The NEW Princess Beverage Packages With Updated Bar Menus

Princess Cruises is a cruise line offering a number of exciting cruise destinations. Although the company is American-owned, Princess Cruises travels to a variety of destinations, from Asia to Alaska. 

Princess Beverage Packages

Something else Princess Cruises offers is a wide selection of beverage packages. These packages aim to make the cost of drinks, ranging from soft drinks to alcoholic refreshments, more affordable for passengers. 

Recently, Princess Cruises has updated its bar menu and added some new drink packages, so read on to find out everything you need to know about buying drinks on Princess Cruises!

Princess Cruises Beverage Packages 

The costs of beverage packages available on Princess Cruises are different for Australian sailings compared to sailings to other destinations. 

Princess Cruises beverage packages include: 

The Princess Premier Package 

This package costs $140.00 AUD per day if you’re sailing from Australia. The service charge for Australian sailings is included with the cost of the package.

However, for sailings to other destinations, the cost is $84.99 with an additional 18% for service charges, making the total $100.30. 

The Princess Premier package includes all drinks, including cocktails and wine, up to $20 per glass. It also includes all the other drinks on other beverage packages.

The Princess Plus Package 

For all sailings apart from Australian sailings, the Princess Plus package costs $64.99, with an 18% service that brings the total to $76.70 for every day of your cruise.

When sailing to Australia, you’ll be charged a total of $110.00 per day for this package, which includes the service charge. 

This package can be used to purchase beer, wine, and cocktails for up to $15 per glass. Hot beverages such as tea and coffee are also included, along with water and smoothies. 

The Soda Package 

The Soda package at Princess Cruises costs $15.33 AUD, including the service charge, or $11.79 per day with the service charge added to the initial $9.99 for other destinations. 

This package is perfect for those who only want to enjoy soft drinks, such as water and smoothies, during the cruise. Bear in mind that while this package covers most non-alcoholic beverages, it does not include mocktails. 

The New Grounds Coffee Package 

Just interested in getting your daily caffeine fix while on your cruise? Princess Cruises has you covered with the New Grounds Coffee package. The cost of this package varies according to the length of your cruise, as well as where you’re departing from and sailing to.

However, your package will get you a prepaid, onboard coffee card to use during your cruise for coffee beverages.

The Zero-Alcohol Package 

The Zero-Alcohol package is different from the soda package on Princess Cruises.

Rather than just giving you access to water and soft drinks, you can use your Zero-Alcohol package to purchase mocktails and other non-alcoholic beverages that aren’t included in the soda package. 

The Zero-Alcohol beverage package costs $39.99 plus the 18% service charge ($47.19 in total) for non-Australian sailings. For Australian sailings, the cost is $65.99 AUD, including the service charge. 

Updated Princess Cruises Bar Menu 

Princess Cruises has recently made some changes to its bar menu. Before you hand over your money for a drinks package, you should be aware of your options when it comes to ordering refreshments on your cruise. 

Here is the entire bar menu for Princess Cruises, including prices:

Soft Drinks 

  • Bottled water ($2.00)
  • Red Bull ($5.00)
  • San Pellegrino ($2.65)
  • Glass of soda ($1.50)
  • Can of soda ($2.50)

Hot Drinks 

  • Americano ($2.00)
  • Espresso ($2.00)
  • Frappé ($4-5.00)
  • Latte ($3.00)

Beers and Ciders


  • Budweiser ($7.00)
  • Miller Lite ($7.00)
  • Coors Light ($6.25)
  • Bud Light ($7.00)
  • Michelob Ultra ($6.75)

Craft Beer 

  • Corona Extra ($7.50)
  • Grolsch ($7.00)
  • Blue Moon Belgian White Ale ($7.00)
  • Stella Artois ($7.00)
  • Red Stripe ($7.50)
  • Peroni Nastro Azzuro ($7.50)
  • Heineken ($7.00)
  • Dos Equis ($7.00)
  • Lagunitas IPA ($7.50)


  • Strongbow ($7.50)
  • Truly Fruit Hard Seltzer ($7.50)



  • Beefeater ($8.00)
  • Aviation ($10.00)
  • Tanqueray ($9.00)
  • Tanqueray 10 ($10.00) 
  • Bombay Sapphire ($8.00)
  • Bombay Bramble ($14.00)
  • Hendricks ($10.00)
  • The Star of Bombay ($17.00)


