24 Of The Best Chocolate Shops In The USA For You To Explore

Chocolate is easily one of the world’s greatest pleasures. Heartbreak, parties, period? Chocolate is there through some of our greats highs and epic lows.

Since the Olmec people of Mexico first used cacao beans, the world has become addicted to chocolate in all of its wonderful forms, Bars, balls, and drinks, everyone has their favorites.

Unique Chocolate Shops in the USA For You To Explore

However, locating the best chocolate can be a little difficult. With so many to choose from, it only makes sense that you find the best chocolate shops and discover the best chocolate for yourself.

Below are 24 of the best chocolate shops across the USA. From independent stores to chains up and down the country, we are providing you with a map of some of the best chocolate stores that you just have to check out.

Let’s get into it!

1. Jacques Torres Chocolate, New York City

If you ever find yourself lost with nothing to do in New York City then we have just the place for you to visit.

Jacques Torres Chocolate, named after Jacques Torres or Mr.Chocolate is one of the greatest chocolate stores in America.

Jacques Torres became known in Brooklyn as Mr.Chocolate due to his incredible journey as a pastry chef in France and America. Opening his own store in 2000, his story is now known statewide.

The store has produced chocolate sculptures and bonbons with Christmas themes. His milk chocolate-covered caramelized macadamia nuts are among his best-selling products.

For 2 years, Torres created a one-of-a-kind experience in his stores called “Choco-Story New York, Chocolate Museum and Experience with Jacques Torres”. Now the museum is located in various places throughout New York.

This is a chocolate lover’s paradise, with everything from biscuits and champagne-filled truffles to hot chocolate and even confectionery that has been spiced with chipotle.

So, if you ever find yourself in New York City make sure to take a trip to Jacques Torres Chocolate. It smells and tastes like heaven!

2. Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates, Sacramento

Jacques Torres’s abilities have gone further than just owning his shop and being names Mr.Chocolate.

Ginger Elizabeth Hahn, is from a long line of family bakes and even got an externship at Jacques Torres chocolate shop in New York.

She subsequently worked for En-Ming Hsu, a 2001 World Pastry Cup gold medallist, at the Ritz in Chicago. Before opening her own store in Sacramento, in 2008.

The bonbons she sells have flavors such as raspberry rose geranium, brown butter, and olive oil sea salt as their specialty. The options also include ice cream, chocolate bars, and macarons.

Not sure when you will next be in Sacramento? Don’t worry, you can order your very own box of Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates for your home from the website.

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolate ships chocolate up and down the coast with the iconic white boxes with black bows.

3. Manoa Chocolate Hawaii, Kailua

Much like many cultures throughout Hawaii, the owners of Manoa Chocolate Hawaii are dedicated to taking care of the land.

This is done through the reforestation efforts that they contribute to from the area in which they harvest their cacao.

With deep relationships with its farmers, Manoa Chocolate Hawaii is able to produce some of the highest quality chocolate in the states.

Since 2010, the store has been producing bean-to-bar chocolate on Oahu, and it claims to ethically obtain cacao beans from Hawaii and other countries.

The only U.S. state with a climate suitable for cocoa bean cultivation is Hawaii.

Manao Chocolate Hawaii specializes in indulgent dark chocolate and includes fresh ingredients for the best flavor combinations.

From mango, sea salt, coconuts, and even rum, you can expect some of the most incredible flavors of chocolate the world has to offer.

4. Intrigue Chocolate, Seattle

Chef Aaron Barthel’s life has been an examination of the good and the straightforward, from farming to botany to brewing to baking to chocolate making.

After 12 years of working as a ganache confectioner, he has broadened his interest to now concentrate on making small batches of handmade chocolate from roasted nibs and refining its flavor and texture in the mill.

He now has considerably greater control over the taste of the tempered chocolate as a result.

Intrigue has grown in reputation and is now one of the country’s most reputable chocolate shops.

With a specialization in chocolate beverages, spices chocolate bars, and seasonal truffles, you can expect nothing but the best when you visit Intrigue Chocolate.

If you do get the chance to visit, don’t forget to pick up one of their brilliant chocolate tasting kits and experiences. Experience how chocolate is made firsthand and try some of their incredible creations.

5. Recchiuti Confections at the Ferry Building, San Francisco

About 25 years ago, Michael and Jacky Recchiuti opened their chocolate shop after slogging it out as a pop-up vendor at San Francisco’s farmer’s markets.

As people from all over the world tried their chocolates, they grew enough to establish their own shops and brand.

