6 Amazing Places To Make A Splash: Best Water Parks In Wisconsin Dells

Everybody loves a great water park, whether you’re zipping down splashy slides or simple sunbathing by a calm pool.

6 Amazing Places To Make A Splash: Best Water Parks In Wisconsin Dells

However, you’ve probably exhausted all of the most well-known water parks in the United States, and now you’re left looking for a new experience to thrill you. This is where Wisconsin Dells comes in.

It may not have been your first thought when you picture water park hotspots, but this city in Wisconsin is home to some of the very best water parks in America. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at our guide of thrilling, excitement-filled locations below!

We’ve got a list of the 6 most fun water parks in Wisconsin Dells, with details about what makes each of these a great day out. Read on!

1. Wilderness Resort

We’re starting our list with this unmissable water park, the Wilderness Resort. Why does it take the top spot? Well, it’s actually America’s largest water park resort!

This enormous, fun-filled location has 4 outdoor and 4 indoor water parks, as well as countless other attractions, a large golf course, a few mega arcades, spa, and loads of hotels, villas, and cabins to stay at. 

If fun has a name, it must surely be the Wilderness Resort!

For the indoor water parks, you’ve got a good range of sizable splash parks. For example, the Klondike Kavern Waterpark has fun features for all ages to enjoy, such as body slides and the Hurricane.

Meanwhile, Cubby’s Cove Indoor Waterpark offers a hot spa and pool-based basketball hoops. 

As for the outdoor water parks found at the Wilderness Resort, it includes large, adventurous parks like the Lake Wilderness Waterpark.

This specific outdoor spot offers 40,000 square feet of entertainment, and a whole 13,000 square feet of that is the “lazy lake” pool, where people can zip down tube slides.

2. Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park Resort

Next on our list is the Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park Resort, a place that offers as many lofty thrills as its name would suggest!

There are two separate water parks for your family to enjoy here, as well as both indoor and outdoor theme parks and plenty of fun lodgings.

One of the water parks is indoors, while the other is outdoors, once again allowing visitors to pick their favorite type. However, the indoor water park is exclusively open for half the year, 

and then it closes and the outdoor water park takes its place for the other half.

For the indoor water park, you can enjoy all kinds of fun features, which all have creative mythical names to fit in with the park’s name!

For example, you’ve got the River Styx waterway, the Cerberus Tube Slide, the Serpent’s Pool, Medusa’s Slidewheel, and others. The outdoor water park continues the trend, with the exhilarating Poseidon’s Rage pool, Lost City of Atlantis, and more.

3. Noah’s Ark Water Park

When it comes to the Noah’s Ark Water Park, you’re going to be absolutely spoiled for choice.

There are so many different attractions to enjoy here that you probably won’t even have time to do them all with your family, so you’ll keep coming back again and again!

It’s a fun-filled haven with all kinds of different slides, water coasters, rafting, pools, and much more.

Better yet, the attractions have different age recommendations for each. For example, some are best suited for kids and families, while others are best for everyone.

On the whole, though, there will be plenty for everybody to take part in, which is one of the things that makes this water park such a great choice.

A great pick for the kids and families audience would be something like the Flying Gecko ride, which is a 4 person raft (perfect for families!) that begins in darkness and is then swept around in watery twists and turns.

However, if there are older kids wanting something a bit wilder, they can enjoy something like the Scorpion’s Tale – which is America’s first (almost) vertical looping waterslide!

4. Great Wolf Lodge

Taking your family for a day of fun and splashes at the Great Wolf Lodge is another must when near Wisconsin Dells.

Though it doesn’t have an outdoor water park like many of the others on our list, it does have an indoor one that’s absolutely packed with different attractions for all kinds of different audiences. 

On top of that, each water park attraction is categorized with a minimum height (keeping things safe) and a thrill level, allowing people to know what kind of experience they’re going to have.

This makes it all a more comfortable experience. If you just want a pleasant, peaceful rush in the water, then you can go for low, while adventurers seeking faster and wetter thrills can seek the high ones.

For example, the promisingly named Howlin’ Tornado offers a high thrill level and is best used by adults, teens, and families with old enough kids, rather than little ones.

5. Chula Vista Resort – Wisconsin Dells Water Parks

Chula Vista is an enormous resort in Wisconsin Dells that truly has something for everyone, and we’re not just talking about the water parks (though they’re great!).

You can play golf, dine, visit a spa, zipline, play volleyball, see $-D movies, and so much more. 

But we’re here to talk about the water parks! There are over 200,000 square feet of them for you and your family to enjoy, and they can be found both indoors and outdoors to suit whatever your tastes are.

They have 26 waterslides between them, which would measure over 1.5 miles if all put together! 

Any guests staying overnight at the resort will automatically get a water park pass, meaning there’s no excuse not to have fun splashing about in the pools, attractions, slides, and other water park features. 

6. Kalahari Resorts

We’re finishing our list off with this fantastic water park located near Wisconsin Dells, in Baraboo. It’s an indoor one that measures a grand 125,000 square feet, and it has plenty of attractions for the whole family to enjoy.

Whether you want something wild or relaxing, the features have every preference covered.

For example, young kids will love shooting hoops with the Crocodile Cove water basketball pool. On the other hand, parents might want to unwind with the interconnected indoor/outdoor spas, finding peace and enjoying fun drunks.

Final Thoughts

Wisconsin Dells and its surrounding areas have some of the best and biggest water parks in the USA. Use our helpful guide to find the very best, fun-filled ones!

Alex Kallen
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