Is Smoking Allowed On Cruise Ships?

Many smokers ask when going on vacation whether they’re allowed to smoke on a cruise ship. After all, what are the rules?

Cruise ships are public spaces, but everyone’s on vacation. As not everyone traveling smokes, it’s best to know where you can smoke.

Is Smoking Allowed on Cruise Ships?

Generally, cruise lines have forbidden smoking in cabins and most public places on their ships. However, these public spaces depend on each cruise line.

However, some cruise lines also won’t allow you to smoke on your cabin balcony either. Each cruise line has different rules for smoking, and we’ll be identifying the practices on all major cruise lines. 

What Are The Smoking Rules On Cruise Ships?

Each cruise line has different rules for where you can smoke on their ships. Generally, you can expect them to ban smoking inside cabins and in most public spaces. They usually have designated smoking areas for cigarettes and cigars. 

Most smoking areas are in casinos, cigar lounges, and certain nightclubs. Some outdoor decks are available for smokers, and some are only available at certain hours.

Any outdoor areas can usually be found towards the back of the ship, so the smoke will travel out to sea.

Any passengers who smoke need to be over 21 years old. All products need to be properly extinguished and discarded correctly to prevent any fire hazards.

You’re forbidden from throwing discarded cigarettes overboard, too, as they might get sucked into the ship’s engine.

Smokers are also prohibited from bringing any marijuana products on their cruise ships, as they’re considered an illegal drug (to learn more about bringing weed on a cruise ship right here). If you bring marijuana on your cruise, you’ll have to disembark, or you might even be arrested.

Can You Bring Cigarettes On Cruise Ships?

As per TSA rules, you can bring cigarettes and e-cigarettes onboard cruise ships. You can pack an unlimited number in your carry-on and/or checked luggage (for more luggage restrictions and baggage rules, read here).

Still, you’re only allowed one fueled lighter in your carry-on bag, or you can pack two in your checked bag so long as they’re unfueled. 

Cigarettes can also be bought in the port or duty-free in the ships’ shops. However, most duty-free items are kept aside while sailing until you leave the ship. You’ll also have to pay customs fees if you have more than your personal allowance of 200 cigarettes per person. 

Can You Bring Cigars On Cruise Ships?

Cigars and tobacco pipes are also allowed on board but only in very limited areas. While you might find there are cigar lounges, these aren’t available on all ships.

Pipes have even more restrictions, so leaving your pipe at home might be better if you’re on a cruise. 

You can also buy cigars onboard from duty-free stores and purchase them while you’re onshore, but you’re only allowed 100 cigars per person. You’ll have to pay customs fees if you bring more than that. 

What Are The Different Cruise Line Smoking Policies?

Is Smoking Allowed on Cruise Ships?

Most general rules for cruise lines remain the same, but each major brand has different rules. We’ll be taking a closer look at the policies for smoking products, including cigarettes, pipes, cigars, vapes, and e-cigarettes.

Carnival Cruise Lines

You can only smoke in casinos, casino bars, nightclubs, and select outdoor spaces on their ships. While you can smoke in a nightclub, one of the few cruise lines that allow it, you can’t bring cigarettes on the dance floor. 

Remember that it’s only allowed in certain outdoor spaces; your cabin balcony is not one of these. No smoking is allowed in any cabins or on any balconies.

Each ship has a different designated outdoor smoking area, so you should always check the rules for which ship you’re traveling on. 

It’s also important to remember that on the days of embarkation and debarkation, you’re not allowed to smoke outdoors.

This is a major hazard when the ship is refueling, so if you want to smoke these days, you should select a later arrival appointment instead. 

Celebrity Cruise Lines

If you want to go on a Celebrity Cruise, remember they have a non-smoking environment across their entire fleet. However, you can smoke in certain designated areas.

You can find these designated areas because they will be clearly signposted and have ashtrays provided. You simply need to ask the Guest Relations Desk to find out where you need to go.

You’re forbidden from smoking in the ship casinos, staterooms, and on the verandas. If you’re caught smoking on the ship, you’ll be charged an additional cleaning fee to your onboard account. This can be up to $250. 

E-cigarettes also apply to the smoking policy, so you can only smoke these in a designated smoking area if they have one. 

Not all itineraries allow smoking, so you should contact Celebrity Cruise Lines directly to find out more. You can also look closer at their smoking policy to find out more.

Disney Cruises

Disney prides itself on having a family-friendly environment, and because of that, they have strict smoking policies.

You aren’t allowed to smoke in staterooms or verandas, and you’re only allowed to smoke in designated areas. These areas are only outside, so indoor smoking is forbidden.

We should also inform you that some areas are only designated for smokers during the evening, from 6 PM until 6 AM.

Each ship has a different location for smokers to have a cigarette or e-cigarettes, which are only allowed in designated areas. You can find out more about the locations you can smoke here.

