16 Fantastic Vermont State Parks To Visit Today

Vermont is an absolutely beautiful state filled with amazing landscapes and wildlife. The beautiful nature in this state just keeps on giving, and the state parks are reflective of this beauty! 

16 Fantastic Vermont State Parks To Visit Today

Vermont is home to rivers, mountains, forests and lakes, and if you’re a fan of the outdoors, you are bound to want to see it all! 

Due to the sheer amount of state parks in the state of Vermont, finding the best ones can seem overwhelming. There’s no need to fret, though!

We’ve done the hard work for you. Read on for a list of 16 of the most amazing state parks in Vermont that you must visit! 

1. Camp Plymouth State Park

This state park offers a huge array of delightful features that you will not find in many state parks in Vermont.

If you are looking for a number of different noteworthy facilities, then this state park is definitely one that you should visit! 

Here, you will have the chance to enjoy some mountain climbing trails, boat leases, beaches and picnic areas. It is located near Echo Lake in Ludlow and there are a number of different campsites available in the park. 

If you are a fan of water sports, mountain climbing or fishing, then this is definitely a great location for you!

If camping is not something you wish to do, you can rent one of the 4 rental cottages that are fully furnished and ready to use. 

If you are looking for somewhere to host an occasion, such as a birthday party or wedding, then these are also on offer at Plymouth State Park.

2. Branbury State Park 

This is one of the most popular state parks in Vermont. It is home to 1000 acres of sandy shore and beautiful landscapes. It is one of the hottest state parks in Vermont, too. 

This park is located at the foot of Mount Moosalamoo in Salisbury. It is also alongside Lake Dunmore. 

BEcause of the array of natural landscapes surrounding the park, you can enjoy a huge range of activities at this state park.

Mountain climbing and mountain biking are among the most popular activities, alongside swimming and boating. You can also camp within this park or bring in an RV (Also check out the Best RV Parks In Phoenix). 

If you don’t wish to camp, you can opt to rent a cottage within the park. 

3. Burton Island State Park 

This state park in Vermont is absolutely amazing. It is home to 253 acres of wonderful natural landscape. In order to get to Burton Island State park you will need to get a boat from Kill Kare State Park in St. Albans.

From there, you will sail out to the island where you will have the chance to experience some amazing biking, fishing, swimming, kayaking and paddleboarding. 

You will also have the chance to stay onsite if you wish, as there is a camping ground on the island with all the facilities that you need.

There is working water and a small shop on site. If you do not wish to bring your own tent with you, then you can opt to rent a cabin. 

This state park is not open all year round, instead only opening between May and September. If you are planning a visit, ensure that you have checked the opening times!

4. Kamp Kill Kare State Park

This state park is extra special because it is the location of a former summer camp that was purchased by the state of Vermont in 1967. 

This park is located along the shores of Lake Champlain in St. Albans, and it has plenty of outdoor activities for you to take part in. As well as this, there are incredible lake views at the park. 

There is also a museum on site at this park, which used to be used as a lodge. It was transformed into a museum when the park was purchased by the state.

his museum shows the history of the local area, and the state park. 

At this park you will be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, including swimming in the lake and admiring the flourishing gardens. 

5. Button Bay State Park 

Button Bay State park is one of the most family friendly state parks in Vermont as it has plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy.

This park gets its name from the types of rock that you will see scattered throughout the park. These rocks are button-like. 

You will find this park near Lake Champlain in Ferrisburgh. It is over 253 acres in size and is home to some amazing facilities including a swimming pool and a playground. 

It is also situated on the Lake Champlain Bikeway route which is a 363 mile bike path that runs around the lake and into Canada. It is often used as a stop off point for those who are riding this bike trail. 

6. Brighton State Park 

Brighton State Park is an amazing spot for a vacation. It is located on Spectacle Pond, and it is one of the wildest state parks in Vermont. 

At this park, you can enjoy mountain climbing and many different walking trails. There are some amazing views to be had at this park as it is the best in the area.

In terms of activities, you’ll want for nothing if you choose to head over to Brighton State Park. You can enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming and fishing, to name a few! 

This park is not only home to some amazing natural activities. It is also home to an amphitheater, play space and nature museum. These are activities for the whole family to enjoy! 

7. Emerald Lake State Park 

Emerald Lake State park is located near Emerald Lake. This lake is known for its emerald waters, which are the color they are because of the natural rocks.

This lake is home to a lot of water sports, including kayaking, fishing and swimming. 

It is also a great spot for hikers as it is near a lot of different hiking trails. Lengthy Path and Appalachian Path are among the most popular of these hiking trails in the area. 

If you are planning to head over to his state park, you can either choose to camp out nearby, or rent out somewhere to stay. 

8. Quechee State Park 

The Quechee State Park is a beautiful state park in Vermont. It is located in Hartford, and it is home to the deepest gorge in Vermont. The Quechee Gorge is an amazing attraction, and it is a stunning place to visit. 

This gorge was shaped over 13,000 years ago by the Ottauquechee River, and it is now 165 feet deep. 

This spot is now a very popular spot for mountain climbing, biking and fishing as well as exploring the local area.

9. Half Moon Pond State Park 

This is a very popular rural park that is home to amazing climbing trails that lead up into the mountain. As well as this, there is a pristine pond that is located within the rural park.

