The Best Beaches In Florida For Couples- 19 Spots You Will Love

Florida, otherwise known as the Sunshine State is famous for many things, but its incredible coastline has to be the most remarkable.

The Best Beaches In Florida - 19 Spots Couples Will Love

The Florida Gulf Coast features a stunning coastline, lined with silky white sands, crystal clear, turquoise waters, and relaxed tides.

With more than 8,500 miles of unspoiled natural beauty and pristine coastline, it isn’t a surprise that Florida is one of the most popular destinations for couples.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing and romantic getaway or adventure, Florida’s beaches have it all.

There are plenty of wonderful places to kick back and relax, a huge array of snorkeling hotspots, romantic secluded beaches, and some great spots to paddleboard.

With so much to offer, we’ve decided to put together a list of the very best beaches for couples. In this guide, you’ll find a list of 19 Florida beaches perfect for couples. 

If you’re looking for your next destination, make sure you keep reading!

1. Bean Point Beach, Anna Maria Island

The first beach on this list is Bean Point Beach. Located on Anna Maria Island, just south of  St. Petersburg, this beach is one of the best destinations you can visit if you’re searching for a romantic sunset experience. 

Offering secret serenity, this white sand beach provides locals and tourists alike with unspoiled views, crystal clear waters, and pristine white sand. This beach also has some of the best sunset views Florida has to offer.

With that in mind, we definitely recommend visiting this beach one evening. Another great thing about this beach is how quiet it is.

Bean Point Beach doesn’t have as many amenities as other Florida beaches, making it a lot less crowded.

The fact this beach is less busy makes it perfect for a romantic getaway.

2. Clam Pass Park, Naples

Found in Naples, Clam Pass Park is a great place to visit if you enjoy walking, relaxing, and swimming. The beach here is great.

It’s long, spacious, clean, and relaxed. As you would expect, it also has beautiful white sand and crystal clear, turquoise waters.

However, this beach has a lot more to offer than just your regular beach experience. Alongside the beach is a raised boardwalk. Just over 3 miles long, this boardwalk is lined with lush greenery and trees. 

This added attraction makes the beach a fantastic place to visit if you and your partner enjoy walking. You could always enjoy the water and sun first before wandering around the park area. 

The park area offers great cover from midday heat too which is nice.

3. Siesta Key Public Beach, Sarasota

The next beach on our list is one of the best beaches in the United States. Siesta Key Public Beach in Sarasota has been voted as such time and time again.

This beach is more popular than others so you can expect larger crowds, but its sheer size is enough to keep things relaxed. Never failing to disappoint, this beach features 8 miles of soft white sand. 

This gives you and your partner plenty of space to enjoy some time to yourselves, explore the beach, dive in the sea, or even go for a run.

As far as the sea is concerned, Siesta Key Public beach has crystalline water that’s wonderfully refreshing on a hot day.

This beach is also a great location for snorkeling because of its great visibility.

4. Coral Cove Park, Tequesta

If we’re being totally honest, the beach at Coral Cove Park isn’t the most impressive beach Florida has to offer. It is quite small, rocky, and the water doesn’t look as inviting as other beaches on this list.

However, this beach makes our list because it has some of the best beginner snorkeling spots the state has to offer. This makes it the perfect place to visit if you and your partner want to try out some snorkeling during your vacation.

Found in the town of Tequesta, the reef at Coral Cove Park is only a short swim from the shore, making it super easy and quick to access.

During your snorkeling adventure, you can expect to see an incredible array of sea life. You might even come across some sea turtles.

5. Captiva Beach, Captiva Island

Captiva Beach sits on Captiva Island, which is found to the north of Sanibel Island. This beach is a more relaxing and quaint beach, perfect for a luxurious and romantic getaway.

A popular vacation spot for Teddy Roosevelt, Captiva has somewhat maintained its classic Florida vibes. The island surrounding the beach has no street lights and people prefer to get around by bicycle as opposed to by car.

The northern end of this beach has an interesting lighthouse you can take a look at. That’s if you can get your partner out of the gorgeous water of course. 

It is worth noting that Captiva Island has several resorts. Therefore, not all of its coastline is accessible. This can be frustrating, but it can also make your stay more relaxing and private too.

6. Seagate Beach, Naples

Another great beach you can find in Naples is Seagate Beach. Seagate Beach is simply wonderful. It features a long, white strip of sand, is lined with palm trees, and offers some of the most relaxing tides in Florida.

Thanks to the tame tides here, you can enjoy a more relaxed experience in the sea. You don’t have to worry about being knocked over by any waves.

Some of you will also be pleased to hear that Seagate Beach is more secluded than other beaches. This makes it much quieter and more romantic. The sunset views from here are impressive too.

Public amenities are limited here, so we do recommend packing a picnic and something to drink. 

7. Surfside Beach, Surfside

Nestled between Miami Beach’s North Beach and Bal Harbour, Surfside Beach is perfect if you and your partner love long romantic walks.

