14 Best Rooftop Restaurants In Houston With Gorgeous Views

Houston is the place to be if you’re looking for an excellent dining experience!

The state is packed with diverse eateries, from trendy cocktail bars to traditional restaurants that serve classic American dishes. 

14 Rooftop Restaurants With Gorgeous Views Of Houston (1)

You’ll find some of Houston’s best rooftop restaurants in this list, along with a breakdown of what to expect when you visit these places.

All of these eating houses have amazing views of the state, along with tasty food that’s full of flavor.

Whether you prefer a busy bar that’s full of life, or a laid-back brassiere with a relaxing atmosphere, you’re sure to find a Houston rooftop restaurant that suits your taste below!

Amazing Rooftop Eateries In Houston, Texas

Houston is home to lots of rooftop restaurants with stunning views and delicious food (Also check out The Best Breweries In Houston)! Here are some of the best ones to consider when you’re next in the Lone Star State. 

1. Z On 23 – 1121 Walker St, 23rd Floor, Houston, Texas, 77002

This open-air restaurant claims to be the highest rooftop bar in Houston! The bar gives attendees a full view of downtown Houston, making it an incredibly Instagrammable venue. 

The view isn’t the only thing you’ll love about this spot. The cocktail bar provides an extensive menu packed with gorgeous cocktails and lighter snacks.

Popular options include quesadillas and brisket sliders, as well as a classic Old Fashioned and unique Watermelon Margarita.

Diners that want more of a meal can try the downstairs restaurant, Zutro. This venue delivers filling burgers, lighter salads, and lots of shareable dishes. 

Z On 23’s rooftop bar can get quite cold in the winter months, but if you’re visiting Houston in the summer, put this rooftop bar and restaurant on your list.

Remember to take pictures when you visit, as the view is certainly worth it! 

2. El Big Bad – 419 Travis Street, Houston, TX 77002

If you’re a fan of tequila, you have to head down to El Big Bad. The venue is home to the biggest infused tequila bar in the world, along with incredibly tasty Mexican dishes.

The elotes, tortilla soup, and street tacos are among popular items on the foot menu, which are all rich enough to prepare you for a night on tequila. 

The tequila options involve a pure blue weber, agave Blanco tequila base, infused with several flavors. You can try something autumnal, like pumpkin spice, or opt for something interesting, like beef jerky! 

The bar does have classic fruit-infused tequilas on offer, but if you’re after something different, have a taste of some unique options, like Thai curry or jalapeńo. 

El Big Bad’s view is also appealing. The venue is found in the Historic District, among the Market Square and Theater District areas. This gives you a view of Houston’s delightful communities. 

You’ll also love the colorful pictures and pastel colors on the outdoor terrace. These are sure to brighten your day, especially with the busy streets and beautiful buildings under your feet. 

3. Brenner’s On The Bayou – 1 Birdsall Street, Houston, TX 77007

Brenner’s On The Bayou has been popular with Houston’s locals since it first opened in 1936.

Their most recent opening, located on the picturesque ends of Buffalo Bayou, rapidly became one of Houston’s most popular rooftop eateries. 

Their refined menu consists of diverse seafood and steak dishes, along with attentively made desserts, like their famed house soufflé.

Certain dishes, like lamb chops, red snapper, roasted oysters, and tuna tartare tacos, are loved by regular diners. 

As for the view, Brenner’s is different from most rooftop eateries, as you’ll be treated to a lush green sight scattered with trees and bushes.

The two-story venue also has comfy outdoor areas with furniture that blends into the exterior scenery.

You can also enjoy the outdoor area in the colder months as it is heated for additional comfort in winter. The restaurant’s vibrant lights and cozy feel make it a great place to enjoy a romantic meal. 

4. 77 Degrees – 2416 Brazos St. Suite 200, Houston, Texas 77006

77 Degrees is best for those looking for an entertaining night out. 

The restaurant and bar is relatively new as it opened in 2019, but it quickly became popular with locals, turning into the place to be for fun evenings out. 

The restaurant is three stories tall and offers tasty options on its menu.

Examples are red snapper, cornflake chicken, and pineapple bowls. They also offer fingerstyle food and smaller options, like ceviche and guacamole.

After you’re done eating, you can take a wander and enjoy a cocktail with your friends, as you all relax in cabana-like seating. 

The restaurant isn’t for those looking for a quiet, relaxing experience.

However, if you want to enjoy flavorful tapas food, amazing music, and a bustling atmosphere that becomes more energetic as the night continues, you’ll have a great time at 77 Degrees. 

