17 Of The Best Vermont Breweries For Any Beer Lover

Vermont is so well known for its craft beer that it has its own distinction which is simply known as Vermont Beer.

17 Of The Best Breweries In Vermont For Beer Lovers

Though the state was late to the craft beer scene, it currently has the most craft beer breweries per capita in the US so if you love your beer, you should make a visit.

There are many unique and celebrated craft breweries in Vermont that you should probably make a list to tick them off.  

In this guide, we will look at 17 of the best breweries in Vermont for beer lovers. 

  1. Zero Gravity Craft Brewery
  2. Four Quarters Brewing
  3. Burlington Beer Company
  4. Lost Nation Brewing
  5. Brocklebank Craft Brewing
  6. The Alchemist
  7. Hill Farmstead Brewery
  8. River Roost Brewery
  9. Lawson’s Finest Liquids
  10. Hermit Thrush
  11. Foam Brewers
  12. Bent Hill Brewery
  13. Dirt Church Brewing Company
  14. Otter Creek Brewing
  15. 14th Star Brewery
  16. Beer Naked Brewery
  17. Black Flannel Brewing Company

1. Zero Gravity Craft Brewery

Address: 716 Pine St, Burlington, VT 05401

Top of the list for many in terms of Vermont breweries, you simply have to visit Zero Gravity Craft Brewery.

Rightly so too as it is regularly featured as one of the most popular things to do in the city of Burlington, especially as the brewery is located by Lake Champlain.

When you do get to their beer hall, you can expect a formidable lineup of a pilsner, a pale ale, IPAs, a DIPA, a Märzen lager, a porter, a nitro stout, and even a sour ale.

The beer hall is well worth visiting on its own merits with The Great Northern kitchen serving wings, clam chowder, and even cauliflower nuggets.

Then there are burgers, sandwiches, Coney dogs, rice bowls, and bratwurst to enjoy too. You could play a game of pool or enjoy the view from their outdoor seating. 

2. Four Quarters Brewing

Address: 70 Main St, Winooski, VT 05404

Four Quarters Brewing do not do craft beer by halves, not when you look at their beer menu.

While many breweries will limit themselves to less than double figures, Four Quarters define themselves by three categories; Dark/Malty, Sour/Fruited, and Clean & Crisp with several in each.

The beers are typified by a focus on local ingredients which has been part of the brewery’s offerings since its founding in 2014. 

Then there is cold brew coffee, Kombucha, wine, hard cider, and hard seltzer.

Their food menu is almost as extensive with specials, burgers, chicken sandwiches, grilled sandwiches, shareable plates, and even a cheeseboard.

Sit down on one of their wooden tables, maybe order a Winooski Pilsner, and watch the world go by.

3. Burlington Beer Company

Address: 180 Flynn Ave, Burlington, VT 05401

Established in 2014, Burlington Beer Company is where ‘fermentation meets imagination’.

Of course, they still offer classic beer styles yet use both international and local malts with hops, and yeast.

More importantly, they combine those ingredients with herbs, spices, fruit, and vegetables while balancing tradition with experimentation.

The brewery can be found by Oakledge Park and their taproom also comes with an extensive food menu as well as cocktails and a Natural Wine program. 

Burlington Beer Company offers around 75 different beer types annually making it one of the most diverse breweries you can find.

From flagship beers to IPAs, DIPAs, even TIPAs, then sours, goses, and cream lagers.

If you like your craft beer a little darker then try their porters and stouts while their vintage barrel-aged beers are well worth it if you fancy a treat.

A lot of their creativity stems from their owner, Joe Lemnah, making Burlington Beer Company one of those to keep an eye to see what they come up with next.  

4. Lost Nation Brewing

Address: 87 Creamery Rd, Morrisville, VT 05661

Though their taproom is only open from Friday to Sunday, it is worth trying to manage a visit.

You could easily spend a few hours going through their beer list with a Czech-style lager and amber lager, a Franconia-style pils, a Belgian-style session ale, an IPA, a Helles lager, and a Maibock lager.

There is also a Biergarten open during summer.

5. Brocklebank Craft Brewing

Address: 357 Dickerman Hill Road, VT 05038

Brocklebank Craft Brewing only operates with 1.5 barrels yet sometimes that’s all you need for a nano-craft brewery.

Even with such a limited offering, you can go through their fruit beers, pilsners, stouts, and IPAs. The small size also means plenty of room for experimentation with a menu that changes with each visit. 