The store’s works incorporate themes like the Mexican Day of the Dead. Orangettes, pâte de fruit, and a 16-piece black box collection with tastes such as tarragon grapefruit are among their prizewinners.

Don’t forget to try a few of their colorful bonbons. An excellent treat for any chocolate lover.

6. Creo Chocolate, Portland

Since 2014, after a trip to Ecuador, the Straub family has been major players in the chocolate business.

As they learned more about the farmers, they began to take the idea of creating their own chocolates and establishing a store as a proper business proposal.

They have tried various forms of creating chocolate until they found the thing that made their chocolate perfect.

Having been farmers themselves, their hearts are drawn to ingredients’ provenance and integrity, relationships with growers, the creation of high-quality products, and having an impact on the community.

As they create our chocolate, they take these principles with them.

Creo Chocolate is a family run business with incredible ethos and morals for the land, people, and ingredients they use. Not to mention their creations are absolutely delicious.

7. Lake Champlain Chocolates, Burlington

Chocolates and sweets like truffles, caramels, clusters, chocolate bars, and gourmet hot chocolate are available at the Lake Champlain Chocolates Flagship Store & Cafe.

Jim Lampman, who runs the business, began creating truffles in 1983, some of which are seasonal.

According to the business, every chocolate it uses has a fair trade certification.

During your visit, be sure to watch the factory tour video or even explore a little further with the interactive StoryWalk.

8. Cacao & Cardamom Chocolatier, Houston

Owner, Annie Rupani, shares her South Asian flare with her chocolate creations. Using unique ingredients such as cumin, coriander, fennel, and famously, cardamom.

She traveled to Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, and China while studying at Boston University, as well as London and Amman.

Rupani developed a love of cuisine while traveling and studied chocolate making in Kuala Lumpur.

No one would know that Rupani was actually studying to become a lawyer. When you visit Cacao & Cardamom Chocolatier, you will be greeted with a whole range of products.

From chocolate spreads to mendiants, you can experience all of the wonderful flavors this store has to offer.

9. Castronovo Chocolate, Stuart

Castronovo Chocolate, located in the glorious sunshine state was started by self-proclaimed “ecopreneur”, Denise Castronovo brings together the idea of delicious chocolate with taking care of the planet and people.

Castronovo seeks out exotic-tasting ancestral and wild cacao types that she can then use to create some of the most incredible taking chocolate.

This chocolatier is on a mission to bring value to cacao in order to enhance the lives of the communities within the rainforest.

She aims to share the stories of the commnuities through her chocolate and give back to the land which she takes.

When you visit Castronovo Chocolate you will not only taste amazing flavors, you will learn about where each chocolate comes from.

10. Tejas Chocolate Craftory, Tomball

Tejas Chocolate Craftory, a chocolate shop that launched in 2015 and combines rural chocolate with urban BBQ, is located deep within Texas.

Let’s just say you are not going to want to be wearing tight pants when you eat at Tejas Chocolate Craftory.

Scott Moore Jr., a fifth-generation Texan and barbeque fanatic who turned his passion for chocolate into a career, opened the store.

The beans used by Tejas come from farms all around the world. To produce a robust chocolate flavor, they “low & slow” fire roast cacao beans in a hand-built solid clay brick kiln.

Depending on which day of the week you go, you can expect a tasty, mouth watering special to be on offer. On Tuesday the Barbacoa Taco Tuesday or on Friday relish in Beef Rib and Burnt Ends.

11. Dandelion Chocolate, San Francisco

Dandelion single-sources its cocoa beans from nations like Tanzania and Madagascar for its bean-to-bar chocolate products, and since 2014, it has posted an annual sourcing report on its website.

Meaning you get updated knowledge about the lands of the beans and how they are doing.

Dandelion Chocolates also does a range of baked goods such as chocolate scones and macaroons.

With a selection of tours, you can learn more about the chocolate making process and how Dandelion Chocolate gets theirs to taste so good.

Over time, Dandelion Chocolate has grown in popularity and now has a range of stores around the country. So, find a store closest to you and pop in for a coffee and a delicious chocolate treat.

12. John Kelly Chocolates, Beverly Hills

Take a break from celebrity hunting and visit John Kelly Chocolates. ohn John Kelson and Kelly Green founded Kelly Chocolates, which debuted in 2004 as a tiny chocolate business in Hollywood.

The 12-piece handcrafted trademark chocolate collection, the two-piece dark chocolate with French grey sea salt, the two-piece peanut with Himalayan pink salt, and the four-piece walnut caramel cluster with Mediterranean sea salt are some of the store’s best-selling items.

They also sell a stunning, indulgent truffle fudge which is close to a ganache with a chocolate coating. Delicious!

