16 Most Romantic Restaurants In Houston To Spice Up Date Night

Date nights are pretty important to many couples all over the world.

There are many different kinds, some date nights are more casual, stay-at-home and watch a movie types, and others are fun days out where you participate in different activities – like bowling, crazy golf, going to the theater, etc. 

Date Night In Houston 16 Romantic Restaurants

However, there are times when you are in need of a more formal date night – whether it’s a first date and you’re looking to impress, you’re looking to rekindle the flame, or you just feel like being wined and dined in luxury! 

Luckily, when it comes to date night in Houston, there are plenty of fine dining experiences to be had in a plethora of romantic restaurants! 

In this article, we will discuss 16 of the most romantic restaurants in Houston, Texas, that are perfect for a wonderful date night.

Whether you’re a local Texan in need of new inspiration or a traveling tourist who has never set foot in the Space City, this is the article for you!

If you’re interested, read on for more.

Date Night In Houston: 16 Romantic Restaurants 

Here are 16 romantic restaurants for your date night in Houston, Texas! 

1. Nobie’s

First on our list is the wonderful Nobie’s! This is an amazing downtown restaurant that has an outdoor patio (perfect for summer evenings) and constantly plays classic soundtracks on a vinyl.

If you and your loved one are into vinyl and a laid-back atmosphere with a romantic twist, then Nobie’s is the perfect place for you!

The food here is exceptional. You can treat yourself to ricotta-stuffed dates, Texas tartare, classic homemade pasta, or something fancy like brown butter cauliflower! And there’s lots to drink here, too!

Guests can choose between a long list of wines or some fun cocktails, or even both! 

Website: nobie’s (nobieshtx.com)

Contact Info: (356) 319-5919

2. Potente

When you say “romantic restaurant” our mind immediately jumps to Potente! This Italian restaurant is swanky, modern, and offers an amazing dining experience thanks to its quality ingredients and recipes.

All of these ingredients are sourced locally in Houston, from being hand-picked at the local markets to seafood caught in local water sources,  so you know exactly where your food has come from.

It is tended to by the chefs of Potente (who are award-winning, by the way.) 

Loved ones will be excited to get dressed up in their best clothes and treat themselves to a fine dining experience full of romance. We recommend trying their black-truffle pasta – it’s award-winning, too!

Not only that, but there is a boutique wine list with a wonderful selection of wines to choose from. 

Website: Home – Potente (potentehouston.com)

Contact Info: (713) 237-1515

3. Savoir

Savoir is a romantic restaurant in Houston that you can visit no matter the time of year. The chefs here pride themselves on cooking everything from scratch using local ingredients.

They are totally in control of the menu and use seasonal ingredients only, meaning your dining experience will be different every time you come here! 

However, even though the menu changes, the romantic atmosphere doesn’t, and thanks to the leafy chandeliers and exposed brick walls, it is very easy to get lost in the moment. 

Savoir serves a variety of New American dishes and some gorgeous craft cocktails! If you want the classiest of nights, they also have one of the best wine lists in all of the city. 

Website: Savoir (savoirhouston.com)

Contact Info: (346) 802-2824

4. La Lucha

La Lucha is the perfect place to go after a fun day exploring Houston with your loved one.

The atmosphere here is top-notch, complete with ambient amber lighting and leather love seats, it’s enough to make anyone feel like the star of their very own romance movie. 

Not to mention, the food here is divine! La Lucha used to be the San Jacinto Inn, which was a family-operated restaurant that first owned its doors in 1917.

However, it closed its doors sometime later and when it reopened in 2017, it was La Lucha. La Lucha serves the same original recipes as before with some slight variations to suit a modern-day target market. 

You and your loved one will be talking about the food and atmosphere of this wonderful restaurant for a long time to come. 

Website: La Lucha – Houston TX (laluchatx.com)

Contact Info: (713) 955-4765

5. BCN Taste & Tradition

You may be in present-day Houston, but as soon as you step into BCN Taste & Tradition, it will feel as though you have stepped back into the 1920s.

This wonderful restaurant features tasteful, antique decor, such as many paintings on their all-white walls. They also have food to delight all of the senses. Their dishes are a blend of modern and traditional Spanish cuisine.

