16 Best Rooftop Bars In Dallas You Need To Visit

The Dallas skyline as the sun sets is one of the most amazing sights the city has to offer, and what better way to drink in these vistas than while actually drinking a few sudsy cold ones whilst sitting at a rooftop bar with your buds?

A rooftop bar, I imagine hearing you ask? Yep! There are a number of them scattered throughout “Big D”, all offering you breathtaking views of the twinkling cityscape after dark.

16 Must-Visit Rooftop Bars In Dallas

Or if you prefer a daytime tipple, a stunning vantage point from which to view the city in full swing.

So, grab your virtual coat, as I’m going to be taking you on a virtual tour of the very best rooftop bars Dallas has to offer. Are you as parched as I am? Then let’s go!

The Best Rooftop Bars Dallas Has To Offer

The Dallas nightlife is infamous for its versatility, catering to all types no matter how wee the hours become. 

There are a million and one watering holes to wet your whistle at, so it’s a good idea to formulate an itinerary that takes you to all the very best rooftop bars in town, and, lucky you, I’ve done the legwork for you.

All you have to worry about is your order when you arrive!

1. The Gallery Rooftop Lounge

Rooftop bars seem to either fall into the rustic, low-key category, or the bougie, upscale celebrity-hangout category, and The Gallery Lounge atop the luxurious Canvas Hotel, sits comfortably in the latter.

Take in the postcard-esque views while slurping one of their signature cocktails named for famous creatives, and when you turn from the cityscape, you’ll be met with a collection of expertly curated local art, as the space doubles as a gallery of sorts, hence the name.

Oh, and did I mention that this joint has an affinity pool you can float in while sippin’ your fancy drinks and watching the sun sink behind the skyscrapers of the city? Well, it kinda does!

Granted, the pool is usually reserved for hotel guests, but the bar throws frequent pool parties where anyone’s welcome to take a dip, so follow them on social media and try to align your trip with one of their legendary bashes.

Should you not be able to make a splash at one of their shindigs, don’t sweat it.

You may not be able to work on your doggy paddle, but you can work on your sleepy pooch impression in front of the fire pit or on one of the many super comfortable couches any time.

2. Wits End

Wits End sits at the other side of the fancy pants spectrum discussed above, something made apparent by the roar of revelers within.

Tattooed top to bottom with fascinating and artful graffiti, this is one of the coolest hangs in all of Dallas, as evidenced by the perpetual roster of amazing local and traveling artists hitting the Wits End stage most nights of the week.

Better yet, their draft beer catalog is a veritable scroll that stretches on into infinity, so you’ll never run out of options.

The decor may not be to some people’s tastes, but if you can forgive the Texas flag tables and higgledy-piggledy couches, you’ll have an absolute blast, and that view…

Well, let’s just say you might shed a tear into your beer.

3. The Nines

Should you tire of by-the-numbers nighttime haunts, don’t give up hope and stay home; head to The Nines instead.

You can always rely on this establishment to throw some exciting themed nights and inject some fun and adventure back into your evenings.

The drinks are reasonably priced as well, so as you get wonky, your bank account stands strong.

You’ll look out upon the sprawling streets of Deep Ellum as you sip your cheap (but delicious) beer, taking in all this artsy district has to offer, from spiraling aerial acrobats, to live DJs and musical acts.

4. Stirr

Stirr is something of an outlier. While nestled cozily into the artistic Mecca of north Texas, Deep Ellum, the airy, contemporary aesthetic introduces some Uptown elegance enjoyed by little black dress donners and sport jacket sophisticates the city over.

If you’re looking for an excuse to wear your sequins and catch up with friends, Stirr is the spot for you, and as it’s not actually anywhere near Uptown, it still has some of that Deep Ellum edge that makes a night all the more colorful.

Head to the rooftop patio area to watch the city lights twinkle in the darkling sky, and before you head back inside for another round, why not make a few memories in the electronic photo booth with your buds?

5. Stackhouse Burgers

You wouldn’t go to Stackhouse Burgers to party the night away, but for soaking up a few brewskies with your broskis and challenging your gut with the custom burgers that often dwarf surrounding skyscrapers, it’s a no-brainer!

Stackhouse is far and away one of the coziest rooftop hangs in the city, and the old house aesthetic makes you feel right at home.

Until, that is, you look up over the walls of this joint and get an eyeful of Downtown Dallas!

