20 Of The Best Secluded Beaches In Florida

Florida is full of beautiful beaches, but most of the well-known ones are usually jam-packed and full of people.

It can be hard to relax in the sun when you’re surrounded by other people and it can feel a bit stressful. 

20 Of The Best Secluded Beaches In Florida

But because there are so many beaches in Florida, this actually means that there are plenty of beaches that are relatively untouched.

There are quite a few secluded beaches in the state that will be perfect for you to relax at all day, without being disturbed by other people. 

If you are looking for the perfect secluded beach, then you have come to the right place! We’ve put together a list of 20 of the very best secluded beaches in Florida that you absolutely need to visit! 

1. Grayton Beach State Park

First, on the list, we have the beautiful Grayton Beach in Grayton Beach State Park. The state park can be found between Destin and Panama City Beach and it isn’t too hard to get to. 

Grayton Beach is actually considered to be one of the very best secluded beaches in all of Flordia, and once you see it for yourself, you will understand why!

There is so much for you to explore here and the terrain is varied enough that you can see a lot more than just the beach.

From beautiful green areas and sand dunes, all the way to a fantastic lake where you can relax by. 

There are plenty of activities for you to take part in at Grayton Beach as well. Whether you want to sunbathe, fish, kayak, go on a boat, or just watch the wildlife in the area.

Grayton Beach is also completely dog-friendly as well, and it’s the perfect place for your furry friends to get some exercise! 

2. Clam Pass Park

You can find this beach in Naples, Florida. It is one of the busier options on the list, but it is still a lot quieter and more secluded than most of the well-known beaches, and you won’t have any issues finding enough room. 

Along with the beach itself, there is also a preserved habitat for you to explore, which is perfect if you need to stretch your legs.

There is a parking lot located right next to the beautiful beach as well, but make sure you get to the beach early so you won’t have any issues finding a parking spot! 

There are a few amenities you can make use of on the beach as well. Some of these include a bike rack, restrooms, and there is even a foot shower so you don’t have to worry about sand getting in your car.

There is also a play area for your kids to use if they want a break from the beach itself, and there is also a food stand located on the boardwalk. 

3. Pass-A-Grille

Pass-a-Grille is a nice and quiet beach that is perfect for anyone who just wants to be left alone with their friends and family.

There are over 4 miles of sand on this beach, so you are sure to find the perfect spot once you get there. 

There is a building that is actually located on the beach at Pass-a-Grille, and that building is Paradise Grille. Paradise Grille is a great place to go and grab a quick bite to eat and they serve a great selection of drinks too. 

The beach is fantastic, but there is plenty for you to enjoy on the land too.

There are plenty of local markets nearby that you can explore and there are lots of pathways around the beach that will show you an incredible view of the ocean. 

4. Miramar Beach

You can find Miramar Beach in South Walton and there is so much for you to see and do here.

You can relax on the beach with your family, or you can take part in volleyball, but the real pull for this beach is of course the surfing! 

Miramar Beach is one of the best places in Florida to go when you want to surf or learn, and there are plenty of surf shops all along the shore for you to pick up what you need.

Miramar Beach operates using a flag system, so always keep an eye out for them when you get to the beach. If the flag is any color except for green or yellow, do not go near the water! 

Other activities include jet-skiing, watching the local wildlife, and enjoying the scenic views that can be seen from lots of beautiful pathways and roads located around the area. 

This is a great beach to take your kids to as well because there are lifeguards stationed here every day until 6 pm, so you can be sure that your kids will be safe here. 

5. St. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park

St. Lucie Inlet Preserve Park is actually a barrier island that is pretty close to the mainland. It is absolutely stunning here and it is filled with paradise trees, mangroves, and even wild limes!

As it is an island, this means that it comes with a beach and it’s one of the very best secluded beaches in all of Florida.

You will need a boat to actually get to this beach, but it’s completely worth it for how peaceful this place is.

If you go during the summer months, you will be able to see turtles all around the island, and that alone is worth the trip! 

There is plenty of things for you to do on the island as well. You can go kayaking, swimming, scuba diving, camping, snorkeling, and much more!