5. Harold’s Restaurant, Bar and Terrace – 350 W. 19th St, Houston, TX 77008

If you’re after some classic Southern dishes, you have to give Harold’s restaurant a try. Diners are treated to a variety of home-cooked food that’s arguably some of the best you’ll find in Texas! 

The menu contains carefully picked Louisiana and Southern meals that will suit lots of different tastes. They make their dishes with fresh local ingredients from farmers located around the state.

Traditional southern meals include gumbo, chicken-fried cauliflower, and deviled eggs.

Popular desserts include New Orleans Bread Pudding and Granny’s cake made with coconut cream, which are all sure to please your taste buds! 

You’ll find the restaurant near 19th street and will be able to view the Heights Theatre from the rooftop itself. If you’re thinking about visiting Harold’s, remember to book well in advance, as it’s often fully booked. 

6. The Grove – 1611 Lamar Street, Houston, TX 77010

We couldn’t put this list together without including one of Houston’s most famed establishments! 

The Grove is an impressive glass structure found within the green space of Discovery Green Park. Its glass walls extend around the whole building, while modern furnishings decorate the inside.

It’s a nice place to visit if you’re after a break from the busy life downtown. 

The rooftop area itself is particularly stunning. Its unique design takes up heat to cool the structure down in the summer months, keeping visitors cool and comfortable.

The breezy air and natural green views are sure to keep you relaxed while you dine. 

The Grove’s garden grows herbs that are added to the restaurant’s dishes. Tasty menu choice examples include salmon Crudo, shrimp and melon ceviche, and corn tortilla chips. 

Meat fans are sure to enjoy their classic NY strip steak, ahi tuna, or blue crab corn fritters – just delicious! 

7. Ivy Bar and Bistro – 2612 Potomac Drive, Houston, TX 77057

If you’re struggling to find a romantic place for date night in Houston, look no further than the Ivy Bar and Bistro. This attractive sanctuary is hidden inside, yet away from the busy Galleria community.

The restaurant’s classic Italian menu is simple, but has a pleasing array of pizzas, sandwiches, salads, and soups.

They also cater to vegetarians and vegans, with options like a cauliflower crust pizza, Italian soy sausages, and soy-based cheese. 

The bistro also offers a delectable selection of gelatos and sorbets. You can choose from traditional items, like mint choc chip and lemon, or opt for something a little different, like grapefruit mint and almond fig. 

Several rooftop eateries in Houston can get busy and lively, particularly at night, but the Ivy maintains a serene, relaxing atmosphere.

The only exception to this is on Thursday and Saturday nights, as the venue changes to a live music set. 

8. Idle Hands – 910 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006

Idle Hands is a relatively new restaurant and bar which offers tasty Caribbean-inspired menus. The space opened recently in 2021, but in a little over a year, it has since developed into a lively, bustling venue. 

Idle Hands has two floors where you can enjoy a range of food and drinks, along with a large rooftop patio.

They have a menu dedicated to cocktails, from a classic Espresso Martini to fun specialty options like the ‘Painkiller. You can also indulge in a lot of tasty dishes, like plantain chips or spicy crispy chicken. 

The gorgeous Montrose venue regularly plays live music that’s enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

People looking for a relaxing night may want to look elsewhere, but if you’re after a fun start to your night, you can’t go wrong with Idle Hands!  

9. JOEY Uptown – 5045 Westheimer Rd Suite X-01, Houston, TX 77056

You might have heard of JOEY before, as they have venues located in Seattle, LA, and Canada. Their latest opening is located in Houston, and as appropriate to the state, their largest venue yet.

The restaurant has 10,288 square feet to dine in, with a fifth of the space covering its large outdoor terrace. This area is temperature-controlled and also has a separate outdoor bar.

You’ll also be treated to the impressive towers and structures from Houston’s Galleria district. 

Menu-wise, JOEY offers dishes that are packed with flavor. Popular items include seared salmon sushi, lobster ravioli, and chicken lettuce wraps. 

The restaurant also has delicious vegetarian options, like Korean fried cauliflower, crispy tofu bowls, and Impossible burgers. 

If you have any room left for dessert, you can choose to enjoy traditional American apple pie, Italian warm donuts, or a luxurious molten lava cake.  

10. The Dogwood – 2403 Bagby Street, Houston, TX 7706

A lot of Houston’s rooftop restaurants come with a dress code, but if you’d prefer a great meal without having to dress up, make sure you visit The Dogwood.