  • Grey Goose ($10.00)
  • Grey Goose Essence White Peach & Rosemary ($14.00)
  • Grey Goose Essence Watermelon & Basil ($14.00)
  • Grey Goose Essence Strawberry & Lemongrass ($14.00)
  • Ketel One ($10.00)
  • Belvedere ($10.00)
  • Absolut ($8.00)
  • Absolut Elyx ($10.00)
  • Skyy ($7.50)
  • Tito’s Handmade ($8.00)
  • Stoli Elit ($10.50)


  • Patron Silver ($9.00)
  • Patron Reposado ($10.00)
  • Patron Anejo ($12.00)
  • Don Julio Reposado ($8.00)
  • Don Julio Blanco ($8.00)
  • Cazadores Reposado ($8.00)
  • Jose Cuervo Gold ($7.50) 


  • Malibu ($7.50)
  • Bacardi Oakheart ($7.50)
  • Bacardi Limon ($7.50)
  • Captain Morgan White ($7.50)
  • Captain Morgan Spiced ($7.50)
  • Pyrat XO ($9.00)
  • Gosling’s Dark ($8.00)
  • Brugal Anejo ($8.00) 


  • Glen Deveron 16 Yr ($12.00)
  • Chivas Regal ($9.00)


  • Gentleman Jack ($14.00)
  • Bulleit ($9.00)
  • Knob Creek ($9.00)
  • Old Forester Original Batch ($14.00)
  • Wild Turkey ($9.00)
  • Blanton Straight $12.00)
  • Jack Daniel’s ($9.00)


  • Courvoisier Napoleon ($10.00)
  • Courvoisier VSOP ($12.00)
  • Remy Martin VSOP ($16.00)


  • Malbec ($10.00)
  • Chalk Hill Sauvignon Blanc ($16.00)
  • Riesling ($11.00)
  • Champagne ($19.00)
  • Shiraz ($10.00)
  • Saint Helena Sauvignon Blanc ($11.00)
Princess Beverage Packages


  • Dark & Stormy ($10.00)
  • Hurricane ($10.00)
  • Mai Tai ($10.00)
  • Paradise Punch ($10.00)
  • Aperol Spritz ($7.75)
  • Hawaiian Tropics ($10.00)
  • Captain’s Bounty ($10.00)
  • Ultimate Cooler ($10.00)
  • The Tropics ($19.00)
  • Espresso Martini ($15.00)
  • Apple Martini ($10.00)
  • Lemon Drop ($10.00)
  • Vesper ($10.00)
  • Cosmopolitan ($11.00)
  • Baked Alaska Martini ($16.00)
  • Ultimate Patron Margarita ($11.00)
  • 24K Gold Margarita ($12.00)
  • Salted Watermelon Margarita ($19.00)
  • Frozen Piña colada ($10.00)
  • Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri ($10.00)
  • Frozen Dirty Banana ($12.00)


  • Key West Cooler ($7.00)
  • Sunshine Daiquiri ($7.00)
  • Strawberries on Fire ($7.00)
  • Zero Mojito ($7.00)

Terms and Conditions for Princess Cruises Beverage Packages 

Your purchase and use of beverage packages while on board a Princess Cruise is subject to terms and conditions. These are as follows: 

  1. Packages covering the sale of alcohol can only be purchased by passengers above the legal drinking age. The legal drinking age on a cruise varies depending on where the cruise is sailing from, ranging from 18 to 21. Any bookings for Princess Plus and Princess Premier packages made by passengers under the legal drinking age will be exchanged for the Zero-Alcohol package, and no refund will be issued to cover the difference. 
  2. Different beverage packages have different limitations on the maximum cost of individual drinks. For example, if you have the Plus package, the maximum cost of any individual drink purchased using the package is $15.00. The Premier package allows for a maximum of $20 per drink. 
  3. Plus and Premier beverage packages are only sold according to capacity. This means that only a certain number of these packages can be purchased for any given cruise. If you do not book your package 
  4. Princess Cruises reserves the right to change parts of packages or revoke packages at any time. 
  5. Beverage packages cannot be exchanged for cash or substituted for another package. 
  6. The juice bar, which is included in the Plus package, is only available during breakfast and lunch hours. 

