18 Of The Best Restaurants On Anna Maria Island For Amazingly Delicious Food

Easily one of the most beautiful areas that you can visit in Florida is Anna Maria Island. The Sunshine State is packed with a range of areas of outstanding natural beauty, and you will never be short of things to do when you are visiting.

But, if you want a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience, we would definitely recommend checking out Anna Maria Island!

Best Restaurants on Anna Maria Island for Amazingly Delicious Food

Anna Maria has so much to offer. It is an excellent location, not too far away from some of Florida’s biggest tourist attractions, with lots of beautiful beaches and natural scenery to take in.

But one of the biggest reasons why you should visit Anna Maria Island is for the food.

The food on Anna Maria really is something special. The restaurants that fill this island are some of the best in the whole of the Sunshine State, and you really would be missing out if you didn’t visit at least one of them during your trip.

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of 18 of the most delicious restaurants to visit on Anna Maria Island.

So, don’t worry about spending all your time researching the different restaurants you could visit during your trip. Instead, simply check out this guide for all the inspiration you could possibly need.

Keep on reading to find out more!

1. Crafty Crab Brandon

First up, we have Crafty Crab Brandon. As you will begin to notice throughout this guide, the vast majority of restaurants in this list are actually seafood restaurants, and that is hardly surprising when you think of the location.

Florida is surrounded by water and the range of creatures that reside there is seriously impressive. That is why the restaurants of Anna Maria Island are some of the best for anyone who is looking for delicious, fresh seafood.

One of the things that makes Crafty Crab Brandon perhaps the best seafood restaurant in Anna Maria is not the range of seafood that they offer, but how this seafood is prepared.

Every dish is different and unique, and unlike anything, you will be able to order at any of the other restaurants on this Island. That is why you need to check it out during your trip.

2. Sandbar Seafood And Spirits

Alternatively, another outstanding seafood order to check out while you are in town is Sandbar Seafood and Spirits.

If you are thinking of dining in Anna Maria, you likely want to go to a restaurant that allows you to eat directly on the seafront. Sandbar Seafood and Spirits offers just that.

Perhaps one of the best things about Anna Maria is its proximity to the water. With a ton of different restaurants literally lining the shores, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to where to eat if you want a sea view.

This sea view is extra special because you get to eat the food that came from the sea surrounding you while getting a view of where the fish once came from.

Just like Crafty Crab Brandon, this restaurant offers a wide range of different dishes. So we’re sure you’ll be able to find something for everyone on this menu.

3. The Waterfront Restaurant

Alternatively, you should consider checking out the Waterfront Restaurant. This restaurant is a little fancier, and it is perfect for anybody who wants to dress up for a delicious evening meal on the coast of Anna Maria Island.

Just like the other restaurants we have looked at so far, the Waterfront also specializes in seafood.

The different fish and sea creatures that they serve on the menu is very similar to the first two restaurants we looked at. However, the way in which the seafood is prepared is totally different.

It is easy to assume that you could grow bored with all the seafood restaurants in Anna Maria, but that really isn’t the case.

All of these restaurants are delicious and unique in their own way, so we’re confident you will never tire of eating the fish that they have on offer.

4. Harry’s Grill

This next restaurant is a little different from the ones that we have looked at thus far, and that is because it doesn’t specialize in seafood. Instead, it specializes in burgers.

At Harry’s Grill, you will be able to find some of the best burgers in Florida, and it really is a breath of fresh air on an island that primarily specializes in fish.

The burgers at Harry’s Grill really are something special. The menu is vast with a variety of different meats to choose from. This restaurant is a meat lover’s dream, with something for everyone.

If you have any fussy eaters in your traveling party, be sure to check this restaurant out.

Even if you love seafood, you may still find yourself fancying a change while you are on the Island. If this is something that you find, then you should definitely check out Harry’s Grill.

5. Rod And Reel Pier

Alternatively, if you are simply looking for a restaurant for a nice, light lunch, then you should consider Rod and Reel Pier. This restaurant is the perfect location for an early lunch, and its menu is totally divine.

