16 Must Visit Parks In San Antonio

The city of San Antonio in Texas is home to stunning weather and stunning sights, and what makes a better combination of the two than its wide range of gorgeous parks?

A gentle walk through a park is one of the great things in life, instantly relieving any stress with their beautiful blends of lush trees, vibrant flowers, dazzling water fountains, and more.

16 Must Visit Parks In San Antonio

It’s lucky, then, that San Antonio has such an enormous range of parks for you to enjoy on your next trip there.

In our guide below, we’ve got 16 must visit parks across San Antonio.

We’re looking at a whole variety, including parks, hiking paths, historical sites, and even botanical gardens.

They all offer stunning surroundings that are sure to make any trip memorable!

1. Denman Estate Park

We’re starting our list with this delightful park found near the downtown area of San Antonio, where you’ll be able to enjoy some peace and quiet while soaking up the beautiful sights and amenities.

For a start, there are plenty of picnic benches and tables available, allowing you to have a calming meal with your family in the glorious sunshine.

In addition to that, there’s also a labyrinth for you to have fun with, as well as walking a trail that measures half a mile and takes in a handful of lovely sights.

Perhaps the part that really sets this park apart from others, though, is the hand-built Korean monument that’s on the path of the trail.

Built in Korea, but then assembled in San Antonio by visiting Korean craftsmen, it’s a stunning monument full of color (red, blue, green, etc.) and design.

2. Travis Park

Another beautiful location for you to spend a few sunny hours is Travis Park, which used to be a part of San Antonio’s historic Alamo Mission.

It may not be the largest park in the city, but it’s got plenty of character and a lot to offer, whether that’s facilities or local events.

Even better, it’s in a great destination, being in the city center!

You’ll be able to enjoy a picnic meal at the various tables, or go up to countless vendors and get a drink or a snack.

On top of that, the park regularly hosts great outdoor events. For example, they have movie nights, as well as an annual jazz festival!

3. McAllister Park

McAllister Park is a fantastic destination if you’re in San Antonio, with a variety of different trails for you to walk and even an outdoor fitness station for you to practice on.

There are few things better than free gym equipment!

The park also contains a dog park, so if you’ve got your dog with you then they’ll be able to enjoy a 2.42 acre stretch of land to run about in and play.

It’s suitable for both large and small dogs, and is a super jolly spot to enjoy the sunshine in.

As for the walking trails of the main park itself, there are four.

They each have their own length and sights, with some containing asphalt or being natural – or offering a combination of the two.

The trails allow you to enjoy the very best that the park has to offer, with its lush plants and fresh air.

4. Concepcion Park

Concepcion Park is one of the very best parks in San Antonio, for the key reason that it offers a swimming pool!

Wandering around a dreamy park is a great way to enjoy the sunshine, but then getting to take a dip in some calming pool waters while the sun shines down on you is taking things to a whole different level!

It doesn’t just stop there, either, because the park also offers a covered basketball course, fitness stations to exercise with, and various parks to play ball games on.

Sports and physical activities are clearly the focus with this park, though you’re very welcome to simply stroll around too.

After all, there’s lots of sights you’ll want to take in slowly!

For example, you’ll want to check out the amazing Spanish colonial mansion that’s situated there. It’s not every park that has living history in it!

5. Brackenridge Park

Our next pick is Brackenridge Park, which is found just below the San Antonio River’s headwaters.

It’s a park with loads of history, because humans have been coming to this spot for 12,000 years, for shelter, scavenging, or relaxation.

Now, of course, it’s a great spot for you to spend the day in the sun!

The fact that it’s by a river really gives it a unique edge that a lot of the other parks can’t capture, the relaxing waters changing the atmosphere of the park.

After all, you can laze about on the banks by the water, or even wade through the low waters.

There are lots of other things to see and do, too, especially for the whole family.

For example, there are playgrounds and a miniature train for the kids to ride, while a Japanese tea garden also offers a chance to explore the world – straight from San Antonio!

6. San Pedro Springs Park

This is another park with terrific history to it, because it’s the second oldest park in the entire United States, dating all the way back to the 18th century.

It’s understandable to see how it’s continued to last and keep people coming back, too, because it’s such a stunning park with gorgeous surroundings.

For one thing, the park offers a large open-air pool for visitors to enjoy, allowing you to swim up and down the blue waters while the sun basks all around you.

In addition to that, there’s also a tennis court for people to use, allowing them to get even more exercise in this beautiful location.

Of course, there’s great surroundings to wander around, and the park features a 2 mile walking trail for you to take it all in.

There are lovely, lush trees, gorgeous gardens, and even playgrounds for the kids to play in.

7. San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

This fantastic park is historically significant, partly being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you can expect it to be a gorgeous place to visit and one that’s kept in great condition.

It’s part of UNESCO because it has a selection of historic Spanish frontier mansions, which offer great sightseeing opportunities while you’re here.

Since it’s a Historical Park, there’s loads of space to walk around, along with loads of sights to see and activities to take part in.

For example, you can enjoy a picnic with the family, do a bit of cycling, take part in a Ranger-guided program and learn about all the history there, marvel at all the fantastic architecture, and much more.

8. Phil Hardberger Park

This is a relatively recent park, opening only back in 2010, but that doesn’t mean it’s got any less beauty or features than the others!

Even better, it’s got a pair of massive trails for you to enjoy.