If you’re caught smoking in your stateroom or veranda, you’ll be charged a $250 recovery fee. You’re charged this fee so Disney can replace the air filter, extract the carpet, and the cleaning and replacement of any blankets, comforters, pillows, and drapes. 

Holland America Cruise Lines

Holland America has a strict smoking policy for all its guests. No guests are allowed to smoke in their cabins or on their verandas. Most indoor areas have a no-smoking policy, and only certain designated areas guests are allowed. 

If you’re caught smoking in your cabin or on the veranda, you’ll be charged $250 each day you violate the rules.

This $250 fee will be used for cleaning the cabin and veranda, and if you are caught multiple times, you can be removed from the ship.

E-cigarettes are also not allowed in the cabins but only in designated smoking areas. Cigars and pipes are also not allowed inside the ship, but they are allowed in designated outdoor spaces. 

We recommend looking at Holland America’s smoking policy for each ship’s designated smoking area.

Is Smoking Allowed on Cruise Ships?

MSC Cruises

MSC has forbidden their customers from smoking in their cabins and balconies. E-cigarettes are also forbidden and are only allowed in designated smoking areas.

The smoking areas may be subject to change, so you should always look where the signs and ashtrays are located on each ship.

If you want to find a designated smoking area, we recommend contacting a staff member, as they can lead you to the right place.

You should always look for ashtrays to safely dispose of your cigarette butts, as they can be a fire hazard when not extinguished properly. 

You’ll be charged a cleaning fee if you’re caught smoking in a non-designated area. You might also be told to disembark if you are caught multiple times. For a closer look at MSC’s policies, we recommend consulting their FAQs.

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Lines are dedicated to preserving the health and well-being of their guests, so they don’t allow smoking indoors. However, they do have exceptions to the rules, as cigar lounges and the casino allow you to smoke certain products. 

No passengers can smoke in their staterooms or balconies, or you will be charged a $250 cleaning fee. You can smoke in the private garden or sun deck if you have a garden villa.

You’re allowed to smoke in certain outdoor areas, but not near restaurants, sports areas, or children’s play areas.

You need to go to specific areas, which will be clearly signed. If you don’t know where they are, contact a staff member to find out where you can smoke.

Check their smoking policy if you want a clearer idea of where you can smoke on Norwegian Cruise Lines ships.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises has a selection of small designated smoking areas for their guests, signposted, and ashtrays supplied.

They also have cigar lounges and a section for smokers in the nightclub. They don’t allow smoking in the casino or casino bar; however, you may be allowed to smoke at designated slot machines if you’re playing at those machines.

There are a handful of open decks where smoking is allowed, and you can find them by following signs or finding a staff member.

You’re forbidden from smoking any products in your cabin or balconies. If you’re caught smoking in any of these places, you will be charged a $250 cleaning fee. 

If you want to know more about the areas where you can smoke or not, check out Princess Cruises’ FAQs. 

Royal Caribbean International Cruises

Royal Caribbean has a non-smoking designated fleet; however, certain smoking areas are available on the ship. These have visible signs and ashtrays provided, so you will know where to go on the ship.

No smoking is allowed indoors, in any staterooms, or on balconies. You’ll be subject to a $250 cleaning fee if you’re caught smoking where you shouldn’t. You might also be subject to further action per their guest conduct policy. 

Is Smoking Allowed on Cruise Ships?

We recommend checking their policy to find out more about where you’re allowed to smoke on Royal Caribbean Cruises.

What If Someone’s Smoking Where They Shouldn’t?

Fire is one of the biggest risks for any vessel, and smoking areas exist for a reason. While no one likes to snitch on others, wayward cigarette butts that haven’t been extinguished properly can cause fires.

If you throw a cigarette butt overboard, it might get sucked into the ship’s engine, which could catch fire.

If you see someone smoking where they shouldn’t be, and you’re worried about confronting them yourself, you can alert a crew member. Some people may be confident about asking a smoker to move, but it’s better to inform the staff if they don’t.

When you’re smoking, you must stick to the rules of the cruise line, or you might have to face fines or be kicked off the cruise. 


Over the years, more cruise lines have imposed stricter smoking rules on ships, and it’s not only for personal preference. Limiting the number of smoking areas prevents the number of fires that might take place.

If you want to smoke, it’s best to head to a designated area. 

It’s important that while you’re on a cruise ship, you’re respectful of other guests, so keep that in mind when you’re on your next vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smoking Still Allowed On Cruise Ships?

Cruise lines have become stricter with their smoking rules, so you are only allowed to smoke in designated areas.

You can only smoke in areas that are clearly sign-posted, and have ashtrays available. If you smoke in a non-designated area, you will be charged a fine, or you might face disembarkation if you’ve been caught multiple times. 

Do Any Cruise Ships Allow Smoking On Balconies?

Most cruise ships won’t allow you to smoke on your private balcony, and instead, they have designated smoking areas available on the ship. This is to avoid fire hazards, and to make an enjoyable environment for all guests. 


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