This contemporary sports bar delivers classic Southern food with an amazing view of Houston’s skyline.

The venue also offers private diners closed off areas, so you can have some privacy during the celebrations. There’s also the option of renting the private areas on the main floor or downstairs.

A glass divider ensures you have your own visual and sound system, without any interruptions.

It’s the perfect place for a casual night out without having to sacrifice tasty food. You can pick from traditional Texas meals which have a little twist.

Examples include chicken ‘n waffle sliders, wings marinated in sweet tea, and mac and cheese dressed up with jalapeños. 

Just remember that if you’re after a relaxed night, it’s best to visit on a weekday. The Dogwood can quickly become busy on the weekend, as large crowds, live DJ sets, and robust drinks carry on until the morning. 

11. Strato 550 – 1415 Louisiana St. 43rd Floor, Houston, TX 77002

Strato 550 opened a few years ago in 2019, but despite its young age, it’s fast turned into a hotspot regarding rooftop restaurants in Houston.

The building is an incredible 43 stories tall, so the view is, understandably, difficult to top! 

Made with Houston’s young professional crowd in mind, Strato 550 is an ideal place to stop for lunch with colleagues, or relax after a hard day at work downtown. 

The dining room’s elegant setting suits a range of visitors, so whether you’re on a romantic date or having an employee meeting, you’re sure to feel relaxed in its classy, laid-back setting. 

There isn’t any outdoor sweating, but visitors can wander onto the large rooftop balcony and take photos of the beautiful view.

The menu itself has a nice range of salads, pasta, soups, and burgers. Smaller appetites are also catered to, as they also provide charcuterie boards and flatbreads. 

The restaurant does have a dress code, so if you’re planning on visiting, make sure that your attire is business casual. 

12. B&B Butchers and Restaurant – 1814 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX 77007  

If you’re thinking about eating out in Houston, images of meat are likely to spring to mind. Out of all 50 states, Texas is the fourth biggest red meat producer, with many steakhouses located inside its borders.

B&B’s is located within an old butcher shop, which has since transformed into an upmarket dining venue.

You can indulge in full service on the rooftop terrace, taking in the gorgeous sights of downtown Houston. Just remember that smoking is permitted on the patio, so keep this in mind before you enter. 

The menu starts with three different bacon varieties and continues to offer many meaty dishes. Main courses range from dry-aged USDA prime beef to high-quality Texas & Japanese Wagyu beef. 

The restaurant is also notably one out of 29 venues in the US that have been approved by Japan’s Kobe Beef Association! 

13. Lawless Spirits and Kitchen – 909 Texas Ave. Suite 2A, Houston TX 77002

Located on top of the well-known Rice Hotel, Lawless is a lively venue that’s popular for its diverse cocktails. You can pick from a good selection of beers and wines, but its craft cocktails are a must. 

This laidback dining and drinking site offers several tasty cocktails. Options include coolers drizzled with boba bubbles, liquor, and even CBD oil!

Their most notable cocktail is named after the restaurant itself, the Lawless Sunset. This is a blend of lemon juice, rye whiskey, and red wine. It’s sure to please your taste buds and set you up for a fun night out! 

As you relax in the snug lounge seating, you’ll be treated to a nice view of downtown Houston.

They also cater to lighter appetites, with a nice range of small plates and bar snacks. Nachos, sliders, and flatbreads all pair well with their cocktail range. 

Lawless hosts DJ sets on Wednesdays and Thursdays that turn the venue into a bustling location. You can also treat you and your friends to the happy hour deals running from Monday to Saturday. 

14. Electric FeelGood – 2416 Brazos St, Suite A, Houston, TX 77006

One of Houston’s brightest and most upbeat venues is Electric FeelGood. This restaurant and bar has a vibrant rooftop terrace that’s decked out in fun shades and bold decorations.

It’s a busy place that’s perfect for partying the night away!

Other than bottle service, traditional beers, and unique cocktails, the venue offers a tasty brunch menu for those that visit during the day.

Options include a cheese board, brisket melt sandwiches, and sweet s’mores pancakes. 

Whether you’re looking for a fun night out or some tasty food in the afternoon, you’re sure to have a fun time at Electric FeelGood!

Final Thoughts

Houston is one of the best places to try a rooftop restaurant, thanks to its many skyscrapers, green parks, and natural wonders. 

Whether you’re looking for a lively night out, or prefer hanging back with a relaxing cocktail, make sure that you try a few of these places the next time you’re visiting the state. You may just find your new favorite restaurant! 

Alex Kallen
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