Where To Stay In Fredericksburg (Perfect For Your Texas Vacation)

The small town of Fredericksburg, Texas is home to just 11,000 people. However, that doesn’t stop the town from being one of the best places to visit in Texas. A popular tourist destination, this small town isn’t short of things to do. 

Home to some of Texas’ most pristine and beautiful landscapes, historical sites, entertaining attractions, and a unique German culture, Fredericksburg is a place anyone can enjoy.

Where To Stay In Fredericksburg (Perfect For Your Texas Vacation)

The fact you’ve stumbled across this post would suggest you’re currently planning a trip to Fredericksburg.

Whether you’re simply stopping by for a night, planning a couple of days in the town, or taking the whole family on vacation, you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, we’ve listed all the best places you can stay in Fredericksburg. We’ve got quirky cottages, charming hotels, European-style accommodations, and much more, so stick around if you need help finding your accommodation.

What Types Of Accommodation Does Fredericksburg Have To Offer?

Before we get stuck into our list of the best places to stay in Fredericksburg, let us first take a closer look at what you can expect from the town in terms of accommodation. Despite its small size, Fredericksburg is blessed with a wide range of excellent accommodation options.

Like most towns and cities in Texas, Fredericksburg has popular hotels, offering spacious rooms, amenities, bars, and restaurants. Hotels are arguably the most popular form of accommodation in the town as they offer a quick, easy, and affordable solution. 

Bed & breakfasts are also popular in Fredericksburg. In the town, you’ll find various bed & breakfasts serving delicious breakfast after you’ve rested in charming bedrooms. Another popular option in the town is cabins and cottages. 

Cabins and cottages are a firm favorite with couples and families that want to immerse themselves in local life. Finally, Fredericksburg also offers some quirky and unique accommodation options for those of you seeking a more unique stay.

In today’s post, we’ll be looking at accommodation options that fall into all of these categories. Let’s start with hotels!

The Best Hotels In Fredericksburg

For most travelers, hotels offer the quickest and easiest form of accommodation. If you’re looking for an easy place to stop the night or somewhere more luxurious to spend your vacation, we recommend staying in one of the hotels below.

1. Inn On Barons Creek

The first hotel on this list is Inn on Barons Creek. Found on South Washington St, this lovely hotel offers convenience and comfort at a reasonable price. Just a short walk away from downtown Fredericksburg, you’ll easily be able to explore the town before returning to the hotel at night to relax.

Offering scenic country views, all your essential amenities, spacious bedrooms, and even swimming pool access, you can’t go wrong with this hotel. 

The highlight of this hotel would have to be the stunning creek sitting alongside the property.

2. The Fredericksburg Inn & Suites

If you’re looking for a more luxurious hotel to stay in during your time in Fredericksburg, we highly recommend spending a night at the Fredericksburg Inn & Suites. Featuring two large pools, free breakfast, and gorgeous outside space, this hotel will make your stay in the town special.

Offering its own private oasis, the outdoor space here comes equipped with a jacuzzi and fireplace too. Despite offering peace and tranquility, this hotel is only two blocks away from Main Street. 

As you would expect, the rooms are magnificent too.

3. Peach Tree Inn & Suites

Like Inn on Barons Creek, Peach Tree Inn & Suites is also situated on South Washington St. Its close proximity to the center of town makes it a great place to stay during your trip to Fredericksburg.

This hotel offers a rustic lodging experience that sees guests stay in mini motel-like cabins. Great for those of you that seek more privacy, this hotel has clean rooms, parking facilities, and a wonderful local feel.

The hotel is actually run by a family that is 8th generation local to the town. 

4. Hampton Inn & Suites Fredericksburg

Next up, we have Hampton Inn & Suites Fredericksburg. This hotel makes our list for a number of reasons. However, the main reason has to be its location.

Aside from offering luxurious rooms and high-quality services, it has to be this hotel’s Main Street location that makes it perfect.

