10 Delightful Weekend Getaways In New York State To Treat Your Partner

New York state is arguably one of the most beautiful in the country. Yes, there are incredible cities such as New York and Albany, but there are also plenty of natural locations to see!

10 Delightful Weekend Getaways In New York State To Treat Your Partner

Overall, this state has everything you could ask for – from rustic getaways to the luxurious ones. 

If you would like to visit this state for a weekend getaway, then you have a lot to choose from! In this article, we are going to go through 10 of the best locations that you need to check out should you choose to visit the state. 

10 Best Weekend Getaways in the State of New York

1. Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands
  • Why we love it: lots to do, stunning scenery, unique experience
  • Best things to do: birdwatching, camping, boating
  • Is this destination expensive?: not especially

This #1 scenic boat ride spot has 1,864 islands scattered across the stunning blue waters. There are two glorious island castles (You might also like Beautiful Castles In Texas) to explore with delightful tours, and a variety of lighthouses, battlefields, museums, and even farm zoos to explore and enjoy.

One of the must-see spots is Wellesley Island. Here, there are beautiful sandy beaches to explore, as well as nature trails, camping grounds, and even cottages (Also check out these Camping Games For Kids and Adults).

You can even get on the water and try your hand at kayaking, or try scuba diving. There are even hot air balloon rides to try out!

2. New York City

New York City
  • Why we love it: diverse culture, rich history, stunning architecture, amazing food
  • Best things to do: don’t miss out of places like Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Empire State Building, Times Square, The High Line, Top of the Rock, and Grand Central Terminal
  • Is this destination expensive?: yes, things can get very pricey

New York City is a communication, fashion, finance, education, and arts hub, and one you can’t miss out on.

There’s also some incredible food and drinks around the city, and culture you will immediately fall in love with. Don’t be surprised to see street performers around every corner, and colors that will wow you at every turn. 

Spots like Times Square and Wall Street are must-see locations. However, be sure to also stop by the Broadway Theater District, the Statue of Liberty, and any of the other dozen popular spots. Just expect it to be busy no matter the time of year you go!

3. Rochester

  • Why we love it: stunning buildings and landscape with great history
  • Best things to do: enjoy walking tours, parks, day trips and excursions, nightlife, breweries, and the landmarks in the area
  • Is this destination expensive?: not especially

As far as cities go, Rochester is relaxing and pleasant. It isn’t an exciting city like New York, but it will allow you to take a step back and enjoy the calm.

While you’re here, you can visit places like museums, famed houses of civil rights activists, or even enjoy the biking paths. 

It’s a great place to unwind and enjoy some good food and hospitality without being overwhelmed. 

4. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls
  • Why we love it: one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the world
  • Best things to do: enjoy cultural tours via air, bus, or foot, see both the Canadian and USA side of the falls
  • Is this destination expensive?: no, very affordable

Niagara Falls may be the most famous waterfall in the world, and for good reason! It sits on the Canada/US border, and is truly a sight to behold. It’s romantic, beautiful, and will always be a popular spot for special occasions. 

There are plenty of great tours you can take in the area, including food, bus, and even air tours! This is a place where you need to take a step back and really appreciate the beauty and ferocity of nature.

5. Lake Placid

Lake Placid
  • Why we love it: beautiful scenery, and this city has hosted the Olympic Games more than once! 
  • Best things to do: check out the Bobsled and Luge Complex, Olympic Ski Jump Complex, the various historic sites, mountains, and lakes
  • Is this destination expensive?: no, very affordable

Lake Placid is world famous for being a winter sports resort and is considered a haven in the area. The Winter Olympics have been hosted here twice, making it a unique location already! 

However, with so much history and many activities to enjoy here, it has become a popular tourist spot.

Whether you come here in the summer or winter, there will be lots for you to enjoy, including exploring the trails and historic locations, or visiting the various arenas and centers in the area.

6. Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs
  • Why we love it: beautiful area, rich heritage, plenty to do
  • Best things to do: visit the luxury resorts, go to the Saratoga Race Course, enjoy fine dining
  • Is this destination expensive?: no, very affordable

If you’re looking for a spot to sit back and relax, Saratoga Springs could be it! Here, you can enjoy your time as spas, as well as enjoy fine dining, horse racing, and all the fancy wines and cheeses you could ask for. 

There are plenty of luxury resorts in the area, but this isn’t a great location for families. Rather, it’s a fantastic spot for couples and friends to enjoy some time to relax.

As this is what everyone else is here to do, too, having children around may be more of a distraction.

7. Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes
  • Why we love it: beautiful landscape and wildlife area
  • Best things to do: enjoy wine tasting, visiting the museum, explore the state parks
  • Is this destination expensive?: not especially

Names as such because the lakes look like long, skinny fingers, Finger Lakes is a city full of natural beauty and plenty to do. Here, you can enjoy wine tasting and some truly delicious food.

There are also delightful outdoor adventures to try in the numerous parks in the area and surrounding water. 

Anyone looking for some adventure can hike, cycle, or even kayak as long as the weather permits. No matter whether you’re here with friends, your partner, or a whole family, this location is great for it all.

8. Montauk

  • Why we love it: stunning area with plenty of things to keep you busy
  • Best things to do: visit the state parks, lighthouse, and enjoy the scenery
  • Is this destination expensive?: not especially

Montauk is home to some stunning scenery, including a wonderful beach, lighthouses, and various state parks in the area. This is a place where you can sit back and enjoy everything the location has to offer without worrying about city life. 

You can walk along the golden coast for miles, simply enjoying the peace. On the way, there are quaint cottages to see, as well as pleasant waters. This is a place you go to truly relax, away from the stresses of everyday life.

9. The Hamptons

The Hamptons
  • Why we love it: beautiful, scenic area with with plenty to do
  • Best things to do: enjoy day trips, nightlife, tours, sightseeing, shopping
  • Is this destination expensive?: yes

The Hamptons is a well-known area that is often used by the wealthy. It’s located by the ocean, with stunning views and plenty to do. There are a number of upscale boutiques, restaurants, nightlife, and so much more for everyone to enjoy. 

Beaches here are beautiful, and always maintained wonderfully. If you’re planning on spending any time here, just know that nothing here is cheap.

To have an immersive experience, you are going to need to be willing to part with a decent amount of cash – but it’s worth it!

10. Adirondacks

  • Why we love it: stunning landscape with rivers, lakes, and forests
  • Best things to do: hiking, exploring trails, kayaking, skiing
  • Is this destination expensive?: no, very affordable

This area is surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains, and is one of the most breathtaking spots in the state.

Here, you don’t have to worry about the busy city life and everything that goes with it. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy the relaxation and fresh air. 

Visitors can stop by the museums and historical homes in the area to find out more. You can even visit John Brown’s home – a famous abolitionist who fought for slave’s rights and freedom.

There are also plenty of hiking trails, skiing, and hiking opportunities in the area if that’s what you enjoy.

Final Thoughts 

New York state is full of fun and exciting opportunities to enjoy if you know where to look! No matter the time of year, there are plenty of things to try.

Whether you enjoy spending time in the big cities like New York, or getting out in the wild, there’s something for everyone to love. 

If you are planning on visiting New York state for a weekend getaway, where will you be going (You might also want to check out Tourist Attractions In Buffalo, New York)? Make sure to plan ahead and get everything you’re going to need for your trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is New York State A Good Place To Go For A Getaway?

Yes! There is so much to see and do in New York state, you will never get bored. Here, there are parks, monuments, and loads of fun and exciting things to try out.

What Is The Most Visited Place In New York State?

New York City is the most popular spot to visit in the state. It has tourism year-round, and is one of the richest places in the country! Times Square is likely the most visited spot in the whole state.

What Is The Best Time To Visit New York State?

Visiting in the fall will give you the best of the weather, as well as the stunning and colorful foliage. However, if you’re looking to enjoy festivities, then visiting between November and December will be the best time, with spring being the least busy.

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