19 Amazing Weekend Getaways In Texas

There are countless sites to visit in the second-largest state in the United States. With all these Texas weekend getaways, you have a lot of options whether you want to explore a city, look for some small-town character, or try to reconnect with nature.

Amazing Weekend Getaways in Texas

Many of the most stunning natural settings in the nation may be found in the Lone Star State.

There are so many amazing locations and activities to discover in Texas, from towering peaks and flowing rivers to lush woods and plentiful lakes, that it might be difficult to choose just a few.

Texas has a lot to offer, whether you’re interested in little towns, big metropolises, or stunning rural locations.

The state has imposing mountains, many stretches of beach, and vibrant cities where you may enjoy a fun weekend with your family. This article examines a few of these intriguing Texas weekend destinations.

1. San Antonio

It’s common to go to San Antonio, Texas, for the weekend with your loved ones. Numerous tourist attractions in the city draw tourists from around the globe.

San Antonio is regarded as one of the top destinations in the US to take a trip in the summer.

Known for having one of the highest doses of public art throughout America, the city is home to more than 350 murals, in addition to millions more across Texas.

If you intend to visit San Antonio during your weekend getaway, there are a variety of restaurants there that are worth checking out.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the River Walk or at the Rivercenter Mall while taking in the tranquility of a stunning city.

Beautiful art galleries and vintage shops in the city are ideal for weekend family outings. San Antonio has opulent camping and hiking areas that are ideal for a weekend getaway from the city.

2. Wimberley

Only a short drive separates Wimberley, Texas from Austin and San Antonio (Find out Where To Stay In San Antonio, Texas), respectively.

In Wimberley, you’ll find a tonne of sights, museums, and outdoor activities spanning from 1701 to the contemporary artistic community.

The community has more to offer than just a trip to tourist hotspots like Blue Hole in Guadalupe River State Park, Gristmill Artisan Grille, and Gruene Hall.

In addition, Wimberley offers a wide range of outdoor pursuits, including camping in Galveston Island Park and hiking along the Blanco River.

At the interesting Wimberley Zipline Adventures, soar above the Central Texas countryside. The pure natural springs at Jacob’s well are another option.

3. Houston

Numerous sights, activities, and attractions may be found in the Houston area.

One of the most thriving, multicultural communities in the nation, with miles of broad, tree-lined avenues, canals, parks, shopping complexes, and more.

Explore the Museum Of Funeral History or Sam Houston’s home in Huntsville, the oldest residence in Texas, if you want to view some historical sites up in the north.

The Downtown Aquarium, Kemah Boardwalk, and Houston Zoo are a few more of Houston’s top tourist destinations.

Don’t forget to take pictures of some of Texas’ beautiful landmarks, such the San Jacinto Statue and Battleship. Don’t forget to stop by the Houston Fine Arts Museum as well.

The George Bush Library and Museum is among the most amazing locations in Houston. It displays a variety of gifts, antiques, and campaign memorabilia from George Bush’s tenure as US President.

Visit the Contemporary Art Museum Houston or a performance at the Wortham School for the Arts to immerse yourself in culture.

The Johnson Space Center of NASA is located in Houston. Space City Astronaut Learning Experience, flight training, and a Mars mission simulator are just a few of the thrilling space-related activities available at this wonderful tourist destination.

4. Fredericksburg

The picturesque Texas Hill Country is home to Fredericksburg. This amazing city is surrounded by mountains and valleys, making hiking a breeze.

There are several natural attractions in Fredericksburg, such as the buffalo ranch and the Fort Griffin Historic Site.

To get a new picture of the historic battleground at Fredericksburg, climb up to the monument.

Fredericksburg also offers camping at Austin’s Hill Country Park, fishing at Brazos Bend State Park, and indoor rock climbing. Visitors can also enjoy numerous wineries and festivals in Fredericksburg.

There is much more to do in the Hill Country than just going camping and hiking. Visitors can tour the AVA’s wineries, travel the gorgeous Highway 290 loop, or see a play at the famed Moody Theater.

5. Galveston

Another beautiful city in Texas in which you can relax on the weekends is Galveston. Galveston is well-known for its Moody Gardens Aquarium and second-longest coastline in Texas.

The beach offers a variety of fun things to do while you admire the beautiful sights of Gulf of Mexico’s stunning, turquoise-blue waves.

At Galveston’s Pleasure Pier, you may also experience some of the most well-known roller coasters in Texas.

Galveston is the ideal destination if you enjoy fishing. Numerous fish species, from little bass to hundreds of sharks and hammerheads, reside in the deep and shallow reefs throughout Galveston’s shorelines.

At any of the numerous neighboring fishing expeditions, including Texas’ largest fishing pier and the lovely Seawolf Park, you can plunge into this bustling fishing scene.

The most well-known museum to visit is the Frost Science Museum as well as the Air Museum. For amazing antiques, peruse the many art galleries and stores throughout the Strand Historic District.

6. Jefferson

Jefferson is Texas’s other hub for fun and interesting activities. From the famous Austin Zoo to the recently built Hill Country Flower Farm, Jefferson has it all.

