The 21 Most Exciting Tourist Attractions & Things To Do In Sacramento, California

Oh, how we love Sacramento. This Farm-to-Fork capital is famous for its delicious food, healthy local produce, and bustling hipster vibe that’s continually evolving. When you visit Sacramento, you’ll instantly feel at home.

The 21 Most Exciting Tourist Attractions in Sacramento, California

There’s truly something for everyone, and we’re here to show you just a few of the incredible things you can see and do on your visit.

Stick with us to make Sacramento the trip of a lifetime. Here are 21 of the most exciting tourist attractions you need to see.

1. Sacramento Zoo

Location: 3930 W Land Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95822, USA

Kick your trip off in style with a visit to Sacramento Zoo. This non-profit organization based in Sacramento has been open to the public since 1927, and its 14.3 acres of land are home to over 500 rare and endangered animals!

Sacramento Zoo is an inspiring experience for visitors of all ages. Expect to see the likes of chimpanzees, lemurs, squirrel monkeys, lions, cheetahs, lizards, geckos, turtles, and many more!

The zoo exhibits include Tall Wonders of Africa, Small Wonders of Africa, Big Cat Row, Reptile House, Aviarites, and more.

At the viewing deck, you can even get up close and personal with a giraffe! Don’t forget to take a spin on the zoo train or the conservation carousel while you’re there, too.

The zoo is also open to behind-the-scenes tours, where you’ll get the chance to explore areas usually closed off to the public, feed animals, and get up close and personal with zebras!

Sacramento Zoo is a fun day out for the whole family – book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

2. Old Sacramento Waterfront

Location: 1014 2nd St #200, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA

When you’re in the city, don’t forget to stop by the Old Sacramento Waterfront. This historical landmark was founded in 1849, and it’s comprised of museums, history tours, and a visitor center.

Old Sacramento Waterfront has an abundance of restored buildings from the Gold Rush Era, and you can see some truly stunning sights, including horse-drawn carriages, wooden sidewalks, take a riverboat ride, and much more.

The waterfront is also home to the California State Railroad Museum and the Sacramento History Museum and Underground Tour; these two world-renowned museums are well worth the visit if you’re a history lover!

If you want a break from educational tours, you can also stop by for a spot of shopping and dining. Evangeline’s, Rio City Cafe, and Pilothouse Restaurant are all in the vicinity, and serve quality food and drink the whole family will love.

Old Sacramento Waterfront is a must-see, and you’d be a fool not to put it on your bucket list!

3. Fairytale Town

Location: 3901 Land Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95822 USA

Next up, we have one of Sacramento’s most visited tourist attractions: Fairytale Town.

This exciting non-profit park is dedicated to inspiring creativity, joy, and education in children through an eclectic mix of three-dimensional play sets that reenact your children’s favorite nursery rhymes and fairytales!

Fairytale Town first opened to the public in 1959, and since its inception, it has become one of Sacramento’s most unique attractions.

This 3.5 acres storybook park is like a little slice of Disneyland! It’s a timeless attraction that your kids will never tire of exploring and discovering.

At Fairytale Town, you’ll see over 25 intricately designed play sets that serve as the backdrop for these timeless rhymes and tales, encourage your kids to use both their bodies and their imagination to explore the grounds, and have fun!

Some of the most popular attractions in Fairytale Town include the Pirate Ship, Mr. McGregor’s Garden, Jack, and the Beanstalk, Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest, the Mother Goose Stage, and many more.

Opening times vary throughout the year and can change at short notice depending on the weather. Contact Fairytale Town directly for more information.

4. Scandia Fun Center

Location: 5070 Hillsdale Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95842, USA

Golf lovers (and ride lovers), we’ve got you covered. Scandia Fun Center is one of Sacramento’s most exciting tourist attractions, and it’s your one-stop shop for all things fun!

Scandia Fun Center is home to an award-winning 18-hole mini golf course, where you can play beside flowing rivers, waterfalls, and streams. The venue also plants 12,000 flowers annually, so you’ll have plenty of beautiful sights to see during the game!

After a spot of golf, why not have some fun on the Lapland Landslide, Sky Screamer, or Crazy Dane Coaster?

These are just a few of the thrilling rides you can find at the center, which not only offer a thrill, but also some incredible views of the sights around you!

Scandia Fun Center is also home to a variety of arcade games (over 150 to be exact), and even a variety of batting cages, including hardball pitching machines, slow pitch machines, and fast pitch machines.