John Kelly Chocolate is a popular spot for picking out the perfect gift for a loved one. And with Valentine’s Day around the corner, you could get something tasty for that special someone.

13. Romeo Chocolates, Long Beach

Founded in 2014 by Romeo Garcia, Romeo Chocolates has grown from a pop-up store to a permanent shop in Long Beach.
Garcia quit his job as an academic to follow his passion for chocolate.

He finished the Master Chocolatier Program in Belgium after graduating from the École Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts.

Now, he is dedicated to ensuring he only sells fair trade chocolate at the highest quality. He aims to uphold solid relationships with farmers in order to keep his ingredients fresh and tasting incredible.

As you visit be sure to try some truffles, chocolate, covered strawberries, and of course, take home some chocolate bars. You never know when you may need a piece of heaven.

14. L. A Burdick Handmade Chocolates, Boston

Larry Burdick is well-known for his exquisite hand-made chocolates, which he creates from some of the world’s best beans. He is known for some of his fun, unique, and innovative creations.

As fans flock to his stores that are located around the country, you can be sure to find something new with every visit. There is also a range of artisan pastries with a Linzer Tort and a Mango Chocolate Croissant included.

During your visit be sure to attend the cafe which has a range of hot and cold drinks, pastries, and chocolates to be enjoyed. You can even take home a box of their luxurious drinking chocolate.

It is a land of indulgence and it would be rude not to!

15. Z Cioccolato, San Francisco

We are sure it is becoming clear that San Francisco is home to many of the best chocolate shops, including Z Cioccolato.

At Z Cioccolato in San Francisco, hand-crafted fudge created in small amounts on-site is the name of the game.

ZCoiccolato is has become known around the country for the production of its fudge. With a feature in the Cooking Channel ‘Unique Sweets’ show. Making it one hell of a tourist attraction.

This glorious brand of chocolate has some of the most desired treats in the country.

Seven layered peanut butter pie with caramel, Oreo, peanut butter fuge, and marshmallow. Z Cioccalot can satisfy even the biggest of sweet tooths.

16. Chocolate Manor, Davenport

Since baking in their home kitchen in the North Coast of Ireland, the Mohr family has continuously built their culinary empire.

Chocolate Manor prides itself on their handcrafted chocolates that showcase their love and knowledge of chocolate through their years of experience.

On your visit to Chocolate Manor you can take a tour of the facility where you can learn more about Chocolate Manor and its processes.

Or attend one of their adult and child workshops where you can taste the chocolate and enjoy learning more about the origins of your indulgent treat.

Toffee, caramels, and truffles are among their products. The shop is selling truffles made from peppermint candy canes for the festive season.

It is a great place to learn more about chocolate and to enjoy a little luxury in the most exciting of places.

17. Chocolata Artisanal Chocolatier, Birmingham

In 2017, chocolatier Katy D’Agostino took the leap to create a second career in chocolate. In Midkiff, downtown Birmingham you can find the magical store Chocolata Artisanal Chocolatier.

It has become a popular place for tourists and locals alike as D’Agostino makes sure to interact with visitors, answer any chocolatey questions and simply enjoy her company.

With an in-house kitchen Chocolata Artisanal Chocolatier is where the chocolate is made and produced by hand.

And with a showroom, you can see exactly how.

Chocolate bars and bonbons are the company’s specialty. A Luxardo cherry and whiskey octagon, a Campesino Rum heart, dried sweetened cantaloupe in 63% dark chocolate, and Unicorn Bark Slab Squares are a some of its 23 bonbon options.

There is even a FAQ section on the website to answer any of your chocolate centered questions such as what is ganache, and which chocolate is vegan.

18. Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates, Wichita

Wichita is not a place where many of us find appealing as a vacation destination, however, it is worth it for a taste of the chocolate sold at Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolate.

Decorated with a cozy lounge, this is the perfect place to stop and relax during a long road trip.

With three locations dotted around the country, you may not have to necessarily go to Wichita, however, it is exciting to explore somewhere new!

Spending on which day you visit, you may even experience some live music at the store. Enjoy a song and a dance as you build your own personalized box of delicious treasures.

Products such as macarons or chocolate pieces with PB&J, honey lavender, mimosa, or blackberry mojito flavors are all up for sale at Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates.

19. Chokola, Taos

Chokola is a wonderful piece of heaven located in Taos, New Mexico. This is the place where true chocolate enthusiasts go to experience something new.

This chocolate shop has a bean-to-bar ethos and serves a range of 2 ingredient chocolates which are beautifully wrapped in wrapping paper designed by a local artist.

