The 19 Most Beautiful Castles In Texas

Did you know that there are real medieval castles in Texas? This means you don’t have to go all the way to Europe to marvel at some of the most beautiful structures in the US.

The 19 Most Beautiful Castles In Texas

While Texas is well known for its fantastic music and delicious food, the state also has plenty of architecture to offer. Texas’ castles are some of the most stunning buildings in the country, worth visiting any time of the year.

1. Falkenstein Castle

Falkenstein Castle is not just a famous castle in Germany but there is also an American castle known as Falkenstein Castle in the Texas Hill Country.

The designers of this stunning castle, Kim Young and Terry Young, were inspired by Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. Its elevated position means that you have the most wonderful view from the top.

This also makes Castle Falkenstein one of the most popular Texas venues for weddings and other special events. You can even book an overnight stay at this fairy tale castle.

This being said, Falkenstein Castle is popular, so make sure to book in advance. Alternatively, you can also simply visit the castle and go on a tour.

2. 1892 Victoria County Courthouse

You wouldn’t expect to find a castle that also acts as an official government building. Located in Victoria, Texas, the 1892 Victoria County Courthouse is not just the county’s government offices but it’s also a historic building.

Built by the famous Texas architect R. Riely Gordon, the courthouse is made of local Texas granite. It was restored in 2001 to its original glory and you can visit this authentic piece of Texas architecture.

The large windows and a clock tower make this courthouse one of the most impressive castles in Texas history.

3. Elisabet Ney Museum

Many famous castles in Texas have a specific function, such as the Elisabet Ney Museum. Located in Austin, the castle was bought by famous German sculptor Elisabet Ney in the late 19th century.

Ney used her new residence, previously known as Formosa, not just as a place to live but also as an art studio. She would design and create some of the most famous sculptures here.

For example, Ney made sculptures of popular Texas men at the time, such as Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston. After Elisabet Ney’s death, the castle was turned into a museum that shows permanent exhibits of the artist’s work today.

This allows you to visit the three acres of land as well as the castle itself while enjoying some of the most popular art in the world.

4. Pemberton Castle

Located in Austin, Pemberton Castle is just as you would imagine a historic castle to look like. Built in the 1890s, this beautiful Texas castle is also known as Fisher-Gideon House, after its previous owners.

However, this lovely castle started out as a simple water tower and it was turned into a castle building in the 1920s.

A respected architecture professor, known as Samuel Gideon, who lived there with his wife, added most of the impressive, architectural features that make this castle so special.

While a private residence in the past, Pemberton castle is open to the public today and you can visit this unique building to explore its stonework and charm.

10. Bishop’s Place

The most beautiful castle in Galveston, Bishop’s Castle is worth a visit when you are on a Texas beach vacation in the area. Just like many other castles in Texas, Bishop’s Place was built in the 1890s.

Walter Gresham and his wife were the first owners of this stunning place. They used the castle as a family home for their children. But Bishop’s Place is famous for another event: the hurricane in 1900.

Gresham allowed hundreds of people from the area to stay at the castle to ensure their survival. Everyone can visit the castle today. You can see most of Bishop’s Place when you go on a tour around the property.

The affordable admission price gives you access to the entire castle, including the attic and the basement. While Bishop’s Place isn’t one of the many medieval-style castles in Texas, it’s still a romantic castle worth visiting.

6. Old Red Museum

Located in Dallas, the Old Red Museum is one of the most impressive castles in Texas. Its red brick makes it unique. Plus, it’s easy to spot when you walk around the city.

Similar to some other castles, the Old Red Museum was built in the 1890s and used as a courthouse. While it was used as a museum with changing exhibitions throughout the year, it has now been restored again to its original use as a courthouse.

This being said, you may not be able to see judicial artifacts anymore but the architecture of the building is still breathtaking and well worth a visit.

7. Mission Concepcion

If you are looking for the oldest castle in Texas, then Mission Concepcion is the place to visit. As a historic landmark, it has a rich history. Built in the 1730s, Mission Concepcion is not just a castle but it’s also a Catholic church designed in the traditional Spanish colonial style.

In addition, Mission Concepcion is also the oldest church in the US. It’s so well built that it didn’t even have any major restorations so far.

Besides the stunning building, there are also plenty of other things to see at this beautiful historic building just outside of San Antonio, including remarkable paintings. It’s worth taking some time to wander around the outside of the castle church.

It gives you a true scale of the castle itself and the wonderful grounds. You might even find a few spots for a photo opportunity with a historical background.

8. Lake Travis Castle

If you are looking for a romantic castle to stay in overnight, then this vacation home overlooking Lake Travis has everything you want. Located in Comanche Canyon Ranch, it has some of the most breathtaking views.

This makes the perfect location for your honeymoon or a special Texas beach vacation. With 800 square feet, the castle has a dining area, kitchen, living room, large bathroom and a bedroom overlooking the lake.

It’s just a short drive away from Austin which means you can visit the city and retreat to your very own royal residence at the end of the day.

9. Parsons Castle

Parsons Castle isn’t just an unusual location but it’s also one of the most beautiful castles in the entire state of Texas. Located right by a lake near Clifton, you can stay here overnight or celebrate your wedding in style.

Thanks to its elevated position overlooking the waters, Parsons Castle is a fairytale come true. From weddings, graduations and reunions to corporate events and honeymoons, this place is just the perfect venue for a big celebration.

In fact, the castle can host events with 1,000 people and more. This gives you plenty of different options for your special party.

This being said, even if you don’t stay at the castle, it’s still worth driving by and taking an unforgettable snapshot of this stunning building.

