6 Best Glamping Spots In Oregon That Are So Much Fun

We all know how busy life can get. Jobs, kids, and everything else in between can overwhelm you until it’s time to take a well deserved break.

6 Best Glamping Spots In Oregon That Are So Much Fun

Whilst you could jet off to a sunny shore somewhere, one of the best ways to chill and relax is to head into nature and set up camp. There are not many better feelings than sitting back and listening to the sounds of nature on a camping trip.

But, it’s all fun and games until you have to sleep on the hard ground in a tent that hardly fits one person, let alone two. If you like the idea of camping but prefer a little more luxury, glamping is for you.

Think of it as luxurious camping, where you have the joys of the camping experience but the luxuries and comforts of home. And, where better to experience this than Oregon, a place where you can intertwine nature and luxury in the most delightful way.

The Beaver State is renowned for its stunning landscapes, from majestic mountains to pristine coastlines. Best of all, it offers a range of glamping spots that allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings, while relaxing with the comforts of modern amenities.

In today’s post, we will take you on a journey to explore the top 6 glamping spots that offer a unique and unforgettable experience in the great outdoors.

Whether you’re seeking a cozy cabin nestled in the woods, a luxurious safari tent with breathtaking views, or a unique treehouse perched high above the ground, Oregon has something for everyone.

1. Forest Island

Location: Estacada, Oregon

How does glamping in an enchanted forest sound? Pretty good? We agree! At Forest Island, you can embrace the enchantment on offer and enjoy an experience like no other.

This beautiful glamping spot is located just south of Portland, Oregon and is easy to get to by car. Once you arrive, the magic begins. Picture yourself in a magical setting, surrounded by lush greenery and the potential for whimsical encounters.

The glamping tent offers a unique experience, with the added charm of being situated on your own private island (albeit a small one). It’s a haven where you can disconnect from the modern world, as there is no electricity or Wi-Fi in the tent.

This allows you to fully embrace the serenity of nature and let your imagination run wild as you explore the captivating forest. At Forest Island, there are endless opportunities to unwind and connect with the enchanting surroundings.

It has a certain mystical ambiance and secluded atmosphere that provide the perfect escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

2. Yurt Glamping On Historic Oregon Vineyard

Location: Elkton, Oregon

Getting away from a hectic lifestyle for a few days can do wonders to your well-being. But, getting away to a vineyard and sprawling, stunning scenery will make you feel like a new person.

In Elkton, Oregon, you can indulge in a heavenly glamping experience where it’s just you, your cozy yurt, and the exquisite vineyards.

It’s a place where you can escape the demands of technology and embrace a simpler rhythm as you sit back, relax, and savor a glass of fine wine crafted by your hosts, Bradley Vineyards.

With over 20 acres of meticulously cultivated Pinot Noir, Gewurztraminer, Baco Noir, and Riesling grapes surrounding you, your senses will be delighted. When you’re ready to further indulge your wine-loving spirit, there is an on-site tasting room to take advantage of.

Whether you prefer to unwind by the inviting fire pit or showcase your culinary skills on the grill, this glamping haven offers the freedom to create your own perfect getaway.

3. Tide’s Reach Of The Umpqua

Location: Douglas County, Oregon

If you’re a nature and wildlife lover, then Tide’s Reach of the Umpqua is a must-visit glamping spot. Here, you can chill out and listen to the relaxing sounds of nature around you, all within the comfort of a glamping luxury tent.

Outside the tent (thankfully), you will be treated to an orchestra of wildlife, from eagles to ospreys and otters to the occasional harbor seal. Even if you’re not a morning person, waking up to watch the sun rise in this setting is totally worth it.

Once you’re up, you’ll be in awe of the stunning surroundings. By the end of the day, you can sit back with a glass of something you deserve and watch the sunset over the tree patterned hills.

When it gets dark, enjoy a campfire by the picnic table, or relax inside your weatherproof dome with a wood-burning fireplace. Coziness is the order of the day at Tide’s Reach of the Umpqua.