This park is well known for the amazing wildlife that it attracts. Hikers have been said to report sightings of deer and moose.

This park is great for those who want to experience some fishing, kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding as it is great for water sports.

If you’re hoping to stay overnight in this park, there are plenty of campsites available, as well as some cottages that you can rent.

10. Mount Philo State Park 

This state park is located in Vermont and it was the very first state park. It was opened in 1924, and it is one of the most popular state parks in Vermont.

This park is located on Mount Philo which is in the city limits of Charlotte. 

Philo state park has some of the most beautiful views in the park, including the Adirondack Mountains and Lake Champlain. 

There are some amazing hiking trails in this park, including the walk up to the park’s summit. There, you will get an amazing view. You can opt to drive up to this viewpoint if hiking doesn’t appeal to you.

In this amazing state park, aside from mountain climbing, there are plenty of opportunities to pitch your tent and spend the night. Although the campsite is fairly small, there is still the option to stay! 

11. Seyon Lodge State Park 

This state park is the only one in Vermont that is open all year round. It is possible to stay on site during the winter months as well as in the summer.

It is a great park to attend if you are in a big group as there is a huge lodge that it is possible to rent. 

This state park is located in Groton State Forest, making it home to a large number of different outdoor activities. You have the chance to bike, climb mountains and fish in this park. 

In the winter, you can snowboard in this park and also take part in snowshoeing.

12. Lake Carmi State Park

Lake Carmi State park is home to one of the biggest campsites in a park in Vermont. It is a great place to stay if you are looking for a park where you can enjoy lots of outdoor activities.

This park is 482 acres in size and it is mainly known for its watersports. It is near Lake Carmi which is in Enosburg Falls, so there is plenty of water for the sports to take place in! 

There is also the option to take part in a lot of different hiking activities during the summer months as there are a lot of different exciting nature trails in the area.

13. Waterbury Middle State Park 

This state park is located near the Waterbury Reservoir. As it is so close to a large body of water, it is great for watersports.

The reservoir is 850 acres in size, and it can get as deep as 100 feet in places. It is great for boating, kayaking, paddleboarding and swimming during the summer.

14. Knight Point State Park

The Knight Level State Park is great as it is situated on an island. It is near Lake Champlain, and it is a 54 acre park that is home to incredible views and a lot of great activities.

It is only open during the day, so there is nowhere for you to stay overnight at this park. 

You can take part in many great activities including mountain climbing, swimming, boating, paddleboarding and picnicking. You will never get bored at this park! 

15. Little River State Park 

The Little River State Park is actually an old historic city. Throughout this park, you will find bridges, sawmills and cemeteries.

As you hike through the mountain climbing trails, you will be able to find some of these historical features. 

You can also enjoy Waterbury Reserve if you head over to this state park, where you can take part in lots of different watersports. These sports include swimming, fishing and boating.

You will have the option to stay overnight in this park, as you can set up your tent, or rent a cabin.

16. Woodford State Park 

Woodford State Park is the highest park in Vermont. It spans over 398 acres, and it encompasses a lot of different ponds and lakes. 

This park is very elevated, making it perfect for mountain climbing and hiking. The lakes allow you to enjoy some water activities, such as swimming and kayaking. 

State Parks In Vermont 

Now that you have your list of the top 16 state parks in Vermont, you should be all set to explore the state. There are endless amazing opportunities on offer. 

If you’re looking to attend any of these state parks, they all have the same entrance fee, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs.

The state parks all charge $4 dollars per person for those over 14 years. Children between the ages of 4 and 13 pay $2 entry, and children under 4 will enter the parks free of charge. 

Final Thoughts 

There are so many amazing state parks in Vermont that you must visit! The list above has highlighted the top 16 of these state parks, and the types of activities that you can expect to enjoy in these parks. 

Whether you love water sports, mountain biking or climbing, or hiking, there is something for everyone in the state parks of Vermont! You won’t be disappointed!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Weather Like In Vermont?

Vermont is a fairly cold state in comparison to the other states in the US. It is fairly cold all year round, and it has the 6th coldest winter in the country.

It gets a lot of snow during the winter months, with the coldest month being January. During January you can expect there to be a fair amount of snowfall. The average temperature in Vermont is 10 degrees. 

Vermont also has the 8th coldest summer in the country, so the weather is never exceptionally warm.

July is the hottest month in Vermont, so this is the best month to enjoy the state parks that allow you to participate in watersports.

What Is Vermont Best Known For?

Vermont is known as the Green Mountain State. This is because the most prominent feature of the nature of Vermont is the Green Mountains.

Vermont is a very small state in the Northeast of the US. It has the second smallest population of any of the states, and it is the sixth smallest in terms of land area. 

Can You Bring Firewood Into Vermont?

You are not allowed to bring untreated firewood into Vermont. This is because it can be a threat to the wildlife.

In some cases, a waiver may be granted if the wood has been checked and it is not a threat to the health of forests in Vermont. 

What State Parks Should You Visit In Vermont?

There are many amazing state parks in Vermont. If you are interested in wildlife, water sports, hiking and many other outdoor activities there are many different state parks that will suit you!

The list above has explored these options and there is something for everyone in the state parks of Vermont.

If you are looking for an experience for the whole family, then you will not struggle to find one in the state parks of Vermont.

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