If you’ve worked up an appetite after all that fun, you can stop by the snack bar for some fresh food and drink!

This is the ultimate day out for thrill seekers and fun lovers, and with so much fun to be had, you can easily spend the whole day here! This is one attraction you won’t want to miss.

5. Cathedral Of The Blessed Sacrament

Location: 1019 11th St, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA

If you’re a lover of history, architecture, and culture, why not combine the three together with a visit to the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament?

This historical landmark is one of Sacramento’s finest attractions, and it’s considered one of the most beautiful and historically significant in the area.

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament was built in 1889, and it has been serving the community ever since. It underwent a two-year restoration in 2005 and has since become one of the largest cathedrals to the west of the Mississippi.

Inside the cathedral, you’ll find an array of breathtaking points of interest, including the bishop’s chair, the crucifix, the sanctuary lamp, and its spectacular dome.

The incredible artwork displayed in the cathedral is another popular attraction, all of which sits inside (and encircles) the dorm, adorning the space and making for some breathtaking photo opportunities.

The cathedral’s interior is like no other, and it’s a must-see spot for all tourists. Although the cathedral holds regular events, you can drop by for a visit, or even take part in a tour. Don’t miss your chance to see one of Sacramento’s finest architectural feats.

6. Stanford Mansion

Location: 800 N St, Sacramento, CA 95814 USA

Talking of beautiful architecture, allow us to introduce you to Stanford Mansion. The Leland Stanford Mansion (informally known as Stanford Mansion), can be found just two blocks west of the state capitol, and it was once the home of Leland Stanford, the infamous co-founder of Stanford University, and railroad baron.

The Stanford Mansion breathes nothing but life and elegance into the downtown area, and it’s a chance for visitors to step back in time and imagine what life was like here when the mansion was first built in the mid-1850s.

The house has changed significantly since it was first built and now has 44 rooms as opposed to its original 8. It has also been raised by one story to prevent potential flooding of the main rooms.

This stately home is one of Sacramento’s iconic landmarks, and you can see it all for yourself with a guided tour.

Make your way through its elegant ballrooms, the receiving parlor, dining rooms, and master bedroom, and see its sophisticated decor and impressive declarations of wealth.

The gardens surrounding the mansion are a truly tranquil space, making them the ideal setting to sit peacefully and take it all in. You can tour the house for free between 10 am – 4 pm. Check the Stanford Mansion website for more information.

7. Rafting On The American River Parkway

Location: Sacramento, CA 95825

The American River Parkway is a 32-mile parkway that covers 4,800 acres, and it has become an iconic space in the local area.

The American River Parkway pulls in around 5 million visitors a year, and tourists come from all walks of life to enjoy its bike trail access, educational sites, equestrian staging areas, picnic areas, water trails, and more.

However, one of the American River Parkway’s finest attractions is rafting. If you’re a watersports lover, you won’t want to miss the chance to get the family involved in this!

You can hire your raft from American River Raft Rentals (ARRR), and even take part in a self-guided rafting tour.

The company offers plenty of clear water floats and beginner stretches so you can take to the waters, and see the beautiful sights for yourself. Raft hire starts at $80.00, but can cost as much as $220.00 for a 12-person raft.

Reservations are recommended, and rentals stop at approximately 1 pm depending on the river flows, so arrive early to avoid disappointment!

Rafting is one of the most popular attractions at American River Parkway, and if you love being out on the water, you won’t want to miss the chance to get involved!

8. Indoor Skydiving

Location: 118 Harding Blvd, Roseville, CA 95678, USA

If you feel like defying gravity, why not stop by iFLY for a spot of indoor skydiving? iFLY is one of the most exciting attractions in Sacramento, and it’s great fun for the whole family.

If you’re bored of the usual walking tours, dining experiences, and museums, this is a great way to break up your trip! iFLY is open 7-days a week from as early as 10:00 am, so you’ll have plenty of time to stop by, gear up, and take to the skies.

When you visit iFLY, you’ll be geared up and guided through the process by world-class instructors and athletes. Whether you want a coaching class or a supervising party, they’ll be able to keep you safe and make sure you have fun!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for both adults and kids alike, so book in advance to make memories that will last a lifetime.

9. California Automobile Museum

Location: 2200 Front St, Sacramento, CA 95818

Automobile lovers won’t want to miss the opportunity to explore 120 years of automobile history!