6. Green Room

Serving up soul-stirring Southern comfort food, a myriad of affordable drinks, and of course a panoramic view of Deep Ellum’s artistic magic, Green Room will always rank high on best bar lists where Dallas is concerned.

It’s frequented by both locals and tourists, and even if you only plan to stop in for a couple before moving on to the next spot, the friendly atmosphere will have you questioning whether you should leave at all.

Always crowded, it’s a great spot if you like to channel the energy of your surroundings to get you pumped up for a night on the town.

7. Waterproof

Take the elevator to the 19th floor of Dallas’s Statler Hotel, and you’ll arrive at Waterproof, a luxurious rooftop haunt surrounded by epic skyscrapers and even epic-er vistas.

Much like The Gallery, there’s a pool to soak in while you absorb the healing scenery, and when your tongue fancies a soak too, you can order a spectacular alcoholic treat from their “adult lemonade stand”.

They offer a wide selection of craft lemonades. Choose one that appeals to you, then spice it up with a custom blend of liquors — Celebrate your inner child with sophistication!

8. Happiest Hour

As the largest rooftop bar and restaurant in the city, Happiest Hour promises an expansive evening, and boy does it deliver!

Entertainment, drinks, and glowing views of the Dallas skyline are all on tap in this sizable establishment.

As you’ll gather from the crowd, it’s a rather happening hangout, especially between 4 and 6 pm from Sunday to Thursday, for these are the “happiest hours” referenced in this bar’s name.

These discount time periods are perpetually voted as the best in the city by multiple reputable magazines, so if you’re looking for electric energy and bang for your buck, Happiest Hour should definitely be on your must-stop list.

9. Sky Blossom

The old adage “nothing worthwhile comes easy” springs to mind when thinking about the inconspicuous rooftop hangout space of Downtown’s Sky Blossom, an Asian restaurant and bar serving up all kinds of delicious Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, and Korean treats.

To find the rooftop, you’ll have to do some serious searching (or, you know… just ask a staff member to guide you to the outdoor area), but once you get there, you’ll find one of the best vantage points to observe the buzz of the big city.

10. Grapevine Bar

Grapevine is the deepest of dive bars, and for this, people absolutely adore it. Pumping out strong drinks to the masses since 1996, it’s become a Dallas institution, a colorful, noisy, gorgeous institution.

Their specialties include craft cocktails and Texan beers, and if it’s a warm evening, why not order one of their infamous frozen drinks? It’ll cool your body down whilst lifting your spirits up!

Then, when the feeling’s right, hit up the Grapevine basketball court (yes, they have a B-ball court) and destroy some friends or strangers at HORSE, but, as I said, the drinks here are quite potent, so the chances of you being able to spell horse later in the night are slim.

After you’ve laid waste to your opponents on the court, grab some air on the low-key chill zone on the rooftop. Here, you can enjoy stunning views and have a quiet catch-up with your buds.

11. Te Deseo

If you’re craving an intimate night with someone special, the uber-chic, Latin-American eatery, Te Deso, is a good choice. It’s nice and spacious, with discrete bars stationed throughout, so you never have to go too far for a drink. 

Low lighting sets a rather calming, cozy mood, and in your own soft beam of light, the rest of the world seems to melt away, leaving you to enjoy the moment with your significant other.

But when you’re ready to rejoin the world at large, head out to the ever-crowded rooftop patio.

In this section of the establishment, the only thing more impressive than the breathtaking views of the city is the extensive tequila cocktail menu, and if tequila just ain’t your thing, this spot is famous for its expertly curated list of Latin-American wines.

12. The Henry

I’d recommend a visit to The Henry in the early afternoon for some pre-party-time drinks and amazing blue-sky views of daytime Dallas.

A 15,000 square foot space, you get plenty of wiggle room to walk about and stretch your legs, and as it’s situated in one of Dallas’s hippest neighborhoods, the crowd is often eclectic and welcoming.

The rooftop has an almost European vibe, but, the extensive artifacts of typical American comfort culture form an altogether contemporary aesthetic, making sure you don’t forget where you are.

They offer one of the most fleshed-out draft beer menus in the city, so it’s a refreshing watering hole to hit up after a leg-busting day of shopping.

The craft cocktail and wine menus are pretty darn impressive too.