One of these stretches more than 3.6 miles long, while the other measures 2.84 miles, and both will offer you a great range of views to take in as you wander along them.

Additionally, the park also has a dog park for you to walk your little furry friend around!

A nice touch in the park is countless visitor information panels that tell you all about the flowers and plants there, teaching you about the world around you and helping you to appreciate their beauty even more.

On top of that, you will find regular fitness and yoga sessions taking place in the park.

There are few better places to exercise and practice spiritual well-being than a sunny park!

9. San Antonio Botanical Garden

This is something a bit different for our list, because it’s not quite a traditional park, though it still offers loads of beautiful parkland and countless stunning plants.

Of course, since it’s a Botanical Garden, that does mean that you’ll need to pay a fee to come into this park.

However, the price of admission is well worth it, because you’ll be treated to some dazzling surroundings and a guaranteed great day out.

Adults have to pay $12 while a children’s ticket is $9.

The garden has 41 acres of plants and greenery for you to explore, along with a walking trail of 3.56 miles. s

There are over 250 local plant species for you to study while here, all with their own beautiful and unique designs, as well as their vibrant colors.

10. Eisenhower Park

Our next pick is Eisenhower Park, a beautiful park measuring 420 acres and offering all kinds of sights.

For example, you’ll be able to see all kinds of wondrous examples of the natural world, such as brilliant rocky canyons and dry creek beds, along with lush stretches of landscape.

On top of that, there’s an observation tower that guests can go up (it’s 1,280 feet tall!), from which you can enjoy unrivaled views of downtown San Antonio.

There are also spots for having a BBQ or a picnic, so you can bring the whole family and enjoy a nice meal out in the warm sunshine.

However, it’s worth noting that bicycles aren’t allowed, so don’t try to cycle around here!

11. Pearsall Park

An even bigger park is Pearsall Park, which offers visitors 505 acres of glorious, dynamic open space where you can relax, keep fit, socialize, eat, and more.

However, this particular park also offers two special activities that the other parks haven’t so far: skating and disc golf!

Pearsall Park is actually home to the largest skatepark in the entirety of San Antonio, and you’ll regularly find teenagers practicing their tricks on it throughout the day.

On the other hand, the park also has a disc golf course.

If you’ve never heard of disc golf, it isn’t quite like regular golf, because it involves throwing a flying disk at a target instead.

There are 18 holes/targets on the course, and it’s a great activity to try with the family.

12. Cathedral Rock Park

Next on our list is the fun-filled Cathedral Rock Park, which is an especially great place for those who want to enjoy a good, sturdy hike.

After all, the path offers a trail measuring 1.88 miles that is a great way to explore all this park has to offer.

The trail is a mixture of pugmill and concrete, so the ground is quite firm, meaning that you should wear some solid shoes to walk it!

However, you can also enjoy a bicycle trail instead, if you want to do some cycling.

Besides that, there’s also picnic tables for family meals, and playgrounds for the kids to play about on.

13. Woodlawn Lake Park

Woodlawn Lake Park is a park that really has it all, because this beautiful venue is absolutely packed with amenities and activities for you and the whole family to enjoy!

For one, it’s got a great pool for you to swim about in, as well as tennis courts for you to play a game or two on.

The park also has a gymnasium, though it has outdoor fitness equipment on offer too.

The park also has a great walking trail to follow, which is 1.5 miles long and will allow you to soak up the beautiful sights even better.

If you’re lucky, you might also come across special activities that are taking place, since these happen regularly.

For example, you might find a dance class that you can let loose in!

14. Comanche Lookout Park

Another fantastic park that San Antonio has to offer is Comanche Lookout Park, which takes its name from the fact that Native Americans likely used the hill as a vantage point.

As a result, this is a place with a rich history, as well as wonderful elevated sights.

It’s also got a brilliant trail for you to walk. Measuring an impressive 4.55 miles long, it’s got a range of different surfaces: natural, pugmill, and asphalt.

It makes it a trek to remember, with terrain and length that will test you in the best way – fun but not tiring!

Additionally, the park also has outdoor fitness stations, with 9 pieces of fitness equipment for you to use in the sun.

15. Hemisfair Park

Hemisfair is a park with something for everyone!

This gorgeous, large park offers all kinds of activities, events, and amenities, making it a must visit location when in San Antonio.

It’s designed to be an inclusive place, welcoming to people of all ages and abilities.

For a start, kids will be able to enjoy a sand play area, as well as climbing structures for something even more thrilling.

There’s also giant games of checkers and chess, which are loads of fun, or regularly-sized versions of the games to play at tables.

Meanwhile, you can also try a game of cornhole, or use foosball and ping pong tables.

16. Friedrich Wilderness Park

Our final pick is the beautiful Friedrich Wilderness Park, which is particularly special for the hiking trails it offers.

With nearly 10 miles of them, there’s plenty of walking for visitors to do, and some trails are harder than others so that everyone can enjoy what they’re comfortable with.

Birdwatching is also a great pastime to enjoy here, and the park is even home to two species of endangered birds.

As a result, however, visitors can’t start fires, smoke, skateboard, or do several other activities in order to help protect these rare birds.

Final Thoughts

San Antonio in Texas is home to a stunning range of parks, each with their own brilliant features and gorgeous sights.

Whether you like walking trails or playing outdoor games, our list has you covered!

Alex Kallen
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