This is a fantastic place to visit if you want to spend all day at the beach without it being overcrowded. You will feel like you’re on vacation without actually having to leave the country! 

6. Navarre Beach

If you really want a quiet beach, then you definitely need to check out Navarre beach. This beach actually has the local tagline of “Florida’s Most Relaxing Place” so why wouldn’t you want to visit? 

When you get to Navarre Beach, you can be sure that you will spend the whole trip completely unbothered and uninterrupted by others.

This is the perfect place to come to when you want to relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. 

Along with the beautiful beach itself, there are plenty of other things that will keep you entertained here.

Swimming and scuba diving are two of the most popular activities to take part in, but you can also go bike riding along the very scenic pathways. There are also plenty of restrooms and a very convenient parking area for you to use. 

7. Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach is another one of Flordia’s most beautiful beaches and it’s incredibly quiet and secluded.

The actual town of Rosemary Beach is located really close to the beach and it is very well known for its delicious restaurants and food places, so if you do make the trip to the beach, make sure that you stop off in the town too.

Along with swimming and sunbathing, Rosemary Beach is filled with lush greenery for you to enjoy.

It is the perfect place to visit if you need a healthy dose of nature in your life and regardless of how stressed you are feeling, the sun and calm waves are sure to make you feel tranquil again. 

There are plenty of lifeguards posted at Rosemary Beach as well, so if you do go in the water, you can be sure that you will be safe.

If you have dogs that you want to take to the beach, it should be noted that Rosemary Beach doesn’t allow them, so if you are looking for a dog-friendly beach, you will need to look elsewhere. 

8. Caladesi Island

Caladesi Island is home to one of Florida’s most remote beaches and the whole island is basically completely untouched by the influence of man.

The island stretches all along Florida’s Gulf Coast and it is incredibly beautiful and relaxing. 

This is a fantastic place to come if you are looking for the perfect beach to enjoy the sun and ocean with your family. You can quite easily spend all day here without getting bored!

You will need to use a boat to reach Caladesi Island, but the trip is totally worth it! 

There are plenty of other things except for sunbathing that will keep you preoccupied all day too. You can go fishing, rent kayaks, have a picnic, and much more.

Caladesi Island is so beautiful in fact that you may even see a wedding ceremony taking place there from time to time! 

9. Cayo Costa State Park

Cayo Costa State Park is already beautiful, but what makes it even better is the fact that it is home to one of the very best remote and secluded beaches in all of Florida.

There is something for everyone at Cayo Costa State Park and you can quite easily spend the whole day here. 

The beach is made up of beautiful white sand for you to sink your toes into and the surrounding areas are filled with lush green forests, so there is plenty for you to explore when you get there. 

Getting to the beach is a bit of an adventure in itself, as you will need to take a ferry and a boat to get there!

It might sound like a lot of work, but when you do arrive at the beach, you will see that it was totally worth it! 

You can also spend your day scuba diving and snorkeling here, and there is plenty of marine wildlife for you to see. 

10. Madeira Beach

You can find Maderia Beach in Pinellas County, close by to ohn’s Pass Village and Boardwalk. The beach stretches along the Gulf of Mexico, and it is truly stunning. 

The whole village surrounding the beach is themed after the sea and there are lots of lovely shops for you to explore when you feel like stretching your legs.

Along with sunbathing and regular beach activities, you can also spend your time fishing, swimming, and much more. 

Most people don’t visit the beach in the Fall, but if you do find yourself here during that season, there is a fantastic Seafood Festival for you to attend. It is a large festival and there are plenty of things for you to see and do there.

If you love seafood and you want to try some from local vendors, then this is the perfect place for you to do so! 

11. Bahia Honda State Park

Bahia Honda State Park is a great place to visit if you want somewhere quiet and somewhere to escape from the summer heat.

At the state park, there is a consistent cool breeze that you can experience all year round, making it one of the best places in Florida to go when you need to cool off. 

The water is incredibly clear here, and it’s one of the best beaches to visit when you want to experience the real Florida.

There are plenty of restrooms and showers located along the beach as well, so you don’t have to venture too far to find them. 

