How To Celebrate Christmas In San Antonio In 2023?

There’s absolutely no doubt that the liveliness, the booming culture, and the incredible heritage of San Antonio is exactly why so many people add it to their bucket list of American cities to visit, and if you’re looking for an extra special visit to San Antonio, then you can’t beat a visit during the festive season.

How To Celebrate Christmas In San Antonio In 2023?

San Antonio is easily one of Texas’ best tourist destinations, and the festive season shines a whole new light on this incredible city, with numerous attractions and festive activities for you to enjoy and relish during your visit.

When you consider that the city is full of amazing attractions even when it’s not Christmas time, you’re definitely going to need some help if you’re going to whittle down what you’re going to see and do during your stay in San Antonio.

So, for the best ways to celebrate Christmas in San Antonio, then have a look at what our guide has to offer!

The Best Festive Activities In San Antonio

Often regarded as the best tourist destination in Texas, it means that there’s a lot to see and do in San Antonio, with some iconic attractions including the likes of the Alamo, as well as the River Walk, these two attractions alone bring tourists into the city, so it can get slightly crazy during the festive season.

We’ve picked a variety of different attractions, from delicious food spots, to Christmas light viewing, and even some more high-energy activities too. So, what are you waiting for? Discover the best festive activities in San Antonio below!

1. A San Antonio Tradition

If you’re going to be in San Antonio during the festive season, then there is at least one tradition that you need to adhere to.

The Windcrest, located in San Antonio’s metropolitan area, brings the festive season to life with the turning on of its lights every year, and has been bringing light and joy to tourists and locals alike for over 60 years now.

Whether it’s homes or trees, everything gets lit up in the name of Christmas, and it all starts at the beginning of December, there are even competitions for different decorations as well as a yearly theme too.

The City Hall in San Antonio will post up the winners of each category so you can plan your route to drive around and marvel at the incredible hard work everyone puts in to make it look so beautiful!

So, this is definitely one San Antonio attraction you don’t want to miss out on, especially since it’s considered a tradition.

2. A Riverside Walk

2. A Riverside Walk

If you’re looking for another way to take in some of the incredible Christmas decorations throughout San Antonio during the festive season, then you’ll definitely need to make time for a stroll down the revered San Antonio RiverWalk, which gets adorned with gorgeous paper lanterns that help to guide you down the length of the river walk.

Of course, the walk is free, however, there are a number of restaurants and bars located on the waterfront, so there’s always plenty of excuses for a small break on your excursion.

The river walk is known to contain over 100,000 throughout its duration, and a walk along the water during a dark evening is the perfect way to bring some festive excitement. So, why not grab a snack or a drink and take in the holiday cheer under the lights!

3. Watch The Nutcracker

If you’re needing a bit of a cultural lift to get you in the holiday spirit, then Christmas always means the return of The Nutcracker to the Ballet San Antonio. If nothing else has managed to get you in the Christmas spirit so far, you can bet that this incredible spectacle will.

You’ll be instantly transported to the amazing winter wonderland, complete with fabulous costumes and a set that only the eyes can believe, it’s why The Nutcracker is so beloved by everyone in San Antonio, and why they come back year after year.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect date night activity or some family fun, it’s the perfect way to spend a festive night. The venue, Ballet San Antonio, has been around for nearly four decades and does a lot to support local charities too, so it’s always nice to support them!

4. Underground Carolling In The Natural Bridge Caverns

When it comes to festive activities, San Antonio has plenty of truly unique experiences for you to enjoy, and this has to be one of the best there is.

If you love all of the festivity and fun of your usual Christmas activities, but want to put a slight twist on them, then a great way to do so is with a visit to the Caverns, which takes all of the activities you know and love, and places them underground.

The Natural Bridge Caverns is the largest cavern in Texas, which means that the carols sung will echo beautifully throughout the cavern. But this isn’t where the fun stops!

After carolling, there’s a huge outdoor maze to explore, a 30 foot tall Christmas tree, as well as a trail littered with gorgeous lighting.

There’s also a campfire which you can warm yourself up around, and you can even roast some s’mores over it with a cup of hot chocolate or eggnog too!

5. Enjoy Some TexMex Traditions

Being a Southern City, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of TexMex traditions throughout San Antonio, and part of those traditions is to enjoy some delicious tamales!

Thankfully, this high demand for delicious tamales isn’t a problem, as many of the restaurants in San Antonio will be sure to prepare delicious TexMex treats throughout the festive season, and some people even queue up for their holiday tamales on Christmas Eve, so you’ll want to get their early on the day if you’re going to get one before they sell out.

Some restaurants even manage to sell a million tamales by themselves during the festive season, so it’s safe to say that it’s a popular tradition!

6. Visit Santa On Christmas Day

6. Visit Santa On Christmas Day

Initially settled by Nicholas Zink, who was a German immigrant who came to the country over 150 years ago, the ranch has gone on to become one of the many festive spectacles in San Antonio, with over 4 million lights and a huge amount of displays on show throughout, it really helps the ranch to come alive during the holiday season.

