Don’t. Taxis are the most expensive way for you to travel around the city. Lyft and Uber are much better, they are cheaper and are better for pick-up options.

You are also less likely to end up getting scammed too, as the amount for your fare is pre-set!

Taking A Car

Getting a rental car is not a bad way to get around the city and have peace of mind that you are in total control of your own journey. It can give travelers peace of mind to have their own transportation.

If you are not a fan of taking the bus, or getting an Uber, you can get a rental car with Kayak. These compact rental cars cost you about $20 per day. If you take this option, always plan for city traffic and parking fares, however.

Traveling By Bike/Scooter

Much like most other large cities, Dallas has decided to introduce electric bikes and electric scooters which you can travel the city using.

It is a great way to travel, and is the perfect option to pair with city walking. They are also super cheap only costing $0.15 per hour of use!

There are a variety of companies that operate these, but if you just download the Uber app, it will only take you a minute to activate your scooter and be traveling around the city.

One of our favorite things about these scooters is that you just drop them off in one place and can find another around the corner, they are super convenient!

What Is There To Do For A Perfect Dallas Weekend?

Spending just a weekend in Dallas is the best way you could enjoy the city and get to have a taste of what each of the best areas in the city have to offer you.

Our itinerary will take you right through every hotspot in this city as well as some more low-key must-see gems, including: Uptown, Downtown, Deep Ellum and the Bishop Arts District.

You will get caffeinated, weird, and maybe become a bit of a hipster thanks to the incredible scenes you will see in Dallas, very soon!

Dallas To-Do List: Our Epic Weekend Recommendation

A Complete Dallas Itinerary For The Perfect 2-Day Weekend Getaway

Here is our epic Dallas weekend itinerary, feel free to change the order, although, we think this is probably the best, and the easiest way to see all of these epic locations in the city!

Get planning!

Epic Dallas Weekend Day 1: Uptown & Downtown

Your first day in your Dallas weekend trip should give you a unique taste of the individuality and speed of this city.

You should begin your trip by exploring many of the very exciting things to do in Uptown and Downtown Dallas, as well as enjoying some of the very best sites and dives.

The morning begins by getting your morning wake-up juice at Full City Rooster and then exploring some of the murals in the city.

After this, you should head on over to the Farmers Market for breakfast at the very best farm-to-table dining spot, known as Mudhen Meat and Greens!

If you visit during the spring or the summer, you should also take the chance to explore their outdoor market, and try out the stalls there, we can guarantee they have some of the best local foods in the city, and you will also find some glorious start-up eateries which are well worth the try.

Dallas is also a great place to visit at this time of year, which makes it the ideal location for spring break.

Once you have visited the farmers market, it is time to head Downtown to see a very iconic sculpture (guess which one, we will tell you later!) and one or a few of the very best museums in Dallas.

Then you should visit Dealey Plaza, the 6th Floor Museum, Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, and then finish off your day with a beautiful dinner at Uchi, and a cocktail or two at one of the most glamorous rooftop bars in Dallas, with amazing views!

1. Grab A Coffee At The Full City Rooster

Time to start your first day in Dallas! Today begins with a coffee shop that the locals love, known as Full City Rooster.

The smell you will taste here is enough to lead you here as the aroma of their freshly roasted coffee is unmistakable and endearing.

Once you enter this coffee shop, you will be met by a warm and very simplistic space that you could easily hunker down in for half of a day.

They are well known for the best cup of coffee in the whole city, and once you taste their single-origin coffee, you will get why!

If the coffee alone does not hook you in, their fresh pastries to join your morning brew will.

Mike, the owner of this location is deeply passionate about coffee, and if you stop in on a regular basis, he will remember you. It makes a city feel more like a community, which is just what every place needs!

Now, once you have finished up here, always buy some of their coffee to take home with you, so you can enjoy a cup of Dallas even once you have gone home!

2. JFK Murals & The World Map

Next it is time to enjoy the artistic side of Dallas, but not museum style! Dallas is jam-packed with endless incredible murals that are dotted all around the city, and to begin your hunt for murals, the JFK mural and the World Map mural are first.

Luckily, these two are right next to one another!

To make it to these two easily, put the Alamo Draft house into your GPS and you are sure to spot both of these once you arrive.

The world map mural faces the Alamo Draft house, and the JFK mural faces the main highway.

While they are rather simple murals, they do make for an epic photo op, and entice you into the street art scene that Dallas is well known for!

