21 Must-Visit Wineries In Fredericksburg TX

Fredericksburg knows a thing or two about making wine.

It’s the heart of Texas’ wine industry, after all, home to more than 50 wineries and vineyards backdropped by the picturesque sights of Texas Hill Country.

21 Must-Visit Wineries In Fredericksburg TX

But whether you knew that or not, you’ve landed the right place, as below we’ve listed 20 wineries in Fredericksburg, Texas that you need to visit.

Aside from offering the best wine-tasting tours in Texas, Fredericksburg’s wineries are rich in history and Southern hospitality, with many even boasting vineyards and the stunning views that come with them.

These wineries are not far from each other either, so why stop at one?

Make it a weekend getaway!

1. Grape Creek Vineyards

Grape Creek Vineyards opened its doors in the mid-1980s.

That might not seem like a big deal, but it is if we tell you it was one of the first wineries to open in Fredericksburg.

It calls itself a “Tuscany in Texas”, and it’s easy to see why from the moment you arrive.

Yep, the winery at Grape Creek is a Tuscan-style villa complete with an idyllic vineyard.

You can sample its award-winning wines or go behind the scenes for a full one-hour-long tour, with knowledgeable staff who will guide you through the winery’s rich history.

2. Heath Sparkling

​​Heath Sparkling Wines is located onsite at Grape Creek Vineyards. So if you love sparkling wine just as much, it’s well worth visiting while you’re there.

Heath Sparkling was the first winery in Texas dedicated to sparkling wine, offering arguably the best sparkling wine-tasting experience in Fredericksburg.

Wine-tasting at Heath Sparkling includes tasty accompaniments and a guided virtual tour detailing the winery’s expert winemaking process.

Walk-ins are welcome, but definitely make a reservation if you don’t want to miss out.

3. Lost Draw Cellars

If you’re looking for authentic Texan wine, Lost Draw Cellars is the place to go.

The onsite Lost Draw Kitchen also serves incredible food, so it’s an easy option if local wine followed by mouth-watering food is exactly what you’re after.

Lost Draw Cellars is relatively new on the block, having opened in 2014, but has become an unmissable winery stop for winos visiting Fredericksburg.

It offers both guided winery tours and private tastings, boasting some of the best wines grown in the Texas High Plains.

4. Becker Vineyards

Becker Vineyards is run by Bunny and Richard Becker, two people who are considered pioneers in the Texas wine-making industry – so you know you’re in good hands if you plan on going here.

This winery’s been going strong for over 25 years, located on none other than Main Street, Fredericksburg’s vibrant city center.

Becker Vineyards offers several wine-tasting experiences, including a private tour pairing three wines and cheeses, or a five-wine sampling complete with gourmet appetizers.

The estate has a nice romantic feel too, making it ideal for couples’ dates.

5. Hilmy Cellars

Hilmy Cellars calls itself an artisan winery and it’s perfectly reflected in the winery’s quaint, rustic appearance.

The same goes for its wine selection, which includes reds, whites, and rosés all made meticulously without pesticides, insecticides, and chemical fertilizers.

So, nourishing the land is just as central to Hilmy Cellars’ philosophy as making the region’s best wine.

And it shows in its wine-tasting experience, which lets you sample a flight of five wines in its rustic, yet chic, tasting room.

6. Fiesta Winery

Love a good atmosphere? Fiesta Winery is known for its lively atmosphere and onsite bar that has over 30 bottles to choose from.

The staff are fun and welcoming too, which only adds to this winery’s non-stop fiesta-like mood.

The tasting experience at Fiesta Winery is personalized, so simply say what you feel and the staff will tailor the samples to suit your liking.

And if, at the end, you buy three bottles of their wine, you’ll enjoy a free tasting of your choice. There’s a reason it’s called Fiesta Winery!

7. Messina Hof

Messina Hof has won the most awards of any winery in Texas.

But if that’s not enough to send you there for a wine-tasting experience, it also boasts some of the most beautiful vineyards in Fredericksburg that you can explore over a guided tour.

Messina Hof specializes in Texan wines, with over 90 different varieties to its name.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that this winery is also the largest local wine producer in the state, so it’s absolutely worth visiting.

8. Pedernales Cellars

If sampling Spanish and Rhone-style wines sounds good to you, Pedernales Cellars is a Fredericksburg winery you won’t want to miss while journeying the Texas Wine Trail.

The grapes are 100% Texan too, sourced from Texas Hill Country and the Texas High Plains.

Pedernales Cellars offers wine-tasting flights, plus a host of exciting events throughout the year, including live music performances and gramp stomps.

So if you’ve ever wanted to experience grape stomping, here’s your chance.

9. William Chris Vineyards

William Chris Vineyards featured on the 2022 list of Top 100 Best Vineyards, chosen by World’s Best Vineyards.

Considering only seven U.S. wineries made it on the list, that’s pretty good going – especially since William Chris Vineyards was the only Texas winery.

So this is another Fredericksburg winery that shouldn’t go unchecked.

The tasting room in the vineyard’s refurbished farmhouse is stunning, and the wine-tasting experience comes complete with gourmet small plates that serve as the perfect complement.

10. Vino Andreucci Wine Room

If the name doesn’t give it away, Vino Andreucci hails from Italy.

It relocated to Downtown Fredericksburg a few years ago, and has since offered one of the city’s top wine-tasting experiences when it comes to authentic, meticulously made Italian wines.

Like Grape Creek Vineyards, the Andreucci Wine Room is a small piece of Tuscany to enjoy in the heart of Fredericksburg.

Vino Andreucci wines are all made from hand-picked, carefully processed grapes, and it shows across their diverse selection of reds and whites.

11. Cross Mountain Vineyards

Cross Mountain Vineyards is another famous winery located on Main Street, known for its small-batch artisan Italian wines.

