10 Best Glamping Spots in Arizona That Are So Much Fun

Arizona is visited by so many people every year, and it’s not hard to see why! It is home to the Grand Canyon, plenty of ancient ruins and so many wonderful outdoor spots that are perfect for camping. 

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Even if you don’t want to go full wilderness though, you can try glamping instead, and trust us when we say, there are plenty of glamping spots in Arizona that you can look into.

Glamping is a great activity for people who want to camp, but want some of the comforts of home to go with it. 

If you are interested in glamping in Arizona, then you have come to the right place! We have put together a list of 10 of the best glamping spots in Arizona that are so much fun!

Each of these spots has something different to offer, with unique views that will help you make memories to last a lifetime! So read on to find out a bit more about each of them! 

1. Thunderhorse Ranch

First on our list, we have the incredible Thunderhorse Ranch.

This is the perfect glamping location to stay at when you want a more rustic experience. The actual ranch is a fully-working ranch found in Sierra Vista and there is so much in the area you can do to keep yourself occupied. 

Along with amazing glamping accommodations, you can also go hiking, biking, or sightseeing in the area.

The ranch is located just 30 minutes away from the famous towns of Tombstone and Bisbee, so you should definitely check them out while you are in the area. 

Thunderhorse Ranch is quite a remote location though, so be mindful of that and make sure you have your own reliable transportation for when you visit. 

2. Tipi Camping Near The Chiricahua National Monument

Staying in a Tipi is another popular way to glamp, and if you head to the Chiricahua National Monument, you will be able to set up in a Tipi for a few nights and enjoy the surrounding areas in style. 

This location is incredibly peaceful and very private, so you don’t have to worry about the area being overrun with people.

If you are looking for an authentic getaway where you can just immerse yourself in nature, then you will love this option. 

The Tipi camping site comes with a BBQ area, propane and wood fireplaces, and couches and the spacious tent can sleep up to eight people, so you can bring all of your loved ones along to enjoy a night under the Arizona stars. 

3. The Phoenix Dome 

If you want a true glamping experience in Arizona, then you absolutely need to check out The Phoenix Dome.

It’s more like a house than a tent, and it has over 2700 square feet which includes three bedrooms, and two bathrooms, and offers you incredible views of the desert all around it. 

You will be able to see plenty of native wildlife when you stay at The Phoneix Dome too, some of which include coyotes and road runners, both of which you wouldn’t really be able to view up close without the dome!

Downtown Phoenix is only minutes away from the Dome as well, so if you fancy spending some time in the city, you really can get the best of both worlds here. 

The Phoenix Dome is a uniquely designed building and you won’t be able to find an experience like this anywhere else in the country! 

4. Ravens Way

Ravens Way is a 42-acre safari tent camp and nature sanctuary located on the incredible Sky Islands in Arizona.

It is home to fantastic eco-lodges and it is the perfect place to set up camp when you want to experience lots of different natural diversity in the local environment. 

This is a fantastic place to go glamping, especially if you want to learn more about the area and really connect with nature.

You will learn valuable skills here that you will be able to use again and again in the future, and it might even convince you to try authentic tent camping in the future!

The tent camp itself is African-inspired and it is an incredibly luxurious place, so you can experience nature, but also have access to all the creature comforts you will need. 

5. Grand Canyon RV Glamping

The biggest attraction in Arizona is of course the Grand Canyon. It is known by everyone all over the world and it attracts millions of visitors every single year.

If you want to experience the Grand Canyon in style, then you should definitely look into the RV Glamping site that is located right next to it! 

Found in the town of Williams, all of the RVs here are incredibly spacious and comfortable, and they all come with a sun terrace so you can relax outside in the sun.

To get to the Grand Canyon, you only have to travel 60 minutes, and it is the perfect place to experience nature without having to go too natural. 

6. Coral Pink Ranch Cowboy Camp

The Coral Pink Ranch Cowboy Camp is another great place to stay when you want an authentic Tipi experience, but it is still more of a glamping experience than an all-natural camping one. 

You will be able to glamp for natural camping prices, and what makes this campground even better is the fact that it comes with a jacuzzi!

Other amenities here include a bed in the tipi, an outdoor shower and seating area, a propane stove, and a fire pit. Did we mention there is also WiFi available at this remote animal ranch? 

There may be WiFi, but you won’t have any cell reception once you are there, but this makes it the perfect place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life and just tune into nature. 

7. Safari Glamping At Out Of Africa 

The “Out of Africa” glampsite is a fantastic place to go when you want to connect with nature in a more unique way.

You will get a luxury Arizona glamping experience when you visit, and every day you will wake up to real wild animals! 

You will be staying in a luxury canvas tent that comes with many amenities, some of which include a comfortable bed and other furniture, as well as communal bathrooms and fire pits.

As for the animals, don’t worry, they are all non-predatory, so you will be able to enjoy waking up and spending time with animals such as giraffes and zebras when you visit! 

The whole wildlife park is definitely worth visiting, and when you stay on-site, you can spend a few days getting to know the whole area. 

8. The Sedona Dome Home

The Sedona Dome Home is similar to the Phoenix Dome, but instead of just being in the desert, you will be surrounded by the incredible red rocks of Sedona!

You can explore the whole area when you visit, and this is truly an upscale and unforgettable glamping experience. 

The Sedona Dome Home has been featured in the New York Times and it is incredibly well designed.

It has many expansive windows so you can see the spires of Sedona as you relax inside, as well as plenty of bedrooms, luxury bathrooms, a cozy entertainment area, an upstairs loft Queen bedroom, and much more! 

You won’t find views like this anywhere else, so it’s definitely worth renting out the Sedona Dome Home if you get the chance! 

9. Backland Glamping Resort

If you want something a bit more high-end than an RV, then the Backland Glamping Resort might be just what you are looking for.

This luxury eco-resort is located close to the Grand Canyon and it is the perfect place to enjoy the Arizona backcountry in all its glory. 

You will be surrounded by miles of pine forest and while you stay in the resort’s exclusive tents, you will be able to enjoy chef-prepared meals.

This is the perfect place to go glamping when you want to stay somewhere remote and secluded and it will really recharge your batteries. 

10. Wander Camp Grand Canyon

Also located near the Grand Canyon, Wander Camp is home to many incredibly beautiful lotus belle glamping tents and it is the perfect place to visit when you want a more minimalistic glamping experience. 

You will be able to experience sleeping under the stars when you visit and you will find yourself feeling incredibly peaceful and relaxed.

You will also find far more amenities here than you would in locations designed for more traditional camping, and it will truly be an experience you will never forget. 


So there you have it! 10 of the very best glamping spots in Arizona that are so much fun. Each of these locations has something different to offer, and you will enjoy every single one of these locations when you visit. 

If you are looking for the perfect glamping experience in Arizona, you definitely need to give these locations a try!

Alex Kallen

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