If you choose to come here for a date night, then it is a good idea to order many appetizers and split them with your partner.

This is great to do on a first date because you get to learn about your partner’s likes when it comes to food and this can open many avenues of conversion.

Some highlights we like are crispy baby artichokes and poached quail eggs. But, BCN Taste & Tradition also offers a vegan menu! 

Website: BCN Taste & Tradition

Contact Info: (832) 834-3411

6. Musaafer   

There are many romantic restaurants in Houston that serve more traditional romantic cuisine such as fine steaks or Italian cuisine.

However, if you and your partner have been together for a long time and are looking to try something new, or you’re going on a first date and want to impress, then Musaafer is the palace to go! 

In Musaafer, you will be treated to a whole host of high-concept Indian dishes that pair well with many of the wines on their wine list. We love their squash cheela and sensory chaat. 

And, not only is the food tasty, but the decor is beautiful, too! The interior of Musaafer features many scalloped arches and high ceilings.

It’s the perfect opportunity to capture some photos so you and your date can remember your night for a long time to come (and it’s perfect for Instagram, too!) 

Website: Indian Restaurant | Fine Dining | Musaafer Houston

Contact Info: (713) 242-8087

7. Backstreet Cafe 

There are many wonderful romantic restaurants in Houston, but Backstreet Cafe offers a unique experience that all lovebirds are sure to enjoy.

Backstreet Cafe is Houston’s first al fresco restaurant, and it is the perfect place to go on warm summer days and evenings where you can enjoy some delicious food and the company of your loved one next to their bubbling fountain and verdant green plants.

And, if you do prefer to dine indoors, then there is plenty of space to choose from and you will wine and dine in a stunning interior with 1930s-themed decor. 

And speaking of food, Backstreet Cafe brings together many cuisines from all over the world, such as Asian cuisine, Cajun, Southern, Hispanic, and Creole. The result is an award-winning menu with plenty of options that cater to a variety of diets.

Website: Backstreet Cafe

Contact Info: (713) 521-2239

8. Sorrento Ristorante

If you’re looking for a classic restaurant to enjoy a romantic evening, then there will be no better place to go than Sorrento Ristorante. This Italian restaurant screams “quintessential romance.”

When you enter this quaint building you will be greeted by muraled walls, candlelit tables, and a live piano that provides beautiful melodies as you enjoy many courses and conversations. 

Begin your date by indulging in the free bread basket provided on the tables, and then enjoy a feast of wonderful Italian dishes including wild mushroom ravioli, filet mignon, gelato, or panna cotta. 

Website: Home – Sorrento Italian Restaurant (sorrentohouston.com)

Contact Info: (713) 527-0609 

9. Brennan’s Of Houston 

Brennan’s Of Houston is the perfect romantic restaurant to book if it’s an anniversary or special occasion, and you are looking for a full night of love.

This lovely restaurant first opened in 1967 and has since garnered a reputation for being one of the best places to eat not only in Houston but in all of Texas! 

Upon entering Brennan’s Of Houston you will be greeted by some fantastic New Orleans decor and an even better menu detailing the delicious flavors of Creole.

Our must-tries are the shrimp and grits and the turtle soup. And of course, you need to finish your meal with some beignets in true New Orleans style!

However, don’t be put off by how upscale this restaurant is, the staff are extremely friendly and you will experience their southern hospitality for the duration of your meal.

It is good to note that there is a business casual dress code at Brennan’s Of Houston. 

Website: home (brennanshouston.com)

Contact Info: (713) 522-9711

10. Boheme

If you are in need of a more relaxed date night that is still romantic, then allow us to introduce you to Boheme. Boheme is a fun, bustling restaurant in downtown Houston that offers a unique dining-for-two experience that you won’t forget! 

There is a seriously eclectic menu at Boheme, with dishes from all over the world. So, no matter what your tastes are there is definitely something for you in this wonderful Houston restaurant.

Not only that, but it provides the opportunity for you and your date to split various meals and have a true taste of all Boheme has to offer. 

Boheme offers a happy hour that operates between 4-7 PM on weekdays, where you can get amazing deals on frozen cocktails, beer, and wine! 