In the tasting room, Cross Mountain Vineyards offers a guided tour of its Italian wines – paired with Italian food.

So if you like the sound of hand-made pizza with your wine, there’s no better winery to visit!

The wine tastings let you choose from red, white, mixed, sweet, or sparkling wines, so there’s also something here for every palate.

12. Pontotoc Vineyard

The wines at Pontotoc Vineyard are made from grapes grown in Pontotoc, Texas – a small town in northeastern Mason County.

There’s a story behind the winery’s conversion of Pontotoc into its vineyard headquarters, and it makes the tour at Pontotoc Vineyard all the more interesting.

Pontotoc Vineyard offers a guided wine-tasting experience, fully stocked wine shop, and picnic baskets filled with sourdough bread, cheese, brownies, and more that you can buy and take home with your favorite wine of choice.

13. Signor Vineyards

The grounds at Signor Vineyards are stunning, it has to be said.

It’s set in French country gardens, with picturesque vineyards and a converted farmhouse, providing lots to see, explore, and, of course, taste.

It’s been run by a local Texas family over six generations, producing a mixture of Texas wines and Oregon wines that are available to savor in its tasting room.

Signor Vineyards might have opened recently in 2018, but it’s a must-visit winery and vineyard in Fredericksburg – if not for the wine, but for the wide-open, stunning grounds.

14. Barons Creek Vineyard

Arriving at Barons Creek Vineyard, you’d be forgiven for mistaking this winery as a resort.

It does offer guest villas if you want to enjoy a wine-tasting getaway, and we wouldn’t blame you since the winery and grounds are picture-perfect.

As for its wine-tasting experience, Barons Creek Vineyard offers private wine-tasting and large group tours, with a selection of must-sample reds, whites, rosés, and cavas wine.

Walk-ins are welcome here, but definitely reserve a spot in advance to avoid disappointment.

15. Fat Ass Ranch & Winery

Fat Ass Ranch & Winery is exactly what you’d expect from its name.

This winery doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it’s perfect if you’re looking for a laid-back, fun wine-tasting experience with wine flavors ranging from chocolate to prickly pear jalapeno.

The wine tour includes five award-winning Fat Ass wines to taste, along with a complimentary Fat Ass wine glass to take home.

It’s affordable, fun, and the ranch is great to explore, even home to a few farm animals.

16. Narrow Path Winery

If you prefer small-batch local wines, Narrow Path Winery is worth visiting.

At the wine room bar or on the patio with views over the vineyard, you can enjoy a generous tasting of Narrow Path Winery’s finest wines, which are some of the best Texas wines in Fredericksburg.

Narrow Path Winery is another famous Downtown Fredericksburg winery on Main Street, with a sophisticated-looking wine room and multiple seating areas where you can even taste a selection of locally sourced accompaniments, such as fresh baked breads and charcuterie, to go with each wine.

17. Texas Wine Collective

Texas Wine Collective used to be called 4.0 Cellars.

The new name definitely has a better ring, especially since Texas Wine Collective is a winery with three award-winning wines to its name, plus a range of homegrown locally sourced products to taste with them.

Texas Wine Collective offers various wine-tasting flights depending on your preference. So you can either choose your favorites or step out of your comfort zone and taste something new.

If you also like cheese, the Texas Wine and Cheese Experience is a no-brainer.

18. Augusta Vin

There’s a wide choice of local wines to taste here, all of which are grown on the estate. Some include Cabernet Sauvignon, Albarino, Mouvedere, and Tannat.

You can pair one of their wines with an exciting dish from their menu, and even watch live music if you choose to visit on the weekend.

19. Bingham Family Vineyards

Bingham Family Vineyards isn’t a big winery and vineyard, but it has got lots of character thanks to its rustic converted barn that will surprise you the moment you step inside.

The wine-tasting room is lavishly decorated, with plenty of top-notch wines to taste onsite.

This winery has been family-run across four generations and the care and attention to detail shows in its premium wine selection.

The wines are made from a large variety of grapes grown in the Texas High Plains, so there’s a lot of exciting and unique wine flavors to try.

20. Vintners Hideaway

Vintners Hideaway isn’t as well-known as some of the other Fredericksburg wineries on this list, but isn’t that all the more reason to taste the unique wines they have to offer?

And this winery is truly unique, since the building was converted from an old auto dealership.

You wouldn’t notice it, though, especially once you start tasting their incredible wines. The tasting experience includes a six-wine flight that showcases the best Vintners Hideaway has to offer, many of which are sourced 100% locally from the Texas High Plains.

21. Slate Theory

Last but not least: Slate Theory. This is another winery that isn’t as renowned in Fredericksburg but that’s what makes it so special.

Made from high-quality Texas fruit sourced from both Slate Theory’s vineyards and local reputable growers, the wine here is unique in taste – as well as style.

In other words, the wine bottles don’t look like your average wines. They even have unique names, inspired by psychology and art.

So if you’re seeking a wine-tasting experience like no other in Fredericksburg, Slate Theory should be your first pitstop. Or last.

Just make sure you check it out.

Final Thoughts

With more than 50 wineries to explore in Fredericksburg, it’s not an easy task rounding up the best of the bunch – let alone choosing which ones to visit.

This list of 20 must-visit wineries in Fredericksburg should help you narrow it down, though, and you simply can’t go wrong with a wine-tasting experience at any of the above.

And, as mentioned earlier, why choose just one winery to visit?

Fredericksburg is famous for its wineries and vineyards, so do yourself a favor and experience as many wineries as possible.

The Texas Wine Trail is popular for a reason, and Fredericksburg won’t disappoint no matter whether you consider yourself a connoisseur or novice when it comes to wine!

Alex Kallen
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