A romantic hotel for couples, this hotel sits right next to all of Fredericksburg’s best shops, restaurants, wine-tasting rooms, and attractions.

Nearby attractions include the National Museum of the Pacific War and the Japanese Garden of Peace.

5. Best Western Plus

The Best Western Plus in Fredericksburg is one of the best places you can stay if you want to experience local culture and German heritage. Located in a more relaxed part of town, guests can enjoy the local surroundings, eat in local restaurants, and enjoy the outdoors from the onsite pool.

Some of the best attractions you’ll find near the hotel include art galleries, wine-tasting venues, and golf courses.

The Best Bed & Breakfasts In Fredericksburg

If you would prefer more peace, quiet, and privacy during your time in Fredericksburg, you might be better off staying in one of the local B&Bs. B&Bs offer a more personal and exclusive service with fewer guests.

The following B&Bs are generally considered the best in town.

1. Hoffman Haus

Steps away from the hustle and bustle of Main Street, it is widely accepted that Hoffman Haus is one of, if not, the best B&Bs in Fredericksburg. Simply beautiful, this stunning B&B offers everything you need to enjoy your vacation.

It’s homely, personal, and picturesque. Not to mention, the owners are super friendly. Every room is outfitted with a lovely rustic minimalist design, wooden furniture, and pastel walls. 

You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for a hearty breakfast before you explore the town.

2. Rarumpelpunzeldornaschenwittchen

A mouthful to say, Rarumpelpunzeldornaschenwittchen is one of the best B&Bs in Fredericksburg for families. Embracing the town’s German heritage, this B&B is set in a lush garden setting that offers privacy, plenty of space, and comfort.

Your children will feel like they’ve stepped into their favorite fantasy. The B&B consists of a handful of private cottages, each featuring two bedrooms, a kitchenette, a dining nook, and a living space. 

You have the kitchenette to prepare your own food but an authentic German breakfast will be provided every morning. 

3. A Barn At The Quarry

The next B&B on this list is A Barn At The Quarry. A Barn At The Quarry is surrounded by the Texas Hill Country, giving visitors the perfect chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the town, and enjoy a more relaxed stay.

Perfect for watching wildlife and stargazing, this B&B offers fine suites that come with all the essential amenities you would expect.

Just 15 minutes away from downtown, you can enjoy a busy day in the town before relaxing in the hot tub or by the fire at night.

4. Carriage House Fredericksburg

Carriage House is a stunning Victorian-style guesthouse that was constructed in 1903. Keeping most of its decor, this B&B is a great place to stay if you want to feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Offering one-of-a-kind experiences, this beautiful building is complete with charming rooms, clean facilities, and an awesome breakfast. 

What’s not to like?

5. Buckhorn Cabin Bed And Breakfast

Another old B&B you can stay in is Buckhorn Cabin. This traditional building was built in 1790. As you can imagine, it has a unique design that makes it a fun and beautiful place to stay.

Situated on E. Travis St, this cabin sits on a private, tree-covered piece of land that’s just three blocks away from the center of Fredericksburg. 

Inside the cabin, you’ll find a spacious king-size bed, an ensuite bathroom, a whirlpool bath, a rainwater shower, and a wood-burning fireplace. This accommodation also has a small kitchenette and breakfast nook.

The Best Cabins And Cottages In Fredericksburg

If you want to experience everything Fredericksburg has to offer, you should experience at least one night in a cabin or cottage. 

1. Vineyard Trail Cottages

Well positioned near Fredericksburg’s best wineries, Vineyard Trail Cottages is a spacious site that has 13 luxurious cottages. Found on Wine Road 290, roughly 10 minutes away from downtown Fredericksburg, staying in one of the cottages is a must if you love peace, quiet, and tranquility.

Every cottage comes with plenty of space, a small patio, and a cool patio swing. It’s worth noting that this accommodation is for adults only.