Then, once you have finished your meal, you can wander around the 6,000 square ft garden and marvel at all of the sculptures there. This is sure to be a date you’ll remember! 

Website: Boheme – American Restaurant & Bar in Houston, TX  

Contact Info: (713) 529 – 1099

11. Uchi

This wouldn’t be a list of the most romantic restaurants in Houston if Uchi was not on it. If you want a fine dining experience, then Uchi will provide that and more. 

This restaurant features an amazing Japanese menu with a variety of sushi and seafood dishes. Here at Uchi, there is the opportunity to have a truly unique dining experience.

You can choose your dishes yourself, or you can tell the staff “omakase” which means “I leave it up to you.” So, the chef will choose all of your meals.

This is a unique and exciting way to enjoy a restaurant experience and is the perfect way to try date night if you’re looking for something new to do. 

Website: Uchi Japanese Restaurant – Houston, TX

Contact Info: (713) 522-4808

12. Vic And Anthony’s Steakhouse 

Texas is not called the Beef State for nothing and there is no shortage of steak restaurants in Houston. However, when it comes to the most romantic steak restaurant, Vic And Anthony’s Steakhouse is the best choice.

And we are not the only ones that think so! This lovely restaurant was voted the best steakhouse in Houston by the Houston Press Reader’s Choice in 2021. 

Of course, we recommend the steak. However, you can also try the filet mignon, lobster mac and cheese, and delicious crab cakes. 

It is good to note that Vic And Anthony’s Steakhouse enforces a business casual dress code. So, it is the perfect place to go on Valentine’s day when you want to get dressed to the nines. 

Website: Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse

Contact Info: (713) 228-1111

13. Etoile Cuisine Et Bar

Etoile Cuisine Et Bar offers amazing French food on their modern menu.

Upon entering the building, you will feel as though you have entered Paris. It features an amazing farmhouse-style interior and you can lose hours on your date talking and getting swept up in the romantic atmosphere. 

We recommend trying the ravioli or escargot. However, you definitely need to save room for dessert as there is an abundance of delectable pastries, tarts, and cakes! 

Website: Étoile Cuisine – Houston, TX (etoilecuisine.com) 

Contact Info: (832) 668-5808

14. Rainbow Lodge

If you are looking for a fun yet sophisticated dining experience for your date night, then one of the best Houston restaurants you can choose is the Rainbow Lodge.

This romantic restaurant is the perfect blend of refined and comfortable and will immerse you fully into the roots of Texas. 

The Rainbow Lodge is based in a log cabin that was built around 100 years ago and features an amazing menu filled with pheasant, quail, antelope, seafood, and steaks.

If you want to branch out of your usual diet, then the Rainbow Lodge is the place to go! 

Website: Rainbow Lodge (rainbow-lodge.com)

Contact Info: (713) 861-8666

15. Z On 23

If watching a sunset with your date as you dine on some wonderful dishes is your idea of a date night well spent, then you’re in luck! Z on 23 offers all that and more!

Here, you will see the best skyline views that Houston restaurants have to offer, and there are plenty of photo ops to be had. 

However, the food is arguably as amazing as the sunset. Z On 23 has an American menu that features a mix of everything you can think of, from brisket sliders to charcuterie boards.

Not only that, but you can treat yourself to some delicious craft cocktails without breaking the bank! Perfect for first dates and long-term lovers alike. 

Website: Z on 23 Rooftop | Hours + Location | Zutro Restaurant and Bar

Contact Info: (346) 330-3446 

16. Mastro’s

Mastro’s offers a classy date night with a luxurious menu and live entertainment. Upon arrival, you will be able to marvel at the stunning decor, including many glowing chandeliers and wonderful water features. 

What’s more, the menu is simply divine. This is a steakhouse that offers some of the juiciest steaks in the city, and you should also try their delicious crab cakes, sushi, and their wonderful cinnamon pecan butter cake for dessert.

Website: Mastro’s 

Contact Info: (713) 993-2500

Final Thoughts 

Whether you’re looking for a formal romantic dinner or a more chilled romantic evening, you’re sure to have an unforgettable date night at any of these 16 Houston restaurants! 

Alex Kallen
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