Hiking In San Antonio: 14 Stunning Trails That Will Leave You Speechless

If you love nature then you probably love to go on hikes.

If you’re looking for somewhere new to go and enjoy a hike, have you checked out San Antonio?

Hiking In San Antonio 14 Stunning Trails That Will Leave You Speechless

It might surprise you to learn that San Antonio is filled with stunning hiking trails that can be enjoyed by anyone.

San Antonio is already filled with stuff to do, and it is one of the most populated cities in Texas.

But if you want to ditch the regular attractions and embrace nature, then you simply have to try out some of their hiking trails.

If you are going to go on a hike in San Antonio, just remember that the heat can be pretty dangerous when unprepared, so make sure you take plenty of water and you’re wearing the appropriate gear.

Keep reading to learn about 14 absolutely stunning trails you can hike in San Antonio and see which one stands out to you the most!

14 Stunning Trails To Hike In San Antonio

From beautiful landscapes, all the way to impressive wildlife, San Antonio has some absolutely amazing hiking trails that you are going to love.

Their hiking trails are really inclusive as well, so regardless of your hiking experience and ability, there is definitely going to be something on this list you will be able to do.

You will love everything about the hiking trails that San Antonio has to offer and you will definitely find yourself coming back to hike them again!

1. Leon Creek Greenway

Kicking off this list, we have Leon Creek Greenway.

This hiking spot has over 4 miles of trails for you to enjoy and there are plenty of things to keep you occupied along the way.

If you want to do a bit more than hiking, then this trail is also perfect for running and biking, and you will find lots of people taking part in these activities when you visit the trail.

Leon Creek Greenway is one of the busier trails on this list, so just keep that in mind for when you plan to visit.

This is an excellent trail for birdwatching and there are plenty of wildflowers for you to spot as you hike.

The whole trail is incredibly relaxing and beautiful and it’s also 100% dog friendly!

There isn’t a great deal of shade on this trail though, so make sure that you are dressed appropriately and you have some sunscreen and water available.

2. Wilderness And Wildlife Trails

You can find the Wilderness and Wildlife Trails in Brackenridge Park.

This loop covers about 343 acres and it is an incredibly beautiful walk that is suitable for all skill levels.

If you’re just looking for a small hike rather than one that will take all day to finish, then the Wilderness and Wildlife Trails is going to be perfect for you.

It’s an incredibly relaxing loop and because it’s a bit shorter, it means you can take your time and really soak up the beauty around you.

There is a river you can go and see on this trail that is also really beautiful and definitely worth visiting if you do choose to go.

Whether you want to hike, bike, or run, the Wilderness and Wildlife Trails is suitable for all your needs.

This park is accessible all year round and it is open to the public between the hours of 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

It is also completely dog friendly, but you have to make sure you keep them on a leash!

3. Government Canyon Loop

The Government Canyon Loop can be found in the Government Canyon State Natural Area.

It is perfect for anyone who really wants to immerse themselves in nature and spend a whole day enjoying the scenery.

This hiking trail is perfect for walking, running, and bird watching, but if you want to extend your stay, you can even camp here!

There are over 12.3 miles of hiking trails for you to enjoy and the Government Canyon Loop also offers some unique features you won’t really find on many other hikes.

If you look hard enough, you will be able to see some ancient dinosaur footprints!

The footprints are believed to be from the Acro­can­thosaurus and Sauro­po­sei­don dinosaurs and they are over 110 million years old.

The trail itself is rated as “moderate” but there is a map that will help you work out the difficulty level so you won’t go down the wrong trail.

Along with hiking, this trail is also great for mountain biking and running!

4. Tower Loop Trail

The Tower Loop Trail is located in the Comanche Lookout Park in northeast San Antonio.

This park was named after the Native Americas who used the park’s hill as a vantage point to look for Mexican mules they could trade.

The Tower Loop Trail is one of the most popular in the whole park and it is only 1.1 miles long.

This is a great trail for anyone who just wants to go on a small hike and the scenery is absolutely beautiful.

There are lots of wildflowers located all along the trail and regardless of your skill level, you will be able to complete it with ease.

If you are a fan of watching the sunset, then you definitely need to go and watch it from the top of the Tower Loop Trail.

It’s one of the best places for sunset watching and the city below looks incredible.

Tower Loop Trail is the perfect trail to hike if you are looking for a fun activity for the whole family and it boasts some incredible views too.

5. Japanese Tea Garden

We’ve mentioned Brackenridge Park already, but we’re mentioning it again because it is home to quite a few trails and spots that you simply have to check out if you are in the area.

One of the spots you absolutely have to check out is the Japanese Tea Garden.

This technically counts as a hike, but it is incredibly easy and can be accessed regardless of your needs and ability.

The Japanese Tea Garden is one of the most popular parts of Brackenridge Park and it has been recently restored so the whole area is absolutely stunning.

Some of the things you will be able to see in this area include koi ponds, lush gardens, shaded walkways (to get out of the heat!), and beautiful floral displays.

There’s even a 60-foot waterfall on site that is truly a marvel to behold!

The Japanese Tea Gardens are open to the public all day and they are wheelchair-accessible and dog friendly too.

If you’re not an experienced hiker but you still want to get out and enjoy nature, you will absolutely love this mini trail.

6. Salado Greenway Trail

Found north of Phil Hardberger Park, the Salado Greenway Trail is a 10.8-mile long trail that is filled with lots of beauty and nature.

The whole trail is mixed with paved and gravel sections which allows people with different skill levels to enjoy all the trail has to offer.

Along with hiking, of course, there are plenty of other things for you to enjoy on the Salado Greenway Trail.