Offering rest, relaxation, and romance, this long and wide, white sand beach is a lovely place for couples to stroll. It is surprisingly quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. The sea here’s inviting too, so don’t be afraid to have a dip to cool off.

Another great thing about this beach is the unique events hosted here. On a regular basis, you’ll be able to find live music events and farmer’s markets along this beach. We highly recommend keeping an eye out for the Jazz events. 

The perfect romantic afternoon could include a relaxed walk, a delicious picnic, and some live Jazz music.

8. Palm Beach, Palm Beach

If you’re looking for a beach that offers a bit of something else, you have to visit Palm Beach. Palm Beach is way more than just a beach.

The area has a wide range of luxurious resorts, shopping opportunities, cocktail bars, swanky clubs, and relaxation spots. 

Of course, the area also has long white sand beaches with crystal clear waters.

This is the ultimate destination for couples that seek a more fun-filled experience. If you prefer a good mix of relaxation, adventure, fun, and luxury, this is definitely the place for you.

We’d also recommend Palm Beach for honeymooners as it has so much to do. You could start your day off at the beach before enjoying some lunch.

You could then spend some time shopping and sipping cocktails before returning to the beach for sunset.

9. Honeymoon Island Beach, Honeymoon Island

With a name like Honeymoon Island Beach, you already know that this beach is perfect for a romantic getaway. Found on Honeymoon Island, this area has 4 miles of unspoiled beach to explore.

Aside from being an extremely beautiful place with no crowds and plenty of space, this beach is also a great location for couples looking for extra things to do.

Alongside the white sand beach, you’ll find 3 miles of nature trails, biking trails, fishing spots, and snorkeling locations.

There’s even Caladesi Island State Park waiting to be explored nearby. You will need to jump on a ferry to get there though. 

Overall, this is one of the best beaches you and your partner can visit if you want a relaxing day by the sea.

10. Delray Beach, Delray Beach

Up next, we have Delray Beach. Situated in the city of Delray Beach on Florida’s southeast coast, this beach appeals to couples that want to experience a friendly, charming atmosphere and entertainment.

Nicknamed “Florida’s Village By The Sea”, Delray Beach offers a great combination of small-town quietness and large-city entertainment. The area itself is quite peaceful, offering travelers a great place to unwind and relax.

However, just off the beach are a selection of top-class eateries, shops, gardens, and museums. The city also has an exciting nightlife. You can hit this up after a day at the beach.

As for the beach, Delray Beach is stunning. It has lush white sand and clear waters. The sea here is perfect for paddle boarding and snorkeling. 

11. Destin Beach, Destin

If you and your partner prefer a more fun-filled, adventure-packed day at the beach, you should head for Destin Beach. You will be met with larger crowds and families, but you’ll also find a wide range of entertaining activities to try.

Destin Beach offers multiple adventure parks, water sports, snorkeling, boating, fishing, and much more. 

Along this popular stretch of white sand, you’ll find parks like June White Decker Park and Crystal Beach too. These parks regularly run events and offer a more laid-back experience.

Personally, snorkeling or diving would be at the top of our agenda here. The potential sea life you could find is magical. This includes sea turtles and maybe even dolphins. Trying your hand at paddleboarding is a must here too.

12. John Beasley Park, Fort Walton Beach

Very close to Destin Beach is John Beasley Park. John Beasley Park is just one beach area found on Fort Walton Beach. At this beach, you’ll find inviting waters, soft white sand, and nature trails. 

Looking at the wider area, you’ll also be able to find deep-sea fishing opportunities, golf courses, aquariums, and other parks. This beach area also has a long boardwalk with great views of the sunset. 

A lot of you will also be pleased to hear that this beach has all the basic amenities you need to spend all day at the beach. This includes places to eat and drink and restrooms. Couples that enjoy fishing should leave some time to visit the fishing pier.

There’s no reason you couldn’t visit this beach and Destin Beach on the same day.

13. South Beach, Miami Beach

Next up, we have South Beach. South Beach is one of the best beaches to visit if you and your partner prefer a more relaxing, romantic experience in a quieter location. 

Despite being found in Miami Beach, South Beach isn’t usually very busy. This is quite unusual when you consider that it is one of the most famous stretches of sand in the world.

It covers 2 and a half miles of Miami Beach and is most famous for its turquoise waters and divine white sand.

The area is also popular for its art-deco hot spot, clubs, restaurants, bars, spas, and resorts. With such a wealth of different things to do around the beach, this could easily be your honeymoon or vacation destination.

You could relax at the beach during the day and head out to the bars and clubs at night.

14. Playalinda Beach, Brevard County

Playalinda Beach can be found along 24 miles of undisturbed coastline. It makes up a small part of the Canaveral National Shoreline situated on Florida’s east coast.

