The 9 Best Dog Friendly Hotels In Scarborough For Your Next Trip

Scarborough, with its stunning coastline and rich history, is a treasured gem of North Yorkshire.

Whether you’re keen on exploring its historic castles, strolling along sandy beaches, or just basking in the sun, Scarborough offers something for everyone, including your four-legged companions.

Dog Friendly Hotels In Scarborough

Here’s a dive into some of the best dog-friendly hotels in Scarborough, ensuring your pet gets the VIP treatment:

1. The Palm Court Hotel

Situated right in the heart of Scarborough, The Palm Court Hotel is renowned for its hospitality.

The hotel offers specific dog-friendly rooms, ensuring your pet enjoys a comfortable stay. These are charged at an extra £15 per night.

Your pooch can join you in certain areas of the bar, on the grounds, on the terrace, and in the reception area.

The hotel’s close proximity to both North and South Bay makes it a preferred choice for dog owners.

2. The Esplanade Hotel

Set against the backdrop of Scarborough Castle and overlooking the South Bay, The Esplanade Hotel is the quintessential coastal hotel.

With their dog-friendly policy, you don’t have to leave your pet behind.

Small doggos (up to knee height) will be welcomed with open paws for a surcharge of £10 per dog per night.

You and your pooch can enjoy the scenic beauty and warm ambiance of this historic establishment.

3. The Norbreck Hotel

Located on the North Bay, The Norbreck Hotel is an ideal choice for those traveling with pets.

Offering select dog-friendly rooms and easy access to the beach, it ensures both you and your pet have a memorable stay.

The sea-view rooms are particularly recommended.

4. Grand Hotel Scarborough

Dominating Scarborough’s skyline with its unmistakable grandeur, The Grand Hotel is an iconic landmark that captures the essence of the town’s rich history.

Built in a V-shape to represent Queen Victoria’s reign, this magnificent structure overlooks the South Bay, providing guests with awe-inspiring views that stretch across the horizon.

Beyond its majestic architecture and rich history, The Grand Hotel warmly welcomes dogs, understanding that a vacation is best enjoyed with your loyal companion by your side.

The hotel provides specific rooms that cater to guests with dogs, ensuring that your stay remains as comfortable and hassle-free as possible; surcharges for staying with your pooch start at £10.

Each room offers ample space, allowing your pet to relax and rejuvenate after a day of beach frolicking and town exploration.

5. Bike & Boot Inn

A newcomer to Scarborough’s seafront but already making waves, the Bike & Boot Inn seamlessly blends modernity with a dash of quirkiness. It’s not just another hotel; it’s an experience.

Specially designed for the leisure traveler, it warmly invites both those on two wheels and those on four paws.

Recognizing that a vacation is incomplete without one’s loyal canine, the inn has carved out dog-friendly spaces and rooms.

With a free doggy grooming option, there’s no fuss even if your pet returns sandy from the beach; it caters to both muddy bikes and muddy paws.

The inn’s beachfront location promises pristine views and easy access to Scarborough’s main attractions.

6. The Plough

Nestled in the charming village of Scalby, just a few miles from the bustling center of Scarborough, The Plough is a beautiful haven of tranquility and classic British hospitality.

This boutique hotel, set in a beautifully refurbished country house, exudes elegance and charm.

Its dog-friendly credentials ensure that visitors can enjoy the delights of North Yorkshire with their canine companions in tow.

Each room at The Plough is a blend of classic and contemporary, offering all the amenities one could wish for but with thoughtful, rustic touches that remind you of its countryside setting.

Dogs are welcomed with open arms, and the surrounding area is a paradise for them.

With scenic walking trails, sprawling greens, and the beckoning coastline nearby, there’s plenty for both you and your pet to explore.

7. Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

Hidden amidst 17 acres of enchanting gardens and grounds in the lush North Yorkshire Moors, Ox Pasture Hall Hotel is the epitome of countryside luxury.

Just a short drive from the heart of Scarborough, this former country house has been transformed into one of the region’s most sought-after boutique hotels.

But it’s not just its rustic charm and idyllic setting that makes it special; the hotel also boasts impeccable dog-friendly credentials.

Understanding that pets are an inseparable part of many families, Ox Pasture ensures that its canine guests are pampered just as much as their human counterparts.

For £10 per night, your pooch can enjoy a relaxing stay with you and can even join you in the conservatory or the bar for a good meal and a cold drink.

With countless walking trails crisscrossing the surrounding moors and woods, it’s the perfect spot for long, leisurely walks with your furry friend.

8. The Crescent Hotel

Located in a prime position on Scarborough’s famous Crescent, The Crescent Hotel stands as a testament to the timeless elegance and grandeur of Victorian architecture.

Overlooking the town’s South Bay, this historic hotel provides an unrivaled view that’s both breathtaking and calming. But what truly sets The Crescent Hotel apart is its warm embrace of four-legged guests.

A true advocate for a pet-friendly vacation, The Crescent Hotel ensures that dogs are not just allowed but are treated with the same care and attention as any guest for a small surcharge of £20.

With specific dog-friendly rooms that come equipped with comfy beds and treats, your pet’s stay promises to be as luxurious as yours.

The surrounding area offers numerous dog-friendly beaches and parks, ensuring your furry friend has plenty of options to stretch their legs.

9. Rivelyn Hotel Scarborough

Positioned just a short stroll away from Scarborough’s vibrant South Bay beach, The Rivelyn Hotel emerges as a cozy, value-packed gem in the town’s array of accommodations.

This charming establishment, renowned for its welcoming atmosphere, becomes an immediate favorite for those looking for a comfortable, budget-friendly stay without compromising on quality.

Dogs and their owners will particularly appreciate The Rivelyn. Recognizing the joy that our four-legged companions bring to any vacation, the hotel offers dedicated dog-friendly rooms.

These spaces are thoughtfully designed to ensure that both you and your pet have a delightful stay.

After checking in, you can easily venture out to explore Scarborough’s plethora of dog-friendly spots, parks, and beaches, all conveniently accessible from the hotel.

In Summary

Scarborough is not just about its coastline. Dive deeper, and you’ll discover rich history, delightful parks, and a thriving local culture.

Its myriad of dog-friendly attractions make it a hit among pet owners.

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