Are Princess Cruises Beverages Packages Worth It?

Whether buying a Princess Cruises beverages package is worth it for you will depend on how much of which kind of beverage you intend to drink whilst on your cruise. You should compare the cost of your package to the costs of individual drinks to decide. 

For example, we can see from the bar menu that a bottle of Corona Extra is $7.50.

If you only plan to have a couple of Corona Extras to yourself (remember, you can’t share your package) each day of your cruise, buying the Princess Premier package for $100.30 per day would definitely not be worth it. 

However, the same package would be worth it if you plan on ordering 10 Espresso Martini cocktails per day, since these are priced at $15.00 individually. 

Final Thoughts 

Princess Cruises boasts an extensive bar menu, ranging from soft drinks and coffees to top-shelf spirits and cocktails. 

Beverage packages on Princess Cruises are sold on a per-day, per-person basis and may entitle you to coffees, soft drinks, mocktails, or alcoholic beverages, depending on which you choose. 

Remember, Premier and Plus packages are limited to capacity, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Drink Sharing Allowed On Princess Cruises?

No, drink sharing is not allowed on Princess Cruises. This means that drink packages are only sold on a per-person basis, and you can’t use your package to buy a drink for somebody else. 

Does Everyone In Each Stateroom Need To Buy A Package?

Some other cruise lines have a rule that if one person in a stateroom wants to buy a package, all other adults in that stateroom must buy one, too.

This is not the case with Princess Cruises. However, if you are found to be sharing your drinks package with another passenger, it will be revoked without a refund. 

What is Princess Cruises’ Policy On Passengers Bringing Their Own Drinks?

Passengers are permitted to bring their own drinks onboard, within certain limitations. For wine or champagne, the maximum without an additional charge is 750 ml.

If you want to bring more than this onboard your cruise, you’ll be asked to pay $15 in corkage fees per extra bottle.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Drink Alcohol on Princess Cruises?

This entirely depends on where you are sailing from, and where you are sailing to. Princess Cruises is an American-owned company, and in North America, the legal drinking age is 21. So, if you’re sailing from North America, you’ll need to be 21 to drink alcohol on the cruise. 

If you’re sailing from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South America, or Asia, you can drink alcohol as long as you are aged 18 or older.

Are All Inclusive Cruises Available?

No, all-inclusive cruises are not available through Princess Cruises. This is why we highly recommend looking into the drink packages Princess Cruises offers because the discounted prices make the cost of refreshments on board much more manageable after a certain point.

Do Princess Cruises Beverage Packages Apply In Restaurants?

All restaurants and venues selling food and drinks on board, with the exception of specialty restaurants, will accept your drinks package as a form of payment. This also applies to restaurants and venues on Princess Cays Island. 

At specialty restaurants, you will need to pay for drinks individually, but you can still use your package to get a liter of water (either still or sparkling). 

However, bear in mind that the selections of drinks available to choose from will vary between venues.  

How Can I Buy A Beverage Package For Princess Cruises?

Buying a Princess Cruises beverage package is easy!

All you need to do is request your package or choice at the time you make your booking, or go back into your account and add the package to your booking using the Princess Cruise Personalizer before you set sail. You can do this up to 3 days before your cruise. 

If you miss the window for adding the package to your booking online, don’t worry.

You can also add your package at the last minute by asking a member of the crew once you board the vessel. However, bear in mind that this will need to be done on the first day of your cruise. 

Once you have purchased a package, you can’t get a refund, and you can’t swap it for another package.

The only time one package will be swapped for another is if someone under the legal drinking age purchases a package covering alcoholic beverages. In this case, it will be exchanged for the Zero-Alcohol package, but the price difference will not be refunded. 

Is There A Limit On Alcoholic Beverages For Princess Cruises?

Yes. Unlike some other cruises, which do not impose a limit and simply put cut-offs in place for passengers who have over-indulged, Princess Cruises sets a limit on the number of alcoholic beverages a passenger can order within a 24-hour period. 

This limit is set at 15 alcoholic beverages, starting at 6 am each morning, and ending at the same time the following morning. 

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