Top 10 Beautiful Small Towns In Wisconsin

Would you believe us if we told you that Wisconsin is home to some of the most beautiful towns in the midwest?

Top 10 Beautiful Small Towns In Wisconsin

If you don’t, we’re more than happy to show you! The small towns of Wisconsin have a lot to offer, from their beautiful streets to fields for picnics and lakes where you can relax and watch the world go by.

So, here are our top picks for the top ten most gorgeous towns in all of Wisconsin! If you’re interested, read on for more!

Here are the ten most beautiful towns in The Badger State!

1. Elkhart Lake

First on our list is the gorgeous Elkhart Lake! This stunning town was named after its lake which is shaped like the heart of an elk. It is translated from its original Potawatomi name into English.

Of course, it goes without saying that one of the most stunning features of this little Wisconsin town is its lake. However, Elkhart Lake has a lot more to offer.

One example is the famous Elkhart Road Races which are extremely popular with both tourists and locals alike!

2. Ephraim

Next on our list is the beautiful Ephraim! During fall, Ephraim is filled with beautiful trees with those deep autumn hues that make you want to throw on a sweater and watch the rain fall.

The locals of Ephraim are very proud of their heritage and have done a fantastic job of preserving it so it can be shared with visitors to their lovely little town.

There are 30+ historic sites in Ephraim, and all of them have something unique to offer. So, be sure to check out as many as you can on your visit to this historic place!

However, Ephraim is most famous for its history of American Immigration. So, if that is your area of interest then Ephraim is the place to go.

On your visit here, be sure to take some tours, check out some preserved buildings, and learn all you can at the many museums.

3. Ashland

Next on our list, we have the wonderful Ashland! If you’re looking for the quintessential, “small-town, USA” vibes, you’ll find a home in this wonderful little town.

Here, you will find a mural dedicated to the US flag, an outdoor stage in the shape of a dome, and a classic Band Shell.

Not only that, but the local lake, brownstone infrastructures, and overall Midwest flavor scream “small-town”, and you can revel in its quaint beauty as you can explore all of the fun activities Ashland has to offer.

Not only that but there are two campgrounds where you can stay, both of which offer many commodities and are very affordable.

4. Mineral Point

Founded in 1827, Mineral Point is one of the oldest cities in all of Wisconsin. It is a little mining town that produces zinc and lead.

The town’s wonderful heritage is reflected in its architecture, and if you were to take a stroll through the streets you would find some beautiful block buildings as well as the First Methodist Church.

Visitors are invited to tour the many historic homes and old buildings. These buildings are home to many independent businesses, such as galleries and breweries that you can wander around and enjoy.

If you are looking for gifts to take back home, then Mineral Point is home to many shops where you can find the most beautiful handmade jewelry, pottery, or even some delicious freshly-made fudge!

This is the town where Wisconsin began, and it remains one of the most beautiful today!

5. New Glarus

Swiss immigrants built this town in the 1800s and named it after their home country.

All of the homes and infrastructures were built in front of a stunning rural backdrop, and everything about the town, from its streets to its architecture to its culture, are reminders of Swiss culture and architecture.

After a fun-filled day of exploring, you can rest your legs and enjoy a dining experience at the many restaurants in New Glarus, all of which serve amazing, authentic Swiss food!

If you want a taste of Europe right at home in the US, visit New Glarus the next time you’re in Wisconsin!

6. Stockholm

Stockholm is a little Wisconsin town that was founded by Swedish immigrants. There is an abundance of red barns, farms, and bluffs to be found here, and there are many stores reminiscent of Europe in Stockholm’s downtown area!

These stores, and Stockholm as a whole, are filled with wonderful activity and life. People will travel for miles and miles just to shop in the stores and marvel at the artwork all around the town.

Some people might say that creativity breathes life into Stockholm, and so people of a more artistic mindset may enjoy coming here in particular, whether to find inspiration or to simply enjoy the sights.

7. Bayfield

Bayfield is another artsy town located in the midwest! It is filled with picturesque scenery that many artists have managed to encapsulate.

However, nothing can compare to the real thing, and visitors from the US and all over the world marvel at the landscapes of this lovely little town.

Not only that, but Bayfield is also close to Apostle Islands. These islands are a chain located in Lake Superior that is filled with discovery and exploration and will bring out the adventurous side of even the most cautious of tourists.

You will never be bored exploring the wrecks, hidden caves, and taking advantage of the many sailing opportunities on these islands!

8. Fish Creek

Fish Creek was once home to many fishermen, lumberjacks, and farmers. It is a little town full of many delights and a unique insight into a more humble lifestyle.

However, it also offers the little luxuries that come with living comfortably, and so is full of variety and lots to see and do!

You can witness what it would have been like to experience a past, slower way of life if you take a stroll through the many streets of Fish Creek.

Not only that, but you can participate in many fun activities such as fishing, relaxing by the lake, or exploring the wilderness.

Alternatively, you can explore all Fish Creek has to offer by booking a tour. No matter how you choose to explore it, you will be in awe of the beauty of this lovely little town.

9. Lake Geneva

If you want to stay in a beautiful Wisconsin town that will allow you to relax and watch the world go by, then there is no better place to go than Lake Geneva.

This wonderful town can be enjoyed in all seasons. During the winter, you can cozy up by some lovely fires, and in the summer, you can enjoy a luxurious spa day.

And, if you want to spend some time doing activities, Lake Geneva offers these, too! There is an eclectic mix of stores here so you can enjoy the day shopping or exploring the various restaurants.

Or, you can go skiing during the winter, and take a boat into the lake during the spring and summer.

No matter what you choose to do, spending just a day in this town will allow you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

10. Cedarburg

Cedarburg was once a wool mill town, located on the shores of the wonderful Lake Michigan. However, now it is a town that appeals to tourists far and wide, and it sure provides for them!

Cedarburg is a quaint town full of antique charm. When staying here, you will walk many streets that are lined with homes built in the 1800s.

Not only that, but you will also find many activities that you can participate in, such as discovering the historic covered bridge, the Ozaukee Interurban Trail, and the Creek Winery.

And, during the winter, you can wander through the many Cedarburg museums and discover the unique history of this lovely Winsconsin town.

Final Thoughts

Wisconsin is home to some of the most beautiful towns in the Midwest! These towns offer various activities to ensure tourists are never bored or stressed.

You can relax by the lakes, take a stroll through the streets with centuries-old houses or European-style stores, or experience their unique histories on tours, in museums, or by exploring the many unique tourist attractions.

Now, go and explore some of these lovely towns the next time you’re in the area!

Alex Kallen
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