3. Grab A Breakfast Bite At Mudhem Meat & Greens

Now, you are probably hungry! So, it is time to head to the best farm-to-table dining spot in the whole city, this is definitely the best place for a fresh breakfast here.

Mudhen Meat and Greens is found directly next to the Dallas Farmers Market, so you could even meet the farmer responsible for the food on your table, especially if you visit in the spring or summer months.

Here you have a wide choice of juices, appetizers, brunch items, lunch plates, desserts, and even classic brunch beverages.

One of our favorite items on the menu has to be the enchilada stack, as well as their watermelon cooler that will bring you sweet relief on a hot Texas summer day!

4. Check Out The Dallas Farmers Market (Seasonal Market)

If you are visiting in the spring or the summer there is no way you should pass up visiting the Dallas Farmers Market!

There are dozens of vendors who sell fresh produce, jewelry, handmade items, and some restaurants, stalls and so on where you can find some of the best cuisine in the city.

There are endless places to grab a breakfast bite here, so if Mudhen seems too ‘normal’ for you, jump on board the taste train and try out one of the excellent stalls here. It will often be open from March until the end of the summer!

If you do decide to stop here, however, always remember to bring some essentials for enjoying a good outdoor meal, bring some reusable bags, takeaway containers, water bottles, and utensils.

5. Look Out For The Giant Eyeball

There are plenty of iconic places to visit in Dallas, the Reunion Tower is usually one of the most iconic, however, the Giant Eyeball is definitely another one, and most tend to forget to visit.

It is found right in the beating heart of Downtown Dallas, and it is pretty hard to miss among the skyscrapers and other unique features, but, you don’t get more unique than a giant eyeball sitting among the rest of this concrete jungle!

The Eyeball is, however, on private property, so try to resist the urge to lunge over the fence to get a better photo. However, it can be enjoyed and appreciated around the small grassy area it is in.

It is a fairly touristy stop, but it is not exactly every day that you can walk down a busy city street and see a 30 ft tall eyeball.

“Eye” as it is known was made by the artist Tony Tasset in 2007, it was done as a temporary display in Chicago, but now it lives in the center of Dallas.

There is no major backstory to the ‘Eye’ other than that its artist simply wanted to ‘create something awesome’. Tony Tasset modeled the ‘Eye’ after his own blue eyes, which is still pretty cool if you think about it.

This piece of gigantic, yet, bizarre art was very briefly displayed in St. Louis and Chicago before Joule Hotel in Dallas’ Downtown decided to buy it and add it to their art collection to solidify their location back in 2013.

6. A Bite At The Henry

While in Dallas, you need to have a proper brunch! So, next we are heading off to ‘The Henry’ for an upscale brunch in Uptown Dallas.

This is a gorgeous little place where modern and vintage collide into a unique and glamorously decorated space that welcomes you into it the moment you enter.

In the mornings, they have hours for ‘grab ‘n’ go’ where you can order from the barista counter, and then at brunch you can sit down for a more elegant dining experience.

When you come here, you should grab a heat on their upper patio deck for a jaw-dropping view of Uptown Dallas. You should also try out their wildflower at their coffee bar, and give the harvest bowl a try.

Note, there are some items on the menu which are not vegan, but ‘The Henry’ is very accommodating to vegans and always makes their food fresh, such as oatmeal and breakfast potatoes.

Staff welcome you here with a smile, and spending some time here in the morning is a relief and a calming aspect to your day, really making you feel like you’re on a perfect vacation.

7. Check Out Dallas’ Museums

Museums are not everyone’s cup of tea, but Dallas does have plenty of awesome museums you should visit.

Not everyone will enjoy the same museums, so we have gathered a list of the top Dallas museums, so that you can pick which to visit.

Pick as many of these museums as you want to visit, but always remember to make time for the Meadows Museum, it is an ornate museum, and gives you a glamorous European vibe, and you needn’t even be in Europe!

It has one of the most spectacular collections of Spanish art found outside of Spain, so is well worth the visit.

As for the other museums, there are no bad choices, simply pick based upon your interests. Venture over to whichever museum suits your tastes and enjoy history, sculpture, and art!