The California Automobile Museum is an exciting, entertaining, and educational opportunity that gives visitors a chance to see some truly impressive automobiles while learning more about the history of these vehicles.

The museum’s collection represents all the changes seen throughout the years, and it’s loaded with brass-era cars and the most up-to-speed, high-tech vehicles! Here’s just a taste of what you can expect to see at the museum…

  • 1900 Locomobile Steam Car
  • 1880s Columbia Penny Farthing Bicycle
  • 1912 Metz Model 22 Roadster
  • 1920 Chevrolet FB-50 Touring
  • 1937 Cadillac Series 60 Sedan
  • 1956 Racecraft Quarter-Midget
  • 1982 Porsche 911 SC Targa
  • 2001 Nissan Hypermini EV
  • 2011 Honda Clarity FCX

In addition to this impressive permanent collection, the museum regularly hosts a variety of exhibits showcasing some of the finest vehicles in history. Past exhibits have included The Great British Motoring Exhibit, Micro Cars, and NorCal’s Fastest.

The California Automobile Museum is a truly unique experience for car lovers of all ages, and tickets cost between $5-$10!

10. California State Capitol Museum

Location: 1315 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA

If you want to keep the museum trips going in full swing, don’t forget to visit The California State Capitol Museum. This museum can be found in downtown Sacramento, and it’s made up of a museum on the grounds around the California State Capitol.

The museum first opened in 1874, and the building itself is a 19th-century granite building modeled after the U.S. Capitol.

You can take a guided public tour of the museum between 10 am – 4 pm on weekdays, and you can sign up for tours either online or in person.

The museum is also home to a variety of impressive exhibits and collections that showcase the most iconic symbols of the state.

At the California State Capitol Museum, you can expect to see preserved historical rooms, portraits, statues with roots in Greek architecture, and much more.

Previous exhibits have included 150 Years of the California State Capitol, the impact of Automobiles on California, and California’s role in WWII.

There’s so much to see that will deepen your appreciation for California, and leave you thirsty for more knowledge. Advance bookings are recommended.

11. Tower Bridge

Location: Sacramento, CA 95814, USA

When you visit Sacramento, don’t forget to stop by the infamous Tower Bridge. Tower Bridge first opened in December 1935, and it’s a vertical lift bridge that connects West Sacramento with the capital of California.

Tower Bridge may not be as famous as the golden gate, but it’s steeped in history and a truly breathtaking sight to see.

Tower Bridge is more than just a historical landmark. It’s a unique architectural masterpiece that means different things to different people, and with pedestrian pathways on both sides, you can even walk the length if you don’t want to drive it!

If you walk along the river piers, cross the bridge, then walk along the river shore, you can even tour downtown Sac from the bridge.

At night, Tower Bridge is lit up in all its glory, providing a peaceful, scenic walk through the city. In the daytime, you’ll see beautiful views of the Sacramento River.

If you want to learn more about the history of Tower Bridge, you can even take part in a guided walking tour! Tower Bridge is at the heart of Sacramento, and it’s one sight definitely worth seeing.

12. William Land Regional Park

Location: 3800 W Land Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95822, USA

William Land Regional Park colloquially referred to as “Land Park”, is one of the most popular parks in Sacramento.

William Land Park can be found between Interstate 5 and State Route 160, and it’s home to a variety of jogging paths, lakes, picnic areas, rock gardens, softball fields, soccer fields, a golf course, and more.

William Land Regional Park offers a scenic backdrop for a peaceful day out or an adventure-filled afternoon.

The park has over 200 acres of land filled with plenty of attractions (it’s even home to Sacramento Zoo!), so you’ll find something for the whole family to enjoy.

The park even has a basketball court and is the home of Funderland, which are both great ways to keep the kids entertained for an afternoon. There are also plenty of picnic tables with barbeques, so bring your own food, and get cooking on the grill!

William Land Regional Park is the ideal way to keep you and your family entertained for the whole day. Whether you want to see the beauty of nature, have a game of soccer, get cooking on the barbeque, or go for a jog, you can do it all right here.

13. Ultimate Terror Scream Park

Location: 4909 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95841 USA

Horror lovers are going to love this next attraction. Ladies and gentlemen, round up, round up, for the Ultimate Terror Scream Park! If you’re a lover of all things creepy, gory, jumpy, and perhaps a little terrifying, this is the place for you.

