10 Of The Best Firework Displays In America Perfect For Your July 4th Celebrations

When it comes to the 4th of July, there are many things we think of. We might think of togetherness, fantastic barbecues with tasty food and drink and of course – firework displays.

The 10 Best July 4th Displays With Fireworks In The US

The thing is of course, the whole of America will have firework displays and due to such a large number of these across the country, you might be wondering to yourself where the best fireworks displays are in the country.

Luckily though, we’ve found out for you and written this very helpful list of ten of the best July 4th fireworks displays in the United States.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere to go this year and want to know where you should go for the best display – then read on and find out more!

1. National Mall Independence Day Celebration, Washington DC

When it comes to showing off your patriotism and national pride, where else would you think of going than the nation’s capital?

Many people decide to take some things with them to sit down outside and enjoy a tasty, fully American picnic while they watch the display.

Over the massive American landmarks like the Washington monument and of course, the Whitehouse, you will see some of the most amazing, most colorful and certainly the most beautiful fireworks you could hope to see.

To go even further, you should dress up to fit the occasion and bring some glowsticks of red, white and blue to shine in the summer setting around you. This is truly one of the greatest experiences you could attend.

2. Macy’s 4th July Display, New York City

The waters in New York City (You might also want to check out Weekend Getaways In New York State) are often thought of as dark and dreary, but every single year on the fourth of July, they illuminate the nearby areas with glorious colors of red, white and blue with some of the most amazing fireworks in the world.

Situated around Brooklyn and Queens, everybody in the nearby areas comes to settle in and show off their national pride with a couple of beers, milkshakes and patriotically looking snacks.

If you’re heading down to the Big Apple at this time of year, you should definitely check this out!

3. Boston Pops Firework Display, Massachusetts

When it comes to the origins of the United States and indeed the history of independence, your attention might direct to Boston, Massachusetts.

Yes, many Americans will head to the site of the Pilgrims and watch beautiful fireworks shooting from the Charles River.

The colors of the fireworks in the reflection of the water give a highly unique experience, and of course, you’re surrounded by history, togetherness and lots of fun activities.

Just be sure you take your camera to snap some of the most incredible fireworks that cover the area – because you might never have a chance to see them again if you live too far away!

4. Tropicana Atlantic City Firework Display, New Jersey

Atlantic City is probably best known for its casinos which often display some beautiful colors and lights during the dark hours – but when it comes to the fourth of July, this gets so much better.

The super fireworks provide spectacular views across the skyline and head back towards the water, surrounding you in color and glory.

Many people will book a vacation here to enjoy the fourth of July fireworks and then head out to the casinos, bars and restaurants afterwards.

5. Addison Kaboom Town, Texas

When someone says Dallas, Texas to you – you probably won’t be thinking about fireworks displays or lots of color for that matter.

However, Dallas is home to one of the greatest firework displays you could hope to see on Independence Day.

Indeed, despite the fact that this particular area isn’t hugely populated, so many people come to see this magnificent display with fireworks that spray across the dark night sky and come back towards you.

6. Lights On The Lake, California

Lake Tahoe every single year is lit up in the majesty of red, white and blue which makes you feel extremely proud to be American.

With the warm climate of California, you can happily sit outside with shorts and a t-shirt whilst enjoying a cold beverage and a hot dog.

Sit back and relax while you see some of the most beautiful sights that the state has to offer.

Once again though, you should try to remember to take a good quality camera with you to capture some of these fireworks.

The memories here will definitely last a lifetime – but you’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll likely come back again!

7. Wawa Welcome America, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania has some iconic places to visit, but when Independence Day rolls around, you absolutely need to head down to Philadelphia’s Appletree Street to see the most iconic firework display at the site where the Declaration of Independence was actually signed!

On Benjamin Franklin Parkway, you’ll not only see some of the best firework displays in the country, but you’ll also take part in super fun activities, parties, planned entertainment and some awesome food and drink!

Immerse yourself in the history of the country and enjoy everything the state has to offer with your closest friends and family – and simply absorb all that’s around you.

8. Celebration At The Pier, San Francisco

Heading back to sunny California now for another fantastic fireworks display situated on San Francisco Bay.

Colorful lights, popping and stunning fireworks and plenty of special effects – this is one of the greatest fireworks displays to see at this time of year.

On top of its iconic fireworks, San Francisco provides live entertainment, parties and fun activities for everyone to enjoy regardless of age. As a result, this is one of the best places to go with all of the family – nobody will be bored!

9. AmericaFest At The Rose Bowl, Pasadena

Staying in California but heading to the beach now. Pasadena is a great place to head for a vacation getaway, but when it comes to the fourth of July, this is 100% the place you need to go.

The Rose Bowl is transformed and provides some of the best and most spectacular sights with its intricate colors and shapes in the sky from the fireworks. In fact, this is the place to go if you want a full day of celebrations.

Throughout the day, you’ll enjoy live music, entertainment, food and drink, dancing, games and of course, the culmination of these amazing fireworks.

After you’ve finished, you could head down to the beach for a party with other attendees and watch the colors illuminate off the water. It’s so beautiful to see and experience and the overall feeling is of togetherness, warmth and enjoyment.

10. Music City, Nashville, Tennessee

Finally on our list we have what is described as the biggest firework show in the American South. All over the city, lights, colorful smoke, fireworks and music cover the streets. You see the happiness in the faces of every single person in attendance, and it’s easy to see why!

Throughout the area, you’ll find small businesses that have set up little stalls with food and merchandise, all allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the majesty that the fourth of July offers every American.

Along with this, you can find lots of acts, music and things to take part in which includes fun for all of the family. Adult and children’s entertainment alike, nobody is left out here.

What’s more, Music City has plenty of places you can stay, so it’s one of the best areas to consider going on a vacation.

Remember to take your camera and wear the right clothing – because it can get very hot at this time of year!

If you choose to go here, it’s a good idea to plan in advance because of how many people will be in attendance, and be sure to check out the traffic, travel and accommodation situation.

Final Thoughts

The fourth of July is one of the best times of year and is definitely among the most important and iconic – shown through its amazing firework displays. Hopefully our list has given you some food for thought for where you can go this year!

Alex Kallen
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