The Dallas Museum Of Art

Ideal for those who enjoy: Contemporary art, international art, African art, sacred objects, etc.
Fee: FREE entry.
Address: 1717 N Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75201

The Perot Museum Of Nature & Science

Ideal for those who enjoy: Engineering, animals, space, biology, prehistoric animals
Fee: $13 to $20 per person entry
Address: 2201 N Field St, Dallas, TX 75201

Nasher Sculpture Center

Ideal for those who enjoy: Sculpture, art that makes you think, unusual/quirky art, local artists
Fee: $10 per person entry
Address: 2001 Flora Street, Dallas, TX 75201

The Meadows Museum

Ideal for those who enjoy: Ornate paintings, Spanish culture, the Victorian era.
Fee: $12 per person per entry
Address: 5900 Bishop Blvd. Dallas, TX 75205

The Dallas Holocaust Museum

Ideal for those who enjoy: History & human rights.
Fee: $16 per person per entry
Address: 300 N. Houston St, Dallas, TX 75202

The Frontiers Of Flight Museum

Ideal for those who enjoy: Space flight, aviation, Apollo VII.
Fee: $10 per person
Address: 6911 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas, TX 75202

8. The 6th Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza

Next on our list is to take a trip back in time, to 1963, and visit the exact location where JFK was assassinated. It’s strange that a majority of people do not even know that this actually happened in Dallas!

You can walk up to, or even drive right up to Dealey Plaza and see the exact road coordinates where the bullets were fired from and where JFK passed on.

This is a very popular Dallas road, so you should still be very mindful when you step out onto the street.

Then, from the x’s which are marked out on the road, you can look up, and you will see the 6th Floor Museum. This is the location from which the bullets were said to have been shot from.

Of course, there is still much speculation around who actually shot and assassinated JFK, even among government officials and historians, but we leave you to think about that as you go here and learn about that day in history over 50 years ago.

Once you have done walking the Plaza, head to the 6th Floor Museum, where Lee Harvey Oswald is said to have perched when he shot JFK, and learn some more about the assassination, the investigation by the FBI and how the whole world responded to this, and even about the 60s culture too!

You can get an audio tour for you to listen to as you take the tour, it will guide you through it and provide you with some more in-depth learning about the whole timeline of events.

The most exciting part of the museum is the spot showing the ‘sniper nest’ recreation, looking down over the Plaza.

There is even an animated screen that shows you the cars routes and the shots, putting the event in a different, unique perspective.

After the 6th floor, go up to the 7th, and find an exhibit showing interviews from all those who were involved on that fateful day.

A majority of those involved have since passed away, but their voices convey an emotional touch to the events, which you just cannot get from only seeing the museum or Plaza.

9. Take A Walk On The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

If you do not already know, The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is kind of similar to what the Needle is in Seattle, it is a city skyline defining architectural landmark. Defining Dallas from all other cities in the US.

While you cannot actually walk on the bridge itself, there is a walking area on the left side of it, where you can wander into and out of Dallas. It is a popular photo op location, it is also a great location for that ‘Welcome to Dallas’ vibe!

10. Enjoy A Wonderful Dinner At Uchi

For your first proper night in Dallas, you should put on your nice dining clothes, dress up all fancy and head out to Uchi.

Uchi is a contemporary Japanese dining location, it is glamorous and nice, but also serves some of the best Sushi in Dallas (and maybe the best you ever tasted!).

The fish at Uchi is flown in on a daily basis from Toyosu market in Japan, and their products are responsibly raised and sustainable, as they are determined to maintain freshness and quality on their menu.

It is a popular local dining spot, and provides the ideal fantastic dining experience Uptown, however, you do want to book a reservation in advance to ensure you get a good table when you eat.

They also have a very wide selection of cold and hot food on their menu, with a separate vegetarian menu with some options which can be made vegan.

If you want something more formal, then you should try something under ‘Omakase’, which in Japanese means ‘entrust’.

If you pick this option it means that you are letting the chef decide, leaving your experience up to them, instead of ordering à la carte.

However, if you want to order à la carte, then Vegan Biendo and Chef’s Choice are good choices. However, whatever you order is sure to make you salivate and tingle your taste buds.

Each dish is quality and made artistically, do not fear trying something unusual or new!

11. Enjoy The Sunset At The Gallery Rooftop Lounge

Feel like some after dinner drinks and some time soaking up the view of Dallas before bed? Most people will visit Reunion Tower for the classic sunset, this is a better option, and it involves cocktails!

At the top of the Canvas Hotel is The Gallery Rooftop Lounge, it is one of the most incredible rooftop bars where you can enjoy a drink as well as a jaw-dropping view of Dallas’ Downtown district.