Ultimate Terror Scream Park was founded by brothers David and Nathan Polanco, who also own the infamous Fear Overload Scream Park however, Ultimate Terror has fast become the most frequented haunt in the family business.

At Ultimate Terror Scream Park, prepare to be terrified. This attraction is filled with plenty of activities, haunted houses, entertainment zones, and much more. Expect to see ghosts, entities, demons, scary props, and much more.

This is Sacramento’s largest (and scariest) Halloween event, so if you’re in town for the season, you won’t want to miss out on this unique experience. Prepare to be scared, and book in advance to avoid disappointment!

14. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Location: 1001 Fairgrounds Dr, Vallejo, CA 94589, USA

If you’re up for venturing just outside the lines of Sacramento, we’d recommend gearing up for a thrilling adventure at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is the thrill-filled capital of the North, and trust us, you won’t want to miss out! If you take a trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, one thing’s for sure – you won’t be short on things to do!

Whether you want to dine, shop, find some attractions for the kids or ride on some intense roller coasters yourself, the opportunities are endless.

As well as its infamous collection of rollercoaster rides, discovery kingdom is also home to some unique animal attractions, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet dolphins and other animals, just a stone’s throw away from the rides!

You can even make your memories go further with a trip to the Discovery Kingdom shop, where you can get yourself some merchandise, collectibles, and other memorabilia.

With so much to do, you can easily spend a whole day at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and not get bored. With entertainment options to suit every age, budget, and level of thrill seeker, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is one place you NEED to visit when you’re in the area!

15. Visit Folsom

Location: Zip Codes 95630, 95671, 95763

When you come to Sacramento, don’t forget to take a trip to the city of Folsom. Folsom is arguably one of the most exciting cities in Sacramento, and with so many attractions to entice you, you certainly won’t be short on things to do!

Folsom is a charming, eclectic, and vibrant city with some truly breathtaking views. When you come to Folsom, you can visit the sights of Lake Natoma, Folsom Lake State Recreation Area, Sutter Street Theatre, and of course, Folsom Prison Museum.

Folsom is most famous for its prison, and the song “Folsom Prison Blues! By Johnny Cash. At the Folsom Prison Museum, you can see a varied collection showcasing arts and crafts made by the prisoners, confiscated weapons, photographs, old hemp ropes used to hang the prisoners, and much more.

If you’re a Johnny Cash fan, you’ll also get to see plenty of his memorabilia throughout the prison – after all, it’s one of the main reasons this prison attracts so many visitors!

You’ll also find a variety of high-end shopping and dining experiences throughout Folsom, and if you’re up for seeing some more animals, you can stop by Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary and see bears, mountain lions, tigers, wolves, and much more.

It may not be the largest zoo you’ve ever visited, but it’s a wonderful experience with friendly staff and beautiful surroundings. There’s so much to see and do in Folsom, so don’t forget to visit this vibrant city when you’re in Sacramento!

16. Apple Hill

Location: 681 Main St, Placerville, CA 95667, USA

Apple Hill Growers Association is open all year round, and it can be found out in the sticks between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.

Apple Hill is made up of over 50 ranches, and you can visit this remarkable agricultural community for yourself and learn more about its rich history.

Apple Hill represents over 50 local farms, all of which are dedicated to supporting the local community.

For over 50 years, it has been one of Sacramento’s finest tourist destinations, and it includes stunning fruit and veggie farms, wineries, flower gardens, Christmas tree farms, bakeshops, and even a Bed and Breakfast Inn.

At Apple Hill, you can try and buy a tasty collection of sweet treats from the bakery, pick your own apples, tour the vineyards and wineries, and eat out at one of the nearby farm-to-table restaurants nearby.

There’s an exciting new adventure to discover around every corner, and it’s truly one of the most scenic spots in the whole area. Apple Hill is a real hidden gem that you won’t want to miss!

17. Mckinley Park

Location: 601 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95816, USA

Next on our list is Mckinley Park, home to the best of Mother Nature’s beauty. Mckinley Park is one of the most historically significant parks in Sacramento, and it was built by the Sacramento Street Railway Company in 1871.

This stunning park offers a relaxing break away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and it’s loaded with plenty of fine attractions including a duck pond, fountain, a play area, and a beautiful rose garden.

Mckinley Park is also home to some beautiful picnic areas, a garden and arts center, jogging trails, horseshoe pits, and basketball courts!