Consider making a journey to the city’s center, where you can locate renowned attractions like the AT&T Center. The NASCAR Series and Texas basketball teams both call it home.

Visit the adjacent Zoo Vacation Rentals to ride an alligator. The many upscale eateries and bars in Jefferson provide top-notch fare and beverages at relatively affordable pricing.

Take a relaxing stroll around the Deep Eddy Pool Park, which features a number of waterfalls, or go outside and have some fun at Texas Water Safari or the adjacent Hill Country Campgrounds.

Its peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, which is ideal for family trips, romantic getaways, and much more, is what makes this town fascinating.

7. Fort Worth

Some people might not think of Fort Worth as the perfect weekend getaway destination, but you’d be surprised at what the city has to offer.

The vibrant metropolis of Fort Worth offers a wide range of beautiful recreational pursuits.

In the evening, you may take a leisurely stroll all along Trinity River or perhaps board one of the river’s cruise ships.

One of the biggest shopping malls in North America is located in Fort Worth, and it offers everything you could ever desire to buy.

For unfathomable fun, attend a concert in the famed Cowtown Coliseum or catch a hockey game at the American Airlines Center. If not, check out some of its many excellent restaurants and bars.

In Fort Worth, there are an abundance of options for dining and shopping. One of Texas’ most exquisite wedding chapels is located in the city.

Visit the Children’s Museum and Six Flags Water Park in Fort Worth for family amusement.

8. Amarillo

If you’re looking for a weekend trip to remember, go to the following Texas town.

The city is renowned for its cowboy lifestyle as well, which helps make it a fantastic weekend vacation destination. You can accomplish a lot of incredible things here.

The Panhandle Plains Wildlife Refuge is a good place to start. Even though this location is relatively new, it still has a lot to offer, including a large population of bison and other animals.

A vast array of works of fine art and relics from the cultural past are on display at the amazing West Texas Museum and Art Center.

Additionally, the city is home to an art museum where tourists may view some absolutely gorgeous exhibits.

You might perhaps take a stroll and take in the tranquility of Palo Duro Canyon Park. There are various hiking routes to explore while taking in the breathtaking views of the surroundings.

9. The National Seashore Of Padre Island

One area you should visit while on vacation in Texas is the Padre Island Seashore. The national park is worthwhile to visit since it offers an absolutely breathtaking environment and incredible natural beauty.

In addition to the breathtaking views of Corpus Christi Bay, the Gulf Shipping Channel, as well as the Gulf coast, this park is home to a variety of birds and other creatures.

You can engage in a wide range of leisure activities throughout this park as well. This can entail going waterfall-seeing, bird-watching, fishing, hiking, kayaking, or just lounging on the beach.

You might like to visit the breathtaking lighthouse on the national seashore. From the lighthouse, visitors can see the stunning sunset over the rocky, desolate coastline.

10. Conroe

One of the oldest communities in Montgomery County is Conroe, sometimes referred to as the beautiful Garden City of Texas.

This community is renowned for its lovely neighborhoods and top-notch schools.

Conroe is renowned for its lovely parks as well as other green areas that provide a welcoming setting for families with young children.

The area is also home to a number of intriguing locations, including the Montage Apartment rentals, Kety Park, IH-45 Park, and Magnolia Gardens.

Additionally, the San Jacinto Statue and the city’s historic downtown are both stunning.

Conroe also boasts a selection of restaurants where you can taste delicious TexMex and Texas barbecue.

You might also go to W. G. Jones Forest Reserve to take advantage of the quiet miles of tracks and shady trails.

Numerous activities, including trekking, camping, swimming, biking, and bird viewing, are available here.

11. Austin

Another city with a rich history, culture, and architecture is Austin. Many travelers from throughout the world have commended this city for its distinctive traditions and delicious cuisine.

Additionally, there are many forms of entertainment available, including sporting events, concerts, festivals, and architectural tours.

Austin also features a number of parks where you may enjoy the weekend with your kids, like Texas State Capitol Park.

The renowned Lyndon Baines Johnson Museum as well as the University of Texas in Austin campus are two further museums in this city.

There are numerous statues, monuments, and educational exhibits on this campus.

Alternatively, you might go to the renowned Austin City Limits Festival to enjoy some outstanding live music in front of a large crowd.

Consider attending the renowned SXSW music festival, which takes place each spring in Austin and attracts tens of thousands of music lovers from around the world. View More

12. Big Bend National Park

If you want a peaceful weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of life, the huge Big Bend National Park seems to be a fantastic place to go. There are 1,836 square miles in this park.

There are breathtaking vistas of the Gulf Coast and lovely, undeveloped seashores. Wild bighorn sheep, bald eagles, and other weird and fantastic species can also be viewed.

Visitors are welcome to tent at any of the park’s campgrounds in Big Bend. Whether it’s biking or hiking on the attractive, clearly defined, and well-maintained trails in this park.

You can decide to stay here for a few days and partake in pursuits like swimming, boating, and scuba diving.