2. Creek Street Cottage

Perfect for small families, Creek Street Cottage is a beautiful traditional cottage found just two blocks away from Central Main Street. This location is ideal for visiting the town but also escaping at night.

Inside this classic Fredericksburg cabin, you’ll find a living room, bedroom, fireplace, grill, and two beds.

You’ll have easy access to shops and restaurants, and the owners are happy to provide you with bicycles.

3. Walnut Canyon Cabins

If you’re heading to Fredericksburg for the views, you simply have to stay at Walnut Canyon Cabins. These minimalistic and rustic cabins give visitors unparalleled views of the Texas Hill Country. 

You can take in the views from the terrace or relax in your private seating area. Of course, you could always head out on a hike too. This location is more remote, so it is also a good spot for stargazing. 

In terms of what the cabins offer, you’ll be treated to a unique stay in a small box-like cabin. The whole experience is awesome.

4. Country Inn & Cottages

As far as peace and quiet go, Country Inn & Cottages takes some beating. Set on a 200-acre ranch, this property has two different properties to offer. You can choose one of the cottages or the inn.

The inn is only a mile away from downtown. Meanwhile, the cottages are five miles away. We personally recommend staying in a cottage. This will give you more privacy and a more luxurious vacation.

Most cabins come with their own yard, hot tub, and plenty of views.

5. Adams Travis

Adams Travis is one of Fredericksburg’s historic houses. So much so, it is a regular sight on the Historical Society Tour. Featuring stone walls, high ceilings, a roaring fire, and rustic vibes, this cottage is probably the most luxurious cottage in town.

It wonderfully retains its original charm, whilst still possessing the modern conveniences you’ll need to make your stay more comfortable.

Suitable for two, this is a great place to stay if you’re searching for a romantic getaway.

The Best Unique Places To Stay In Fredericksburg

To finish off, we’ll leave you with a couple of Fredericksburg’s more unique stays. If you’re looking for something different, one of these options could be perfect.

1. Centre Street Studio

Centre Street Studio is a quirky tiny home cottage found in the heart of Fredericksburg. Just a 10-minute walk from downtown, you’ll stay on the owner’s property in a small garage-sized cottage.

Equipped with a comfy bed and your basic amenities, the beauty of this cottage is its simplicity and authentic feel. The cottage has an old design, making you feel like you’ve taken a step back in time.

2. Pullman Train Car

If you’ve ever dreamt of staying a night in an old train carriage, now’s your chance. This unique accommodation is a converted 1894 Private Palace Pullman Car that was once used by Theodore Roosevelt on his trips to North Texas.

Today, it is a luxury tiny home that guests can stay in. Surprisingly spacious, it comes with one bedroom, two bathrooms, and can sleep two people.

3. Hangar Hotel

Sticking with the theme of transportation, you can also stay in the Hangar Hotel during your stay in Fredericksburg.

Charming, unique, quirky, and extremely entertaining, Hangar Hotel takes guests back in time with old-style bedrooms, aviation-themed corridors, and a classic American diner. This is a great place to take young children.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, all the best places you can stay in Fredericksburg. As you can see from our list, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding somewhere to stay in Fredericksburg.

It doesn’t matter if you want a comfy hotel stay, a B&B experience, a countryside escape in a cottage, or a funky night somewhere different, there is an accommodation option on our list that you will love.

All you have to do now is narrow the list down and decide where you want to stay!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is The Best Time To Visit Fredericksburg?

Generally speaking, Fredericksburg’s mild climate makes it a great place to visit all year round. Having said that, the months of April, May, and October are usually more popular. 

Is Fredericksburg Worth Visiting?

Yes, Fredericksburg is worth visiting. It is a beautiful part of Texas that has a lot to offer. The perfect weekend getaway destination, you’ll find lush landscapes great for hiking, delicious restaurants, and a wide range of family-friendly activities. 

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