While this restaurant isn’t as fancy as some of the others that we have looked at in this guide, it has plenty of delicious options to choose from.

It is great for popping in after a trip to the beach, and the food that they have on offer is guaranteed to fill you up.

This may be a seafood restaurant, but it is still very different from the other restaurants in this guide, which is why you should check it out during your trip!

6. The Porch Restaurant Anna Maria

Somewhere a little fancier which you should consider checking out during your trip is the Porch Restaurant Anna Maria.

This restaurant has its own wine bar, so it really is a great place to go if you are looking for an excuse to dress up.

This restaurant is very popular, so if you want to visit, you should definitely make a reservation early in your trip.

The main thing that makes it so popular is the sheer quality of the food that they serve, and the range of specials that they sell every single day.

If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a nice meal on the last night of your trip, there is nowhere better to go than the Porch Restaurant.

7. Beach House Waterfront Restaurant

Alternatively, if you want to visit a restaurant that allows you to enjoy a delicious cocktail with your meal, then you should check out Beach House Waterfront Restaurant.

This restaurant is great for a meal on any day of the week. But, in particular, we would recommend visiting close to sunset.

With views of the sun setting over the water, there really is nothing better than eating your meal in this location. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one that you shouldn’t miss out on.

The menu at this restaurant is great, but what really makes it special is the location. So be sure to check it out while you are visiting Anna Maria.

8. Ginny’s And Jane E’s Café

So far, we have looked at quite a lot of formal restaurants, but not that many restaurants that you can simply pop into for an impromptu dinner or a nice, late lunch.

Ginny’s and Jane E’s Café are perfect if you are looking for either of these things.

This small café is a staple on Anna Maria Island, and it is the perfect place to go if you want any souvenirs from your trip.

It really is unlike any of the other locations that we have looked at so far, but its quirky vibes and delicious food are out of this world.

If you don’t want to break the bank when it comes to food during your trip, this is the perfect café to visit. We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the level of service that you get at this café.

9. Slim’s Place

Another great place to visit if you are hoping to eat something other than seafood is Slim’s Place.

This is another great restaurant to simply pop into while you are out on your adventures on the Island, and that is because its menu is great for a light lunch.

Seafood is an option at Slim’s Place, but only if you want it in a sandwich. This cafe-restaurant offers a wide array of different sandwiches, from a Philly Cheesesteak to an Italian Hoagie.

They also sell a lot of different burgers and hot dogs, so everyone will be satisfied after a trip to Slim’s Place.

A lot of the restaurants on Anna Maria are pretty fancy, so it is really refreshing to stumble across Slim’s Place and be able to enjoy delicious food without having to dress smart for the occasion.

10. Anna Maria Oyster Bar On The Pier

In contrast to Slim’s Place, this next venue is renowned for being pretty fancy. This restaurant specializes in oysters, and if that doesn’t scream fancy, then what does?

This venue is perfect for anyone looking for a romantic spot to eat on Anna Maria Island.

The menu is designed to be classy, people generally put a good amount of effort into their appearance for their visit to this restaurant, and the views from the restaurant are immaculate. The food is totally delicious too!

The cost of this restaurant means that it is unlikely to be one that you will visit multiple times during your trip. But if you have time, and you like oysters, you should try to visit at least once while you’re in Anna Maria.

11. Poppo’s Taquería

For any lovers of Mexican food, the place to be is Poppo’s Taquería. This restaurant really contrasts the one that we just looked at, and it is actually one of the very few Mexican restaurants that you will find on Anna Maria.

This restaurant is by no means fancy, in fact, it would probably pass as more of a café. Choose between all the Mexican staples, such as Tacos, Burritos, and Quesadillas, and then build your own meal.

The idea behind this restaurant is fairly similar to Chipotle. Except the quality of the food is on a whole new level.