The drink’s menu has cocktails which are inspired by a great many artists and popular figures, including Salvador Dalí, and Frida Kahlo, and even the ‘Artist of the Night’ special that actually features a ‘drinkable art nightly’.

You can enjoy the sunset here, enjoy a dip in their pool and then head back to the hotel for some rest and to prepare for your second day in Dallas!

Epic Dallas Weekend Day 2: The Deep Ellum

Good Morning and welcome to your second day in Dallas. For this part of your itinerary, you will be heading to the artistic, unique, and kind of weird side of Dallas, known as Deep Ellum.

If you loved the murals you saw yesterday, you will love today, as Deep Ellum is well known for the arts as well as hundreds of murals which are found all over the streets. But, before you end up here, you need to make a couple of stops.

You want to start off your day with your wake-up juice from LDU Coffee, or White Rock Coffee. You then head to see a beautiful diamond mural that is a photo op for the ages!

After this, it is time to grab a healthy breakfast at the True Food Kitchen, and save a cupcake at Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. Then, for some morning peace and nature, enjoy Kayaking on White Rock Lake.

From here, you will head South and end up in one of Dallas’ gems, the Arboretum, with so many unbelievably gorgeous gardens to see. You will probably want to save quite a bit of time to truly enjoy this location for all that it is.

After such an energetic morning, it is time to refill your tank with coffee and some tacos at Tiki Loco for a bite of lunch! Once lunch has settled, it is time to head to Deep Ellum, where you will spend the rest of the day.

Enjoy wandering into the best shops in this area, maybe do a bit of shopping and then carry on to the ‘Museum of Memories’, this is where you can explore a new exhibit and enjoy a journey down memory lane.

To finish, have a delicious dinner at the Pizza Lounge.

Sound good? Awesome, let’s get into it a bit more!

1. White Rock Coffee Or LDU Coffee For Some Wake-Up Juice

You have 2 options for coffee today.

White Rock Coffee is just past White Rock Lake, but it goes along with today’s activities. LDU Coffee is next to the Diamond Mural you visit after your morning wake-up juice.

LDU Coffee will flow better with the route today, but if you fancy skipping coffee and waiting for breakfast, go for it. You could even wait until after kayaking to get a coffee with White Rock. The choice is yours!

2. Make A Quick Stop At The Diamond Mural

The first stop on today’s schedule is the diamond mural, which you can find next to Houndstooth Coffee.

It has vibrant colors and is ideal for those typical jumping’ pics. It is a large mural, so enjoy experimenting with getting the best picture!

3. Have Breakfast At True Food Kitchen

This is a location where you can have health and flavor all-in-one for vegan or non-vegan dining.

The Bright Eyes juice and the vegan option of the Sunrise Bowl are 100% the best options here, but pretty much everything on their menu is delicious beyond belief. If you want to go here for brunch, they also serve divine sangria and mimosas!

4. Make A Stop At The Sprinkles Cupcake ATM For A Little Treat

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM is an awesome little idea, it is raved about in California, and many don’t know Dallas has a sweet ATM of its own.

It is directly next door to True Food Kitchen too, so as soon as breakfast is done, you can order your favorite cupcake in minutes!

They have a vegan version of red velvet cake as well, so for those with dietary restrictions this ATM is very inclusive!

5. Kayaking At White Rock Lake

While Dallas is a concrete jungle, you can easily escape to nature for a moment at White Rock Lake. Here you can kayak or paddleboard, with rentals starting at $16.99 per hour per person.

Once you find an equipment rental company you like, be sure to book ahead of time, so you know you will have equipment available upon your arrival.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen too!

1:30 to 2:00 hours is enough time to paddle the area and enjoy the views, getting a nice break from the bustling city.

6. Walk The Botanical Garden And Enjoy The Dallas Arboretum

Continuing with your morning in nature, stop off at the Dallas Arboretum. If you fancy some more photos, this is the place to do it. You do not want to miss out on this location during your Dallas weekend.

It is fairytale-like, and with all the pink blooms on the trees in the summer it is like something out of a dream. It is also a very romantic spot, too.

Entrance will vary in fees per season, but a regular ticket is typically $15 per person. It is the perfect scene to escape the cold, blue and gray-scale tones of the city and walk into explosions of flowers and vibrant colors.