Mckinley Park is a fantastic place to spend a morning or afternoon if you need a break from the fast-paced city life.

Whether you want to people-watch, wind down with some exercise, take in the beauty of the flowers, or see nature at its finest, Mckinley Park is the place for you. If you’re feeling peckish, don’t forget to check out the abundance of tasty restaurants nearby!

18. Crocker Museum Of Art

Location: 216 O St, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA

Sacramento is home to a variety of fascinating museums, but here’s one we haven’t mentioned yet – The Crocker Museum of Art. The Crocker Museum of Art (informally known as “The Crocker”), can be found at 216 O Street in Downtown Sacramento.

The Crocker Museum is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the history, art, and culture of Sacramento and beyond, it’s a truly inspiring place to take the whole family.

The Crocker Museum regularly holds some of the most celebrated exhibitions in the area, including Lee Alexander Mcqueen and Ann Ray, Artmix, and many more.

The Crocker museum has fast become the primary resource for fine art in Sacramento, and it’s home to a range of California art, European master drawings, international ceramics, and much more.

You’ll also be able to take in some beautiful views of the waterfront and tuck into some farm-to-table food and drink, making this one of the most intriguing days out in Sacramento imaginable!

19. Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park

Location: 2701 L St, Sacramento, CA 95816, USA

Here’s another park you need to add to your bucket list – Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park. Sutter’s Fort can be found in the heart of Midtown Sacramento, and the area has been the permanent dwelling of the Nisenan people since time began.

Sutter’s Fort was also a 19th-century trade colony and agricultural colony in the Mexican Alta, and it boasts some truly astounding history.

When you visit Sutter’s Fort, you’re welcome to explore the variety of historical monuments and living history at your own pace, and you’ll have to pay a small fee for admission.

Some of the buildings in the park are decorated inside, and some parts are celebrated, while others are criticized. John Sutter, who initially constructed the fort, committed an array of terrible crimes against the local indigenous tribes that resided here to bolster his own workforce.

This historic park is at the heart of these events, making it an emotional but historically valuable point of interest. You can see what life may have looked like on the site, and hear from speakers at the park, as well as representatives of the local tribes.

See America’s colonial history in a whole new light with your visit to Sutter’s Fort – it’s a truly memorable experience.

20. World Of Wonders

Location: 2 N Sacramento St, Lodi, CA 95240, USA

If you’re in search of another educational experience, don’t miss the chance to visit the World of Wonders Science Museum!

The World of Wonders (sometimes just called “WOW”), is one of Sacramento’s most interactive museums, and it’s great fun for all the family – but especially the kids.

WOW can be found in downtown Lodi, California, and the museum aims to stimulate interest and excitement in the sciences in a number of hands-on ways.

At the World of Wonders, your kids can learn more about optics, magnetics, energy, and electricity. Have a go at your own experiments, see exciting exhibits, and do it all on a budget!

WOW may be small, but there are plenty of fun things to do. If your kids are struggling in the classroom, take them to the World of Wonders. They’ll have so much fun, they won’t even realize they’re learning!

21. K1 Speed

Location: 3130 Bradshaw Rd, Sacramento, CA 95827

Let’s finish our tour of Sacramento on a high with K1 Speed. Adrenaline junkies and go-kart lovers will adore their trip to K1 Speed, which is arguably one of the most exciting things to do in the whole of Sacramento!

K1 is suitable for adults and kids alike, and this all-electric, indoor go-kart racing world is a one-of-a-kind thrill that will keep you coming back for more.

Arrive and drive, and take part in some super fun, action-packed races against other drivers! Note: for Junior races, you must be at least 121.9cm tall. For adult races, a minimum height of 147.3cm is required.

Once you’ve finished riding the track, you can also test out your other skills at the arcade with games like Cruis’nBlast, and the Jurassic Park arcade game!

Don’t forget to check out the pool, foosball, Jenga, and cornhole games, too. You can even head to the Paddock Lounge or Pit Cafe for a bite to eat and drink after. If you want to make some lasting memories in Sacramento, this is one place you need to visit!

The Bottom Line

The Big Tomato, The Camellia City, the Farm-to-Fork Capital: however you’ve come to know Sacramento, prepare to see it in a whole new light with this enthralling selection of tourist attractions.

From museums and cathedrals to zoos and scream parks, you’ll get a taste of what life is like in this diverse slice of Northern California.

Alex Kallen
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