There are plenty of birds for you to see, making it great for bird watching and the whole trail is absolutely rich with wildlife.

The greenery in the area is absolutely spectacular and you will really feel immersed in nature when you visit.

There’s even a river that runs through the trail which just adds to the beauty of the area.

As this is a longer trail, there are plenty of signs located along the paths to help you find the right trails and stop you from getting lost.

There is a mix of different trails so you can enjoy the area regardless of your own personal ability.

7. Main Loop To Restoration Way Trail

The Main Loop to Restoration Way Trail is open between the months of April and September and it offers many different trails to experience hiking in a way that is comfortable for you.

It’s quite close to the city, but that doesn’t stop you from being immersed in nature, making it the perfect place to go if you want to spend some time in a natural environment, but you can’t go too far from the city.

There are plenty of different trails on this loop that vary in difficulty, so you won’t have to miss out on the scenery.

The standard trails are moderate and relaxing, but there are some trails that are a bit harder for more experienced hikers.

The trail is quite rocky in parts, so it’s important to be prepared for that before you go.

Make sure you are wearing the appropriate footwear and you have the correct gear so you won’t have to cut your hike short.

8. McAllister Park Blue Loop Trail

McAllister Park is actually one of the largest parks in all of San Antonio.

There are over 800 acres that make up this large park and it is an incredibly beautiful place.

There are over four miles of trails and plenty of things for you to do and see along the way.

The McAllister Park Blue Loop Trail is the best trail for you to check out because it is one of the most beautiful.

There are plenty of wildflowers for you to catch a glimpse of and it is open all year round to the public.

It is a moderate trail, but even if you don’t have much hiking experience, as long as you take your time you will be able to complete it.

There are restrooms along the trail that you can use if you need to and plenty of picnic units for you to sit and take a break.

Along with hiking, this is also a great trail for running, mountain biking, and bird watching, with plenty of wildlife in the area to see.

It’s also completely dog friendly too, so it’s a great place to give your dog some exercise.

9. Library And Comanche Loops Trail

Located in Comanche Lookout Park, the Library and Comanche Loops Trail is a combination of two loops, and it’s one of the best hiking spots in all San Antonio.

These trails are located in the same park as the Tower Loop Trail.

You will have over 1.6 miles of trails to explore and they are suitable for all skill levels, making it the perfect place to take your family and friends.

There are plenty of activities for you to take part in as you go as well, so these trails are anything but boring!

The surface of the trails is made up of gravel and there are lots of dirt paths, so it may not be the most accessible if you use a wheelchair.

Dogs are also welcome on these trails, but they have to be kept on a leash at all times.

10. San Antonio Riverwalk Mission Reach Trail

The San Antonio Riverwalk Mission Reach Trail is perfect for anyone who wants to go on a hike, but wants something a little different from being surrounded by trees.

On this trail, you will be following a river trail that runs directly through the city, making it an urban hike/trail!

Just because it’s in the middle of San Antonio though, that does not mean that it isn’t worth it.

The views are incredible and the views of the river are absolutely breathtaking.

This is a loop trail that covers 5.7 miles and because it is located in the heart of the city, you can leave at any time.

This is the best way to get a scenic view of the entire city and if you really want to immerse yourself in this urban trail, you definitely need to check it out at night!

11. Hillview Nature Trail Loop

You will find the Hillview Nature Trail Loop in Eisenhower Park and there are many more trails in the area for you to explore.

This trail alone is stunning though and it is full of amazing views and pretty wildflowers.

This 2.9-mile loop is a moderate trail, but as long as you take your time, you should be able to complete it regardless of your skill level.

There is also plenty of shade along the trail, so you don’t have to worry too much about getting burned by the sun.

The whole trail is incredibly child-friendly and dog-friendly too, so it’s perfect for a family day out.

12. Rio Medina Trail

If you’re looking for some of the best hiking spots in all of San Antonio, then you don’t really have to look any further than the Medina River Natural Area.

We’re talking specifically about the Rio Medina Trail, because it is over 12.6 miles of lush greenery, and tranquil rivers, and it is home to plenty of wildlife.

This is a fantastic place to visit if you really want to immerse yourself in nature and it is suitable for hikers of all ages and levels.

The best time to visit the Rio Medina Trail is during the months of May and September, and it is super easy to navigate.

13. Prairie, Painted Bunting, Barred Owl, And Live Oak Trails Loop

This loop is made up of three distinct trails that connect to each other and they can be found in the Guadalupe River State Park.

The loop covers about 5.1 miles and it is perfect for anyone, regardless of their skill level.

There are loads of wildlife for you to spot along the loop, some of which include hawks, armadillos, large lizards, and snakes!

There are lots to see and do on this loop, and it’s definitely worth it to see for yourself.

14. Main Loop To Vista Loop To Fern Del Trail

Located in the Friedrich Wilderness Park, this loop trail is another beautiful place to hike within the borders of San Antonio.

There are lots of rare bird species that live along this loop, and you may be lucky enough to see them for yourself if you go there.

There are also loads of stunning wildflowers for you to enjoy.

The views on this hike are absolutely stunning as well because the trails are surrounded by beautiful, dramatic canyons and a mixture of impressive terrains.

You will have to check the weather before you head out to this loop though because if the weather is too bad, the trails can be closed.


San Antonio is home to many beautiful natural areas, and there are plenty of stunning trails for you to explore.

If you find yourself in or near the city, you definitely need to have a look at these trails because you won’t be disappointed in your experience.

Each of these trails is catered to different skill levels and there are plenty of trails that are suitable for the whole family, so go and enjoy them today!

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