Can You Bring Weed On A Cruise Ship?

With many different countries and states in the United States taking a progressive stance when it comes to marijuana, you might be wondering whether you can bring it on your cruise! We’re here to answer all your questions on this topic!

Ultimate Guide: Can You Bring Weed on a Cruise Ship?

In this ultimate guide to bringing weed on a cruise ship, you will have access to the official rules of bringing weed on a cruise ship, and what the consequences are if you break them.

Can You Bring Weed On A Cruise Ship?

Bringing weed on a cruise ship is prohibited. You can’t bring weed onto any cruise ships as no cruise lines allow the drug on the vessel. It is not prohibited to bring medical weed onto the ships. 

Why Is Weed Illegal On A Cruise Ship?

In the US, lots of states have legalized marijuana. While it may be legal in these states, it is still illegal to possess weed at a federal level, only being legalized at state level. 

No matter where a cruise ship departs from, even if weed is legal in that state, you still cannot bring marijuana onto the vessel.

Can You Smoke Cigarettes On A Cruise Ship? 

You can smoke cigarettes on a cruise ship, and these cigarettes can be bought onto the vessel. However, it is not legal to smoke weed on the vessel or to have any in your possession. 

Can You Bring Cannabis Products On A Cruise Ship?

There are lots of cannabis products that people use regularly. These include CBD, Delta 8, Edibles, and a Vape Pen. These products are all cannabis-infused. 

You are not allowed any of these products on a cruise ship, either. All cannabis-related products are banned on cruise ships (What about smoking in general? Read more about this here). 

The policy on other cannabis products is very clear, as it lays out the type of products that it bans. These include oils, vape pens, buds, vape cartridges, and other edibles.

If you are heading off on a cruise, the best rules to follow are that these products are not allowed on the vessel. If a product has marijuana in it, you will not be allowed to take it onto a cruise ship. 

Can You Bring Medical Marijuana On A Cruise Ship?

You are not permitted to bring medical marijuana onto a cruise ship. This is true even if you have a prescription for the drug.

All weed products are illegal on a vessel, and there are no exceptions to this rule. This includes weed in any form, such as cartridges, edibles, and pots. 

If you often use medical marijuana, you should discuss alternative treatments with your doctor before attending the cruise. 

What Is Delta 8 And Can You Bring It On A Cruise Ship?

Delta 8 is a much less intoxicating version of the drug. It is legal in most places around the world, including almost all US states.

It is a naturally occurring chemical compound that you can find in hemp plants. It is becoming much more popular and it can be found in lots of different forms including in convenience stores and weed shops.

Delta 8 is not allowed on any cruise ships. It is illegal in the same way and for the same reasons as marijuana.

Can You Bring Edibles Onto A Cruise Ship?

It is illegal to bring edibles onto a cruise ship. However, lots of people have reported that if you are hoping to get high on a cruise, this would be the easiest way to do so. 

Some people disguise their THC gummies with regular gummy sweets, meaning they are very difficult to locate and identify.

If you are thinking of bringing some homemade edibles with you, you should be careful as they give off a smell and they may be easier to locate.

Can You Bring CBD Products Onto A Cruise Ship?

Ultimate Guide: Can You Bring Weed on a Cruise Ship?

You are not allowed to bring CBD products onto a cruise ship either. These products are also prohibited from the vessel.

Why Are These The Rules For Bringing Weed Onto A Cruise Ship?

These rules are in place for a few different reasons. The main reason is that there is a different legal status when it comes to marijuana between the state and federal levels.

At the state level, marijuana has been legalized in some states, but not in others. At a federal level, consumption and possession of marijuana is illegal. 

Any cruise ships that leave from states that have legalized marijuana must stick to federal laws, meaning that marijuana will be illegal on all cruise ships. 

Can You Bring Weed Onto An Alaskan Cruise Ship?

Alaska is well known for being very progressive when it comes to smoking cannabis (if you’re heading to Alaska on a cruise, check out our guide here). Adults in Alaska are legally allowed to use the drug.

They can do so recreationally. While you may be able to take weed at some ports in Alaska, you should make sure that you don’t take any onto the cruise ship. 

All cruise lines have made pot illegal, so if you smoke any on board or take any on board, this is against the law!

Alaskan cruises often depart from Canada or Washington, both of which have legalized weed. However, this does not mean that it is legal to take the drug onto the cruise ship!

In Vancouver, where many of the Alaskan cruises depart from, marijuana became legal in 2018. In Washington, weed is legal to be used recreationally.

However, just because your cruise departs from somewhere where weed is legal, and travels to places where weed is legal, this doesn’t mean that it is legal to take on board! 