4. Lone Mountain Resort

Location: O’Brien, Oregon

Looking to get away from EVERYONE? Well, the aptly named Lone Mountain Resort will certainly give you the privacy and seclusion you’ve been dreaming of!

This incredibly beautiful Southern Oregon glamping property features three tipis, all of which have been blessed by the spiritual leader of the Karuk Tribe from the Klamath River Basin.

Just staying here allows you to immerse yourself in Native American culture and is a wonderful way to respect the ancient way of life. Lone Mountain Resort is situated between Crater Lake National Park in Central Oregon and Redwood National Forest.

In other words, it’s so far out, you can forget about the outside world and daily stresses and simply focus on being cozy in this unique oasis of solitude.

If you’re heading out this way for a bit of thrill seeking, you can rest assured that your adventure equipment will be under the eyes of on-site security cameras at all times.

There is also a grill pavilion, so you can still enjoy top class cuisine and French press coffee brewers to get your day started, the right way.

And, we can’t forget the pets! For an additional $20, you can take your pet along, so they can experience the beauty of Lone Mountain Resort.

5. Unique Tipi Glamping Adventure

Location: Scott Mills, Oregon

AT Unique Tipi Glamping Adventure, you can enjoy their cozy yet spacious 22-foot tipi, crafted with care on a meticulously hand-sanded cedar deck, offering a truly wonderful experience.

The tipi features battery-powered LED lights and a comfortable queen-size bed. However, it’s overshadowed by the neighboring 23-foot Airstream trailer, which boasts a fully equipped kitchen and a luxurious full bathroom.

Nestled just an hour away from Portland, this enchanting glampsite feels like a world away from the stresses of city life.

Here, you can indulge in various outdoor pursuits such as hiking along scenic trails or enjoy gentle interactions with the horses right outside your tent’s entrance.

These are just a few examples of the exciting activities you can partake in at Crooked Finger Farms. Whatever you do here, you are sure to embrace the serenity and seclusion of its remote and untamed surroundings.

There is a charming rustic barn onsite and the magnificent Abiqua Falls are only a short distance away. So, pack that camera! Take your time to fully experience the awe-inspiring wonders this majestic place has to offer.

6. Lost Lake Resort

Location: Hood River, Oregon

Mt. Hood National Forest, an exquisite setting famous for various attractions like its exciting hiking day trips, top-notch skiing, and fantastic, comfortable cabin rentals.

Also available are fully equipped and uniquely designed glamping yurts, where you can live the life of luxury and still be one with nature.

These cozy yurts are like tiny homes, featuring a queen-size memory foam bed, stylish comfy rugs, a wood-burning stove, and all the linens you’ll need for a night in the woods. The only thing missing is electricity, but that just adds to the rustic charm.

As you settle into your stay amidst the towering firs and cedars, you will be surrounded by the peacefulness of Lost Lake nearby, and enjoy one of the most breathtaking views of Mount Hood.

And for those who love fishing, the nearby Deschutes River in Central Oregon offers some of the best fly-fishing in the state. Tranquility and serenity all wrapped up in a yurt blanket for the most relaxing stay possible.

What Activities Can You Expect While Glamping In Oregon?

Glamping in Oregon provides access to a range of outdoor activities. You can enjoy hiking in the scenic forests, mountain biking, fishing in rivers and lakes, kayaking or paddleboarding in coastal areas or lakes, and visit nearby national parks or landmarks.

You can also explore local wineries and look out for local wildlife. There’s so much to do here. Stargazing, campfire gatherings, and simply relaxing in nature are some of the best things to enjoy in Oregon.

In Summary

The Beaver State is the perfect palace to get away from it all and enjoy nature at its best. Glamping is one of the most comfortable and luxurious ways to enjoy what Oregon has to offer, whilst being close to nature and wildlife. A truly special jewel in the United States.

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