13. Dinosaur Valley State Park

In Glen Rose, Texas, there is a park called Dinosaur Valley State Park. One of the largest parks in the state, this one spans more than 300 acres.

Due to its location next to the Dinosaur Trail, this park is also recognized as Dinosaur Valley.

Numerous dinosaur fossils and petrified trees dating back thousands of years can be found in this area.

Additionally, there is an art gallery that allows visitors to view one-of-a-kind sculptures made by illustrious artists like Maynard Dixon or Frank Morrison III.

Additionally, there are over 800 different animal species that call this state park home. There is a petting zoo in this park where guests can interact with and give the animals food.

Because you can go swimming, fishing, water skiing, boating, and mountain biking, this area is ideal for camping.

There are other caverns nearby that can be reached by hiking trails. Even better, you may hire a boat or kayak and go paddling or hiking to discover the stunning caverns nearby.

14. Dallas

One city where you’ll have fun doing different things over the weekend with friends and family is Dallas.

Visit the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden, which is situated in the lovely city center, to take in the splendor of nature.

All kinds of trees, plants, flowers, and even tropical forest trees are welcome in this garden.

In addition, there are many more attractions in this area, including one of the largest outdoor ice rinks in the country.

An amazing elephant ride to be enjoyed at night with friends and family is another well-liked activity in this area.

Dallas has a floating restaurant where you can eat delectable seafood and take in the breathtaking underwater scenery.

Within its boundaries, Dallas offers a variety of experiences and activities, including malls, cultural institutions, and retail locations.

Museums like the Perot Museum and The George W. Bush Presidential Museum are also amazing.

15. National Park Of The Guadalupe Mountains

Do you enjoy weekend trips and itineraries with a natural theme? A beautiful location to take advantage of various natural beauties, including hiking paths and picturesque views, is the Guadalupe Mountains Park.

Additionally, the park is home to a stunning lake with azure waters. It is also referred to as Texas’s deepest lake. Camping, mountain biking, climbing, and horse riding are popular pastimes in the Guadalupe Mountains Park.

You can also visit the Guadalupe Canyons Welcome Center, where the Park Service offers free pamphlets about the park.

The park’s moderate climate, which is practically year-round, makes it perfect for special weekend vacations.

16. Marfa

The Marfa, a vast desert and picturesque National Park, is a wonderful location to visit in Texas. The park, which features undulating plains and a plethora of wildlife, spans a sizable portion of West Texas.

At 7,200 feet at sea level, the Marfa orchestrates magnificent mountain ranges. This national park is home to a wide variety of fascinating sights, including old Indian relics and rocks that have seemed fossilized over thousands of years.

Excellent hiking options with the best spectacular views in Texas may be found in the Marfa. Additionally, it has a number of historical places within its boundaries, including Presidio La Bahia de Los Adaes and Fort Davis National Historic Site.

This area is a terrific place to see genuinely untamed and breathtaking vistas of the most prominent mountain ranges in the world.

17. Port Aransas

Texas’ Port Aransas is indeed a charming beachfront community with a wide range of activities for visitors of all ages.

Because of Port Aransas’ advantageous location just on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, the town has a calm atmosphere.

Some of the state’s top surfing and fishing locations are located in this port. Numerous areas of the city, including Julia Ideson Beach as well as McFarland Beach Park, have been set aside for preservation.

The park also offers stunning views from the top of West Beach, where guests can pause to take in the wonders of nature. There are other historical landmarks in the small town as well.

There are numerous intriguing locations within its boundaries, like the Port O’Connor National Wildlife Refuge and the Wheeler Opera House, that was saved from destruction after being destroyed by fire in 1927.

In this small Texas community, dolphin sightings are another attraction.

18. Corpus Christi

Another location where you may have fun on the weekend is Corpus Christi. You can engage in entertaining instructional activities at the Texas Aquarium or the USS Lexington.

There are many amazing sights in Corpus Christi that are well worth seeing. Visit the educational Corpus Christi Museum of History and Science or spend some time at the Salinas Centre getting close to nature.

A few noteworthy museums, such as the USS Lexington Museum, are also located in Corpus Christi.

This museum describes the historical function of conventional naval vessels. Going on a dolphin-watching boat or doing the Ghost Walk are two additional activities you may do or see here.

The finest seasons to visit Corpus Christi are in the spring and fall because of the city’s reputation for its marine life.

The average water temperature in the region is among the highest in the state, so your vacation will be in perfect weather.

19. Dripping Springs

It is a tiny location in Texas, not far from Corpus Christi. It is well-known for both the things you can do there and its natural springs. The town is at its busiest and offers a wide variety of activities in the summer.

This region boasts several attractions, including Klondike Kate’s Crystal Beach Waterpark, and is undoubtedly among the coolest and most attractive spots to visit in Texas. You may go kayaking, fishing, and swimming here, among other things.

Final Thoughts

Texas is a beautiful state with loads of weekend things to enjoy. The fantastic Lone Star State has something for everyone, including breathtaking beaches, mountains, and valleys.

To have remarkable experiences, go to any of these locations and enjoy your amazing weekend getaway in Texas!

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