13. The Quarter Bar

This Janus-faced establishment begins the day as the beloved Bread Winners Café, but when the evening rolls around, the courtyard and rooftop morph into The Quarter Bar, a charming watering hole with a vintage aesthetic and laid-back New Orleans vibe.

There’s simply no better spot to do some people-watching than The Quarter Bar’s street-side rooftop, but if you’re after a more active time, head on inside and challenge your friends to a game of pool or a round of darts.

I’d recommend rocking up to this lovely spot on weekends in order to snag their $2 discount on Deep Eddy vodka, an infamous Texan tipple that you’ll probably be drinking a lot of. So, yeah, that discount goes a long way.

14. Sundown At Granada

Sundown at Granada manages to cater to everyone without diluting anybody’s experience.

The organic restaurant keeps the foodies smiling, the happy hour is legendary amongst the locals, and the live music keeps the party animals sated.

And the rooftop, well, every one of the discrete cliques that frequent the bar will meet and mingle here to enjoy the beautiful views of Dallas’s Greenville Ave.

Visit on Wednesdays or Thursdays to enjoy rooftop movie nights and a quiet weekday drink.

15. 32 Degrees Bar At Urban Crust

For Texan culture with an Italian twist, head out to 32 Degrees Bar, a chilled-out establishment hanging back from the crowded Downtown streets.

A lovely spot to catch a game and enjoy a jaw-dropping Italian-style pizza, it’s exceedingly popular amongst tourists.

As it’s so far detached from the city center, the rooftop doesn’t provide the same city-centric views as the other bars on this list, but the quaint streets of Historic Plano are just as lovely to look at whilst slurping down a frosty draft beer.

16. TNT Tacos & Tequila

With an atmosphere as incendiary as its name, TNT Tacos & Tequila is 100% proof fun!

Overlooking the streets of Uptown Dallas, their rooftop is one of the most happening spots in the city, as patrons are fueled almost exclusively by Mexican party-favorite beverages such as tequila, mojitos, and sangria.

Every visit to this establishment is a celebration, making it a good pick-me-up spot if you’ve been having a real day.

Help yourself to some grub at the light bites bar before taking to the rooftop and letting your worries float away into the blue skies of Dallas.

Honorable Mentions: More Fantastic Dallas Venues

Before we go our separate ways, let’s take a quick look at a few more amazing Dallas venues in case you exhaust the above list.


Apothecary is the nexus where science and art collide. You simply won’t find drinks like those on the Apothecary menu anywhere else in the world, let alone Dallas.

An example, you say? Well, I think their “Hummasexual” cocktail is a pretty good example of the establishment’s off-the-wall approach to drink creation.

The “Hummasexual” is a mixture of vodka, red bell pepper, cucumber, tahini, chickpea, lemon, and black olive salt — Pretty wacky, ay? But also surprisingly delicious!

After this absolute meal of a drink, I’d recommend some liquid dessert, namely, their “Pandan Bear” cocktail comprising sesame shochu, cacao gin, white chocolate, pandan coconut cream, and sesame mochi (Also check out The Best Places For Frozen Custard In America).

High & Tight

This jazz-age throwback establishment offers a welcome escape, not just from our lives, but our time period too.

Help yourself to some delicious classic cocktails and hit the fantastic performance space to take in a stylish, old-charm show.


Neighbor to Apothecary, I’d recommend heading to Rye for a bite to eat (and more drinks of course) after you’ve had your fill of avant garde tipples next door.

What’s The Best Way To Get Around Dallas?

Being that you’re going to be drinking a lot on your Dallas excursion, you’ll need to know how best to get about the city without your car.


Dallas ranks as the 24th most walkable large city in the US, so as long as you can walk straight, you may want to travel by foot, at least for the first few bars.

Downtown Dallas is particularly foot-friendly, and as that’s where a lot of the bars mentioned here today are — Hooray!

Public Transportation

Public transport is great in Dallas.

To name just a couple of options, you could catch the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) which offers both bus and rail transport through the DFW metroplex, or hop on the McKinney Avenue trolley for free.

It runs from McKinney Plaza through Downtown every single day of the year.


Dallas is a surprisingly bike-friendly city, so if you want to cover some serious ground without spending a lot of money, bring your two-wheeler along with you, but always wear a helmet and don’t get too drunk.

Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of awesome rooftop bars in Dallas. At the very least, you’ll want to check out every establishment on this list. But don’t stop there.

Make time to explore the city and find your own favorite spots that we don’t know about.

Alex Kallen
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