Choklas chocolate has won numerous awards including Academy of Chocolate Gold in 2021 and Northwest Chocolate Festival Awards in 2019.

A sample trio of hot chocolate, mousse, and a truffle is available at Chokola. Allow your worries to melt away with one sip of hot chocolate at a time.

In the mood for a chocolate surprise? Select a Cocoa Mystery Gourmet Gift Box to experience some new wonderful and unique flavors of chocolate.

This makes for the perfect gift for chocolate lovers or as a luxurious gift to yourself.

20. MarieBelle, New York City

Since 2001, MarieBelle has been adorning the patrons of New York City with rich chocolate. Located in the SoHo neighborhood, MarieBell is owned and run by Maribel Leiberman, a talented chocolatier.

With a vintage, decadent style cafe, MarieBelle is a hotspot for tourists and locals to enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee and some sensual chocolates.

The perfect time to visit MarieBelle is throughout the holiday season where a selection of chocolate gift sets with various themes are available for loved ones. Or for yourself.

Since being named one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things” in 2002, MarieBelle has expanded to Brooklyn and various places in Japan.

On this cacao bar menu you can find the famous MarieBelle New York’s Aztec Hot Chocolate, decadent pastries, and gorgeous chocolates to try.

Or book yourself in for a fun-filled afternoon tea!

21. Vosges Haut Chocolate, Chicago

Vosges Haut Chocolat like using chocolate as a storytelling tool. Katrina Markoff, the shop’s creator and chocolatier, grew to believe that food could result in “transformative, visceral experiences” during an apprenticeship there.

Markoof traveled the world looking for new ways to create the most mind blowing food. She exploded onto the scene with her creativity by adding bacon, sea salt, and chiles to her chocolate with the determination to make them special.

Today you can expect something wild and crazy to be served at the Vosges Haut Chocolate store.

Chocolate Wellness is one of the brands best selling lines. Encouraging their customers to open their minds and souls to the journey that their chocolate can take them on.

If you are looking for a new, innovative way to enjoy your decadent treats, then Vosges Haut Chocolate should certainly be experienced.

With innovative flavors such as turmeric and ginger, Dulce de Leche, and cheddar and apple, you are sure to find something new and delicious.

22. Chequessett Chocolate, North Turo

After seeing traditional chocolate production in Costa Rica, Katerine Reed and Josiah Mayo opened this Cape Cod business in 2014.

Although they lacked professional experience in chocolate, their strong backgrounds in science and the culinary arts, combined with a love of ethically produced food, led them to create what would eventually grow into an award-winning chocolate business.

Since it first opened, the café has only offered specialty coffee from George Howell, and it is proud to work with a coffee roaster who upholds the same supply chain principles.

One of their biggest sellers is their chocolate bark. Enjoy almond and sea salt or chocolate covered ginger as you sip on a cup of tea or coffee for a magical experience.

Many seek out the chocolate palace in Cape Cod for their various products and special services.

If you ever find yourself wandering the streets of North Turo, you pop into Chequessett Chocolate for a taste.

23. Norman Love Confections, Fort Myers

One of the best chocolate shops in the USA is Norman Love Confections. This firm, which has two sites in Florida, is dedicated to making each of its creations as distinctive as is humanly feasible.

Norman Love Confections offers incredible hand-crafted chocolates, specialty desserts, and tasty baked goods. They also serve Artisan gelato that is made by Norman Love.

Settle down for a glass of wine or a cup of coffee in The Sarasota Chocolate Salon, or enjoy the Florida sun with a scoop of smooth gelato.

Norman Love Confections is one of the greatest attractions of Fort Myers and is worth every calorie.

24. Harbor Sweets, Salem

For over 40 years, Harbor Sweets has been serving visitors and locals with their handmade chocolates. Taking the city’s dark history in its stride, you can find some speciality creations as you visit the store.

One of the store’s best selling products is their rich, thick sauces and toppings. Perfect for topping desserts or enjoying straight out of the jar.

Harbor Sweets also has a range of gift boxes with an assortment of chocolates for those like a taste of everything that feature incredible keepsake boxes.

You truly get more with Harbor Sweets.

Final Thoughts

If there is one thing that the US excels at, it is all things sweet. There are thousands of chocolate shops to be explored across the country. However, you want to visit the best.

Above are 24 of the best chocolate shops in the USA. With the most indulgent chocolates, innovative flavors, and some unique experiences you can really make a whole day of it.

From New York City to Salem, there is a chocolate shop to explored at every step of they way. You can now taste all of the best chocolates and decide for yourself which is number one!

Alex Kallen
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