12. Mexico Beach

This beach is both packed with activities for you to take part in and it is also incredibly quiet and relaxing. The thing that makes Mexico Beach so special is actually the sand.

It is made completely out of quartz crystals! This is especially great because it means your feet won’t burn on the surface! 

You can spend the entire day just sunbathing and relaxing, but if you want to do something more active, you can rent a jet ski, go shelling, swim, and kayaking, and you can even go on eco-tours around the area. 

13. Canaveral National Seashore

Canaveral National Seashore is a great place to visit if you want seclusion and a variety of nature to enjoy. There are plenty of lush green areas for you to enjoy, as well as the beach and sea. 

The whole area is incredibly picturesque and there are multiple beach areas for you to choose from. Even if one beach is full, you’re sure to find another close by that is completely empty! 

Canaveral National Seashore is a preserve that protects local wildlife and multiple Timucua Native American mounds, so if you visit, you can enjoy a completely natural and historical setting. 

14. Palmetto Avenue Beach

If you head to Anna Maria Island, you will find Palmetto Avenue Beach, which is another of the best-secluded beaches in Florida. This beach is very rarely crowded and most of the time you can enjoy it at your own pace. 

This beach is so secluded in fact, that there are no lifeguards stationed there. This makes it less ideal if you have children, but if you are just going in a group of adults, it’s absolutely perfect.

There are also no restrooms or showers located on the beach, so just keep that in mind before you go! 

This is the perfect beach to visit if you want the whole beach to yourself and it is incredibly beautiful too. 

15. Perdido Key

Peridio Key is home to many incredible and remote beaches, and it’s one of the better places to go in South Florida if you want to avoid crowds. 

There is an abundance of wildlife here and plenty of wetlands for you to explore if you fancy stretching your legs. You can also go camping and hiking in many places located here.

Because there are so many beaches for you to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect secluded spot for you and your group to enjoy! 

There are amenities for you to make use of here, but some beaches are further away from them than others, so make sure you note it down when you do find them! 

16. Silver Key Beach

You can find Silver Key Beach in the Silver Key Preserve in Sanibel. It is found between Blind Pass and Bowman’s Beach and it is truly one of Florida’s most hidden and beautiful gems. 

There are plenty of amenities for you to make use of here, and you can also go hiking along the hiking trails, and there is even a gym located close to the beach! 

Silver Key Beach is one of those beaches which you wouldn’t find if you weren’t looking for it, so it is incredibly quiet and peaceful there. 

17. St George Island State Park

If you love to watch the sunset and you are a fan of stargazing, then you are going to love St George Island State Park.

It is another barrier island and it is right next to Apalachicola Bay. It is a beautiful and wonderful place to explore. 

There are plenty of things to do in the park, some of which include camping, hiking, canoeing, and sunbathing, but if you head to the side that is on the Gulf of Mexico, you will be greeted by beautiful white sand and you will be able to see dolphins swimming in the water! 

18. Tigertail Beach

With over three miles of sand for you to enjoy, Tigertail Beach is nice and quiet and there are never any crowds here.

You can take part in many activities, some of which include kayaking, paddle boarding, and much more! 

You will also find a snack bar on this beach, so you don’t have to worry about bringing food if you don’t want to!

Tigertail Beach is also home to dolphins, so if you have a sharp eye, you will be able to see them swimming in the water. 

19. Barefoot Beach Preserve

If you really love nature, then you will absolutely love Barefoot Beach Preserve. Along with the beach itself, this location is also home to a beautiful butterfly garden, a learning center, and even a cactus garden! 

It is also home to plenty of wildlife for you to look out for and because it is so quiet, the whole area is incredibly relaxing. 

20. Amelia Island State Park

Amelia Island State Park is a great place to visit when you want a quiet afternoon soaking up the sun. It is also one of the best beaches in Florida for finding shark teeth! 

You can also spend your time fishing here or enjoying the beautiful forests and salt marshes, so there is something for everyone here.


Florida is home to many beaches, but the secluded ones are definitely the best! When you are next planning for a beach day, give one of these beaches a try!

You will be so relaxed on these beautiful beaches that you will definitely find yourself visiting again! 

Alex Kallen
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