6. The Alchemist

Address: 100 Cottage Club Rd, Stowe, VT 05672

Though it may sound like the name of a Batman villain, The Alchemist is actually one of the few Vermont breweries that uses solar power.

At the forefront of sustainability, the brewery has become one of the most enduringly popular ones in the state and a great place to stop if you are looking for snow.

Stowe is a great ski town yet The Alchemist is a draw for visitors on its own with guided tours which offer an in-depth look into their brewing process.

Their current location is not their first one as Tropical Storm Irene put paid to their original home, a 60-seater brew pub in Waterbury.

Not one to be held back, the brewery continues to serve Heady Topper in cans, just as John and Jen Kimmich did when they first opened a small production brewery.

7. Hill Farmstead Brewery

Address: 403 Hill Rd, Greensboro Bend, VT 05842

Once you have been named the best brewery in the world a few times, you do not really need to promote yourself.

That’s the case with Hill Farmstead Brewery which is known for its farmhouse as well as its beers with a huge variety of stouts, sours, porters, IPAs, and DIPAs. 

8. River Roost Brewery

Address: 230 S Main St, Hartford, VT 05001 

For full-flavored beers, look no further than River Roost Brewery in Hartford.

The brainchild of Mark Babson, the brewery is owned and operated by the former quality technician so you can appreciate the mechanics that go into each beer.

That includes cans including black lagers, IPAs, DIPAs, and perhaps even a DIPA with mosaic and azacca (Project Object 16).

Their range of bottles is arguably even bolder with blended and mixed-culture saisons, aged saison beers, and wild ales.

If you do make a visit, try to take advantage of their growler filling policy for 32 and 64oz growlers for even more to take home.

The brewery was established in 2016 and continues to go from strength to strength with their aromatic and hop forward offerings.

If flavorful IPAs are your jam then visit the brewhouse in Hartford then delve into their creative beers. 

9. Lawson’s Finest Liquids

Address: 155 Carroll Rd, Waitsfield, VT 05673

Yes, there are cooler, less kitsch sounding breweries yet Lawson’s Finest Liquids are well worth visiting.

They source the finest ingredients and are committed to a cold brewing process; that’s cold storage, cold shipping, and cold shelving for fresh beer.

Their taproom may not be open late but get there early and you can find some great beers.

These include a pils, a few IPAs, a DIPA, a TIPA, a pale ale, stouts, a coffee porter, a maple ale as well as a whiskey barrel aged maple brown ale, and winter lager.

10. Hermit Thrush Brewery

Address: 29 High St #101c, Brattleboro, VT 05301

If you like your New American sours then Hermit Thrush Brewery should be top of your list of Vermont-based breweries.

The brewery only uses wild Brattleboro mixed culture yeast and uses a variety of fruits. From apples, to plums, cherries, and even herbs, some of their sours are truly unforgettable. 

11. Foam Brewers

Address: 112 Lake St, Burlington, VT 05401

Then there is Foam Brewers who are renowned for their new-school hazy IPAs. That may be off-putting for many yet the brewery takes on an accessible approach.

This is a new addition to Vermont’s beer scene as they only opened in 2017 yet their range of hazy IPAs, saisons, lagers, and kettle sours are worth going out of your way for. 

12. Bent Hill Brewery

Address: 1972 Bent Hill Rd, Braintree, VT 05060

Vermont is great for those seeking to enjoy the great outdoors and one brewery in the Braintree hills is Bent Hill Brewery.

It’s even better for vegetarians and vegans as they offer a meat-free menu featuring poutine, cauli tacos, curry bowls, an eggplant Parmesan sandwich, winter gnocchi, and more. 

The brewery is actually located on a farm so the produce is locally grown right there which is ideal for those truly conscious over what they eat.

The wine is also impressive with a berry-soured Merlot and a honey-tinged chardonnay. 

13. Dirt Church Brewing Company

Address: 1771 VT-114, East Haven, VT 05837

There should be around 12 beers being served at any one time in the taproom at Dirt Church Brewing Company.

Each one of them is manufactured on site and may include such excellent names as ‘Champagne Supernova Brut IPA’, ‘Elbow’s Out DIPA’, and ‘Church Key Lager’.

For those designated drivers, there are also some great non-alcoholic regional options like a Vermont-made apple cider (‘Twitchy Seltzer’).

For the religious, there is also an on-site chapel which can be rented for community events as well as private gatherings. 