Weed is illegal on all cruise ships, no matter where it is visiting or where it departs from. This is because the drug is still illegal at a federal level.

Can You Use Marijuana At Any Time During Your Cruise?

You can’t use weed at any point during your cruise. The rules on this are very clear, and it is illegal to use weed in the following places: 

  • On the cruise ship 
  • At the terminal for the cruise ship
  • In every port 
  • During shore excursions

You will not be able to use marijuana at any time during your cruise. 

Can You Sneak Weed Onto A Cruise?

There are lots of consequences related to consuming and possessing weed on a cruise ship, so if you’re tempted to sneak weed onto your cruise, it is best not to! 

Despite all of the risks, many passengers still attempt to sneak weed onto the cruise ship. But, it is not recommended! 

If you are caught with the drug on the ship, you will face very severe consequences. For this reason, it is not worth the consequences! You will face some very severe consequences. Below, we will take a look at some of the consequences of getting caught with marijuana on a cruise ship.

What Are The Consequences Of Getting Caught With Weed On A Cruise Ship?

Many different consequences come with getting caught with weed on a cruise ship. 

These include the following: 

Confiscation Of The Weed 

In lots of cases, you will have the weed taken off you. The cruise ship can’t allow you to continue to use the weed on a cruise ship, so you may find that they confiscate the weed. 

Permanent Ban From The Cruise Company 

If you have been caught with weed on a cruise ship, you are likely to be issued with a permanent ban from the cruise line. You may not be able to go on one of the cruises again for the company. 

Ultimate Guide: Can You Bring Weed on a Cruise Ship?

Immediate Disembarkation 

If you are found in possession of the drug, you may be asked to disembark from the ship immediately. This will interfere with your holiday and may cause many problems for you.

Denial Of Boarding

If you are caught with the drugs before you step onto the ship you may not be allowed to board the cruise ship. This means that you won’t be able to enjoy your holiday! 

Criminal Charges 

As weed is illegal, you may end up with some criminal charges if you are caught in possession of the drug. The cruise lines may report you to the local authorities if you have weed, depending on where the ship is located when it is discovered. In certain areas, you will not face criminal charges if it is legal in that state. 

The consequences of having weed on board will change from customer to customer for many reasons, but you are likely to be kicked off the ship or placed under arrest.

Do Cruise Ships Check For Weed?

When you board a cruise ship, you have to go through a variety of different searches. During this time, you will be searched using an X-ray machine, metal detectors, and scanners. 

However, the security team does not make searching for drugs their priority. Instead, they are looking for other things, but if they find drugs they will punish you.

Usually, cruise ships are searching for weapons to ensure the safety of those on board. They are also searching for alcohol, as many people will try to sneak this on board due to the high prices.

Are You Able To Smoke Weed At Some Ports?

If your cruise ship is stopping in places where weed is permitted, then there is nothing to stop you from smoking weed while you’re in those countries. While the cruise line does not support it, there is very little chance that they will find out.

For instance, if you visit Amsterdam, you can consume weed while you are in the city. In Amsterdam, you will find some edibles and joints in the coffee shops in the city. However, you must not take any of this back onto the ship! 

When you return to the ship, the security on the ship will check your bags to ensure that no cannabis is brought back onto the boat. 

If you are going to smoke weed while you are in port, you must be aware of the laws in that country. You should make sure that you are only smoking weed in countries where it is legal to do so.

Often, as a tourist, you are at risk of being targeted, so you should be very careful! Often, locals will attempt to sell tourists weed to report them to the local authorities.

For this reason, you should be very careful. In some countries, if you are caught with weed you may end up facing jail time or facing heavy fines!

Final Thoughts 

So, there you have it! It is illegal to take weed onto a cruise ship, no matter what. This article has provided you with an ultimate guide to the possession of weed on a vessel. It has outlined the laws very clearly, as well as providing a huge amount of detail into why the law is the way it is. 

To summarize, you should never take marijuana onto a cruise ship. It is illegal on all vessels, and you can face some very serious charges if you are found to have broken these rules.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Cruise Ships Search For Marijuana When You Board?

Cruise ships have a large number of different procedures that they use to check your luggage when you board. They will check your bags for illegal substances and banned substances. They may also have sniffer dogs to check for drugs.

What Happens If You’re High When You Return To Port?

If you return to port high, there is very little chance that you will suffer any consequences. You will only face consequences if you are disorderly, other than that there is no way for security to check whether or not you are high.
Using weed in port is against the policies of the cruise line, so if you are caught smoking it then you will face severe consequences.

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