When you visit Poppo’s Taquería, the focus is very much on the food, rather than the atmosphere. So be sure to fit a visit in if you want to taste some of the best Mexican food on offer in Florida.

12. City Pier Grill And Bait

For a very long time now, grilled meats have been served alongside seafood.

The humble Surf and Turf is a world-renowned favorite among those who like meat and seafood, and this restaurant specializes in combining meat from the grill with seafood from the ocean.

When it comes to this combination, you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere in Anna Maria that can execute it quite as well as City Pier Grill and Bait.

The skill with which the food is cooked at this restaurant is absolutely unmatched, and the quality of the food is mouth-watering.

By now, you may think you’ll have grown sick of seafood, but a single trip to this restaurant will change your mind!

13. Island Ocean Star

For a different style of seafood, you should consider visiting Island Ocean Star. Unlike the majority of establishments that we have looked at so far, this one actually specializes in raw seafood. Specifically sushi and sashimi.

The menu at Island Ocean Star is vast, and there is a huge range of different dishes on offer. It is unlike any other restaurant on the Island, and that really is its superpower.

From steak to tempura rolls and curry, there are so many different options to choose from, and you really will find yourself spoiled for choice.

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to visit this restaurant while you are in town!

14. The Donut Experience

Now, we know this one is a little out there. But just trust us on this one. The Donut Experience is a restaurant in Anna Maria that specializes entirely in donuts. So if you have a sweet tooth, you really need to call in.

The range of donuts on offer at this store is insane, and the coffee that they sell is some of the best in Anna Maria. So while it might not satisfy you for your evening meal, this is a great place to go for your lunch.

Who says restaurants have to serve savory dishes? If you fancy something different, go check out the Donut Experience!

15. Hurricane Hanks

No matter whether you are looking for somewhere to eat lunch or dinner, you are in for a treat at Hurricane Hanks.

This restaurant bar is a great place to go if you want something delicious to eat and a nice cold beer to go with it. Their lunch and dinner menus have lots to choose from, and the food is pretty impressive.

In our experience, some of the best restaurants are the ones that you would underestimate, and Hurricane Hanks is definitely a restaurant that flies under the radar. But it is one of the best in Anna Maria, which is why you should give it a try!

16. The Ugly Grouper

For a quirky dinner, you should consider a visit to the Ugly Grouper. This restaurant has built its own brand on its unique name and logo. But the food is actually really good.

If you are visiting Anna Maria for a beach holiday, then a visit to the Ugly Grouper is an absolute must.

They offer classic American cuisine (and by that we mean burgers), and the ability to eat outside as you bask in the glow of the big yellow ball in the sky.

And while you’re there, why not enjoy a delicious cocktail or beer?

The name might not be the most attractive, but you will always be looked after at the Ugly Grouper, which is why you definitely need to check this restaurant out!

17. Beach Bistro

Speaking of beach holidays, if this is why you have found yourself in Anna Maria, then you need to consider a visit to Beach Bistro.

The last few restaurants that we have looked at have been a little more casual, but this one definitely is more on the fancy side.

At Beach Bistro, you can enjoy utterly delicious cuisine while the sand touches your toes, and that is because the restaurant actually has tables out on the beach.

This restaurant allows you to achieve your dream of eating a delicious meal right by the sea, and it allows you to do it in style. So, you really need to consider a trip to this amazing restaurant.

18. The Feast Restaurant

Finally, you should consider popping into the Feast Restaurant before you leave Anna Maria. As the name suggests, this restaurant is the place to go if you are feeling hungry.

The portions at the Feast Restaurant are fairly large but not as large as their menu.

The range of options to choose from can be a little overwhelming, but the staff will always be happy to point you in the right direction regarding some of their most popular dishes.

So if you want to treat yourself to a big meal during your visit, this is the place for you!


In short, there are plenty of delicious restaurants to choose from on Anna Maria Island. In this guide, we have taken a look at 18 of the best options to give you all the inspiration you could possibly need before your trip.

Thanks for reading!

Alex Kallen
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