As a result of being left undisturbed, this beach has everything you could ever want or need from a Florida Beach. Like something off a postcard, this beach is long, charming, relaxing, and quiet.

Offering the perfect romantic escape, it has white sandy beaches, clear, turquoise waters, and cracking views of the sunset.

Aside from being romantic, Playalinda Beach is also a great place to surf. The tides here are choppier than at other beaches. Animal lovers will love the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge found here too.

This refuge runs regular walks that give tourists the chance to spot sea turtles during nesting season. 

15. Cocoa Beach, Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is a more popular beach that you should visit if you have plans that include visiting the Disney World and Universal Orlando theme parks. This is because Cocoa Beach is the closest beach to Orlando and Port Canaveral.

The great thing about this beach is that it is a great place to relax and unwind before or after you hit the theme parks. 

It’s also a great place for adrenaline junkies to visit because there are a host of different activities you can enjoy. One of the best is kayaking.

Aside from taking part in water sports, soaking up the sun, and swimming, you can also enjoy fresh food and drink and shop whilst visiting Cocoa Beach.

The main street that runs alongside the beach is lined with restaurants, bars, and shops.

16. North Beach, Fort De Soto

If you’re a couple that has an active lifestyle, you’ll enjoy what North Beach at Fort De Soto has to offer. This beach is also a great spot if you have a pup, as there is lots of open space for your puppy to run around.

North Beach is slightly different from the other beaches on this list so far. It is a lot more green. Of course, it still has a strip of pristine white sand, but most of the beach is covered with green vegetation and sand dunes.

This makes it a great place to walk and explore. In fact, there are more than 1,000 acres to explore. The area also has a rich history, so if you love history, be sure to visit. The area was used by The U.S. military in the 1800s.

If you’d prefer to spend more time at the beachfront, you might enjoy swimming, kayaking, fishing, or snorkeling in crystal clear water. 

17. Lovers Key, Bonita Springs

Lovers Key Beach can be found in Bonita Springs. More specifically, this beach sits in Lovers Key State Park. 

With a name like Lover’s Key, you can probably already tell what this beach entails. Lovers Key Beach features 2 miles of undeveloped, raw beach and beautiful boardwalks.

A lovely thing about the beach is that it also winds through rich mangrove forests and nature trails.

The beach is so beautiful that a lot of people travel here to tie the knot, hence the name Lovers Key. However, tranquility and serenity aren’t the only things this beach offers. 

No, the beach also offers couples the chance to take part in a wide range of activities. Popular activities include swimming, biking, boating, fishing, bird watching, sunbathing, and walking. 

The park also has a Discovery Center for those of you that love wildlife. Those of you that would prefer to sun it up, should head to the observation deck where you’ll find some comfy rocking chairs.

18. Beer Can Island, Longboat Key

Florida used to have two Beer Can Islands. However, the one in Tampa recently changed its name to Pine Key. As a result, there is only one Beer Can Island left. You’ll find it in Longboat Key, Sarasota. 

Beer Can Island is a unique beach that doesn’t usually make lists of outstanding beaches. However, this is mainly because people don’t know about it.

If they did, people would quickly realize that Beer Can Island is the perfect beach for couples. It’s quiet, relaxed, more often than not kid-free, and quite stunning.

The beach doesn’t feel like any other Florida beach either because it is covered with old tree trunks.

Whilst you might think this isn’t a great thing, it actually makes it much easier for couples to find a more secluded spot. It also creates an interesting landscape for taking romantic couple photos.

19. Pensacola Beach, Pensacola

The final Florida beach on our list is Pensacola Beach. Situated in Pensacola, this beach stretches almost 8 miles to Santa Rosa. It is most famous for its soft white sand and emerald-green water.

It is a great place for couples to visit if they are seeking a more peaceful, quiet, and tranquil vacation. 

Aside from being a great place to walk, relax, run, and swim, Pensacola Beach is also an amazing place to observe wildlife.

The beach is surrounded by the Gulf Islands National Seashore. As a result, the area is protected. As you can imagine, this helps the area boast a phenomenal wildlife scene.

Some of the wildlife you might see includes sea turtles, stingrays, dolphins, birds, and turtles.

There are several other beaches found in the Pensacola area, so you could stay here during your vacation and spend time at a different beach every day. Some of the beaches are dog-friendly too.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of the best beaches in Florida for couples. As you can see from our list, Florida has a wide range of amazing beaches perfect for a relaxing and romantic getaway.

Whether you’re a couple looking for a secluded spot to soak up the sun and relax in the sea, or a beach that offers more exciting water sports and snorkeling opportunities, there’s a beach on our list for you.

We’ve looked at popular tourist hotspots, secluded islands, luxury resort beach areas, beaches with nature trails, and even historical beaches. All that’s left for you to do now is decide which beach you want to visit first.

Picking one beach to visit might be hard, so we recommend visiting at least 2 or 3 if you get the chance.

Alex Kallen
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