10. San José Mission

What makes San Jose Mission so special is that it’s also a church. The castle-like structure resembles the typical castles found in the Mediterranean. San Jose Mission was built a few hundred years ago but it belongs to the surrounding national park today.

With its construction in the 1790s, San Jose Mission is another historic castle in Texas. Made with local stone, this castle rendition might not look like a fairytale castle but more like a fortress.

Another great advantage of this wonderful building is that you can visit it for free. Wander around the arches and take in the giant architecture of centuries ago.

11. Newman’s Castle

Newman’s Castle isn’t a castle in the traditional sense but it has everything you would find in a normal castle: a moat, solid walls and impressive towers. Located near Bellville, Newman’s Castle was built by Mike Newman.

The Texas local was inspired by old medieval fortresses and he chose this design for his own castle. Opened in 2006, Newman’s Castle is open six days a week and you can join a tour around the grounds and the structure.

The castle tour starts off at Newman’s Bakery which opens early in the morning, so you can enjoy some freshly baked goods for breakfast. Just make sure that you book the tour in advance as the numbers of visitors are limited.

12. Texas Pythian Home

If you prefer a traditional-looking castle, the Texas Pythian Home is one of the best preserved examples in the lone star state. Opened in the early 1900s, this spectacular building was originally a home for widows and orphans who belonged to the Knights of Pythias.

But this unusual structure located near Weatherford has seen a variety of uses. It was used for administrative purposes and as a high school. Today, the Texas Pythian Home is still in use as a home for children.

This means that the public don’t have access to the house but you can still marvel at the stunning exterior.

13. Chateau Cocomar

If there is one country that’s famous for its glorious castles, then that’s France. This is exactly where the inspiration for the Chateau Cocomar comes from.

With the stunning French architecture, this castle has a true European charm, although it was built in 2005. On 40,000 square feet, there is plenty of room to roam around and take in the impressive castle design.

Chateau Cocomar is a popular wedding and events venue near Houston. With the royal experience, this is one of the most enchanting castles in Texas and across the United States. While it’s not open to the public, you can still get a glimpse when you drive by.

14. Wise County Courthouse

The rough stone of this large imposing structure in Wise County reminds you of a real life castle in Texas. What makes this US castle so unusual is the vibrant colors and the imposing clock tower.

Plus, Wise County Courthouse is open to the public, so it’s worth a visit whenever you are in the area. You can enjoy a tour around this historic building and find out more about the building itself and some of the criminal cases that were heard here in the past.

15. Denton County Courthouse

This county courthouse in Denton looks like a majestic fortress that could protect you from any forces from the outside. The clock tower in the middle of the building is one of the most striking features of the structure.

Although the Denton County Courthouse looks incredibly modern, it was built during a time when most Texan castles were built: towards the end of the 19th century. You can visit the courthouse whenever you are in Denton.

We also recommend taking the guided tour as you learn a lot about the building’s history. There is also a small exhibition with a few artifacts related to Denton and the area.

16. 290 Wine Castle

The 290 Wine Castle is undoubtedly one of the most unusual castles in Texas. Located in Johnson City, this spectacular structure is a winery. Just like royalty, you can enjoy the impressive architecture while sipping on a glass of wine.

While you won’t find a moat here, there is a large entrance that welcomes visitors in style. The design of the castle looks like a Viking castle or an ancient French fortress.

You can’t get away without stopping by the tasting room for some of the excellent wines here. It’s also worth checking their website for any of the wine events they hold throughout the year.

17. Trube Castle

Trube Castle is a classic Victorian-style castle in Galveston. Built by John Clement Trube in 1890, the design comes from Trube’s home country of Denmark. Trube Castle was his home and family seat in Texas.

In fact, the castle is still a family residence of the Trube’s today. This historic landmark doesn’t just look like an old, European castle but it also uses some building materials from Belgium.

18. Castle Avalon

Avalon is not just a mythical place from the tales around King Arthur, but also a stunning wedding venue near New Braunsfels, Texas.

The stone castle with gothic style windows features a massive gatehouse which makes the ideal venue for weddings, receptions, parties and other large events.

Located in the charming Texas Hill Country, the castle is an impressive sight. If you are lucky enough to be invited for an event here, then make sure to have a look around and explore the grand ballroom.

19. Austin County Jail Castle

This Texas castle is unlike any other castle in the US. Built in 1896, Austin County Jail Castle doesn’t just look like a fortress but it was designed to house criminals. The three-story building also has a fourth floor tower which used to serve as gallows.

Today, this stunning structure is a museum which is home to a variety of crime artifacts. In fact, Austin County Jail Museum has the largest collection of criminal records in Austin County which has the most moving criminal history in Texas.

Made of rustic red bricks with details of limestone, Austin County Jail Castle is an imposing building that you can see for miles. The gallows tower is particularly impressive thanks to its pyramid structure.

The entire building is listed on the National Register of Historical Places. You can visit this unique castle in Texas on Saturdays. Just check their website for tour details and museum opening times.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Castles Are In Texas?

Texas has more than 20 castles. Most of these beautiful castles are historic landmarks and stately strongholds from the past. Inspired by royal castles in Europe, you don’t need to go that far to visit the most stunning castles in the US.

Are There Any Real Castles In Texas?

Yes, Texas has over twenty real castles. With the traditional castle design of royal residences in Europe, the castles in Texas are historic sights, museums or government buildings.

Some Texas castles are also used as restaurants or wineries where you can enjoy a sip of good wine with the history.

Final Thoughts

Texas doesn’t just have great food and live music to offer but the state is also one of the states with the most castles. Visit these enchanting castles in Texas and enjoy a great vacation with art, architecture and history.

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