Don Strange ranch has a lot to offer, including a mile of driving lined with incredible displays, which are best observed with a chocolate in hand, as well as the chance to share some s’mores with Santa.

So, whether you visit for one of the amazing family-friendly movie showings, do some last minute present shopping, or decide to hop on a hayride, the Don Strange ranch is an absolute must visit when it comes to Christmas in San Antonio!

7. San Antonio’s Botanical Gardens Lightscape

Another incredible light show that you must visit during your time in a festive San Antonio is the lightscape at the Botanical Gardens.

This magical trail features some dazzling displays, and even has a number of one-of-one displays and installations, which are all completely unique to Texas!

There’s Texas Bluebonnets, and even Winter Cathedral, which is an arch tunnel that features over 100,000 Christmas lights. Of course, hot drinks and s’mores are on offer to keep you cozy as you adventure through the beautiful trail.

This event does sell out routinely in other locations, so you should ensure that you book it in advance to avoid any disappointment, and it’s something that the whole family will be able to enjoy!

8. Experience The Historic Market Square Ambiance

German-style Christmas markets are often all the rage in cities all over the world. However, things are done a little differently in San Antonio, where the Historic Market Square instead transforms into a Mexican-style Market instead!

A visit to the Mexican market during the festive season is an absolute must for a Christmas in San Antonio, and it’s a great way to really involve yourself in the hustle and bustle of this incredible market which is sure to be full of festive cheer.

It’s often for some carolling to take place at the market, so you best bring along your singing voice and high spirits if you plan on visiting the market at all.

Honestly? A visit to the market is almost equivalent to a visit to Mexico, with plenty of family owned businesses, stalls, and restaurants that fill the air with the smell of their incredible cooking.

So, you should almost certainly embrace the Latin heritage of this incredible city and market with a visit during the festive season, and it’s a great way to lift your spirits!

9. The Majesty Of Christmas At Six Flags

Whilst most people tend to prefer rockin’ around the Christmas tree, some people prefer roller coaster rides, which is exactly why Six Flags puts on such a spectacular show during the holiday season, transforming the park into an impromptu winter wonderland that is brimming with dazzling light displays, live entertainment, and of course, incredible roller coasters.

There’s also a number of Christmas sing along, and a performance of The Majesty Of Christmas, a live reenactment of the nativity scene, which even features soaring angels and live animals too.

Although Holiday in the Park tends to begin around November time, some of the events only run on specific days, so it’s worth checking out the Six Flags website to see when the shows have been scheduled for.

10. Santa’s Railroad Wonderland

Whilst Texas’ Transportation Museum is an already thrilling visit, like many of the other attractions in San Antonio during the holiday season, it undergoes a radical transformation in order to become brimming with festivity.

In addition to the decor, there’s also carolers, bagpipers, as well as a whole mass of live entertainment that takes place each evening, including a visit from Santa Claus himself.

So with all 40 acres of the wonderland becoming a festive spectacle, this is the perfect family-friendly attraction, and you can even take a train ride to see all of the lights too!

11. Bike Or Hike The Mission Trail

Okay, whilst there isn’t anything particularly festive about the trail, a visit to the Mission Trail is always high up the list of things to do during a visit to San Antonio anyways, and it always has a certain charm when it comes to the crisp winter weather of the holiday season.

The cooler weather makes the trail much easier to navigate, especially when the temperatures often exceed 100 degrees during the summer months, and since there’s 15 miles for you to explore, you can do so comfortably, taking in the expansive woodland, the amazing flora and fauna, and the rustic farmland that surrounds the trail.

A trip down the trail also means you get to see some of the Spanish colonial missions, which are part of what makes San Antonio so popular.

Overall, whether you’re a history nerd or nature enthusiast, the trail is a great way to escape the business of the city during peak holiday season and to get some fresh air away from it all!

12. Cowboy Christmas At Enchanted Springs Ranch

San Antonio might be a city where different cultures come together, but it’s important to remember that you’re in Texas, and a Christmas in San Antonio definitely should encompass some of that trust Texas flair you know and love, which is exactly why a visit to the Enchanted Springs Ranch should be in order during your time in San Antonio (Find out Where To Stay In San Antonio, Texas)!

Enchanted Springs Ranch comes alive during the festive season, even more so than usual, with all of the storefronts dressed up in decorations whilst still keeping that old western aesthetic.

The ranch is only a short drive away from the city, and yet you’ll feel like you’d been teleported back in time with the way it feels at the ranch, and there’s enough activities here for all of the family to stay engaged with including tricky mechanical bull rides, and even some manic laser tag.

There’s also shops, lawn games, a light maze, and an active saloon for you to drink at during your time there, which will be sure to keep your spirits high throughout your visit.

So, if you’re looking for a great time full of festivities with a classic western twist, then a visit to the Enchanted Springs Ranch is an absolute must!


We hope that this guide to San Antonio’s best Christmas attractions has helped you to narrow down your options slightly, and although there’s so much for you to do, we know it can be tough trying to squeeze it all into your itinerary, especially if you’re only there for a couple of days.

What you can be sure of though is that these attractions are perfect for you and your family, so no matter what you do, you know it’s going to be full of festive fun! Thanks for reading!

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