Cruise Ship Comparison: Symphony Of The Seas vs Wonder Of The Seas

Royal Caribbean has a fleet of 60 ships which sail to destinations all over the world. Choosing which ship to book for your cruise holiday can be difficult.

Cruise Ship Comparison Symphony Of The Seas vs Wonder Of The Seas (2)

Wonder Of The Seas and Symphony Of The Seas are two ships which are popular when it comes to family friendly cruises. But how do you know which one you should chooose? is one ship better than the other?

What are the differences between the two ships? Keep reading to find out. 

How Big Are The Ships?

Symphony Of The Seas and Harmony Of The Seas are both in the Oasis Class of Royal Caribbean ships. This means that until the Icon Class ships are built, these ships are the biggest in the fleet.

Being in the same class means that both ships are similar in size and are extra large cruise ships, but Wonder Of The Seas is the biggest ship in the fleet.  

Symphony Of The Seas has a gross tonnage of 228,081 and it is 1188 feet long. It can hold 5518 passengers and 2200 crew members at full capacity.

Wonder Of The Seas is also 1188 feet long, but has a higher gross tonnage of 236,857. It can accommodate 5734 guests and 2300 crew members. 

If there is a better ratio of staff to passengers, this indicates that the service is likely to be very efficient. Both ships have roughly 2.5 passengers to every member of staff which is a good ratio.

However, there is some difference in the tons of ship per passenger ratio. Symphony of the seas has 41 tons of ship per passenger whereas Wonder Of The Seas has 39.

This means that although Wonder Of The Seas is a larger ship, the increase in passenger capacity means it is likely to feel a little more crowded. 

How Old Are The Ships? 

Wonder Of The Seas is a very new ship as it was built in 2022.Until the Icon Of The Seas is built it will be the newest ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet.

As such it has not yet undergone any refurbishments or upgrades, as everything is brand new and up to date. Symphony Of The Seas is also a new ship as it was built just 4 years earlier in 2018.

It went through some minor renovations in 2021 as work was needed on the dry dock and some technical upgrades were installed. 

What Choice Of Cabins Do You Have? 

Symphony Of The Seas has 2759 cabins which includes 190 suites. There are 1316 balcony cabins and 176 ocean view cabins. You can also choose from 502 inside cabins, and 555 boardwalk cabins.

Some of the boardwalk cabins have a promenade view. Wonder Of The Seas has 2874 cabins – the most cabins out of any Royal Caribbean ship in the Oasis class.

There are 175 suites, 1435 balcony cabins, 155 ocean view cabins, 527 inside cabins, and 547 boardwalk cabins. 

If you aren’t fussy about which type of cabin you book then you can make the most of the Royal Caribbean dynamic pricing and wait for a flash sale to book your cruise.

The choice will be more limited but you are likely to get a great deal. If you want a specific type of cabin then you should book in advance to avoid disappointment. 

What Are The Pool Areas & Deck Spaces Like? 

It is worth comparing the pool areas and hot tubs when choosing between two hot tubs. You need to make sure that there is enough space for you to relax by the water on a warm day.

Symphony Of The Seas has less swimming pools than Wonder Of The Seas, but more hot tubs. 

Symphony Of The Seas has a total of 4 pools which includes one adult only pool. There are 10 hot tubs including 2 adult only hot tubs. All of the pools and hot tubs are accessible to any guests aside from the age restrictions.

Wonder Of The Seas has 5 pools – 1 is adult only and 2 are general access. The other pool is exclusive access which is for people staying in the most expensive suites, or people who have paid the daily rate for access to the pool.

This pool will be quieter and less crowded. There are only 4 hot tubs in total on Wonder Of The Seas – one is adult only, one is exclusive and the other two are general access. 

No matter how many pools a cruise ship has, they are likely to be very busy on days where the ship is at sea. When all of the passengers are on the ship you might not be able to get a sun lounger very easily.

The idea of a cruise holiday is to immerse yourself in the other activities and forms of entertainment that are available, and to make the most of the excursions. 

What Dining Options Do You Have?

Royal Caribbean ships all have fantastic dining options which include various cuisines.

You will be able to find something tasty for each member of the family. If you are struggling to choose between two different cruise ships, it can be helpful to compare the dining options to see which one will suit you best. 

Both Symphony Of The Seas and Wonder Of The Seas have 13 complementary restaurants and 14 restaurants that carry an additional fee.

On each ship you will find 150 Central Park, Cafe Promenade, Chop’s Grille, Coastal Kitchen, Dog House, El Loco Fresh, Hooked Seafood, Johnny Rockets, Park Cafe, Playmakers, Solarium Bistro, Sorrento’s Pizza.

Starbucks, Sugar Beach, Vitality Cafe, Windjammer, Wonderland and a Main Dining Room. 

Symphony Of The Seas also has Jamie’s Italian, Izumi Hibachi & Sushi and Vintages Wine Bar. Wonder Of The Seas has The Mason Jar, Izumi, Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar, and Chef’s Table. 

What Activities Can You Do On Board? 

Cruise holidays tend to be packed full of fun – you will be going on excursions when you arrive at your destinations, you can spend some time by the pool, and you can make the most out of all of the amazing entertainment options available. 

Symphony Of The Seas and Wonder Of The Seas have the same options when it comes to entertainment. Almost 80% of the entertainment is included in the price of your cruise, but the rest incur an additional charge. 

On both ships you can play laser tag and mini golf and all the games in the arcade. You can visit the splash park and use the water slides, and have a go at the FlowRider surf simulator.

There is also a thrill slide that spans 10 decks of the ship, and a daring zip line. Watch a poolside movie or a broadway show, or have a laugh at the comedy club.

Children will love the carousel  and the whole family will want to have a go at ice skating, the climbing wall and the escape rooms. Both ships also feature a basketball court, an aquatheater, a casino, a spa and a fitness center.

There is an adults only relaxation area for a peaceful chill out, and you can also go to the bionic bar where your drink will be made by a robot. 

Whether you want to try something new, feel an adrenaline rush, relax or workout, you will always be able to find something to keep you entertained on board. 

How Much Do They Cost?

Wonder Of The Seas is a newer ship, but it is in the same Class as Symphony Of The Seas. This means that the pricing for their voyages is going to be very similar.

The things that will impact the price of your cruise is how long the trip is, what type of cabin you book, which beverage and dining package you have, and which destinations you visit. 

Royal Caribbean are known for their flash sales when the prices drop to push sales. If you take advantage of this and book your cruise at the right time then you could save a lot of money.

However, availability could be limited and there will be less choice. This means that you could end up disappointed if you had your heart set on a certain cabin type or excursion. 

Which Ship Should You Choose? 

Wonder Of The Seas and Symphony Of The Seas will offer you a similar experience when it comes to your cruise holiday.

They are both extra large cruise ships with a great selection of restaurants and facilities to keep you entertained during your voyage. 

Wonder Of The Seas was built more recently, but both ships are fairly new. Wonder Of The Seas has an extra pool but it is exclusive access only, and it has considerably less hot tubs.

The restaurant options and entertainment options are practically the same. As the differences between the two ships are so minimal, it won’t make much difference which ship you choose.

If you are concerned about overcrowding then you should consider booking a cruise on Symphony Of The Seas as it is a similar size but holds fewer passengers. 


Both Symphony Of The Seas and Wonder Of The Seas have excellent choices of restaurants, cabins and entertainment. They are both in the Oasis Class which means they are extra large in size.

They are simialr in age and the cost of the holidays will be simialr. They will offer you a similar cruise holiday experience.

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