When you do visit the brewery, you should sample some of the delicious food from the Brewpub menu at ‘The Haven’.

A Roast Beef on Sourdough sandwich, a Pork Cutlet, Poutine, or New Haven-style pizza pies. The brewery also excels at events, including live music and annual gatherings for Halloween, Oktoberfest, and Mardi Gras.

There are even organized bike outings including a monthly gravel ride which ends with some celebratory beer after a few miles of Vermont terrain. 

14. Otter Creek Brewing

Address: 793 Exchange St, Middlebury, VT 05753

For sustainability, head to Otter Creek Brewing if you truly want to go green with your craft beer.

That extends to partnerships with local farmers so that brewery waste can become fertilizer and feed for the local dairy cows.

Their careful production practices extend to their beer-making with a rather concise menu offering IPAs, porters, and a copper ale.

Otter Creek have been crafting and hopping then dosing their beers since 1991 making them a relative mainstay in the Vermont beer scene.

The brewery can also claim to have been one to get the beer scene going all that time ago. They are also one to watch for limited releases, a rotation of seasonal selections, and staple beers. 

15. 14th Star Brewery

Address: 133 N Main St #7, St Albans City, VT 05478

Another brewery that strives to use traditional flavors with creative twists is 14th Star Brewery. Take their ‘Pineapple IPA’ for instance for a hoppy and tropical take on an IPA.

A lot of the creativity will stem from the duo at the top, Matt Kehaya and Steve Gagner who were both serving their country in Afghanistan when they came up with their business plan.

They began with a 3.5 bbl pilot brewhouse but have since expanded to a full brewery that produces 8000 barrels each year.

Their name comes from the fact that Vermont was the 14th state to be entered into the union and they stand for more than just being another Vermont brewery.

14th State is keen on reducing waste and then protecting the environment.

To that extent, the brewery has been recognized by Rep. Peter Welch for leading energy efficiency, hiring local vendors and contractors, as well as supporting veterans.

16. Beer Naked Brewery

Address: 7678 VT-Rte 9, Marlboro, VT 05363

Should you embark on a hike to conquer Hogback Mountain in Marlboro then head to Beer Naked Brewery for some well-earned beers.

If you dare to head back outside, you will be rewarded by gorgeous 100-mile views, maybe even treat yourself to a yummy wood-fired pizza too while you are it from their attached Pizzapalooza restaurant.

The area is well-served for those who enjoy a range of activities including skiing, dog-walking, and hiking. 

Without much surprise, the brewery is known as one of the most scenic in the entire state.

Their range of beers is also worth seeking out including a Maple Breakfast Stout, a Maple Brown Ale, a blonde ale (Brainwashed Hoppy Blonde), an IPA (Lucid Dreams), as well as mead and sours. 

17. Black Flannel Brewing Company

Address: 21 Essex Way # 201, Essex Junction, VT 05452

Another brewing company that looks to traditional beer-making processes is Black Flannel Brewing Company.

They are also happy to share their knowledge with educational sessions around how beer is made. That includes workshops on how to taste-test beer properly and the history behind brewing.

Of course, you should still sample the craft beers but it also helps to learn about the brewing process too.

Oh yeah, those beers cover a range of flavors and types. There are American stouts and New England IPAs, a Berliner Weisse beer, a Kolsch-style beer, a Czech Dark Lager and even an Amber Oktoberfest beer.

Add some signature cocktails, their own distilling spirits, coffee, tea, and mocktails then you have a menu that has something for everyone. 

Final Thoughts

According to the Brewers Association, the state of Vermont ranks first in breweries per capita. However, it is the quality and not the quantity that matters and the state is blessed with some great breweries.

From Hill Farmstead Brewery, which has been voted the best brewery in the world, to Zero Gravity Craft Brewery that deserves a visit if you are in Burlington.

Pretty much every style of beer is covered so you may find yourself some new favorites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Known As The Most Popular Beer From Vermont?

When bars and venues in Vermont have been surveyed, many of them state that they believe the most popular Vermont beer is Hill Farmstead Edward.

This is an American pale ale that is available on tap in many bars due to its relatively low ABV and how drinkable it is.

The brewery proves to be hugely popular in the state and it has been voted as the best brewery in the world several times. 

How Many Breweries/Brewpubs Are There In The State Of Vermont?

With over 67 breweries/brewpubs across the Green Mountain State, the towns of Burlington and Stowe are great places to visit if you love beer. There is around one brewery/brewpub for every 9,750 residents in the state.

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