One of the best gardens there is the Nancy Rutchik Red Maple Rill as there are over 80 types of Japanese Maple Tree along a series of walkways and a river!

7. Grab A Bite At Tiki Loco

Lunch break! Take your transport of choice back to Deep Ellum and grab some tacos at Tiki Loco. If you need a coffee, there is a delicious drink, we recommend the oat milk mocha.

They also have a modern touch and a delicious 100% plant-based menu, you definitely need to try their Hawaiian Steak Poke Tacos, or the Ryno’s BBQ Pork Tacos, or… Both?

8. Go Mural Hunting In Deep Ellum

If you want to see street art, Deep Ellum is the place to be, there are murals all over the place! The murals are large, so you won’t miss them. You can find so many, we have listed just a few of the best ones.

  • USA Flag Wall Mural
  • Colorful Checkered Mural
  • Elephant Mural
  • Dinosaur TV Mural
  • Beauty Bar Mural
  • “I Wish I Was Full Of Tacos Instead Of…” Mural
  • Marilyn Monroe Mural
  • Believe In yourself Mural
  • Frida Kahlo Mural
  • Sunset Mural & The Traveling Man
  • Beauty bar Mural
  • Deep Ellum Mural

9. Check Out The Museum Of Memories

One of the most recent installations in Dallas’ art scene is the Museum of Memories.

A local artist known as Steffi Lynn Tsai hand painted all the rooms in this beautiful exhibit that takes you back to your childhood and will bring back memories of some past iconic moments.

You will want to buy tickets well ahead of time however, as you want to ensure you get your full hour-long time inside.

10. Buy Souvenirs And Memoirs At Deep Ellum & The Outdoor Market

Finally, remember we mentioned shopping earlier? Well, if you have any time left between the museum and your dinner, definitely make the time to shop in Deep Ellum.

When we usually go shopping you tend to go to the same stores and buy the same stuff, however, here, you will never see the same item more than once.

It is unique, and shopping here is like a treasure hunt through the vintage and weird shops that like the streets.

Out of the many awesome options, definitely go to Deep Vellum Books, Jade & Clover, Dallas Pin-Up, Flea Style, and Life Of Riley.

There are also places to get a drink or two, get a new tattoo, and on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, there is also a Deep Ellum Outdoor Market with 60+ local vendors, live music, and unique foods, all right in the Deep heart of Dallas.

Think of it as a mini farmers market, with quirky shops and unique people with unique passions that make it a truly individual place for new experiences.

The market is also free to go to and money spent goes back to local artists, shop owners, and musicians.

11. Have Some Dinner At The Pizza Lounge

Your final meal in Dallas should definitely be at Pizza Lounge, where you will find a menu fit for all dietary needs and lifestyles.

Feel free to grab our favorite appetizer here, garlic bits, but the epic pie is also a favorite, maybe get both!

Enjoy the Sofa King Vegan if you enjoy savory foods, but the Classic Flip is a real King here. If you are a bit more particular, just create your own pizza!

The Ideal Epic Dallas Weekend Summary – Itinerary

What an awesome time! There is so much to do, but you needn’t do it in the order we have chosen, check out a step by step version of our itinerary, so if you want to change things up, you can with ease!

Day 1

Morning Coffee: Full City Rooster
World Map & JFK Murals

Breakfast: Mudhen Meat & Greens
Seasonal Only: Dallas Farmers Market
The Giant Eyeball

Brunch: The Henry
6th Floor Museum & Dealey Plaza
Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

Dinner: Uchi
Gallery Rooftop Lounge for drinks

Day 2

Morning Coffee: White Rock Coffee / LDU Coffee
Diamond Mural

Breakfast: True Food Kitchen
Sprinkles Cupcake ATM
White Rock Lake for kayaking/paddleboarding.
Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

Lunch: Tiki Loco
Deep Ellum Mural Hunting
Museum of Memories



Dallas is a massive city, but it is also really diverse. If you wanted to see it all, you would need a lot more than just a single weekend to fully see it.

However, this itinerary should give you a great idea, and also some inspiration on what your trip to Dallas should look like.

With plenty of good attractions, and nice places to eat, drink, and stay, it will surely be a weekend to remember.

You don’t need to stick to our itinerary 100%, but at least we have given you an idea of what there is to see, do, and enjoy in this wonderful city.

Even if you visit only once, now you have the recipe to be able to fit in all the best parts of this wonderful city.

Alex Kallen
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